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Monday, April 7th, 2003

Time:5:48 pm.
Mood: excited.
yea 4 live journal!

Sunday, April 6th, 2003

Time:10:20 pm.
Mood: rejected.
Music:the sound of my thoughts racing throu my mind!.
OMG! to the world ur one person but to one prson u could mean the world...but what happens when your whole world falls to a million and a half pieces?!what happens when maybe u feel like your in a relationship w/ someone who feels more strongly 4 you then you do?!i feel like my world is falling apart! i feel as if anything i do is never enough for maybe im not supposed to be here that im always ignored and im never right.i seem to always fail at stuff no matter how hard i try nothing is ever right! no matter how hard i try in school i seem to always get a C never anything higher!what am i doing wrong?!i feel like i have no friends that everyone is against me.i get no encouragement frm my parents i dont know

im out

Time:12:45 pm.
Mood: pissed off.
Music:NFG-So Many Ways.
OWOWOWOW!!! ok this is my weekend

Friday-went to school. had an interseting day. it was a B day so all B dayz are interesting. i had a good talk w/ derek bout sex and jenna and alot of other things. went to weight traing...OY! lets just say i fucking hate victor and i worked out! YAY 4 SYDNEY WORKING OUT! then i went to luch had some interesting conversations...then went to american. we had a quiz that i knew bout just forgot...shhhh dont tell mommy i told her we had a pop quiz...well i did well...i got an 86...that was 2 wrong. then went to enviro did nothing we are making solar cookers. YAY FOR A DAY OF MAKING COOKIES!! then i went home. then jill scott asher and i went to services in weston for TOUCHY's creative service(Temple Of Uncultered Children Hospital Youth)(i dont know what it stands fot but thats the name scott and i came up w/)so we went there and ate dinner i saw michelle!!! YAY! i miss her! then i meet up w/ my indian princess peeps that i havent seen in years...quite amusing then we to services which were put together nicely i enjoyed. then we went to town center in weston(see i told you i knew how to get there) scott jill asher and i and all the other peeps went to jamba juice where i got called courtney...urg!its not that i hate her cause i dont but i hate beong called other ppl! it pisses me off! so then scott and i had a discussion bout all the shit going on that night. i pretty much got kinda bitchy now that i look at it and i didnt want to be. so then we discuss going out on sat after SAT's. then i go to sleep

Sat-wook SAT i think i did well but im not sure. finished and went to scotts OY! Friday scott and i were dicusing SAT and what we were going to do after like go to lunch. half way to scotts house and hes like syd were pick up sarah and like FUCK NO! I DONT CARE BOUT SARAH BUT I HATE COURTNEY! i get to his house and they call him and are bitchig at him cause i wanna spend time w/ MY B/F! scott and i were yelling at eachother i was telling him to go but he didnt...then i realized we did have plans B4 and wtf are we arguring about b/c we had plans and not w/ them. so then we go to this pizza place its really good and then we go to his house change 4 the beach then go to my house then go pick up jill and asher. it was fun. it was havdalah on the beach and scot and i went skim boarding. fun fun! the we went into the water. i feel a sharp pain in my left though a piece of glass when into my toe. i get up onto the beach and i pull it off and it was jelly! FUCKING A I GOT STUNG BY A JELLY FISH! OW! so we go to nurse laura and Dr rabbi and they tell me to put vinigure on it then asher and jil comeback w/ a baking soda mix and make a paste and put it on my toe! it did not look right it look like scott or ashr missed(*wink wink*) then it started to really hurt in my leg and i was crying so much..we left but i felt so bad cause i made asher and jill leave too. then we drop them off and scott changes and we go to my house. we are watching TV and scott was so sweet to saty w/ me i just didnt want to be alone. so then we move to my room and we are laying on my bed and we fall asleep at like 2 in the orning my mom comes in and is like SYDNEY SCOTT IS STILL HERE! and we are oth like shit! and he left. 5 mins later after scott left mommy came into my room she didnt want scott driving well he didnt have his cell so i couldnt call him...what a night

Now-m going w/ katie to a holocauste this at temple. im so tired! damn time change! aight in peacing out!


