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Monday, October 13th, 2003

Subject:damn its been long....
Time:8:08 pm.
Mood: accomplished.
Music:echo by trapt.
hey well thanks for ur help!!! i stuck with eric and met a guy named josh that i fell in love with and then got my heart stepped on and my best friend holly went out with josh right after me and then i wasnt talking to josh, holly, jack, or eric and im like ughhhhhhhhhhhhh but a lot has happend and im currently single and LOVING it!!! thanks!!!

PS i REALLY miss jack!!
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Friday, August 29th, 2003

Subject:told you
Time:5:34 am.
Mood: lonely.
Music:stephen (senses fail).
Band_Senses Fail
Album_From the Depths of Dreams [EP]

Goodbye, Goodbye, Goodbye

November 10th , a cold dark night
You could feel that something wasn't right.
That night many hearts did cry
When we learned we had to say goodbye.

All embraced under one common song
the body is dead but life lives on.

Good-bye Steven. Good-bye you friend. You were so young.

The Cars lined the streets, as it was coming to an end.
The sun shined so brightly the day we buried our friend.

You were so young. Good-bye Steven.
Good-bye you friend.
You were so young.
Losing in the fall, lost innocence came down
An 18 year old boy was buried in the ground.
A family's broken hearts, a friend's streaming tears.
The light lost in death, the living's growing fears.
Of Eternal darkness or is it spiritual light to come with terms with death on the darkest night.
A brother lost a brother, a friend lost a friend, a mother lost a son but Steven's soul will never end.
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Time:5:28 am.
Mood: cranky.
You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

yes....i think this is bull shit! if it were true eric would have never broken up with me in the first place.....did i mention theres a hickey on my neck as we speak? yeah nighty night!
ta ta! (again) (ill be back this morning again)
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Subject:this is gonna be gay
Time:5:03 am.
Mood: tired.
Music:nothing (besides the z's coming out of lenora).
im so freakin tired and bored and im trying to be quiet so lenora doesnt wake up! well i came across this test so here it is:
1. Have you ever taken goggles into the shower with you? no

