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Monday, June 4th, 2007

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    ローマ字の落とし穴 | Pitfalls of Rōmaji
    I don't know very much Japanese, but one thing I've always stuck by was learning the Japanese manner of writing. I've stayed clear of rōmaji. Here is an example of why I don't like rōmaji.

    A person asks for a translation of the phrase "kono koi wa himitsu". What is my first instinct? I assume it's saying 「この鯉は秘密」! Or, "this fish is secret". LOL! In reality it was saying 「この恋は秘密」. Or, "this love is secret". Perhaps a more experienced person would know this, but I was oblivious until another reader pointed it out. That is why you don't want to become dependent on rōmaji.

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