Friday, April 4th, 2003

Time:10:41 am.
Mood: blah.
Music:damn debate ppl!.
well i havenbt written in a while. nothing has been really going on with me. yesterday i got really sick and i wasnt faking it! um i did nothing today im going to services with scotti and jilli. yea! then i have SAT tomorrow that im really nervous for! i'll update tomorrow after the test!

Wednesday, April 2nd, 2003

Subject:shit happens...and it seemd to have happened all this fucking week!
Time:9:08 pm.
Mood: confused.
Music:MTV making of the video avril lavgine-loosing grip-yay avril.
OY! well my week has sucked so far
monday did nothing but my resaerch paper!

tuesday-in math we had a retake of a test everyone in my clas failed i got a 46 on it... i gte my retake back...I FUCKING DID WORSE ON THE SECOND ONE! I GOT A 28! WTF?! AND IM IN STUPID MATH!!! well then i had weight training get yelled at by mcquid cause i dont do anything cause my writst is still hurting(if u dont know i went surfing a couple of weekends ago on like the 23 and i fell and the board hit the side of my wrist) so yea i couldnt max out today and OY i think im getting a B in that class which isnt good cause mommy wants me to get an a since im not getting an A in debate this quater. well i dont blam miller i wouldnt give me an A either...hell i wouldnt give me a B i do nothing! i dont go to tordamnt anymore i dont speak in class and i do no fundraising!!!hell i derserve an F. well back to my day. 3rd hour sign nothing so it doesnt matter anyway. but we did move seats and im sitting in the front near her desk...FUCKING A I HATE HER SO MUCH I DONT THINK I COULD STAND BEING NEAR HER DESK...AND SHE CAN SEE EVERYTHING I DO...NO MORE TEXT MESSAGEING 4 ME...AND I DONT HAVE SERVICE ON THAT SIDE OF THE ROOM. oy and im sitting next to lauren and erin so its not bad but i alwayz seem to be near them! then when to 4th hour...u know that resaerch paper i told you bout that i worked all day monday on...IT WASNT FUCKING DUE! THAT JUST PISSED ME OFF!i spend the whole day correcting shit and its not fucking due! i hate how my teacher tells the class this stuff cause half the class had it ready to turn in! oy vey was i pissed...and then we didnt even talk bout the research papers we had free reading time to read the books we have to read in class....SLEEP TIME! opened the book scarlet letter and my head hit the desk! well it was a nice sleep. then the KAFTY MEETING...i dont know what to do. im running 4 president along w/ sami. i feel as me being in kafty all my 3 years of high school and on the board the whole time i would make an amazing president but it seems to be a populairty contest. i know sami is going to win...why bother trying?! i havent written a speech yet...and if i loose president i plan to drop to RCVP what scott is 4 the region...but im running against barri she goes to a reliogous school and knows like evrything...i would never be able to compete with that! whats a grl supposed to do?! no really wat am i supposed to do?! im confused!

then today was interesting. i went to 5th hour did nothing 2nd hour didnt go 6th hour we got to move our seats so im sitting next to alan my love and robbie(we became somewhat of friends again) then 7th hour did nothing but took noted as usual! so that was my update my wrist hurts cant write more
peacing out

Time:5:38 pm.
Mood: ecstatic.
You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
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What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
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Tuesday, April 1st, 2003

Time:8:41 pm.
Mood: hyper.
Music:Min i met u-NFG.
im sittin here waiting 4 scot to come home so i can talk to him. so i decide to go read alli's journal...o no1 i find a site where u can play MASH!!! u remeber that game where we were little and we alwayz believe it was going to be our acutal future(well i was a gullible little kid i believe i dont believe shit) so im sitting here planning out my future again!!
here are my results
i will live in a house thats in hawaii
i will be driving a blue RSX(my dream car!)
im going have 4 kids w/ scottand im going to be a stripper!!
WOW! ME A STRIPPER! and 4 kids! i dont think i can pop out one! i dont want to go throu w/ child birth and i want to adopt(if u dont know im adopted). but that was interesting!
ok im bored and have nothing to do and im really hyper!!! ahhh need something to do...prefebly!! oo i got my danceathon pics back! they are sooo cute! i love them!! yea!! gtg im outtie!(watched clueless today)
Peacing out