2. Have you ever stared at the blobs in a lava lamp for more than an hour? no

3. Do you feel for a spider when someone steps on it? yes

4. Have you ever wondered why M&M's are the color they are? no

5. Did you memorize how to spell? yes?

6. Do you know the names of all the american presidents? no

7. Do you still wonder if Elvis is alive? no

8. Have you ever tried to jump off the roof of your house? yes

9. Do you own a Chia-pet? no

10. Do you consider all blondes to be dumb? yes

11. Do you have 0 TV's in your house? no

12. Do you have more than 10 pet's living in your house? no

13. Is your favorite movie of all time rated G? no

14. Do you have an Atari system in your house? no but how cool

15. Do you buy more than 5 cd's a week?

16. Is your favorite color tangerine? no

17. Is your favorite food turtle soup? no

18. Do you spend more time in your house than you do with your friends? hahaha...yes

19. Have you ever watched an entire episode of the teletubbies? yes

20. Did you ever have an imaginary friend when you were little? yes

21. Do you ever talk to yourself? yes

22. Do you sing in the shower? yes

23. Do you have more than 5 body piercings? no

24. Do you have hidden video cameras in your house? no

25. Did you ever think that the government was spying on you? no

26. Do you cover yourself in tin-foil, and put coat hangers on the ceiling? no

27. Do you make things out of dollar bills when you are bored at the lunch table? yes

28. Have you ever won a contest in which you had to guess "How many jellybeans are in the jar"? yes

29. Have you ever trash picked? no

30. Can you fling stuff out of your nose? eww! no!

31. Do you know the meaning of life? yes ;)

32. Have you ever picked on someone smaller than you, just because you thought it would be funny? yes

33. Do you count down the amount of days? yes

34. Do you often hear things that aren't really there? yes

35. Do you see dead people? no i wish i did

36. Is this a yes or no question? yes

37. Have you ever worn clothes that belonged to someone else? yes

38. Do you enjoy tight clothing? umm no

39. Have you ever gone a whole week without brushing your teeth? no

40. Do you sleep with the lights on? no

41. Do you consider money to be a form of evil? yes

42. Have you ever played bloody knuckles? no

43. Have you ever had the urge to have a pickle and peanut butter sandwich? no

44. Have you ever had a crush on a teacher? yes ( a sub! Mr. Mendez)

45. Do you believe fairy tales do come true? yes

46. Do you enjoy using yo-yo's? yes

47. Do you believe in superstition? no.

48. Do you like DIET soda? no

49. Do you watch cartoon shows every day? no way i hate cartoons

50. Do you read books for fun? yes

Every question you answer YES to is worth 2 percent. So take how many questions you said yes to, and multiply that by 2. That is the percentage of your insanity.

hmm 44% i never really thought about how insane i was.....nor did i ever care! oh well. anyways im tired look at the time i gotta get to bec! (yeah i say this now but ill be on til....7-ish watch!)
ta ta
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Tuesday, August 26th, 2003

Time:1:29 pm.
Mood: confused.
Music:Boys of Summer (ataris).
ok WOW! well this is gonna be....confusing...ok well on wednesday the 20th Dennis (lenoras new 17 year old b/f) came over and i was like ok well i might as well invite Eric over! so i did and he came at like 12 am and we were just hanging out like......ex's do? anyway hes with claudia (at the time) so we couldnt do anything anyway! and then we went outside to wait for his sister and he started kissing me and i was like what the hell he was my b/f first! so i kissed him and then yeeeeuh it was wierd...anyway then on saturday he came over and he was with me all day and.....all we did was kiss pretty much and then he told me he was gonna break up with claudia and if i would go out with him! (do i look stupid? AGAIN?) i said yeah and then claudia found all this out and im like uh oh! but she says shes not mad at me....bull shit! anyway i dont care really i mean as long as me and Eric are back together (which we arent...YET) and i do want to get back with him cuz i love him! omg! hes the greates kisser! WOW! ok anyways....yeah oh he gave me his ring to wear and i was wearing it and i took it off to do dishes and lenora took it and i know she hid it and i was like w/e im not giving you the necklace dennis gave you and she was like i dont care i dont care and i had the necklace and i knew she cared cuz she was on the bathroom floor CRYING and i went in there and i was like ready to give me the ring? and shes like i dont have it so i got the necklace and busted it...right in front of her! and omg she couldnt stop crying! (was this too harsh?) oh well i want the ring! ill find it tho (dont worry Eric) ok but.....theres.....this slight problem.....i also like this guy Jack *smiles* oh wow....but i dont know i mean....i just dont know i love Eric and when i told Jack about saturday he was like.....sad and i dont want to make him sad! i dont knwo what to do....its like i want to be with Eric more than i want to.....LIVE but i dont want to hurt anyone! well i better go for getting confused
Noelle Cooper *wink*
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Friday, August 8th, 2003

