02:38pm 12/09/2004
  So I went out to woodstock... We all just kind of hung out like we always do...

We went off roading last night it was alot of fun :P

Tara came back up on saturday so she was there for the night yay :).

Uh... Alex took us all out for dinner it was really good :P. We went to a party got there... It wasnt a party. So we went to a different party... I didnt know anyone and they didnt like alot of the people.

Went back to the house... aislan her friend and creepy straight guy came over... Creepy straigt guy kept petting the cat saying he loved pussy. Creepy straight guy called me a nigger and did a handshake with me. Maybe he was so drunk he didnt noticed I was white...

4-5 other guys came over. I didnt like it. Chris and I went in colleens mom's room and layed in bed for awhile... The other people left and it got better.

the devil was sitting on someones porch. We saw it.
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02:10am 10/09/2004
  My sisters evil right Chris?

Haha I ended up falling asleep I slept for about 5 hours it was nice.

Kind of sucks though because now my sleep schedule is fucked.

Im going to woodstock tommorow...

Im excited to be able to spend a couple days there I miss it there :(

I went over to Amys tonight we just sat on her front porch and talked for a bit...

School dosent start untill 8 tommorow.

I want chris to come back even though he just left an hour ago :P.

Uhm I hate all of you for not text messaging me :(

Yeah thats all I really have to say..

Sometimes I get jealous about things and I wish someone would punch me in the face... I love you.
12:27am 18/06/2004
  Take my hand
Ill lead the way
Dont be frightned
Oh dark princess
How I love the touch of your hand
Dont worry about the others
they wont know your gone
Leave that hectic lifestyle behind
Let me show you the way
We will sleep all day
and run by night
Destination is unknown
But its ok
we have eachother.
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12:27am 18/06/2004
  Take my hand
Ill lead the way
Dont be frightned
Oh dark princess
How I love the touch of your hand
Dont worry about the others
they wont know your gone
Leave that hectic lifestyle behind
Let me show you the way
We will sleep all day
and run by night
Destination is unknown
But its ok
we have eachother.
10:55pm 03/05/2004
  I went to a baseball game with amy. We walked around and took pictures. I saw Jessica there then I was getting ready to leave and I saw sandy who I havent seen in like 2 years.

We pretty much just acted dumb like we do everytime we hang out.

My pretty amy

More )
04:00pm 03/05/2004
mood: crazy
music: DJ Sammy - California Dreamin'
I think im going to start using this journal again if they I havent used it in months it could be nice to come back.

Yeah so not too much has been going on in my life ive been on and off in the dating life.

Ive been going to quite a few concerts... hanging out with jessica mostly... going to the mall...

Yeah all that cool shit that cool kids do.

04:00pm 03/05/2004
mood: crazy
music: DJ Sammy - California Dreamin'
I think im going to start using this journal again if they I havent used it in months it could be nice to come back.

Yeah so not too much has been going on in my life ive been on and off in the dating life.

Ive been going to quite a few concerts... hanging out with jessica mostly... going to the mall...

Yeah all that cool shit that cool kids do.

02:48pm 22/02/2004
  Last night was REALLY fun.

I took Jackie to the lyric went and picked up Dash and Jamie.

We met Amanda and Jessica at the lyric and we all sat together and pretty much just listened jamie made some guy grab another guys butt then their friend Dan was jumping all around this one guy and shit and I guess at the end of the night the guy punched him lol. Anyways we were getting up to leaving and Jamie screams WE'RE LEAVING NOW BYE. Everyone stops talking looks at us then yells bye. so we walk out and some guy yells NEVER FUCKING COME BACK and Jamie yelled bitches fuck or something like that *shrug* some cusswords and we left.

We called David and Chrissy and they met us at my house and we all acted really dumb. We made a cake. and stole eachothers chairs alot. Jessica, Dash (the heavy breather), and Amanda all fell asleep. So me David Jamie and Chrissy went up stairs looked at old year books made fun of dumb people in them blah blah blah we started to go asleep. Chrissy in the recliner me David and Jamie all in the bed. anyways it was about 7 when we got to sleep and we woke up at 8:30 and Chrissy TOLD EVERYONE something really emberassing that she overheard me saying and I was like OMG YOU DID NOT lol.

Anyways we all went down the street said hi to Andrew went back to my house Dash thought my sister was my mom. THen I took them all home.

The End.
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02:44am 07/02/2004
  Ok well due to recent events *cough* break up *cough* Ive decided I need to start taking time out everyday just to think about my life... I mean of course I do that everyday anyways but I really need to look into it to see how I can improve the problems I have created.

