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Tuesday, September 16th, 2003

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    Well I AM BEAT!!! I just got home from work.... a very long day. In school by 7:30am out of work by 1:00am (if im lucky) I have a paper due tomorrow in Media Analysis. I haven't even started it yet. Good thing I don't have to go in to school until 10:00. When I got home, Eric had left a msg on my answering machine, so naturally I called him back but he must be sleeping cuz he didn't answer. I Miss him so much! Being in NY for the week last week made me never want to come back to school. I Miss my babes, my friends, my family, and my newborn godson. I'm going to spoil him rotton =) I think that things will get easier in time. I haven't even been back here for a full month, so in time things will go smoother. We will see.... It's time for me to get started on this paper.... g*night

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