Time:5:13 pm.
Mood: lonely.
Music:Alone This Holiday (the used).
hey hey! well omg a lot has happend! ok well......lets go back. I met this guy Eric. Hes so hella awesome! ok well we were just friends until I started liking him. Then we got together around....july 4 and then like a week later we broke up but got back together 2 days later so it doesnt count. But then...2 weeks later we broke up again and I became friends with his friend Mike and me and Eric got back together and then broke up again like...a day later? yeah I know! and then I got with his friend Mike and everything got fucked! and Eric broke me and Mike up which didnt hurt me as much cuz I didnt really care but then me and Mike got back together (why is this looking bad on my part??) and Eric broke us up yet again (oh i forgot to mention I became friends with Mike because Eric was trying to hook him up with MY friend Grace) so Mike was like it sucks for Eric cuz hes trying to hook me up with your friend and I take his girl! and I was like WAIT A MINUTE! SINCE WHEN AM I ERICS GIRL??!!??! HE BROKE UP WITH ME! WHAT THE HELL??? and then Eric tells me he has a thing for my friend claudia...and this pisses me off but at the same time Im like well I did the same thing to him so I dont care but now me and Mike dont talk cuz Im fucked up...(I think Ill call him) but anyways now me and Eric are like...unofficially back together (or at least I like to tell myself that) and Im like ughhhh! cuz he still talks to claudia and talks about claudia! dont get me wrong I LOVE THE GIRL WITH ALL MY HEART!! but it feels like he does too! so Im like what do i do??? does anyone know what I should do!?!?!??! oh and need I mention how many tears have came from these eyes on acount of Eric Cooper? I dont know but its not even that easy to just stop talking to him because Ive told him sooo many things and I dont know! He knows a lot of my problems and crap and I tell him a lot about my dad! I tell no one about my dad! Was I happier without Eric? I dont think so but I know that without him I will be very sad! Maybe god put him in my life for a reason. That reason I will never know but Eric has taught me about myself and thats the best thing to find in a person! Well until next time
*Sad Sad Emo Girl*
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Saturday, July 19th, 2003

Time:4:07 am.
Mood: annoyed.
damn its been a while Terras here with monique and 2 guys so cant talk later!
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Friday, June 20th, 2003

Time:3:59 pm.
Mood: crappy.
Music:12 stones.
damn well a lot happend last night! Martin wrote lenora an email that said:
Subject: O V E R...

its over you obsessive biatch!

and that was it! and then lenora ran away. and holly called me and asked me where lenora was and i was like ummm not here why? and she was like cuz shes missing! and im like ok shes my sister she lives with me how do you know that? and she said lenora called her and asked her if she could stay there for the night cuz she doesnt want to do anything stupid but shes not going to live without martin. and i was on the phone with holly when my mom went to go look for lenora and then kevin called and i was like wheres your brother and he was like right here why? and i told him that lenora was missing and what she had said. and then he told martin and martin was like give me the phone.....of course kevin made him beg like a dog for it! and then he gave it to him and my older sister picked up the other phone right when martin started blaming everything on ME!!!!! and i was like u know what fuck you! and i hung up on him and then monique came out of her room and was like my little sisters going to commit suicide and its all ur fault! and i look at her like "your little sister!?!? she fuckin hates you!" and then i wanted to call holly to tell her what that fuckin bastard said and monique tried to grab the phone and then she told me to give it to her or she'll unplug it and i told her if she did it fuckin kill her. and then i hung up and she went to unplug it and i threw it really hard on the floor and it broke! and theni ran outside and started crying and then i got scared so i came back i cuz these guys were hitting on me. and then lenora came home and i started crying. but everything was ok! but i gtg.
love always
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Thursday, June 19th, 2003

