screaming infidelities   
01:19pm 21/09/2003
mood: chipper
music: dashboard confessionals
good evening morning. well its sort of morning. for me anyway. i haven't written in a mucho long arse time, so i thought i'd fill everyone in. did i tell you about gravity games?? i doubt it lol i'm too lazy. so anyway, i went to the gravity games in cleveland last weekend. well, friday and saturday which means i missed travis pastrana lose his first fmx ever. very disappointing. but on the flip side, i saw the most amazing skateboarder on saturday - ryan sheckler. he's insanely talented and kicked everyone's ass on saturday to win $23,000. he had the only score above 90 (second place finisher had a 90.0) and the only skater with not just one flawless run, but three flawless runs. and did i mention he's only 13?? yeah, a 13 year old kicked the asses of the best skaters in the world. he's awesome. we also saw yellowcard on friday which we were up front for and the anthem on saturday - we were in the back but it still rawked. plus lots of free stuff which is always a plus. and i got my shirt signed by greg lutzka. found a sticker signed by tosh townsend too!!! what else what else?? a whole lot of nothing. maggie ruined her little party for brandy b/c...well let's not even go there. and me laura john and maybe erin? i think are going to see saves the day and taking back sunday on wednesday. sunday on wednesday that sounds funny lol. anyway im off to get naked and take a shower!! later kiddies
xox mel
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