Monday, March 31st, 2003

Time:5:36 pm.
Mood: bored.
Music:Christman List-Simple plan.
*5 Things Good In Your Life*
- Scott
- Derek
- uh
*5 Closest Friends*
- Scott
- Derek
- Alli
- Mark
- megan

*5 friends you wished you LIVED closer to*
- Scott
- Alli
- thomas
- Mark
- Jen Bragman

*5 Ex's*
- Shane
- Brad
- Matt
- peter
- Josh

*5 Favorite Foods*
- Taco Bell
- Pizza
- Sushi
- chinese
- French Onion Soup

*5 Favorite Drinks*
- diet coke w/ lemon
- Vanilla Coke
- Water in general
- Peach iced tea
- milk

*5 Favorite Bands*
- never heard of it
- Simple Plan
- all american rejects

..Do You Miss - Scott
..Is The Nicest - Alli
..Is The Moodiest - courtney(dont take it the wrong way)
..Is The Easiest To Talk To - Derek
..Has Your Heart - Scott
..Is the funniest - Thomas Avery
..Broke Your Heart - scott at one point or more
..Is The Funnest To Hang Out With - Asher alli maddy and scott!
..Is the hottest - Scott
..Do You Have A Crush On - scottie
..Can You Tell Everything To - derek
..Do You Wish You Were With - Scott(wait no i have him...YAY!)

..Makes You Happy - Scott
..Do You Feel Right Now - Confused
..Is In Your Head - Anniversary-NFG
..Do You Wish You Were Doing - scott(lol)
..Is Your Biggest Secret - umm...i cant tell you that one!
..Makes You Sad - having my heart broken by someone i love so dearly
..Is Your Favorite Thing To Do - be in scotts arms
..Do You Dislike About Your Life - alot of mistakes ive mad in the past that im paying 4 right now like doing better in school
..Would You Change About Your Life - doing better in school in the past so i dont have to work my as of now!
..Do you love about your life - the fact that i have a guy i've liked for a year now with me and that we have this amazing relationship that has lasted 5 months
Current Clothes: Football shorts and an american eagle shirt
Current Mood: Confused
Current Music: seasons-GC
Current Taste: sushi...MMMMMMMM SUSHI!
Current Make-up: been in the house all day....that means nothing
Current Hair: up
Current Smell: ummm...the air!
Current thing I ought to be doing: working on my research paper
Current Desktop Picture: NFG GC and sum 41
Current Favorite Artist: my grandfather and mark chagall-i think i spelled that right
Current Favorite Group: NEW FOUND GLORY OF COURSE!
Current Book: Scarlet Letter 4 english
Current CD in CD Player: A mix of NFG GC sum 41 Jimmy buffett and adema
Current tape in VCR: the 2001-2003 Nova video year book(i dont watch the VCR much anymore...can u tell?)
Current DVD in DVD player: not another teen movie
Current Color Of Toenails: dark red
Current Refreshment: vanilla coke
Current Worry: my relationship

You Touched: not in that way!
You Talked to: Courtney
You Hugged: Scott last night
You Instant messaged: Courtney and scott
You Yelled At: Mommy
You Kissed: Scott

Food: currently: TACO BELL
Drink: currently: Vanilla coke
Color: Lime Green
Album: currently: Stickes and stones
Shoes: my converse
candy: mmmmm chocolate
Animal: Penguine
TV Show: Lizzi McQuire
Movie: currenly: RING!!! FINALLY SAW IT!
Song: currently: Swing Swing
Vegetable: Yellow pepers
Fruit: Banana
Cartoon: the weekenders

