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Date:2003-10-27 19:58
Subject:Finally, an update.
Mood: busy
Music:Kill Bill OST - Battle w/out Honor or Humanity

Me sowwy for not updating sooner but schoolwork really is something. So...if anyone recalls that Lcuius/Draco challenge fic that I mentioned a-way back, it's now posted on my website. FF/net was being a bitch with the uploading so for now you can only find it on my website - read it here.

In other writing news: I'm still stuck in the middle of the Sands fic and the way things are going I might not get to finish it before I have to start my NaNoWriMo project, thing. I have a tentative schedule and a very sketchy outline ready but I don't even know any character names! How will I survive?

Let the shooting begin! :P

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Date:2003-10-06 13:43
Subject:Writing and Website Update
Mood: pleased
Music:Kill Bill - Trailer Music

Whoo, I'm high on inspiration. Scribbling away little notes to myself. I noticed that there are way too many songs with mentions of losing eyes but for me it is perfect. I've progressed with the "Sands" fic, as yet nameless, and is now one handwritten page long. I think it fun to write in his voice and it gives me free expression to write descriptions which will hopefully make it somewhat surrealistic in places.

I also updated the website yesterday with the new PotC fic, "Lone Thought, Decisive Action", and it can be read here. Reviews would be appreciated as it's somewhat short and strange.

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Date:2003-10-04 12:24
Subject:Update, update!
Mood: productive
Music:Once Upon A Time In Mexico - The Man With No Eyes

Yesterday I managed to finish and type up a new PotC fic(let). This one is the shortest thing I've ever written but somehow it's satisfying all in itself. After some thought, I made it a Jack POV and named it "Lone Thought, Decisive Action". The problem I have with Jack's POV is that his speech is slightly slurred but that doesn't mean he *thinks* that way. Sometimes I feel like I'm making him sound too coherent. :P Will have this one posted sometime during the next two days, have still to code it for the website.

I've yet to finish the rewrite of chapter 4 of "Fall Apart", it's dragging on and on. It takes me a week to redo a few paragraphs. *sigh* I'll get it done eventually but then chapter 5 will take another 6 months to write.

Err, I know that my original writing has been lacking and sulking invisibly inside my head but I signed up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and will be sure to write a novel. If I ever succeed, I'll post an excerpt or maybe even the whole thing. We shall see...

And, drum roll please...I've decided to write something, anything, pertaining to the movie Once Upon A Time In Mexico. The fic will certainly have Agent Sands and probably nobody else, so...this is looking to be a general, no-pairing story. 0_0

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Date:2003-09-29 17:59
Subject:Writing Schedule
Mood: pensive
Music:A Perfect Circle - Weak and Powerless//Static-X - The Only

Well...I went and made myself a LiveJournal. Because of that I think I'll leave this journal for the story updates and such and write all the other "interesting" things on the other one. Makes perfect sense for me to separate the two. Those who follow my updates usually don't care about anything else.

So, speaking of updates, I'm in the mood to compile another one of my lists with all the ideas and unfinished stories. Puts things in perspective and makes me hurry up with the actual writing.

A. The most nagging idea of all, or the most frustrating one, is the 4th chapter of "Fall Apart" which I've finished a while ago but have decided to rewrite and now the rewrite is taking forever. So far the only reason the story is rated R is because of the initial violence, the label Harry/Draco slash is false as there's none yet. :P I really should get a move on.

B. The other pressing idea is the 3rd chapter of "Of Compulsion and Infamy" As I've written some of it I just need to find the time to finish it off. I really, really, really, want to write more pirate stories, they make me happy. I can actually use some of my research and historically accurate fics are one of my favorites.

C. I've recently gotten the idea for a new PotC fic, a one shot with a very interesting plot. I'll be sure to start it once I have the time. I'm still not sure if I should write it in Jack's voice or not. I'm contemplating naming it "Solitary Silence".

D. Thee shocker of a story, the PG-13 shocker, for PotC has not yet been set down but whirls madly in my head and makes me dizzy. I'm not sure exactly how well it'll look on paper but in my head it makes perfect sense.

E. The long lost and forgotten 4th part to the humorous HP series has been long in the making. The idea's still there but has not yet had it's opportunity to be written down. I'll get to it eventually.

