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    Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
    11:24 pm
    Don't take this too seriously.
    Vincstein: there is this commerical for celsuis *some numbers* that shows a liberal anti-war etc rally where this pissed of bitch is like "you said dictators give out free healthcare, well i like that dictator"
    LTJ Contrast: that was originally on protest warrior
    Vincstein: oh yeah, cool.
    LTJ Contrast: she was a part of a communist group
    LTJ Contrast: that took the time to protest
    Vincstein: doesnt suprise me
    LTJ Contrast: clean water and health! whoopty doo!
    LTJ Contrast: I want to trade my literacy and job and my daughters virginity for free health and clean water
    LTJ Contrast: and then i want to give up other freedoms
    LTJ Contrast: and become a muslim muscle headed islamo facsist just so that another arab doesnt turn me in for trying to be anything else
    LTJ Contrast: yep. Good dictator
    LTJ Contrast: free health!
    LTJ Contrast: paul, I dont want to pay 400 dollars for health every month and I dont want my job to get me health and I don't want contracted benefits and a savings account for health when im retired and a 401K
    LTJ Contrast: fuck that
    LTJ Contrast: I'm going to go into my time machine
    LTJ Contrast: go back to the year 1988
    LTJ Contrast: and move to Iraq
    LTJ Contrast: so that i can get my free health god damn it
    LTJ Contrast: I'm not moving to hawaii because thats america and I'm not moving to canada since their only problems is rape and unemployement.
    LTJ Contrast: and Israel, oh
    LTJ Contrast: dont even get me started
    LTJ Contrast: fuck Israel
    LTJ Contrast: I'm going to Iraq
    LTJ Contrast: *red in the face*
    LTJ Contrast: *mocks people irl about how people whine about health care*
    LTJ Contrast: okay, I admit, its nice to have free health, sure,
    LTJ Contrast: but god damn it
    LTJ Contrast: I'm too proud for that shit
    Vincstein: so that i can get my free health god damn it
    Vincstein: ha ha ha
    LTJ Contrast: america needs to stop having sorethroats and STDs and we need to get rid of mexicans before we get this free health crap without needing to pay an assload anyways
    LTJ Contrast: and then we should legalize marijuana and billboards
    LTJ Contrast: rather
    Vincstein: im going to make a new thread about free, national healthcare,
    LTJ Contrast: legalize marijuana , and tax billboards
    LTJ Contrast: sale tax from billboards isnt enough
    LTJ Contrast: billboards are cheap tasteless and ugly and make a town look like shit
    LTJ Contrast: they should taxes for their damages
    LTJ Contrast: especially if they advertise in spanish
    LTJ Contrast: God damn it
    Vincstein: agreed
    LTJ Contrast: lets tax shit that everyone doesnt use
    LTJ Contrast: like uh..
    LTJ Contrast: parking meters
    LTJ Contrast: yep,.
    LTJ Contrast: the government gets to take such n such cents from every dollar put into parking meters
    Vincstein: and births, lets tax babies
    LTJ Contrast: as harsh as that sounds
    LTJ Contrast: i agree
    LTJ Contrast: if we make babies even more expensive to have
    LTJ Contrast: maybe niggers will think twice about having 5 of them
    Vincstein: or letting all of them survive
    LTJ Contrast: but yeha, little shit like billboards and parking meters
    LTJ Contrast: shit that we don't need to pay for
    LTJ Contrast: just the advertisers and whoever takes the money from the parking meters
    LTJ Contrast: but
    LTJ Contrast: you know those businesses that tkae from parking meters are going to be cheap fuckers
    LTJ Contrast: you'll need to start carrying pennies with you
    LTJ Contrast: to help pay for their tax
    LTJ Contrast: assholes.
    LTJ Contrast: but i dont give a shit
    LTJ Contrast: you know why?
    LTJ Contrast: because i dont goto the beach
    LTJ Contrast: kerry should "have a plan" about how to get money for this health crap without taking it from our income and businesses
    LTJ Contrast: i doubt he does
    LTJ Contrast: he's just use to rich fuckers in mass that can actually fork over 600 dollars every 2 weeks
    LTJ Contrast: he's probebly going to circumcize the police by taxing parking tickets
    Vincstein: agreed
    LTJ Contrast: and other shit
    LTJ Contrast: I should become a democrat so that people will listen to my rediculous yet effective tax plan
    LTJ Contrast: and I'll bribe Bush Sr and Perot to say "yes , its good"
    LTJ Contrast: illegal immirgrants should be taxed too until we get rid of them
    LTJ Contrast: and even them
    LTJ Contrast: give them a tax burden when they are gone
    LTJ Contrast: we should legalize gang activity and tax their crimes
    LTJ Contrast: hahahaha
    Vincstein: i have a plan that involves resurecting the dead and taxing them for their new life.
    LTJ Contrast: look how great vegas is doing
    LTJ Contrast: economically, we can learn from vegas, morally and politically we can learn from israel, and immorally and entertainmently, we can learn from china
    LTJ Contrast: since im pro getting tanks and running over protestors
    LTJ Contrast: hahaha
    Vincstein: OHH I AM TOO
    LTJ Contrast: free speech schmee speech right?
    LTJ Contrast: free speech should only work for us
    LTJ Contrast: and limbaugh
    LTJ Contrast: limbaugh is strange
