what i learned in life so far...   
07:10pm 23/03/2003
mood: tired
music: the tv ...
1. crying yourself to sleep only makes you look awful the next morning.
2. more people like country music then actually admit to it.
3. the people who care about you, care too much.
4. true feelings never fade.
5. a phone call means everything if it's from the right person at the right time.
6. people never stop treating you like you're 16.
7. being online is fun when wasting time, esp when you have homework.
8. water does have a taste. it's just indescribeable.
9. an old cd is the perfect end to a stressful day.
10. when you have a gut feeling, it's usually right. go with it.
11. what was 'out' has actually always been 'in'.
12. always tell the ones you love how you feel. they probably alright know, it's just a good reinforcement.
13. you really never know what you have until it's gone.
14. people you think will be there all the time, just might not be there when you really need them.
15. reading a good book is better than watching a good movie.
16. listening to music helps make you feel better.
17. talking about how you feel doesn't always make you feel better.

okay, so they were just random things i was thinking about today. anyways. ummm.. im sleepy. last night! whoo doggie. had a good time. i went to my friend's house and other kids came and we just hung out.. haven't done that in a long ass time. it was fun. i came home around 130am. good times. good times. im pretty tired right now. i've been working on midterm projects all weekend and studying my butt off. i hope i do good. ANYWAYSSS.. uhhh. i <3 pictures.

wow.. i'm sore.   
06:49pm 05/03/2003
mood: stressed
music: hey arnold theme song - on TV
ahh, i'm so sore. i just did crunches and i haven't done them in soo long. haha. anyways.. haven't written in here for a while either. told you i'd probably never update this thing again. i don't even know what gave me the urge to. i have so much freaking homework to do. it's crazy. i haven't had time to do anything but homework!

my friend james called me yesterday. hahaha.. it was weird. he's such a nice kid. he's like a big brother to me. and he's tall and all this. yep. so anyways. i was suppose to stay after school today to take a chemistry test but my teacher was like no, come tomorrow and friday morning to make up your lab too. so BLAH. i hate this. i have to make up 4 tests friday in pyschology too. so this is gonna be fun. studying everynight till like 1am. good times, good times.

there is no one online :( im so bored.. well im not bored, i just needed to take a break from my homework. my hand was killing me.. so i did crunches and got online. but since no one is on.. i think i'll get back to doing my homework since it is like 7pm. i really planned on going to sleep by 10 but i guess not.

i miss my boytoy :( he's at work. he works too much but he really needs the money right now. i offered to help him and give him money but he won't take it. shh.. ill just slip some in his pockets. he'll be like "wow, i'm rich!!" haha. i Love him! :)

okie... well, i guess i'm off to doing more homework and hopefully be asleep by 10 or 10:15... how sad. i'm so tired. yeah.

xoxo; me
first survey.   
07:40pm 28/02/2003
mood: angry
music: goo goo dolls
What time is it?: 7:14 pm
What is the date?: 2.28.03
Why are you filling this out?: i like to do these and i have nothing better to do.

Full name: me
Do you like it?: yeah, i like my name.
Nicknames: babe, baby, snookems
If you could change your first name, what would it be?: i like mine tho..
middle name?: lynne
DOB: 4.6
Height: 5'1
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Brown
Where do you live?: in a little town.
Do you like it there?: no.
Why/Why not: my neighbors are all older than 70!! or in their 50's and want to have sex with me.
Where were you born?: in a hospital.
Astrological sign: aries
Shoe Size: 3 1/2

Parents names: yeah, i got them.
Do you have any siblings?: Yes
If so, what are their names and ages?: kelsey and keith. 11 and 26
Are your parents divorced/remarried/single?: divorced.
Pets: yeah, i got them.
Names: cat dog. hahaha sike.
Do you like your family?: at times.
Favorite relative: don't have one.
Least Favorite relative: my dad

Number: 13
Color: orange
Car: my barbie car. lol
Season: summer
Holiday: hmm.. i dunno.
Month: may-sept.
Day of the week: friday
Grade so far: 8th grade was the best *sigh*
Sport: track
Candy: reese's peanut butter cups
Food: i don't like food.
Fruit: cherries, strawberries, oranges, apples, watermelon
Veggie: uhh.
Dessert: i duNno.
TV show: boy meets world
Commercial: i don't really watch tv..
Radio station: ehh.
CD: dave matthews ( all of them )
Movie: life as a house
Actor: don't have one
Actress: who cares
Song: don't know, i like a lot.
Word: fuck
Phrase: fucking fucker fucked fuck. haha
Animal: monkey
Flower: none.
Clothing store: abercrombie and fitch.
Article of clothing: hoodies.
Sweatshirt: my big one? haha
Underwear: white
State (that you've been to): south carolina
Ice cream flavor: mint chocolate chip
Breakfast food: none.
Way to have fun: hanging with friends, riding up and down elevators in hotels, singing as loud as you can, running around, jumping on the trampoline, looking at the stars in the summer, swimming, being with my boyfriend, yeah. you know the deal.

