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... what luck .... [04 Feb 2003|08:15pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Justin Timberlake - Take It From Here ]

so i find some strawberries in julians locker... and me and jackie think that they won't last overnite so i'm like yay!!! strawberries!!! u know... cuz dang... strawberries... a lot of em right... so i eat like 5 or six of em on my way home cuz i got a ride by one of my coaches right... and i'm like yay and wee and all that good stuff cuz these are really good strawberries right... and so i put them in my sweater pocket when i get out the car... so i'm walkin and i pull em out cuz i remember this really dark red one that looked really yummy... and... (dun dunn dunnnnnn)... i take em out upside down and they fall out onto the ground... ohhh but nooooo... they didn't juss fall onto the ground itself... because then i coulda juss picked em up and they woulda still been edible (5 second rule)... but they want to fall in a puddle... a soapy lookin puddle... can someone, anyone, tell me why the hell there was a damn puddle on the ground when it hasn't rained in forever and a day!!! ... screw luck ... phooey...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

anyway... yesterday i asked my health teacher what could be some causes of rapid weight loss (cuz losing 15 pounds unintentionally is very scary when you are me)... she said that it could be that if i was depressed then i changed my eating habits... and she named all this other shtuff but i don't remmeber those because i was focused on the first reason because i know thats why... i lost these pounds in the last 4 months or so... its 17 i think now... but thats around the whole me being melancholy thing...
... i know when i get depressed i don't eat like i should ... but it seems like i eat more... not less... but i dunno...

... ohh today is veronika's birthday ... so happy bday to her ...

this is funny funny shtuff so i had to steal it okae sillypants...


muahhaahhaha... uhhh thats evil laughter... yes?

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