i am a reverant   
12:44am 30/08/2003
mood: bitchy
music: the music on that progressive auto insurance commercial
this is my first journal entry. cause i'm cool like that. laura is the coolest ever because she helped me get one and stuff so hi laura! you're rad. hi anyone else i know who wants to read this!!! i luff yew. anyway. i get "sadistic" when i get tired i've been told so if i seem like a depressing bitch, i'm very sorry lol. in all honety, i' really a rainbow.
tomorrow's the dashboard confessional concert with brandy and laura. yay!! so excited. it's up in pittsburgh and i'm driving there. we are so gonna get there and not get lost. like me and sheena got everyone lost on the way to the daniel tosh thing. daniel tosh is the man:) but anyway, we need cameras and lighters for all the sad songs. which is all of them. chris is hot:) right laura?
um the fair is starting to piss me off//scare me. let me explain. i get to the road i use to get home and its like totally backed all the way up to the bridge. assholes. and the cops put out orange cones because we're too stupid to understand the concept of YELLOW LINES.
omg. lol. and people just walking around in the middle of the road and carnies are so gross. not to mention i was walking towards the grandstand where cass works and i felt someone choke me and whisper in my ear "dont move or i'll kill you". i was scared but i knew them and it wasn't cass it was jon. asshole.
i'm sorry i'm not more interesting tonight.
for a good time, draw on your foot while its asleep:) or tickle your hands. goodnight-e!

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