This or That:
Me/You: me
CD/Cassette: CD
Radio/CD: CD
Slow dance/Freak dance: slowdance
Jacket/Coat: Hoodie
Leather/Pleather: jeans
Sparkles/Bronze: sparkles in my EYES. hah.
Sexy/Hot: hot
Car/Truck: car
Civic/Acura: i don't know what either one is.. lol.
Corvette/Camero: ahh.
Strong/Weak: strong
Upset/Pissed: pissed.
Tall/Short: tall for a guy.
Lunch/Dinner: dinner
Abercrombie/Hollister: abercrombie.
Gap/Old Navy: i don't like either.
Britney/Christina: whores.
Love/Lust: Love
Inside/Outside: outside. unless it's freezing.
Lipstick/Lipgloss: CHAPstick.
Silver/Gold: i don't wear either really.

Do you have a bf/gf?: boyfriend.
If so, who?: yeah, see i'm not telling MY name, why would i say HIS name? i don't want no stalkers or my friends knowing this is me.. haha.
If not, do you have a crush?: nope.
If so, who?: ---
If you could kiss one >MUSICIAN< who would it be and why?: justin timberlake cause he's HOT!
If you could kiss one >ACTOR< who would it be and why? i dunnO.
If your single, why do you think you are?: ---
What was your longest relationship?: almost 2 years :)
Most recent kiss: yesterday.. :)
Who is one person you've liked but >NEVER< said a thing?: no one.

Do you write in cursive or print?: both.
Are you a lefty, righty, or ambidextrious: righty
Do you believe in God?: i'm not sure
Whats your religion?: i have no clue.
What do you think of rainbows?: oh. i haven't seen one of them in a long time.
Do you have any piercings/tattoos?: yep.
If so, where?: ears + belly button.
If you could live anywhere else, where would you live?: by the beach.
Are you done? yep.

i'm in the worst mood.

xoxo; me
this whole week sucks   
04:44pm 28/02/2003
mood: blah
music: socialburn - "down"
this whole week sucks. alright. i'm home sick all week.. but go on thursday to get all the work i've missed. meaning, i got to see my boyfriend for the first time in almost a week. i was so happy to see him. then, i decided not to go to school today because i'm just about dieing. so i tell him i'm not going and we get in a fight cause he wanted to go out with his friends when i asked him to come over after school. i was cool with it, just upset. i told him to go with them instead and to have fun. i was just so upset that he did that when he knew i was going to want to see him since i haven't for so long and then he just got all pissed off. am i being stupid for getting upset for him just like ditching me like that for his guys when he hasn't seem me in a week? hm. but whatever, i'm a BORING person anyways. all i woulda did was sleep since i'm sick. but it would have still been nice to be with him.. just to know he cares.

this past whole month has sucked for us. we haven't been able to see each other all that much, due to 2ft of snow and all that crappy stuff. i've just been down so much lately. i hate winter. i always end up being stuck inside all the time, while my friends are all out driving around, partying or working. i don't drive right now.. so that sucks. even if i did, my mom would be like "the roads are too bad. stay home" bitch.

i'm sure you will all notice i have my different mood swings. gotta love them. i'm also a really random person. out of no where, ill say something stupid and crazy. or in class, i just stat laughing for no reason and i'll forget what i'm laughing at. anyways. i've noticed lately i don't have any friends, haha. yeah, it's not really funny but to me it is right now. way back when i was a big bad 8th grader, i was in the coolest group. the popular kids. then highschool - things change. i found myself sitting at home almost every night by myself. at the computer. looking up quotes for this notebook i have. but that's alright with me.. to a certain point. i use to cheer, but i quit. before that, i HAD an AWESOME life. travleing the usa. good stuff.. but then i quit and here i am, in 11th grade. one more year left, hell yes. but i know i'm going to miss everything after next year.. and all that good stuff. and i'm going to cry the last day because i didn't live my school years up to the fullest. i just stayed home. and cried. and slept. and complained about having no friends. when actually, i did. i just chose not to go out with them when they did ask me. because i'm dumb and have my life revolve around my boyfriend of almost 2 years. sad, i know.. but i love him. and FUCK YOU ALL who say i can't love someone at my age.

alright, enough of me talking. i need to figure out how to work all this crap on here. and i bet i won't ever type in here again.. well maybe, but not a lot. i get bored with things after a while and just the thought of half the world reading this.. that's scary.

xoxo; me