05:18pm 08/09/2003
mood: sore
music: bob (rancid)
i should totally write here more often.

so what's new with me. a whole lot of school nothing. very mucho exciting. um lets see there really are things i just can't remember. ok yes. no wait i lost it. kidding. ok so i'm going to homecoming w/ ian and debby, john, ariel, jon, joyce, david, abby and sean are all in the group thing too and it should be a fun time. something just bit me and my leg really itches. on a side note, i am desperately needing to go shopping b/c its been a long time since i've been to the mall w/ friends. son of a bitch these goddamn plastic whore nails make typing so hard!!! but they're pretty:) they got stars on em. oh yeah, and gravity games are this week/weekend. we're going friday and saturday coz yellowcard, mxpx, and simple plan...that's all i can remember but i know there's more lol. that should be fun. me and laura for sure, john h. will be there (not either of the aforementioned jo(h)ns) too and brandy and sarah are maybes. and sometime later in september is a saves the day/taking back sunday concert. yay. damn these whore ass nails. i hafta scan shit at brandys tonight b/c my family sucks and we don't have modern technology so i'm out. later:)

oh and by the way, for all you men in the world, bite me you lucky bastards b/c periods suck ass. ta-ta!!
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