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Thursday, October 31st, 2002

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    New Option Added For Front Page Exclusion, Etc.
    After several requests and suggestions, we've added an option to the Modify Your Options page to allow users to opt out of being included on the front page of the site. If you would rather that your public journal entries not be included on the front page of Blurty, please go to your options page and uncheck the "Allow Front Page Display" option.

    Most people do want their entries to appear on the front page, and if you are in that group, then you should leave the option checked. You can turn it on and off on your whim.

    Here is the relevant page to check out the new option:

    Some other notes of possible interest:

    - As of today, we are on the new Blurty server. Please let us know if you notice anything strange that you think might be related to the move.

    - After many mock ups, mock downs, and various arm wrestling matches between competing factions, we think we almost have the much-requested Logged-In links and Search ready to add to the site. Look for that to appear later this week, or so.

    - We expect to stop allowing new Early Adopter signups sometime in the next few weeks. Thanks to everyone who has been helping out with the site in this first month and please keep reporting any problems you find via the support area.

    - If you're in the U.S., don't forget to vote in the election next Tuesday. No matter what side you're on, this is an important election and we encourage everyone to get out there and vote.


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