Angry: no not right now
Arrogant: no
Attractive: i dont think so but scott on the other hand thinks so...
Bored Easily: yes
Childish: only w/ lara
Difficult: most of the time
Emotionally Stable: yes
Friendly: umm only at NFTY events
Happy: once in a blue moon
Hard working: on KAFTY STUFF
Healthy: Yes
Hyper: ehh
Independent: no
Insecure: Mos Def
Interesting: not at all
Legal: ummm....
Messy: my room and the computer room are
Moody: sometimes
Obsessed: with scott
Open-minded: on occasion
Organized: never!
Random: very...Gerbiles! my head where did it go?
Responsible: yes
Sad: sometimes
Shy: at school
Smart: At debate things
Talkative: at NFTY events and on the phone
Thirsty: yes
Trusting: yes
Understanding: sometimes

Kill: Josh
Slap: scott!
Get Really Wasted With: Scott and derek
Get really high With: not anymore
Tickle: scott he squirems funny
Look Like: lizzi McQuire-shes hott! i wanna be HOT!
Talk To Offline: Scott
Talk To Online: PPL
Yea that was my survey that i got off courtneys joural im bored and i have nothing to do. and i dont have anything to update bout
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Sunday, March 30th, 2003

Time:3:30 pm.
Mood: sleepy.
Music:christmas List-simple plan.
friday night i went to services at scotts temple. origially i wasnt going to go b/c i didnt want to deal w/ courtney. i will never end up friends w/ her again!NEVER EVER!now dont think im being a bitch bout it but like i cant stand her! so yea i go and after everyone is going to longhorn. i dont want to go b/c i dont want to be near courtney but i tell scott to go and have fun. but he wont! i felt horrible! it sucked! well then we dropped the car off at my house and drove around then when he was driving me home bout 1230 he was speeding like carzy and was running stop signs. i told him on of thses dayz hes going to get a ticket. yea i get a call after 20 mins and he got pulled over b/c he ran a stop sign coming outta my neighborhood! i wanted to kill him! i couldnt believe him!

ok last night was KAFTY's all night danceathon. lets start frm 11 yesterday morning. i went to katies house to bake cookies. we went to marshells to get shirts and then we went to the danceathon. we get there..not one is here! i called scott to see where he is hes at taco bell! WTF?! i told him we had sooo much food here and its free!why is he there?!i was so confused!well he left allis house bout 530 didnt get here until 7! i mean nicole was 40 mins away in miami and she got lost and she left after him and he got there sooner!!!!OY so while we were waiting rachel and someother ppl were talking and as some jogger went by she made her car alarm go off! it was funny! so finally scott gets there. we were all dancing and scott acutally danced!!!! YAY 4 THE DANCING SCOTT!it was so much fun! i realized scott can pick me up if i jump on him. and asher likes to take me away frm ppl.i lost my camara at one point but i found it! THANK G-D! mommy would have killed me!well hollis and jordan stopped by....OOO chris c. this really cute kid that goes to my school who is sami's new intrest came hes really sweet!umm...lets fast foward to 2. i was w/ scott trying to sleep! YES I WAS SLEEPING! and sarah and asher come over talking bout hook ups.. ahh! i wanted to sleep! i got up and left. then scott and i were trying to sleep again and maddy was sleeping and Blurted out "gibales in the Floor"it was so random and soo funny! ok so then scot and i sleep! we wake up tp blasting britney spears!!! it was funy but stu w/ the blasting jamican music is so much funnier! so thats where i am now. scott and i might go out tonight but were not sure. scotts been getting shit frm his parents latly. its weird its like either i get it frm my mom or when im not getting it frm my mom hes getting it fr, his rents! it sux! well im off to do hw b/c i wanna go out. we no matter what he has to see me cause i stole his pillow!!
peacing out

Friday, March 28th, 2003

Time:10:26 am.
Mood: blah.
Music:debate ppl talking.
hey ok well im bored sitting here in debate yea so this is going to be short i havent update in a couple of dayz. lets back up to wednesday! i went out w/ scott 4 our 5 month. DAMN! thats a long ass time! well yea still not talking to courtney. yesterday my daddy left 4 vagas. umm i have his car. i think im not going to go to 7th hour so i can see scott. or someone! im going to see him tonight im going to services. aight well im sitting in debate on the computer so i'm peacing out i'll try to update later.