Im going to woodfield to go shopping tommorow... today I got a all american rejects shirt and a button that says white trash and went to a leash and scoop concert god I love them anyways back to my serious shit.

Well today alex said hi to me and it made me realize maybe im the reason he never talked to me because I never made the effort to talk to him.

If I wouldent have yelled at Rhiannon that one day stacy and her never would have got mad at me.

lets see what else was my fault...

I cant even remember why the other people dont like me... Wait did any of them ever say they didnt like me? I dont think they did so why the hell do I think they do?

So maybe if I start being a nice little friendly Nick ill have friends... but wait isnt that what got my where I am being a happy nick? god im so confused I dont know what got me where and how.

God too much for me to try and figure out its just one of those mysterys in life that you never get to figure out...

emo kid eh? bah screw you I know im a emo kid so dont bother me about it.

I guess what I need to do now is find out whos going to stick by me and I knwo right now its. Amy, Amanda, Jessica,Emily, Jason and Sean... blah whatever.

I wanted to write a little thing about my life.. but I dont know where at in my life to start... if anyone has any ideas where I should start please tell me....

So anyways back to the first thing so yeah my ex's boyfriend gets online and starts talking a bunch of shit to me and my ex wont talk to me I mean what the hell is that? people are so fricken immature latly it pisses me off.

I dont belive in loving forever.
Only love I know is the love that comes and goes.
Is this the true love people speak of?
If that is true love I want nothing to do with it.
Love pretty much like a drug...
It makes you extremly happy and good feeling
and in the end you end up terribly sad and sometimes barly hanging on...
So if this is what love is...
tell me why do we go looking for it so often?
People come and go...
Words leave permanent scars in our hearts...
scars that will never heal...
You can try and mend them up....
but eventually they will be shown to everyone...
You can move on from a first love...
But after the first time is it ever the same?...
when your heart breaks...
can it ever be put back together?
Is love just something in our head?
Or is it truly in our heart?

bah emo ass shit right thurr yo

so many things are running through my head right now im so confused and lost
will you please help me find the way?
the way to a better life
a place where I can forget the past
a place where we can talk
I need you to help me
I dont want to be alone anymore
To many nights i sat and waited
for a call I never would get
did I really deserve this?

bah whatever :|

You told me it was over by calling me a dick
you couldent even give a call
I talked to your new boyfriend hes quite the prick
I hope you get fat and fall
into the endless pits
the endless pits of your own mind.

03:04pm 05/02/2004
mood: amused
music: thursday - Jet Black New Year
Ok well things for me were fine today but everyone else seemed to be having problem 2 guys were fighting about some note he wrote to his girlfreind adn they were arguing.. and it was dumb then some kid ran into me and just kinda stood there so i was like uh and some people are gonna get hit for being rude to me... then some girl had her hurr did and I seen it and yelld OMG WHAT THE HELL DID SHE DO? that was hard to cover for but I got it lol.

anyways then amy was like im gonna kick nicoles ass and then they argued bah they always argue nothing new but I guess corey pushed amy into a locker earlier (Jerk....) so Blaine got pissed off at him and started yelling at him and stuff and a teacher split them up and blaine I think punched something because his fist was bleeding yeah it was kind of gross

thats my day gangsta.

<3/ Nick

10:57pm 04/02/2004
  Ok well anyways me and Jason hung out we went to megs daily grind and got some coffee talked a bit it was quite nice to have someone to talk to... and it not being on the phone and all since most the people I talk to live in differencnt places.

Ok so yeah then we went and we seen the movie butterfly effect it is such a good movie i recommend it alot :)

well thats about all thats happened today

04:27pm 04/02/2004
  Ok well today was really boring from what I recal nothing happened but I could be wrong and just forgot...

anyways we get on the bus and this kid sits down and god he smells lol so the kid he sits down next to said he smelled it was mean but it was true so then the kid was like f you and then he had a hole in his jeans and some kid goes you didnt get in trouble for that? he was like f dress code I dont care and me and emily thought this could be fun and it went like this
Nick: f you yo I aint gotta listen to rules they aint fo me
Emily: dude you straight up trippin
Emily: God I smell something coming diagnal from me
*kid gives her a dirty look*
Emily: I can give that look also
Nick: I dont care if you can give me that look yo f you watch out Emily he plays pokemon or whatever the hell that is he might send some little monsters after you
Emily: Oh god no not that!