Subject:hey hey
Time:4:26 pm.
Mood: okay.
Music:boxcar racer.
hey! well i got this email from anastasia basicaly saying "well everyone talks about everyone...i can forgive my friends if they talk shit about sorry i said anything about yours!" but anyways:
x. name = Lauren Noelle
x. age = 15
x. birthday = December 25, 1987
x. piercings = only 4
x. tattoos = none yet
x. height = 5'3-ish
x. shoe size = small…not like medium
x. hair color = red-ish, black-ish but not for long I'm gonna dye it like fire-engine red with black under it
x. hair length = right past my shoulders but I'm going to cut it like Caress's but just a little longer
x. siblings = yes unfortunately
x. pets = none that live with me
x. movie you rented = swimfan
x. movie you bought = old school
x. song you listened to = E. Dagger/ Lagwagon
x. thing you ate = breakfast
x. song that was stuck in your head = Let me down/ No use for a name
x. song you've downloaded = I have no idea
x. CD you bought = Atticus/ dragging the lake II
x. CD you listened to = No use/ hard rock bottom
x. person you've called = Raymond
x. person that's called you = Holly…before that bitch hung up on me!
x. TV show you've watched = The fuckin Osbournes
x. person you were thinking of = Kicking the shit outta Anastasia!!!
x. time you've had sex = about an hour ago….Terra's over…you understand!
x. you have a bf or gf = nope guys are a waste of time…they're only good for a minute or so…
x. you have a crush on someone = not really
x. you wish you could live somewhere else = yeah only everyday
x. you think about suicide = I did once…but not anymore
x. you believe in online dating = nope
x. others find you attractive = others!?…what others!?…I find myself attractive
x. you want more piercings = yes!!! It's only another hole in my body…you can never have enough holes!
x. you want more tattoos = I don’t have any but I want 6 or so
x. you drink = drink what? Alcohol? Not anymore
x. you do drugs = no! do I look anaSLUTsia?
x. you smoke = not anymore
x. you like cleaning = depends on what I'm cleaning
x. you like roller coasters = yeah
x. you write in cursive or print = does it really matter? These hands are gonna beat the shit outta Anastasia!
x. you carry a donor card = you mean like a green card? I'm not Anastasia!
for or against..
x. long distance relationships = for and against. They're not for me but I don’t care if other people have them
x. using someone = for! It's fun! But only if they deserve it…like Anastasia!
x. suicide = against
x. killing people = for and against. As long as Anastasia is the one getting killed!!!
x. teenage smoking = for and against. I don’t care if you do it but I don’t…anymore
x. doing drugs = against
x. premarital sex = it depends…if you're willing and you REALLY love the person. Or if you plan on getting married to that person
x. driving drunk = against
x. gay/lesbian relationships = for. Just don’t ask me to join ya!
x. soap operas = I'm only for the good ones.
x. gum = winterfresh or that pink one
x. TV show = The Osbournes or PUNK'D but no reruns.
x. thing in the world = being with my FRIENDS! My real true friends! My best friends! Like Terra! She's the kinda person I KNOW I can trust!
x. place = Knotts berry farm or Disneyland
x. restaurant = the olive garden
x. thing to collect = CDs
x. colors of all time = red black and white
x. thing to do on a rainy day = Lay on my bed with my eyes closed and just listen to the rain fall on the leaves…or just go outside and walk around with no umbrella
x. feeling in the world = the feeling I get when I'm with people I love
x. person = anyone but Anastasia. Male? Richie Female? Shelly, Zohra, Aracely, Jenny, Grace, and all you other fags!! I miss you guys soooooooooooooo much!
x. food = anything Italian
x. ice cream = Rocky road
x. songs = Untitled/ blink E. Dagger/ Lagwagon Bring me to life/ Evanesence Carousel/ blink The rebel song/ No use
x. thing to do = talk on the phone
x. thing to talk about = how I'm going to beat the shit outta Anastasia!
x. sports = volleyball and swimming
x. drinks = dr. pepper and chocolate brownie frappicinos
x. clothes = wife beaters and dickies!
x. picture = any picture with a hot guy in it!
x. board game = I don’t do board games
x. magazine = Cosmo girl, YM, j-14, Spin, circus, Elle girl, Teen, Teen people, and Twist
x. smell = Vanilla or Cookie dough
x. number = 182
x. color = red or black
x. CD of all time = Lauren's EMO mix
x. clothing company = dickies
x. shoe company = Vans or converse
x. concert you went to = new found glory, good charlotte, mxpx, and the movielife
x. month = February
x. decade = the 80s
x. song = E. Dagger/ Lagwagon
x. radio station = Kroq
x. movies = Fight club, Life is beautiful and Ghost ship
x. bands = blink, second to last, no use for a name, dropkick murphys, Lagwagon, less than Jake, simple plan, NFG, good charlotte, further seems forever, In September, Last September, Hot Hot heat, the white stripes, sucker punch, Relient K, Polly Esther, the return, the shape, seraphin, one inch binder, sum 41, hot rod circuit, AFI, slick shoes, mxpx, the movielife, weezer, bleech, 12 stones, evanesence, transplants, boxcar racer, system of a down, crowded house, Duran Duran, metalica, the silenced, the rapture, halifax, save Ferris, taking back Sunday, finch, the ramones, the Ataris, Sugarcult, American high-fi, all American rejects, rufio, nirvana, the strokes, the aquabats, count the stars, no doubt, sublime, social distortion, third eye blind, Rocket from the crypt, Hot water music, Thrice, Sparta, Dillinger four, The suicide machines, Maxeen, Jets to brazil, H20, Rise against, the mighty mighty bosstones, Matchbox romance, Down by Law, Over my dead body, Bane, Alkaline trio, and a BUNCH more. (in no specific order)
x. holiday = Christmas or Halloween
x. cars = Excursions, Ford F150s, and Jettas
have you...
x. ever cried over a girl = no! I'm not that pathetic!
x. ever cried over a guy = yeah…kinda
x. ever lied to get someone in bed = nope
x. ever lied to someone = yeeeeuh! Did you forget who you were talking to?
x. ever been in a fist fight = yeeeeuh and I'm gonna fuck Anastasia up!
x. ever been arrested = not yet
x. shampoo do you use = Fructis
x. perfume do you use = Tommy girl
x. shoes do you wear = Vans
x. are you scared of = people whispering and death
x. is your most embarrassing moment = hmm…I don’t think I've ever had one of those
x. color are your kitchen plates = clear?
x. book are you reading right now = none
x. is on your mouse pad = nothing
x. are you thinking about right now = how I'm gonna kick Anastasia's ass!
x. is on your bed = a stupid bitch I like to call my sister
x. color do you want your hair to be = fire-engine red
x. religion are you = Christian
x. is your middle name = Noelle
x. is your biggest regret = I don’t know
x. is your best trait = my sense of humor
x. is your worst trait = my bitchiness (but some times that comes in handy…like when I'm kicking anastasias ass)
x. of times I have been in love? = none
x. of times I have had my heart broken? = none…that’s the beauty of it…you don’t fall in love you can't have your heart broken
x. of hearts I have broken? = some
x. of boys I have kissed? = next question
x. of girls I have kissed? = are you asking me…or Anastasia!?
x. of men I've slept with? = just one big nigger
x. of girls I've slept with? = none
x. of continents I have lived in? = in? none
x. of drugs taken illegally? = one
x. of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type of friends? =
x. of times I've said I hated Anastasia in the last 10 seconds = 18218218218218218218218218218218213813813813813813819249249249249249218182182182182…is there a key for infinity?
x. of times I want to fuck up Anastasia = 18218218218218218218218213813813813813892492492492696969696969696969696969696969182182182182182182182182…how long do you have?
x. of people I consider my enemies? = I (Anastasia) don’t (Anastasia) want (Anastasia) to (Anastasia) say (Anastasia) any (Anastasia) names. (Anastasia) oh fuck it ANASTASIA!!!!!!!!!
x. of CD's that I own? = 182
x. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = 182
x. of scars on my body? = 182
x. of things in my past that I regret? = mostly everything

