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I don't live here anymore. [31 Oct 2010|05:57pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I'm a writer who has an ongoing original series in the works with her best friend, but who also dabbles in fanfiction from time to time.

I created this journal quite a long time ago (Back in 2002, I believe). It was my first real online journal, but I ultimately moved from here to Livejournal in late 2003. Then in 2009, I moved my primary journal to Dreamwidth. My Blurty has been inactive and empty for several years and I'm still uncertain whether I will simply delete it or if I will eventually begin crossposting to here from Dreamwidth. I am unlikely to do that until the number of sites I am able to crosspost to is increased, however, so it's not likely to happen soon; but I still have a bit of an attachment to this journal, since it was my first, so I'm hesitant to delete it entirely.

So, here it sits.

In any case, I am still very active in journaling and am posting to Dreamwidth, which actively crossposts all entries to my Livejournal, DeadJournal and InsaneJournal. If you've got a journal on any of those sites, feel free to friend me. :)

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