F. Then we have the forgotten Lucius/Severus story that's at a standstill and will be so until I get the inclination to write torture and such again.

G. And there's also that James/Sirius/Remus one that I still have not had the time to even flesh out completely. I really need more hours. If only I didn't have to sleep.

H. Of course, as I've said before, the Alexander the Great fic will have to wait a *long* while. It takes more thought to write and therefore it will be left for last.

I. There's those pesky original ideas as well. I know that I have to write at least one new story and I have so many ideas as well but there's just no drive to create anything as of now. I don't get as much feedback on the originals as I do on the fanfiction. :/

As can be seen my schedule is full and will stay so for a while to come. I can guarantee that there will be more ideas cropping up every once upon a time. :D

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Date:2003-09-24 19:02
Mood: sleepy
Music:Nine Inch Nails - Closer

Yes, me very silly.

Still alive. Still packing. Taking stupid tests in school and passing them with flying colors. (a surprising thing in itself) Starting to read The Little Prince in French, ha! C'est la vie, n'est pas? Oy, ma vie est comme la merde. Je ne sais pas pourquoi j'ai ecrivé en français, peut être je suis fous après tous. *shrug* Don't mind me. :P

I've finished, corrected, named, and posted the new PotC story. I don't like it. I don't like the title, pfft, Some Worry, you can't even tell if some is supposed to refer to people or not. I don't like it at all but if you'd still like to read it clickie here. Haven't exactly started on the next one but have the general idea down. I don't think this has been done before, whoop, originality!

I want to go to The White Stripes show at Roseland Ballroom. Need them tickets. Gah, if only my parents realized that they're making me a shut-in. I need to experience and even though it is NYC it's not like I'm going to be mugged on the street with a few friends. It's not in that kind of a neighborhood. But I think I can win this one yet!

Points at new icon. I made it, all proud for abusing the stupid Microsoft PhotoDraw for the useless trash that it is. Need Photoshop so I can make useless piccies that look nice but are pointless.

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Date:2003-09-21 18:37
Subject:Writing Update
Mood: accomplished
Music:Sleepy Hollow Soundtrack (whoooo)

School, college classes, volunteering, reading for pleasure, projects, doing college applications, and still I make time to write. Someone kill me. The whole week I walk around like a zombie with too little sleep, making it all up by sleeping late on the weekends. Not the best way to deal with it all but compared to everything else sleep does not seem as essential.

On to the actual update. As I've mentioned before, the Lucius/Draco challenge fic, Beautiful Disaster, will be out next month as the rules allow so you can look forward to that if you'd like since I'm a little behind with my other HP fics. The main update is a new POTC fic that I wrote in a few days and contains no plot whatsoever. Don't you just love those? So far it's in its original form and I've yet find the time to type it up and proofread it since my beta is sick (get better, Silver!), also there is the dilemma of the title. I've thought about and thought about it some more and still the title eludes me. SO far the best I can come up with is Full of Worry but that isn't poetic enough for me.

I've also finally seen the house that I'll be moving into in a week or so. 'Tis very pretty, the kitchen cabinets have me goggle-eyed, they're sparkling white and black. The balcony is large enough to have a whole table and a few chairs brought out, will definitely write out there as often as I can. The room I shall be sharing with my sis is spacious enough and I've already started planning where all my posters will go. Still have to order that lovely POTC one, will get on it once the new address is permanent. The neighborhood is nice and quiet, the backyard spacious. And for some reason most on one of the walls in the living room is covered in a mirror. *shrug* On the downside I'll be cable TV-less and without internet access since the telephone line will take a few days to install. How will I survive it?

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Date:2003-09-15 19:56
Subject:Once Upon A Time In Mexico
Mood: peaceful
Music:Sleepy Hollow Soundtrack

As others have said before me the movie takes a while to digest. I've had a day to do so and I'm still not sure I've got it all down. Since my main reason for watching it was to see more brilliant Johnny Depp work all I expected was his best and I got it. The plot within a plot within a plot and I don't mean the actual story was slightly confusing even though I saw Desperado.