Tuesday, March 25th, 2003

Time:9:07 pm.
Mood: hungry.
Music:so many ways-New Found Glory.
Sex and lights,
It's totally chill,
you could really have fun,
with this little pill.

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HEHE! havnttried that one yet...well yester day was monday obviosly cause today is tuesday. well at school we were sitting in debate whe LaCasse came on the annocement and said CODE RED well code red at school means theres some one in the building and we must turn off all the lights and hid...well as we are all "hiding"acutally we were all on the couch. well hilary kelly and i wetre joking around saying how the admisistrators are running around dressed up and any kid found in the hall way will be taken as a POW. it was funny at the time. well then i was thinking maybe its just me but if you were so crazy mother fucker and wanted to kill some no good teenagers and were running around a high school wouldnt you be a bit suspicious of all the lights in every single classroom are off?!i mean if i was it would be just a bit suspicious!.then this code orange shit we all walk outside in a big field all lined up against a fence. i mean a sniper can hide on the roof call in a bomb threat i mean all schools evacuate when theres a bomb. the we all line up and get shot! OY!does any administrator or LaCasse ever think of the possibilities?!?! today did nothing...I GOT AN 86 ON MY MATH TEST!! then had lunch with the principal cause im is josh jon jed anika and sami...yea thats pretty much all that happened! i have a boring life!
signing off

Monday, March 24th, 2003

Time:1:45 am.
Mood: tired.
Music:the sound of silence-Simon and Garfunkle.
well ok here is a quick update. i went to the car show w/ scott. he was kinda distancing himself frm me. i dont know what that means...on wednesday is our anniversary and i dont know if were going out or not i mean i really wanna see him but i dont know if i can. yea im gunna acutally gunna try to sleep lata

Sunday, March 23rd, 2003

Time:11:03 am.
Mood: distressed.
Music:sum 41-dont know the song. its #6 on the CD.
OY! i babysat last night! not fun...acutally i had the night to myself. i made 30 that goes straight to mommy!!! for the phonebills and the debae money i owe!! fun fun!well scott got home last night we spoke for like 15 mins. but b4 that we spoke for like 5.this whole courtney deal is like making our relationship hell. yes scott i would have to agree with u.i dont know how to handle this anymore.not only has she been a bitch to me and her not like me but my thinkings are that she wants to apologize to me so shes good w/ scott. not me. then while we were talking she asked me why i cant forgive her as easily as i could scott. i told her it was totally different. she said it isnt and then se made me start thinking maybe it was too soon that we started going out again.and thats what ive been thinking for the past 16 sleep just thinking. then i went surfing this morning to clear my mind! ok i got hurt b/c of all this. i hurt my right wrist. it feels really bruised its not swallon or anything but it hurts. this is all b/c i was so preoccuied thinking bout al this shit going on!! i really dont know how to handle all this. i havent slept since last monday. i slept maybe 4 hours of the whole week and not all at once. maybe ten min intervals every couple of days. the longest i slept was an hour and that was on brad. but i need help w/ this! i cant handle everything thats being put infront of me! AHH! I NEED TO ESCAPE!
Signing off

Saturday, March 22nd, 2003

Time:3:20 pm.
Mood: high.
Music:Sum 41 all messed up.
your fuck.

What swear word are you?
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no im not really high i just put it b/c i miss it!
01 | BOATS!!!
02 | the voice frm darkness falls
03 | and how fucking smart debate ppl are

01 | Derek
02 | Jay Leno
03 | Ppl at lunch

01 | NFTY
02 | Scott
03 | NFG

01 | why all the white jewish boys at my school try to be "ghetto"
02 | how stupid ppl can be
03 | who i called in baffalo NY 25 times on my cell phone

01 | Cell Phone
02 | CDS

01 | wish scott was home
02 | arguing w/ courtney
03 | talking to my love MARK

01 | meet NFG
02 | Meet Sum 41
03 | have sex(again)

01 | scott
02 | play games
03 | play football

01 | BITCHY!!
02 | Friendly at times
03 | outgoing (only at the NFTY conventions)

01 | hazel eyes
02 | short brown hair w/ blond in it
03 | short

01 | be w/o scott
02 | be w/o nfty
03 | get A's in any of my classes(even weight training)

01 | Sum 41
02 | All American Rejects

01 | POP
02 | RAP
03 | country

01 | Fcuk ass hoe
02 | Yea i do(scott)
03 | SLASH(thanx to alli)

01 | TACO BELL!!
02 | TACO BELL!!!
03 | TACO BELL!!!!