    LTJ Contrast: Limbaugh is the reason why..
    LTJ Contrast: the day limbaugh dies
    LTJ Contrast: I'm going to morn
    LTJ Contrast: limbaugh is so right.
    LTJ Contrast: and,
    LTJ Contrast: lately, he's been letting idiots talk on his show
    LTJ Contrast: just so that he can yell at them
    Vincstein: ha ha ha
    Vincstein: hell yeah
    LTJ Contrast: "hello Limbaugh, did you know that kerry was planning his campaign during bush and gore"
    LTJ Contrast: "GAH! GOD DAMN IT FOLKS ARE WE GOING BACKWARDS HERE?! GEESH! *pounds fist papers fly like nixon tossing his transcripts and spins his chair and hits the microphone* OF COURSE! THATS WHAT THEY DO!"
    LTJ Contrast: then this arab calls up limbaugh
    LTJ Contrast: "hello limbaugh, Bush,, is just as bad as the terrorist"
    LTJ Contrast: "*sigh* in what aspect"
    LTJ Contrast: "mr limbaugh... how can you forget the deaths"
    LTJ Contrast: "the deaths?! what deaths! if you're talking about Iraq then yes. Deaths, *chuckles with annoyance* OF CORSE! ITS WAR! CASUALTYS HAPPEND! I'm sorry! thats just the way war goes. This isnt a perfect world"
    LTJ Contrast: "but.. mr limbaugh, how can you be pro bush when he"
    Vincstein: "awwww, your children are dead? boo fucking woo, asshole. Next caller"
    LTJ Contrast: "Okay, so you're one of these types *mocks* oh, eh, beh.whats the difference between saddam wrongfully terminating his own people and neighboors and uh *studders intentionally* bush invades and plows down and this and that blah blah blah */mocks* enough you guys! This would have worked a couple years ago when people were still confused but the only people who are still confused is like the caller we just had"
    LTJ Contrast: I'm paraphrasing, but one of his shows went alot like this
    LTJ Contrast: then after that caller
    LTJ Contrast: he was all like
    LTJ Contrast: "okay, liberals, democrats, i love you people. So I'm going to talk in ways the extreme left can understand since they like to compare bush to saddam and bush to hitler. heres a lecture about how wars work and the simularitys in this war with veitnam and the coldwar since you people like to put together the wrong pieces to another puzzle"
    LTJ Contrast: so he talks about the wherewolves and how the econemy usually gets shot to hell and rises back up in most wars
    LTJ Contrast: and of course we begins this "this may come to you as a shock but.."
    LTJ Contrast: hahaha, now i know why democrats hate him
    LTJ Contrast: when rush limbaugh is having a bad day
    LTJ Contrast: he totally disrespects their intelligence
    Vincstein: ha ha ha
    Vincstein: *laughs irl*
    LTJ Contrast: most of the time he's rather O'Riellyish about it, but when its a slow tuesday where he's irritable or when its a happy friday where he doesnt care what comes out of his mouth.
    LTJ Contrast: unfortunately this was a friday
    LTJ Contrast: it was funny too, because he usually has the pretenders - back to ohio as a theme song
    LTJ Contrast: but he put on different music that he likes
    LTJ Contrast: and you can hear his chair squeeking
    LTJ Contrast: and he's singing along
    LTJ Contrast: and at instrumental parts whent heres a crash or a stab, he goes "hugh! hey!"
    LTJ Contrast: very out of charactor for a grumpy old conservative with a drug problem
    LTJ Contrast: oh yeah, and limbaugh., I think he knows us..
    Vincstein: ohyeah? ha ha
    LTJ Contrast: and he knows some of our friends,
    LTJ Contrast: and he knows some of groups we joined on myspace.
    LTJ Contrast: because..
    LTJ Contrast: he said something that I always kinda thought
    LTJ Contrast: "its funny. conservatives these days, especially the increasing younger conservatives. They are the ones having a party and having a good time. They are the cool ones. yeah . puh huh huh! show me a tucked in shirt coke bottle glasses uptight well spoken moral automaton young conservative. and I'll show you a young liberal whose middle class and actually has an opinion"
    Vincstein: ha ha ha, thats good, very clever.
    Vincstein: im writing up why i dont think a free national healthplan would work and why it wouldnt work. im going to make it into a thread
    Vincstein: yep, this is a good post, or will be,
    Friday, October 22nd, 2004
    10:37 pm
    Let's get retarded! eugh! Lets get retarded! in here, yeh
    [NP: Black Eyed Peas - Lets get it started]
    Alright, listen up you guys. I more I hear about this group the more I hate them.
    First this song starts out with a pet peeve of mine. The girl in the begining goes "In here-eee-yay-euguegeug-ear-ear-ear-ear". Why do I hate this kind of singing? Because it only works for slow boring crap or weird EBM songs. I don't see how Simon Cowel can say some people suck and some people are great when they all go Oo-woo-oo-oh-yay-ee-yay-e-yeah like a fuckin Destiny Child son of a bitch bastard. There was a rather nice looking redhead that auditioned once and did everything that was expected vocally but Simon didnt like her because she was adorably chubby like Sara Rue. Bastard. I would have watched American Idol just for her. Danzig goes "whoa-oh" so I've had enough of these word extensions. This diva singing crap makes Culture Beat and Ace of Base like vocals cool and enjoyable. The only time I can tolerate such vocals is on Drum N Bass. Oh yeah, and the echo pisses me off too.

