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    Friday, September 23rd, 1994
    12:00 am
    Stalker or Potential Sweetie?
    Had a weird conversation at lunch today...

    "Hey, Nine... You have this freshie staring at the back of your head."

    "Why? Did something throw something in my hair, and I don't know it?"

    "No... I'll even admit, she's cute. Looks innocent, and all that."

    "Wow... From you, Dev, that's a BIG vote of confidence."

    "Go, talk to her. I'll be fine for ten minutes, or however long it takes."

    So Devon [ best friend; no worries, 'cause he's gay ] kicked me away from the table, and I had to do something. So, I just walked on over to the girl.

    She WAS pretty cute.

    "Hi. I'm Nine."

    She blushed (socute!). "I'm Trace."

    "Want to skip the rest of lunch with me?"

    "Um... Well... All right..."


    During our little chat, we found out that we had a lot in common. Since you know me best, journal, I won't bother telling them over again.

    I think she's bi.

    This year is already looking good.

    Current Mood: optimistic
    Monday, July 4th, 1994
    12:00 am
    Well, Maria and I broke it off today... I'm going to miss her, but it had to be done. Her mother is taking her and Angel to Texas, because she's getting back with their father.

    Glad I didn't get too attatched to either of them.

    I'd call them...learning experiences.

    I have to admit, it's lonely. I've almost forgotten how things were before Maria and Angel got into my life. At least school is starting soon...

    Maybe I'll be lucky, and find myself a new girlfriend.

    No sophmores, though. I know them, and most of them are jerks. A freshman, maybe... Or a junior? Not even hoping for a senior, 'cause they're waaaay out of my league.

    I'll just have to wait and see...

    Current Mood: lonely
    Monday, January 3rd, 1994
    12:00 am
    New Year
    For Christmas, I didn't really get a lot. Then again, I didn't ask for too much. Some clothes, some music... Simple stuff, really. And then there were the books.

    Who'd guess I like to read?

    Well, Jenna knows. Ever the practical one, she got me some books, that she thought I would like. Mostly because she tried reading them, and hated them.

    I like them.

    Maybe I'm just perverse like that...

    For New Year's, I got to go to New York with Maria, Angel, and their mother. Times Square is AWESOME!

    But not as awesome as the two Alvarez teens.

    Yes, dear confidanté, I am no longer a virgin.

    Maria was soft, and gentle. She had done it a few times before. She was fucking incredible. I don't think I can ever forget what she was like.

    Angel stopped by our room after. He had met a friend in New York, and was going to go back home with them.

    He came to say Happy New Year to me(!!!), and it wasn't too long before we were screwing like mad.

    I know I'm in love. With both of them.

    Maybe this bisexual thing is the best... I get the best of both worlds.

    Gotta go; Maria's on the phone!

    Current Mood: giddy
    Tuesday, October 19th, 1993
    12:00 am
    Fresh Life
    Who'd have known that cousin Jenna would be so proud of her cousin 'Nine' making it into high school that she'd give the cousin in question a present?

    A journal. A fuckin' journal.

    Some present. Money would've been a lot better.

    No one can force me to write in this damn thing.

    I think that's why I will.

    First off, the name is Nine. Not Christine, Chris, or any of those. NINE. I'm thirteen years old, and in my first year of high school.

    High school is pretty cool. It's been going for a couple weeks, and I already found someone.

    Now, before I go into detail, let me explain: I AM BI.

    Maria Alvarez is this adorable girl in most of my classes. Dark, coy eyes, silky hair, and the perfect legs for mini-skirt wearing.

    We probably won't last the year, but she has a hot brother, Angel. She says he likes me. Here's to hoping so!

    - Nine

    Current Mood: pleased