To start off the whole thing let me just say that Johnny Depp stole the whole damn movie, especially the second half. Not wanting to spoil anything though some pictures do that for you anyway, I'd like to say that he really does know how to pick his roles. I did not know whether I should laugh or cry and kept telling myself that he just can't die! Not Johnny, playing with out emotions, dammit! Of course he had some rather...spotty lines that just scream slash to me! I think I had a smile plastered on my face anytime he was onscreen. And that's rather a feat as sometimes there were unsavory happenings when he was onscreen. I must say that the gore level was high, nothing too bad but more than I expected.

The rest of the movie was not all that memorable now that I think of it. Selma was hardly in the movie and Antonio was his usual silent type, nothing extraordinary. The movie marks a great step for Johnny; he now has two movies in the top five at the box office. POTC is still holding strong at #5 and OUATIM debuted at #1, reviving the box office. Go Johnny! (I'm on high with my Johnny obsession at the moment if you haven't noticed.)

Have finished writing the Lucius/Draco story for the challenge and have posted. Will be able to post it everywhere within a month. Isn't that just so exciting? *dripping sarcasm* Will not be able to continue writing for a while due to overload of actual work.

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Date:2003-09-10 17:24
Subject:School sucks!
Mood: sore
Music:Audioslave - Show Me How To Live//Sleepy Hollow Soundtrack

But then everyone knows that. It feels like months have passed and it's only the third day. My schedule is packed and I come home barely there, not nearly enough energy for anything. Haven't read any slash in days! *gasp* The horror! But have managed to write after doing homework until I feel like I will fall over if I don't sleep. The college level biology class that I'm taking is a bore and I'm half asleep through the whole lecture. The pleasant gurgling of fish tanks does not help much, plus it's more entertaining to watch the fish chase each other then listen to the teacher. The rest of my classes are tolerable, though their appeal is not much higher. The college class after school will be fun, the teacher has a very nice sarcastic way of saying things, will keep me awake in order to get some college credit.

In other news, I'm still writing (that dampened by school a bit). At the moment I have about a page of the 3rd chapter of "Of Compulsion and Infamy", the Bootstrap story and almost done with the Lucius/Draco story, it's about 2,500 words for now, still a page to type up and then write more and then type up more - you get the idea.

In movie news: I'm planning on seeing Once Upon A Time In Mexico, have heard some interesting things about it. Of course, I'll be seeing it for the pure purpose of seeing the brilliance of Johnny. Over the last week I've seen Benny&Joon for the first time, very comedic performance but never once laughing at his character. Also saw Nick of Time, Sleepy Hollow and Edward Scissorhands for who knows what time. Have been trying to get my hands on a few rarer movies but stores don't seem to carry them. A must see for me is Before Night Falls where he looks amazing as a transvestite and his own directorial debut - The Brave - where he plays a man who agrees to be in a snuff film. Turns out that Johnny was supposedly to appear at the premiere of "Once Upon..." in NYC and there was hearsay that he was going to sing. Maybe it's a good thing that he never appeared; I would have been quite depressed if I missed that.

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Date:2003-09-02 14:47
Subject:I'm back!
Mood: recumbent
Music:Edward Scissorhand

Yeah. That was an...interesting vocation. Never doing that again. Most of it was dreadful. I had the distinct impression that we would be staying at a nature filled place and it turns out that it was a stupid airport inn in the middle of nowhere special. The supposed cable was no cable at all, I have better channels at home, the purported internet access was nonexistent and I was deeply incensed. Our room was not for four at all and we had to get it changed. The pool was measly and there was nowhere to really go and enjoy oneself.

Now on to the small pluses of the whole debacle. For one I got to visit a Borders and a Barnes&Nobles buying two books in each. Heh, my parents would never allow that. And on top of all that I bought myself the Sleepy Hollow DVD as I can't seem to catch the movie on TV. The interviews are quite interesting and the whole movie is very well executed. After all it's Tim Burton. I've also gotten some visuals of waterfalls as we visited one for the "Bootstrap" story. Everything was just as needed and I was able to feel the coolness of the water and the rough texture of the surrounding stones as well as take in the visuals. I sure hope there are waterfalls on the island of Madagascar and if there aren't I'll just suppose there are.

As for the writing and reading I hoped to do, it wasn't as easy as I'd hoped. My very "helpful" friend was a pain for a long time and all I succeeded in doing was finishing up the 2nd chapter of the "Bootstrap" story and getting two pages of the 3rd chapter down. On the bright side the slash is taking on more concrete life.

