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tootleoo my friend [09 Mar 2005|06:32pm]
Farethee well fellow blurty-ers
I-ah found a betta place!
(See ya @ myspace)

love : a l e X x X

[07 Mar 2005|06:07pm]
yo quiero wings!

Worst Night Ever - - [05 Mar 2005|12:47pm]
[ mood | lonely ]
[ music | Going Crazy : Natalie ]

So last night was craappp. Kj and Brandon treat me and michele like shit half the time and we do nothing about it, its so fucked up. They sat in my room talking about how they were going to leave us and we try to talk and they walk out on us.. literally. It was bullshit. Me and Michele were all like.. 4959rjkfdjdsjds and we walked to starbucks and came back and were all sickly from drinking so fast (lol). But so michele was dealing with brandon all night and i feel asleep and then i started to talk to kj and wow did that get no where. Like i really dont see the point anymore. Me and Michele go through this every week with them being assholes and we always deal with it and im sick of it and i dont want to anymore. And now i feel like if i dont end it then ill seem weak but i dont know if i really want to. I was so fustrated last night and mad at everything so i went in my moms room and slept with her and just started crying for idk why, i think i just needed to like.. blow some steam off. but yeaHHHh. But I just want Michele to know that kills me to see you being hurt again by him and then 5 seconds later you're all fine with him and agreeing with him. Michele he doesnt desereve you, he treats you like shit half the time and i understand that you love him and can't let go of him but you can do so much better and i want whats best for you and i know that brandon isnt that. I hope that whatevers going on between you two is for the best and what you want but i just dont want to see you get hurt again cause last night i didnt know what to do when you were talking to him and i walked in, in the morning and i felt bad that i wasnt there for you last night. Im sorry Michele I love you sososo much, and i just want whats best for you my dearest.
I love you too KJ.. im jsut like.. blahhhhh. w.e - - comment

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7 weeks strong yo! [04 Mar 2005|04:21pm]
[ mood | anxious ]
[ music | Never is a promise: Fiona Apple ]

Guess who im with now? Yea in yo face motha fuckaZz! - - Kendall we wish you were here!! Like every week =[
Anywho- we're waiting fo` our bitches ta come. Me + Mischa are 7 weeks strong! Too coOlL yea.. welll.. i <3 youUuuU


SHITSHIT IDEAIDEA! [26 Feb 2005|11:20pm]
Alex Mischa Kendall Hilary - - next weekend?

who friggin agrees!
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past present future.. [26 Feb 2005|08:33pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | If You Leave: Nada Surf ]

oKaY- - so i was gonna go to lees tonite and hangout with him jesse pj and lennie, but of course we can't just 'hangout' there always has to be more to it. So im about to leave in like.. 5 minutes and i told him already i didnt wanna drink and hes like jesse wants you, you should hookup with him and i go.. i cant i have a boyfriend. And hes like okay so your not gonna drink or do anything.. and i go should i even come cause obviously all you want is to drink and hookup and hes like.. kinda. Can we say rude! I dunno, it was just.. like.. wowww, people never change. Im not pissed or sad or angry or anything im jsut kinda like.. wow. lol. But yea, just comes to show no matter what you do your past always stays with you.
Its okay i ended with with a wowww nvm and an away message. comes to show boys= STUPID They either want it all, or wont do anything.
ahh many quotes for this evening. Words - oF- WisdOm :: by alexandra P. sifre

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?.?.?.? [26 Feb 2005|04:48pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | fiona apple =] ]

well last nit ewas oooodles of fun =|
uhm... yeaa. Lets just say im not too happy about last nite. The only funny part was when it was only me and michele. i.e when she acted out her sex dream on my arm lol, you knoOowWww.


me and mah crizzEW [24 Feb 2005|04:19pm]
[ mood | hyper ]

yo me and mah niggah Mischa are chillin tomorrow at mah crib! Holla if yaZ jealous!
oh yea and kj and brandon too =]
kidding, thats a good thing. our fridays would suck without them lol. actually...
we have enough fun.
Week numero 6


[16 Feb 2005|01:09pm]
you are SHANE! the heartthrob of the group, YOUS A PIMP you've
got the whole 'sexy' thing down and use it to
get whatever you want, whenever you want it!