    Heres another problem that I had with this song in the first 10 seconds. "And the bass keeps running an runnin an runnin". WHAT BASS?! Oh. Let me guess. Its another one of these stupid mainstreem songs that have no bass what so ever unless you turn up the bass all the way up and all you get is "beubreubrubuebrubueburbeubreueerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbeyhbyreybryebbebrebrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" *tests it out real quick* yep. I knew it. Thats the funny thing about songs like this. They would be even more popular if morons didn't listen it in their cars. I complained about this earlier today.

    LTJ Contrast: and someone rolls up
    LTJ Contrast: with "LETS GET IT beurbeurbueburubeubrueburbubu WOO!"
    LTJ Contrast: beuebruebubruebruebre = the bass
    LTJ Contrast: and then you're in your car
    LTJ Contrast: and like
    LTJ Contrast: "wow, that music sucks, i dont even know what it is"

    I also saw the video to this catchy crap. I hate that white girl with them. You know why? Yes. It's how she sings, but heres another reason. She's with those 4 or 5 hip black guys. Where is my unattractive cookie cut barbie doll? Oh. Not that I need one or want one because I'm perfectly okay but still. Actually but still nothing. I don't even try. If I tried I'd have women all over me like I do on the internet. Yep. You're a macho kid aren't you. leave a comment telling me that I'm fat and can't get any of this so called "pussy". I'm not a loser okay. I NEVER TRY! How can I loose nothing? haha.. . *hangs head in shame..* No, fuck that. I'm proud.

    Anyways. Bitches like her are a part of the problem. Oh so what. Hip black guys have six packs and they can dance like Fish. Yeah. real cool. I envy people like the ones on They dance so well. PFFT. Fuck dat. I dance like a penguin. I do the fatmans electronic boogalo. Yeah. I don't move my head of short hair around and bend my knees. that can straight up kiss my ass, straight up. Oh so what they can shake their ass a certain way. I can too! Where's my god damn money. Hahaha.

    You know what else? Those prefaded pants are stupid and so are the tattos on the lower backs. Fuck off, drink piss, suck dick, kiss my ass, get lost, bullshit, punk ass faggot motherfucker damn it to hell son of a bitch
    Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
    4:26 pm
    This is another first.
    [NP: Klute - Ambient Hell]
    This journal looks alot like the first draft of PIAA. All white and blue..
    Like Israel.
    Israel kicks ass my friends. Its the holy lands with guns.

    Anyways, pretty soon I'll be splitting my hard drive into two. One part for windows the other for Linux. I'm learning linux because the time will come when I make a shitload of money and host my own content on a T server. And I want to use the operating system that was ment for this kind of work. Dare I say, that even Macentosh is more efficient than Windows when it comes to SQL's and what not.

    Last night I watched some WWF again and its still downhill. I only watched 25 minutes for my main man Rhyno. I'm also going to vote for taboo tuesday matches just to spite other wrestlers.

    Current Mood: busy
    Current Music: Klute - Oshima
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