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Date:05/31/03 @ 12:18 am




Will be back as soon as I find a good image host. Sorry, not taking requests now. Try your luck elsewhere. :)

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Date:05/23/03 @ 08:29 am
Subject:Poll 01



Ok, I'm making my icon theme based on your choices. I'll be making icons on whichever wins, and also the second and third place winners.

This poll is centered on musical celebrities. No actors/actresses yet. :)

Poll )

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Date:05/18/03 @ 09:33 am
Subject:First set of ramdom icons.



Most icons taken from my first icon journal, _requiem

01] 02] 03]

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Date:05/16/03 @ 06:10 pm
Subject:[Request Rules]



Requests are closed as of right now. Please try your luck later. :)

*1 Fill up the request form as completely as you can.
*2 Commenting on other entries for requests will be deleted.
*3 Icons posted here are not available for sharing. Credits are a must.
*4 As much as possible, I discourage crossposting on icon communities.

Done with reading the rules? Then go here.

Please be patient if I wasn't able to do your icon right away. I have my reasons. :)

Date:05/16/03 @ 06:07 pm
Subject:[Request Form]



Please follow the request form or I will ignore your request.

{picture} :: URL of your picture. I will not provide for your picture.
{color scheme} :: background color + other colors you want.
{text} :: if you want something written..
{text animation} :: yes/no {if yes, what type?} :: flashing, blinking, fill color
{text color} :: what is the color of the text
{font} :: cursive, pixel/bitmap, ordinary(arial, times new roman, comic sans ms, etc.)
{brushes} :: stars, swirl, grunge, heart
{extra} :: anything that you wish to add (transparencies, arrows, etc.)

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Date:05/16/03 @ 05:28 pm
Subject:[Hall of Shame]



This entry goes to the any users who are using my icons without credit or claiming them as their own. If you wish to be removed from here:

*1 Credit me on your picture's keywords or remove your icon.
*2 Comment here if you have done number 1.

* pink_pixiie
* itsallg00d

Thank you.

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