Which Character from The L Word are You???
brought to you by Quizilla
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killaa [16 Feb 2005|12:40pm]
[ mood | disappointed ]
[ music | Bouvelvard Of Broek Dreams: Green Day Oasis + Aerosmith ]

I reallllyyy reallly wanna go to gymnastics today and my mom wont let me because my dads comming home tonite =] and she wants.. i dunno what she wnats. But its ends at 645 he wont be comming home till after 6. I think she thinks it goes till 715 like usually. MicheLe My mom and Chloes mom are gonna start to go to yoga too together lol.. I think thats great, hopefully we arent all in the same class.. god my mom would be soo embarassing and loud.

- - sOo at gymnastics yesterday me and erica were talking kind of like a lot, yea she kinda got annoying but she actually wasn't that bad. I just think things were weird the first couple of classes cause of kj. I would never tell kj this cause hed like.. hate me lol. But it was all us NP girls in one group so yea.. i dunno, anywhoOoO yea and it really sucks cause kj could of come over today if this whole situation with my dad wasnt so messed up.

KendaLl you have to come frrday
partaYyY if ya know what i meann *winks*

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<3 <3 <3 [14 Feb 2005|02:31pm]
HapPy VaLenTinEs DaY
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[13 Feb 2005|09:40pm]
[ mood | horny ]
[ music | Alright: Kinnie Star ]

i have raging hormones ...again. i need to do somethingg! ahh!

I havent made out since november and i havent more then that since april o4!

friggin a- alex needs booty!

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=O [10 Feb 2005|02:56pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | wonderwall: ryan adams <--- best song ever ]

Kj you'll prolly read this so DO!

okay so not too happy - - - everyone tells me how much kj likes me but its like.. if he likes me so much then why does he ditch me and avoid me? I want better then this, i like him.. a lot but how can i if he never puts in effort to see me. And when i went to starbucks (for the 3rd time yesterday) brandon ran up to me and was like HAHA YOUR BOYFRIENDS DITCHING YOU wowww heisterical. And then hes all like blahblah my leg hurt and my face BUT NOOO i know you were at gormet for hours and you were running around throwing snowballs or whatever you were doing for 'fun'. You need to on your own apologize for things or atleast CALL and say youre not comming.. thats just being poliet. Instead of me having to call everyone looking for you. And now you probably wont call and ill sit here just thinking, what the hells going on If you like me so much then prove it to me.

So today in lunch i started freaking out cause snowclubs cancelled and i can actually see the O.C *wooot wooot* and these sophmore girls that AaRon was sitting with were looking at me and kepting looking over and i thought they were talking bad about me so i asked aaron and he said they were saying i was hot! HaAh i think thats sooo funny/coool. I wore my hair curly today and i liked it. One day out of 5605060540 that i didnt fry it. la la la laaa, so today was pretty good overall, i think im gonna run later and work off some of these starbucks. Im out PEACEEE <-- kendall =]
<3 <3 <3 <3 a L e x X x <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

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[08 Feb 2005|09:14pm]
im sooo tired. i love excel

ashhhhhhhhTANGA [05 Feb 2005|05:20pm]
[ mood | Clean ]

Me + Michele are about to go to yoga! Yaya we're sooo cool.! Kendall i wish you coulda been with us last nite but we will make up for it, of coursee! So i heard last nite wasnt the best .. =\- - talk to meeee


DAME MAS GASOLINA! [02 Feb 2005|09:39pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | 2 mujeres + Lo Que Paso Paso: Daddy yankee ]

Im sooo tired from gymnastics, but i loveee it. Im gonna start to do it more a week. I loe being busy and actually doing something with my life. And now me and mischa are gonna start yoga! Holler to that! you know how skinny im gonna be (hopefully)and along with this new diet! Shiattt! I like calling michele , mischa better for some reason.. idk why.