yeah thats all
03:20pm 03/02/2004
  Ok well yeah another day of school first block the teacher got pissed at me and she kept screaming home and off and I got so confused lol

malisa and jennifer sang me happy birthday in a weird seductive kinda way

in fourth block we were talking about a book and bah this hapened XD

teacher: anyone know what the 10 commandments are
*10 people raise their hand*
andrew: they are so strict! thou shall not kill?
teacher: thou shall not steal
terrance: NOT STEAL?!?!?!?!?

but yeah thats how my day went

its my b-day go me go me its my b-day lol yay

oh yeah and going to fourth block I had my coat and this is what happened
lady: you need to take your coat back to your locker
me: No I dont.
lady: princpal says so
me: uhm well my class is down there and my lockers way over there
lady: you have time
me: No I dont.
lady: go
me: let me talk to the principal
me: I dont have time.
principal: ok then take it with you
me: ok tell her
lady: other principal said they have time
principal: if he said you have time you have time youll just have to stop talking to friends
me: I dont like people I dont talk to anyone
principal: me neither
*takes coat back to locker and lady escorts me*
lady: youll have to walk faster then you are now
me: this is how I normally walk.
lady: well figure something out
me: No its fricken retarded
lady: pardon me?
me: I said stop talking about it im done.
Bah I hate my school
10:31pm 02/02/2004
  God latly ive been getting back into my emo depressed ways and I dont like it. I dont like it at all last time I was like this I tried to kill myself... Im never happy anymore im always sad and when I am happy its only a temp. thing. I never want to go to school anymore. I feel like everyone is totally against me on everything.

I dont know whats going on with me but I wish i would find out because I dont like it. Bah I guess I just suck at life. All I feel like doing is being alone in my own little secluded area where nobody can look at me or hurt me or anything...

*sigh* Maybe its just a phase I dont know but im really sad right now and I have no reason to be sad I just feel like sitting on my bedroom floor and crying my eyes out while listening to some emo ass music about people who live worse lives that I do.

blah whatever im gonna just sit here and stare at my computer for a couple hours and figure out where I went wrong and why the hell im like this... I dont want this to end up back in a sucidal situation because thats just dumb

05:09pm 02/02/2004
  Oh yeah tommorows my b-day and in 3 days I get my tongue pierced yay!  
02:59pm 02/02/2004
mood: amused
music: heater
Ok well today was ok it went by really fast..

OH GOD TODAY IS GROUNDHOGS DAY who would like to help me assanate that fricken groundhog?

heh today emily was like omg nick you should become good friends with dan so he will hang out with me (she has a major crush on him) I was like uh emily no do you remember how hard it was for me to do that socializing keyboarding project?

Nothing really happened today *shrug*

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12:38am 02/02/2004
mood: annoyed
music: my dogs snoring yo
Ok lets see where do I start... Ok lets start at what happened

Blah bernie called me and was like im going to fight so and so who is only 16 and im 18. Im like uh you will end up in jail. and he was like so? so I was like ok fine call me later when you think of something smart to do.
so the he got pissed at me and still wont talk to me.

group of friends hate me all because me and kendra got in a argument because kendra was spreading my personal buisniess around school you would think they would be mad at her not me right? well I guess thats not how things work.

Only 2 good things that happeend today was me and jason decided wednesday we are going to go watch a movie possibly butterfly effect
the other good thing was Rocco talked to me for about a half hour on the phone and gave me some pretty good advice

oh yeah tommorows my b-day!

06:18pm 16/10/2003
Today was a good day first block bowling which was just the same as any day of bowling.

Second block cultural diversity we got our seats changed back to assigned seats because nobody would shut up.

Third block speech and Debate we didnt really do anything but I did find out I have to write a demonstration speech which leads me to

Fourth block I had Geometry and Ashley told me Joey got mad at her for her giving me her pic. He said he thinks im going to tell people shes my girlfriend.

Something very random that happened today malissa was like stand here im like ok she put her hand behind my neck and started humping me I was like wth? Then Faun came over no its like this and she started humping me. I was like ok you guys can stop now...

Chas Wasnt at school today so maybe he really did call in sick but he should have stayed home yesturday not today because that way my group could have worked up a better speech then what we had :|.

Tonight I have to go pick up Jennifer from her house so we can buy some car chalk so we can get alot of our friends.

I hung out with Jen for a bit we got a new color car chalk for when house of horrors opens :). Me and Jen were gonna go to salvation army but it was closed hmm I wonder when it closed :|.

