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Saturday :: December 18, 2004

Time: 12:22 PM
Mood: accomplished
Music: Plastic Tree - Gerbera

So yesterday was half-day. I went to the movies with Lily and Lil Linda. We watched Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events and it was GREAT. It was okay. So we waited for Bang to pick us up since he drove us there. We were playing in the arcade and then we went to watch Blade 3, which was great until we had to leave. Then we went to the mall. And I was walking around with Lily, Linda, and Jenny. The others went to the dance. I didn't want to go. So yeah.
Well when we were waiting for Bang and Paullyn at school (before we went to all those places), Kristie seemed down for some reason. I didn't want to ask because later on, I got yelled at or scold (something like that). She worried me, but at the same time, she didn't seem like she wanted to open up so yeah.
Well... yeah. A couple days before yesterday, I went to the mall to get Anna's gift and see if I can get anyone else's gifts. I bought Green Day - American Idiot for her and Utada Hikaru - Exodus. I said I wanted it for XMAS but I guess I was wrong. So Wendy, you don't have to get me any gift! YAY! Now I have to find something for you. Yesh yesh!

Monday :: December 13, 2004

Time: 11:28 PM
Mood: dorky
Music: Alicia Keys - Karma

Just felt like updating. Umm... nothing much in life. I'm actually getting all my work done (doing my essay... like 2-3 paragraphs done). Nothing to do anymore. I can't wait for vacation but dread this week since I have a couple tests and projects to do. -_______-
Well, these days I've been annoyed with people. It's just that they need to think about their actions and consequences sometimes. It doesn't involve me and I shouldn't say anything but that person is going down a bad path. One foot in and then without realizing... the other foot goes in. Blah. What am I to say?!?!
Oh... wendy yeah... i haven't started on my project. I don't know which parent to ask and stuff. I don't really want to ask my dad especially since he's a little CUCKOOO! and my mom... i think it'll be more better if I asked my dad since he came here first so yeah. All these excuses will end up making me procrastinate! Oh... I know what you can get me Wendy. UTADA HIKARU - EXODUS! That's all... yup! that'll be nice and simple and cheap (i hope).