9th November 2003

11:46pm: Being just too much of myself and the creative mind of a drunk.
As I sit here on a sunday night, I dream of the one I love, write useless things - bother the ones outside the room, listen to nirvana and wish angie was here. This weekend was ... fuck it watch how I do this...

FRIDAY[/fuck]: We were suppose to go to the mall with Eve Angie and Monique ... BUT angie got in a fight with her mother (no surprise those two is just too funny) and she couldn't go, so I ended up going to angies then going out for dinner with her family except for her mother which was sick, it was fun because her dad is just a box of fun waiting to explode.

SATURDAY[/angie]:The mall was the plan, and the plan was executed and done, I got angie some pretty things [new pink high-top shoes, a BAM element hat, and a crow poster) then after getting all those things we went to get dinner at ruby tuesdays then we left to her house, was fun because angie was there and she always brings the best out of me.

SUNDAY[/matrix]: OMFG THE MATRIX WAS AWESOME, again my mind was blown by the matrix it was the best I saw it with her dad and her (ofcourse). After the movie it was off to her house to 1.make out 2.just love 3.make out love love 5.oh man we had to fucking eat and stop making out for atlease 5 mins (it was hard to stop > : ( < ) then I left and here I am now writing this, no school tuesday ANGIE AND ME ARE HANGING LIKE DAWGS IN L MO FUCKING A.

Time to drink soda, COUGH natural spring water COUGH (the bottle is atlease but its contents is vodka :> ) and dream bout angie.

<3 u all

School tomorrow (shit fuck no)
Current Mood: creative
Current Music: From the Muddy Banks of Wishka - Nirvana CD LIVE
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