yeah ok now:

HaLiStEr1518 (4:30:09 PM): i dont get your message are you mad at me?
HaLiStEr1518 (4:30:15 PM): i dont understand
nfgblinkchick45 (4:30:20 PM): no
nfgblinkchick45 (4:30:22 PM): why
nfgblinkchick45 (4:30:23 PM): what
HaLiStEr1518 (4:30:31 PM): whats ur message tryin to say/
HaLiStEr1518 (4:30:32 PM): ?
nfgblinkchick45 (4:30:55 PM): i dont know
nfgblinkchick45 (4:30:58 PM): i hate anastasia
nfgblinkchick45 (4:31:01 PM): what
nfgblinkchick45 (4:31:06 PM): hold up
HaLiStEr1518 (4:31:13 PM): what is this what anastasia wrote to you?
nfgblinkchick45 (4:32:30 PM): an email
HaLiStEr1518 (4:32:38 PM): yea is that the email?
HaLiStEr1518 (4:32:38 PM): yea is that the email?
HaLiStEr1518 (4:32:49 PM): sahe sent u?
HaLiStEr1518 (4:32:53 PM): she*
nfgblinkchick45 (4:32:59 PM): yeah
nfgblinkchick45 (4:33:01 PM): why
HaLiStEr1518 (4:33:10 PM): oh i thaught you were telling me that stuff
HaLiStEr1518 (4:33:22 PM): i was scared i thaught you were mad at me
nfgblinkchick45 (4:33:22 PM): noooo
HaLiStEr1518 (4:33:23 PM): lol
HaLiStEr1518 (4:34:03 PM): oh i get it and how STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didnt apologize to her she asked sean to be my friend again what a fucking liar!!!!!!