In other news - I have started packing and we purchased paint for the bedrooms. The room I'll be sharing with my sister will be painted this light blue, whoop! I can think of the sea and the sky when I look at it. And my father has agreed for me to buy the PotC poster and I'll be putting them up on the walls. Why does school have to start when we're a bout to move? It'll be a nightmare.

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Date:2003-08-23 11:04
Subject:Going on Vocation!
Mood: cheerful
Music:Marylin Manson - The KKK Took My Baby Away

Driving to Pennsylvania today. The trip would be so much more fun if I had a laptop to lug along with me. I think I'll die if the computer at the inn we'll be staying at for the week will be unreachable; I need to check my e-mail every day or it overflows. Hard luck. :/

On the bright side I'll get that cruise and maybe get to finish up a few stories that have been clamoring for attention. Plus, I got some spending money and with no restrictions I might get some interesting things. ;) On the down side, besides the no internet thing, my little sister is upset that I'm leaving for a week not only a) without her but also b) by depraving her of my presence. I've never felt so loved.

Well, will try to post something here if I ever get the chance if not then will write up a full report when I get back. Although then it's packing time and after that school. Hear the joy.

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Date:2003-08-21 16:19
Subject:General Updates
Mood: sleepy
Music:Oasis - Wonderwall//Alian Ant Farm - Glow

I've almost finished writing the 2nd chapter of the "Bootstrap" story. Whoop! It's already at 2,000 words and I've still some things to write out and flesh out the characters more. The slash is peaking out so far, only hints, damn I need to get that relationship moving.

And while I'm still drowning in story ideas I got two new ones. One has Jack and Bootstrap again but it's looking to be a PG-13 one shot. Sheesh, I never write such low rating fan fiction. And the other story idea is even stranger. It's looking to a two part one and the main character is Voldemort, or Tom Riddle as I'll be writing this when he's still in Hogwarts. And that's not even the strange part, the strange part is that there is no slash at all! Oh, the horror!

The book I'm currently reading, "At Swim, Two Boys" by Jamie O'Neill. So far (pg. 300 something or other) there was only one sex scene (between a minor and an adult no less!) but all the little innuendos and almost kiss scenes between the actual boys are so cute. I'd squeal if my lip didn't feel like falling off, can't even smile. The only peeve I have with it, and it's not even the author's fault, they keep mentioning "the unspeakables of the Oscar Wilde sort". That's the second time I've heard that particular phrase mentioned and as far as I can tell it's probably historically accurate but it still pisses me off. Oscar is my inspiration. *hugs*

Which HP character shagged you while you were sleeping? by passo
LJ username
HP loverRemus Lupin
Outcome"Don't call me, I'll call you"
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

*coughcough* He can do that anytime he wants to. :D

How Will Voldemort Torture You? by goseaward
Favorite Character
Why Will Voldie Torture You?Snogging Draco, his boy-toy
What Torture Mechanism Will He Use?Tickling
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Oh, yeah! I can take the tickling, bring it on!

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Date:2003-08-18 13:33
Mood: crappy
Music:White Stripes - The Hardest Button to Button

Ah, going on vocation in less than a week, hallelujah. I think I really need a break; the city has been getting to me. Am a bit worried that my e-mail account will overflow and hotmail will erase all my messages. And the rant of the day - some stupid biatch keeps sending me e-mails with attachments that carry the worm virus; they clog up my mailbox and irritate the hell out of me. Time to use that nice 'block user' feature.

School is to start in three weeks and at the moment I can't gather up enough energy to give to give a damn but watch me fret over it the day before. Before all that though I'm moving from this shoddy apartment that is falling apart and costs way too much for its state (that's NYC for you) to a nice house. Me, I 'm going to spend as much time as I can on that nice balcony, my muse is sure to find some inspiration there.

There are some funny things to associate with the blackout. They're saying that there will be a baby boom because of it. *coughhack* Is that your flashlight in your pocket or are you happy to see me? :)

Went to Times Square yesterday, it was all good until the sky broke and poured water all over me. :P Because of my younger sister we went to Toys 'R' Us. Was very upset indeed when I was refused my request of the Helm's Deep set with a very cute Legolas, not so good looking version of Haldir and Aragorn and the 'just there' figures of Theoden and Gimli. It cost more than I had with me so I was *very* upset. On the upside when I went to Virgin Megastore I got meself, finally, the White Stripes CD "Elephant", though it did cost $19. And surprise of surprises, the PotC soundtrack no longer cost $19 but was on sale for $15. Pfft, ingrates.