KENDALL READ if i dont see you in school this is the plan cause i have snowclub tomorrow - you and michele wait for me afterschool and ill find you guys and well go to my house and well go to see whichever movie we want and then were gonna go out to breakfast in the morning so bring mucha moola!

Kjs comming over fridayy! yayyy- and maybe me and hill will convince him to come saturday and me and michele are gonna have superbowll partyy! lol i.e me her kj and brandon not watching the superbowl.. hanging out or whatever, lol. Idk if bet and kj are comming but who caresss! An occasion to paint our faces! Hah i doubt we atcually will but o welll...! I love how you guys use this (hill + kdogg) its grgrgreatt!

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[31 Jan 2005|04:43pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Wonderwall: Ryan Adams ]

im sooOooOoooooOo excited for this weekend! On Friday Me Michele + KendaLl are gonna try and have kj brandon and jamie at my house, Mission J-Me, hes gonna la la lovaa you kendall i swearr! Peer pressure is the key! lol. and staurday i get to hang out with HiLary! YaY, we haven't hung out in sooo long! Its crazzyyy! OoOo I just love all of youussS!

I got pictures from friday and a whilee ago and they're so good it put me in such a good mood. The ones of me and kj and me and mischa are sooo good! I actually look good! And the one of me and amelia is amazing! I swear she brings out my pretty side cause we always take the best pictures together! Hey what are bestfriends for =] iLy ameLia <3<3. kJ MITEMITE come over tomorrow, but i doubt he can if his moms being a biotch but hopefulllyy, cause if not then i wont see him till friday and its only monday. =\.. o0o im sucha busy girl. Im so excited! Me + michele are gonna start yoga! holy shit i better get skinny! how firrgin cool would that be! I love how im starting to like.. make new friends and get closer with others. Like me and hills are starting to talk more, and me and michele are too which is sooo much better then how we used to be when we used to fight over brandon (lol), and me and amelia neverr hung out this summer and we're back to normal, and kendaLl and me hung out once before and shes gonna be over this frrday which is aweesome and i started talking to kashi and kynsie now. I love it! I think its great to meet new people and like.. broaded who you're friends with, yanno? Wow im in sucha good mood today! Kendall + HilLs i hope i entertain you with my bullshit entries lol.

So i saw anthony and elissa today and they look so boring together! They literally stood there holding each other and didnt say a word to each other for like.. an hour. Eew and this ugly kid was asking me my name today and what my shoes were, i dunno if he was being an asshole or trying to hit on me.O well dont careee. It wasnt too bad seeing thia today i didnt look at her but she was trying to get chloe away from me and talk to her. Brandons telling everyone which is really funny but i feel kinda bad.. Whatever you do the deed you pay the consequence! I did too so liveee on. I feel bad but at the same time i dont, cause she wasnt a good friend that nite at all but if things turn out a shitty ive been in her same postion. I love her but i dunno how i feel rite now.

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double duh [30 Jan 2005|12:10am]
so i lost my chapstick and my lips really hurt.. im going to die. chapstick is my LIFE!

S E X X X TALK WITH SIFRE [28 Jan 2005|11:26am]
[ mood | thoughtful ]
[ music | Lack of Color : Death Cab For Cutie ]

Too 'grotesque'? dont read =]