NOOOO!! LOL! happy graduation hollister! hmm well any ways:
nfgblinkchick45 (4:14:18 PM): oh i taLKED TO anthony today
HaLiStEr1518 (4:14:38 PM): anthony...?
nfgblinkchick45 (4:14:38 PM): hes goin to europe :-(
HaLiStEr1518 (4:14:44 PM): from second to last
HaLiStEr1518 (4:14:48 PM): oh yea that sux

GRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!! that sux! ok well id better go this is getting long!
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Saturday, June 14th, 2003

Time:9:03 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
Hi. My sisters yelling at me to get off the computer. i feel like getting her and socking her in the face! im so not in a good mood! im talking to holly.

simpleriot182 (8:57:36 PM): is terra still there?
nfgblinkchick45 (8:57:40 PM): yes
simpleriot182 (8:57:43 PM): o
nfgblinkchick45 (8:57:52 PM): shes yelling
simpleriot182 (8:58:21 PM): about what now?
simpleriot182 (8:58:25 PM): me...?
nfgblinkchick45 (8:58:29 PM): yeah...
simpleriot182 (8:58:38 PM): i knew it
simpleriot182 (8:58:43 PM): is lenora too?
nfgblinkchick45 (8:58:50 PM): yeah
simpleriot182 (8:59:23 PM): i know its ok

Terra doesnt like her. she was being a bitch to me earlier so i had terra tell her not to call. but im not mad at her anymore. i wasnt mad at her its just that i didnt get why she was mad cuz i didnt tell terra anything. well i dont tell her anything when she talks about terra. i dont even care i dont expect them to be best friends. just like she doesnt expect me to be friends with anastasia. or maybe its cuz she knows i wont. but i told terra something and its not that easy to get to terra. youd have to do something really bad to get to her. i wanna kick anastasias ass cuz i think matt is so cute but i dont like him and i have know "you dont like him but you dont want him to like her" feeling. yeah so i wanna fuck her up! :)
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Time:7:09 pm.
Music:No use for a name.
Terra was over all week. shes really cool to hang out with so she might move in this summer. that'd be cool! Holly pissed me off today and im gonna kick anastasia ass! i dont know when but whenever i see her! i can already smell her blood all over! :) well anyways im not feeling so good! so ill go for now! ttyl
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Wednesday, June 11th, 2003

Time:10:57 am.
Mood: tired.
hey whats up im in class. I had a journal online before but i got tired of it and just started a real one in one of those composition books. Well anyways im gonna give this one more try. Im so tired. I woke up at like 7 today. Tomorrows the last day of school! w00t! i cant wait! i wish i hadnt moved but whittier was getting too crazy for me! oh damn anyways i have this really shitty life and i hate my sister! well kinda i dont know sometimes! grrrr! anyways i had a big family but when we moved we all kinda went on and did our own things. so now i live with my mom my sisters and me. my dad died about a year ago and nothings been the same since. i go to church but im starting to hate it again. i used to hate it soooo much that instead of going to church id go to get high with my friends and then id lie to my mom and everything was ok. when i loved church it was all fucked. why is that? i smoked weed i got drunk everyday and my life was perfect...i went to church and loved my family and life was shit! do you see anything wrong or is it just me? well id better get going cuz the teacher keeps pointing her ugly ass face over here.
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