01 | how to get straight A's
02 | how to understand math even though im in stupid FCAT math
03 | why am i questioning everything thats great in my life

01 | Water
02 | peach iced tea
03 | Vanilla Coke

01 | Saved by the Bell
02 | Power Rangers( I want to be the pink one!)
03 | captain planet
theres a lil bout me. its a survey i got off Alli's journal. as i was reading my journal i noticed that everysingle entry i wrote my mood was aggravated or depressed. hey! im not a depressing person! im usually bouncing off the walls and alwayz happy. but right now i've been questioing every great thing in my life. mostly my b/f. this chik courtney has made me start thinking. a while ago he cheated on me and i forgave hijm. then he broke up w/ me an i went back out w/ him. maybe i forgave him to easily. i dont kow anymore! i dotn know how to handle all this shit going on!!scotts away so i wasnt able to really talk to him like i wante to but i need to! as i've been talking to courtney i started to think that scott doesnt always what to see me as much as i want to see him. sometimes i think that all my feelings for him are not being returned. i feel like my feelings for him are so much stronger then his for me. OY! gotta stop thinking bout this..well today i had o so much fun. sitting at the computer all day writing my research paper! im on my 5th page and i need 6. i dont want to do the minimal amount but i think 6 pages on dieting and fitness is so tooo much! aight well i out.

Friday, March 21st, 2003

Subject:OY VEY!
Time:7:35 pm.
Mood: amused.
Music:Unwanted(thats how i feel)-avril lavigne.

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OY! as im in a fight with my best friend and scotts in orlano i have nothing to do on this boring friday night! update on courtney. right now after sitting up all night since monday(if u doint know me if somehting is bothering me i cant go to sleep it sux)so yea i want nothing to do with her now. as i look back on everything like fall kallah and now there was like a lil part of our relationship(*our meaning scott's and mine's)where she didnt hate me. but mostly she did. so i'm over it and i dont care what she thinks anymore! then im in a fight w/ my best friend over somehitng stupid but i dont want to get into it so i'm not! ok so this was my week

Mon-i did nothing. o theres this guy that is so amazing who i've become really good friends with.i've had the biggest crush on him 4ever! and i found out he liked me 2 and when he found out that scott and i broke up 4 those 5 days he started to like me. so that thursday the day after scott and i started going out again he asked me out.i was going out w/ scott so of course i said no. but the next few days i found out how much he liked me and how he was so crush! i felt so bad.

tues-did nothing went to the KAFTY meeting then had a meeting w/ rabbi T and adam. i was terrified. if u dont now KAFTY is my youth group at my temple and i want to run 4 president along w. sami. so i had to meet w./ rabbi.

wed-again nothing. i was planning to finish night school but no! i cant b/c the stupid fucking tacher wont give tests past 8! 1 min off! ahh! so i have to go back also scott lft 4 his trip! *SNIFF*

Fri-i'm bored at home doing nothing!

Tuesday, March 18th, 2003

Time:9:54 am.
Mood: aggravated.
hey hey well this whole courtney thing is still bugging me! i cant stand her at all. i know she really doesnt want to apologize to me not yet. i know she cant change her feeling 4 me this soon its just not possible. after she pretty much called me a slut(she didnt say it but i know she was inplying it)(if u dont know dont worry)but i havnt slept in 4 dayz which isnt healthy. i know she hant liked me frm the begining. when scott and i first started going out and she was all pissed off bout it. and then at the csfty sleep over. she never liked me and i realize it now. i was so stupid.yes i know i'm a horrible person but maybe she is a bitch so. yea thats my lil update bout courtney

Saturday, March 15th, 2003

Subject:Life Sucks at this point
Time:9:15 am.
Mood: depressed.