Me and Jen went to CC and we seen Geoffs car we were like yes! so we grabber the chalk and wrote stuff on his windows. Then we went in I stayed for worship then I was like I cant deal with this crap and left. I went to amys for a little while.

THen on my way home guess who I see heading to my house with a car load of people? Jessica then I find out they werent going to use car chalk they were going to throw eggs. THey are lucky they didnt because if they did my dad would have called the cops. So I chased them around for a bit then said screw it and went home.

Today was such a boring day all I did was text message back and forth with nick almost the whole day. Well actually Ashley sang to me today :D she claims it wasnt to me but instead singing with me there or some weird crap like that.

Well today I find out that Rachel is going to be gone all weekend so ill just stay at home and listen to my music.

For that speech I have to do I think im going to do it on how to catch a racoon...

This weekend I am cutting my hair and im dying it black blue its black with a blue tint and im going to get my track jacket from target the green one. yay! :D

CheeseCurd87: my poor computers being overworked
Jason: stop working it
CheeseCurd87: but then I have to get off :o
Jason: well, ask your computer what he wants to do
CheeseCurd87: he wants to keep me happy
Jason: well, maybe you should think about keeping him happy too
CheeseCurd87: it makes him happy to know im happy
Jason: nick, i think you're being selfish
CheeseCurd87: Jason, you just want my computer to love you
Jason: maybe you should invite your computer to the forty days of purpose group
CheeseCurd87: and he said he wont make out with you anyways
Jason: i'm thinking about what's best for him
CheeseCurd87: Do you know how much abuse this computer puts me through?
CheeseCurd87: its only right i overwork it
Jason: i think you need counseling
CheeseCurd87: I think you need to come because you hurt my computers feelings
CheeseCurd87: me my computer and you have issues we need to work out bud.
Jason: how did i?
CheeseCurd87: you told me I should stop working it and it likes to be worked
Jason: FINE!
Jason: do whatever you want
Jason: leave me out of it
CheeseCurd87: NO
CheeseCurd87: your coming to counsling!
Jason: FINE
Jason: FINE
Jason: it's not like you were my friend anyways
Jason: and i think your computer is dumb
Jason: so there!
CheeseCurd87: fine I was gonna let you make out with me but no!
CheeseCurd87: you used me
CheeseCurd87: !
CheeseCurd87: Im telling everyone
Jason: you better not tell brent
Jason: i'll kill you
CheeseCurd87: ohhhh a threat1
Jason: you better belive it
CheeseCurd87: im telling...
Ok well thats the dumbest convo I think ive ever had...
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09:28pm 14/10/2003
  Ok well I had bowling first block I did bad my first game then I was doing good and the gym teacher was like ok we are leaving now bah loser.

Second block I walked into the room and I hear NICK! and I look up and its ashley. Hi Ashley I love you :). But I love Rachel more sorry but thats the way it has to be :P.

Third block me and my group had to give our speech on gay rights and we got a 36% and the kid in our group was so homophobic it isnt even funny. He kept making these really lame jokes and making our whole speech unreal it pissed me off so bad.

Now im at my house doing nothing at all so if you want to talk to me call me. :)

Ok well I called Amy and Jenny earlier and we all went to mcdonalds because I was suppose to see if Chas works there and well he wasnt there and he told me its because he called in sick.

I then took Jenny and Amy home and went and seen Britney at work found out what car was her and wrote on her car with car chalk. WOOHOO a victory for me!

Rachel Came over for a little bit we mostly just layed on my bed and talked. She has this thing were she says she hates me I dont know how I feel about it kind of makes me sad even if she is messing around with me...

Cup called while Rachel was over I felt bad that I didnt get to talk to him because I havent for awhile so I think im going to call him in a bit.

OMG did you know greenday came out with a new cd under a new name and tried to keep it sercret that it was them? The bands name is The Network
06:28pm 13/10/2003
  Ok well today I sat around and did nothing all day how fun huh? yay for colmbus day. anyways I was suppose to go to that 40 days thing tonight but I didnt and obviously they didnt care because I didnt get a call or anything. Amy drove by my house but I missed her darn I wanted to see her run into a tree because that would be funny.

Tommorow since I was up all day today I will most likly be sleeping all day wait no I wont because I want to go see Rachel since I havent seen her. I hate being sick it ruins everything.

Oh and I talked to stacy today she was doing nothing sounds kind of like what I did. Oh and Jessie was over there and she kept singing "CAN I PLAY WITH YOUR PANTY LINE" oh and the other day she went on a "date" with apple boy. She claims it wasnt a date but it was and she knows it.

anyways peace,
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