my computer wont let me see my moving icons so i just deleted half of them thinking they were bad =[ and there was this really good one of Ellie from degrassi i wanted to use ... *tear* It showed her from the episode Wisper to a Scream and she was in her raincoat whiping her eyes and awwww i wish i had it! But Michael Ian Black with kangaroos and condoms is way cooLlLl.! I wish i could be watching The L Word right now.. I dont see what the great thing about any kind of sex is. In the l word jennys doing her boyfriend and it just looks... not painful not exactly wahoo fun but it looks.. ew. I dont want some ugly thing like penetrating me with all these.. pelvic trusts that look .. awful. If i were gay guy i wouldnt want that either.. having to give a guy head all the time or getting done in the butt- thats like the same thing as sex. Why would you ever want anything in your ass? seriously, and its not like you benefit from giving head. Maybe if your gay partner only wanted to give you head but you didnt have to do anything else. And then if i were a lesbian the fact of eating out to me is gross and too like.. i dunno.. personal maybe?Maybe i should just besome a nun because rite now, no type of sex seems suitable or fun to me.. But then id have to be all religious and i hate church. Maybe ill become a masochist and just tease people and cut them up so theyre all like ooo aaa and i can just hurt them lol. Actually thatd be a good way to get my anger out if i was ever pissed off.. Or maybe Ill become a mistress for Pandoras Box in NYC and whip people and have them lick my sweat and be my bitches and get paid a crazy amount of money for it. I saw that place on Real Sex these guys are crazy. Imagine getting paid ro whip people and tie them up and eat your ciggaretes and have them lick your sweat not off you but off like.. your clothes(hah!). Thats amazing, and its true! Its an actual like, sex place. Alls i have to do it lock myself in a basement for 10 years.. get really pale and skinny and die my hair black. That sounds fun, or maybe i'll become a british guard and stand there and have people take pictures with me. That could work. Or maybe ill just work and shoprite and get a discount on food and get fat. Ah yes that works.

Whats the point of sex..
dont anwser that.
Lets all get artifically inseminated! holler to thatttt

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well that is that and this is this [27 Jan 2005|05:31pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]
[ music | Finley Quaye + William Orbit : Dice ]

so i realized all the songs from the O.C are such good makeout songs, especially the ones i play over and over again. Today i wore this big green pants of my moms and it was funn, wow why am i posting? I really did love this big hideous pants lol. Big pants make you feel skinny i swear, i wore this tight black polo with it and my pants were like HEYY LOOK AT MY COOL BIG GREEN PANTS GUYYYSSS! Oh well i was comfortable even though it was annoying cause everyone was wearing jeans and cute shirts but what the hell is the point? we just sit there for 2 hours testing why the hell should i waste a pair of pants? i feel really fat i had 2 breakfasts this morning but i also got to squeeze in an episode of The L Word before i left <-- best show ever! God i love it. Me and amelia were watching it and it makes you either wanna have sex or become and lesbian. The first two episodes where this girl Jenny and her boyfriend/fiance Tim fuck its like.. damn looks like fun, i wanna do that. Then all the lesbian sex starts and then its like.. damn looks like fun, i wanna do that.
so it really sucks not being able to see kj, but hopefully that'll all change tomorrowww! me and paul had this thing where we were supposed to loose a certain amount of weight before valentines day and that is soo not happening for me lol. o shwell. i dont care. actually what am i talking about i do, but if i wanted to do something about it i would instead of eating 2 breakfasts and 8 dino nuggets. So i just found out thia and andrew are starting to get together now, at first i found it annoying because hes annoying and etc but now i think its really funny. Hah thias funny i swear, and i know if she hangs out with him shes either gonna do a lot or not do anything and be like.. i cant do that to alex which will make it seem like i like him which is funny too, hah whatevAaAA. but whoever reads this dont tell anyone about that cause im not supposed to tell anyone really. Im not even supposed to know cause she thinks i'll get mad, why would iget mad? Im the one who ended it with him, and hes a dead looking hormonaley driven asshole. As long as she doesnt get hurt i dont care, cause all he looks for is ass and she knows that cause she was over the day i told him i didnt wanna see him anymore lol. AnywhoOo enough about that.. I think its sad how i havent done anything in 3 months or anythinganything in almost a year, but i could care less too. I dont get why some guys are like ahhh i havent done anything in like 2 weeks! Or whatever amoutn of time. Like yesterday lee was like i havent fucked *sushi'ed* (i hate that word sushi sounds better) since summer, i was like o *gasp* .. big woop, maybe its different for guys but to me its like.. whatever happens happens yanno im not feining for anything. I wish people could friggin comment heree! I feel kind of pointless posting if people cant comment, yanno? o well, ill post when i feel like it. Like now was just a spurt of nothing.


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