The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz
The Completely Pointless Personality Quiz

ive been crying all morning!
ok its really early but my mother made me get up to work on my book report fot sign language. ok if you didnt read my post frm yesterday her it is quickly, courtney disapporves of me and scott geting back to gether. she thinks i'm a bad person and i dont derserve him at all, and hes too good for me and theres nothing i can fdo to be able to derserve him....well i text scott and he had no idea wat was going on...he i think called her. hes in miami right now, where i'm supposed to be but we're not going to get into that. ok well back to the whole cortney thing scott tries to convince me that shes just being a bitch...yes she is and i already knew that. courney obviously like scott again! this is my thinking that scott and i broke up she was happy and liked him again thinking maybe she had a chance she finds out we're back together and bitches. thats my thinking. well i'm going out with jenna.
i went thrifting with jenna....didnt work. didnt get anything. now i'm going to the carnival. that should be i get to stay out late!! yay!!i was going to go to this party but we dont feel like it cause its pretty much going to be all senoiors. umm...yea i'mm off for now but i'll update tomorrow after scott comes over...if i still have the internet. lata
signing off
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Friday, March 14th, 2003

Time:7:05 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
Music:so many ways-New found glory.

Jude Law: you like them romantic and British with
beauiful green eyes.

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Yay Jude Law!!!"i am so comfortable with my sexuality to say i want to make out with jude law"_ryan frm the imprmtu speeches in debate
You have a dominant kiss- you take charge and make
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What kind of kiss are you?
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hopeless flirt
Hopeless Flirt

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Another pointless diversion from Bijouriel

hey ok, so today was pretty much nothing. in debate all we did was watch thi gay movie called newsies! it was soo stupid!i skipped weight training and took a fucking easy test in american. in enviro we played a game. during american today i decided maybe i should go give blood. i'm not 16 but whos going to know i mean they dont check. so when i get there they seat me. this guy sticks the needle in me 8 times b4 they found a vain! OW! alk bout painful!OY! well good thing is i have internet! YAY! i finally got this journal, i find out courtney does too...kool i go and read...bad idea! i find out that she sisnt want scott and i to be back together(scott and i broke up and after 5 dayz got back together and she didnt think it was right) so then i get into this whole fight with her. i dont like fighting with ppl i really dont so me being the nice erson i am called and apologized! then i find the source of th whole someone wanting to break me and scott up.not going to say the name and no its not court. so i immidetly call sarah! i give my whole shpeal saying im sorry i didnt realize it was this person and she saw it to and forgave me! OMG SARAH I LOVE YOU! so i'm back on good terms with her...thank G-D! my brother is boyfriend is in miami for his birthday which is today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SCOTT I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH! tomorrow i'm going thrifting with jenna then going to the local church the good lil jew i am going to a church! so i'm out 4 now! i'll try to update tomorrow, o and i might go to jasons party but im still not sure. lata all
signing off

Time:9:18 am.
Mood: dirty.
Music:the typing of the stupid debate ppl on the other computers.
wow i'm really bored! i'm at school on the debate computer. cause i'm not allowed online at home so yea. last night scott and i got inot a fight but i'm not going to get into that. hes supposed to come over sunday but grimsy is coming 4 sat prep. so i cant see him. debate is borring we have a sub...faglebagel!!! if u dont go to nova you wouldnt understand! tomorrow jenna and i are going to the carnival then jasons party...i think. i acutally told my mom bout it and shes letting me go. b4 i just never told her. i dont want to lie to her anymore, i want a car! aight i'm out 4 now!
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Thursday, March 13th, 2003

Time:9:49 pm.
Mood: lonely.
ok! lets do an update! today has hawks birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE YOU! tomorrow is scotts b-day hes my b/f and i've been with him for almost 5 months we broke up 4 like 5 dayz but dont get me into that. I LOVE ALLI! today was good! look i'm online. i'm never online thats why i said it. so only expect an update once and a while frm me. not an everyday thing which i wanna do. i miss my b/f i'm not going to see him 4 2 weeks. he is an amazing person just like my best friend! i love you all i'mm out 4 now...nothing important happened today! lata

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