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Friday, January 14th, 2005

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    ...and dance is it.
    the residency was absolutely amazing. after breakfast and lots of warmup time at like 9, we had class every morning at 10, then rehearsals were supposed to go until 5 everyday, but after dan (the teacher/choreographer) managed to bang out all seven minutes of the dance in two days, they were cut short most afternoons. it was really tiring, and i was the most sore i think i have every been in my entire life, but it didnt' matter once we got into the studio and started working-its so funny that dance, which is the thing that makes you sore in the first place, was the only thing that made it even better. we could barely walk down the hall, but once the music came on it healed us. it was so incredible just to focus on dance for an entire week, without any distractions like homework, boys, and drama with my friends. because we had to live in the freshman dorms for the week, i didn't even have a computer! nights were spent watching dance movies, reading dance books, and having delicious dinners and lots of girl talk at our professors' houses. courtney was my roommate, which was nice. the piece is really different from anything i have ever performed before--very very musical. i really need to take music classes again, maybe even learn to read music. i have such rhythm problems sometimes!! so between that and like a million other things everyday i managed to convince myself several times that i will never, ever become a professional dancer....but in the end i think it was really good for me. pointed out so much more stuff for me to work on this semester. i also got 3 more books from the library at school - a bio of balanchine, which i am reading now, private domain-the autobiography of paul taylor, and sight line-a collection of essays and reviews by the critic arlene croche. i picked that one bc there is a whole article on kyra in it!! i miss her class so much : ( anyway we got out really early today so i came home to do some laundry and hang out with the fam until i move back to school for real on sunday afternoon.

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