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finally! [01 Aug 2003|10:16am]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | I Think God Can Explain - Splender ]

Hey all! i finally have time to clue you in on what happened this week..! [ and last week. ] *brace yourself, this is a long, long, long entry!*

+Well LAST friday, i had work and whatever, and then that night i went to adventureland with Loreto, Rose, and Lindsey. We had a blast! lol it was so much fun! I helped Loreto win a carebear.. lol it made her day! haha she's adorable. and the wave swing.. "i'm 'gonna vomit." [ rose, lol! ] omgoodness, i went on TOPSCAN .. with loreto, TWICE! [ i couldnt beleive i did it! lol ] i was so scared, i was like going to pee in my pants. lol but loreto held my hand the first time, and we went on again later. haha i lost rose's hair tie. [ oops! ] lol yeah we had fun lol. and then lindsey's dad picked us up, and i went back to loreto's house and slept there. [ haha i played withthe lighter! lol. *i'll become a pyro.. i know it.* and then Rose was supoosed to come, and her mom fell asleep or something, so i dont know what happened. but me and loreto had fun.
<3 thanks girls!

+Saturday i 'kinda just vegged around the house. and then around four o'clock i got ready for Olivia's sweet sixteen. [ olivia lives across the street from me, she's going into 11th grade. ] So i wore this pink dress, and white shoes, and i got all dome up. [ my mom said i looke beautiful lol. ] and uhmm.. at around 7{ish} my paretns dropped me off. i felt SO out of place. i didnt know ANYBODY {except her family} and i felt soo stupid. but i sucked it up, and sat with some of her friends, and then she was really nice and hung out with me all night. i thought maybe she was bored with me, but she kept telling me she wanted to go home, so i dont think she wanted all the fuss. oh well.. but by the end of the night, i was having a ball. so. it wasnt a waste of time.
When i got home from the party! MY UNCLE was there!!! yay! haha he had gotten in the night before from California! eek! i was so excited. lol. he told me i looked so grown up. hahaha it was fun seeing them, but it was like midnight, and my cousin was getting cranky, so they left a little while after that. and i fell asleep.

+Sunday.. uhmm ... oh yeah! me, my mom, my dad, my sister, my uncle, my aunt, and my little cousin drove out to Riverhead and went to the ATLANTIS AQUARIUM. it was alrighty. i saw some awesome big sharks! wow.. i was scared behind the glass! lol. yeah and then we came home and went to ... oh yeah, my uncle and company left, so we just got some take-out instead of going out to eat. yeah.. so.

+Monday i went to work, but left early, [ around 1:00 ] and came home for a BBq with my grandparents, my uncle and etc. and my family. I hung out with them the whole day. lol i went to the park with my sister, my uncle and my cousin, and then we had a great dinner. ooh! yay. Uhmm.. then the "adults" played a game of Bocce ball .. and after my sister and i played. then my uncle challendged me.! hey i was like.. i'm 'gonna get you! and the game was so so so close! oh man. and i almost got him! ... he won.. 7 to 6. ptshh! lol

+Tuesday i went to work, and left early again, same time. and then my uncle and company drove me my sister, and my mom to NYC for the day. We did the Central park zoo, which was 'kinda stupid, but it was fun for my cousin, sincehe's only four years old. oh well. and then we walked to the plaza hotel, and we went to FAO Shwartz! ooh! it was sooo much fun! lol. my cousin got like this Batman game or something.. i dont know lol. They had this 'mini-hummer' car, that really drives. with the motor, the horn the lights, the seatbelts, EVERYTHING was really real. and it wasnt like those BARBIE cars. like this was like my 4runner, mini-sized. but if you dont have 30 grand [ no joke! ] then you wont be getting this car ANYTIME soon. haha so we drove back from the city, and then went to Elisa's for dinner. m'mmm good food. had a blast.

+Wedensday.. uhmm, i had a full day of work, but when i got home, the grandparetns were there, so were the uncle's and aunts, and cousin, and my family. My grandma made us Lasagna to eat. mm! haha yeah so we had a god meal, and got some time to catch up.

+Yesterday... i had a full day of work, and then did nothing last night. . . at all. i was bored.

+TODAY! i'm seeing the uncle and company and we're probably going to go to adventureland. but no plans are definite yet.

Tomorrow i'm going to katie's block party! yay!! haha i havent seen her in the longest time, and she says i will be meeting all her Macarthur freinds. this'll be fun! lol yep! and then on sunday the entire family is going to Little Italy for dinner and the street fair there. so i'm going to have fun. looking forward to it all.

[ much thnks to my FRIENDS and my FAMILY for making the week so amazing! lol ]

i have to go get ready. later! <3
*Nikki* xo

::sigh:: i'm finally done! lol


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