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    Wednesday, January 15th, 2003
    7:35 pm
    Well it was my first day of classes and things went okay.. I am not working 8-10 in the mornings.. which won't be that bad i guess... I saw daddy today.. he brought me stuff.. that was cool

    Current Mood: Just here
    9:20 am
    Well I am off to my first day of classes.. what fun

    Current Mood: silly
    2:05 am
    Well it is almost 2 in the morning andi have to get up at 7... Since its after midnight i guess youc ould say that today is the first day of classes.. thats is so great... yes i am being sarcastic... I started counciling yesterday..the guy said i wasn't crazy.. thats a good thing i guess.. He wants to see me every week.. I think it will do me some good.. I hope it does me a lot of good... I miss mom... really bad.. everytime i see that rasberry chocolate drink mix i start to bawl... it was the last thing she gave me.. she was so happy about it... God i miss her.. I don't think i can take it anymore.. I thought iwas being so strong.. but i am just weak.. I miss her and i want her back more than anything. I really don't care if she was fucking crazy.. I want my mommy!!!!!!!!!!Thats all i want is my mommy... I can't take it without her.. I never thought i would have to live without her!!!

    Current Mood: angry