Your POTC Man-Slave by that_one_chick
SlaveOrlando Bloom
Slave chorecooking and cleaning
Created with quill18's MemeGen!

Aww, poor thing. I'm sure that a little French maid's outfit would fit him just fine. :D

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Date:2003-08-15 14:45
Subject:Whew, damn blackout!
Mood: cranky
Music:None, trying to conserve energy :D

There I was calmly typing out my message yesterday; it was nice and long and imagine my surprise when the computer just shuts off. I was mildly amused when I was blames by my grandmother that I did something to cause it. I was sure to rub it in her face when it turned out that this reached Canada. I'm not that good as to cut the power to the Midwest, North East coast and Canada. :P

Boy was I pissed. I could not listen to my radio, had to contend with news on my portable one, couldn't watch the news, couldn’t read because there was not enough light after a few hours, there was no phone since there was no power, no air conditioner so it was muggy. Panic was high on my list.

Let's just say it was an experience. My father was high-strung, worried for my mother stuck in Times Square, standing outside until midnight and I, turned all motherly and brought him out food and an extra flashlight, stood with him until midnight. Had to walk around with a flashlight strapped to my wrist, just in case. I've never made that many trips up and down the stairs in a week let alone one day. Sleeping was nearly impossible, my had and eyes are still hurting from lack of sleep. The beeping of aggravated drivers isn't helping much, the gas station opposite our house seems to be working properly and people fell on it like mad. [creates a huge traffic jam, that does] I've never thought that it'd be almost impossible to get a good night's sleep with air conditioning.

The only upside of the whole standing out in the dark [never realized that it's really dark out in the middle of the night with no street lamps] I saw the stars in the sky and the moon was awfully bright. It was nice staring up at it, though I probably looked stupid but since some were sleeping on the streets of Manhattan I'm sure I wasn't exactly an eye sore.

I was right glad that the blackout didn't catch me in a train, what fun would it be walking to the nearest station and then home. Hear the sarcasm. Well, at least I did not have to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge today, my poor mother.

Since my headache is incapacitating me, this will definitely be one of my shortest stays online. Oh, the horror!

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Date:2003-08-13 17:51
Subject:Another Writing Update and Peeves
Mood: annoyed
Music:Chevelle - Closure//Juno Reactor - Pistolero

A. I am a bit pissed. I am sometimes too nice for my own good and this just proves some of it. It's nothing major and doesn't even harm me in any way but it still makes me angry. When posting the PotC script I was sure to include a little note that allowed anyone who wanted it to take it and do with it as they pleased as long as they credited me with the work if they posted it elsewhere. Most people were very gracious about it, some even asking permission even though I've given it already. (Thank you to those [all 250 some odd e-mails] who've sent in corrections, called me a god, told me they loved me, etc., I feel very strange with all the flattery.) But one person decided to credit herself and I'm too much of a nice person to e-mail her and reproach her for it. The funny part is that she copied and pasted an out-of-date version of it so mine is much more complete than hers but everything else certainly points that the script is my own.

B. I've finished rewriting the first chapter of the Jack/Bootstrap story. Not exactly thrilled with the outcome but it will have to do as I've no more to change. Have started on chapter two and have about a page. Very excited to carry on writing it as I haven't even started on the slow seduction. I do love my hints and subtext. Also finished writing the 4th chapter of "Fall Apart" but now am rewriting it because the first version sucked. so don't expect it to be posted anytime soon.

C. Have been a bit delayed in my writing by reading way too many books. At the moment have set myself at the task of reading all the Anita Blake novels, the vampire hunter/lover ones. I live for those little slashy moments that the author puts in.

D. "It so wraps you -- okay, me -- up in its aching yearning for the rash and the adventurous and the romantic that you -- okay, I -- let out a little gasp of frustration every time Orlando Bloom fails to kiss Keira Knightly, or Johnny Depp fails to kiss Keira Knightley, or Johnny Depp fails to kiss Orlando Bloom. God, somebody kiss anybody, I just can't stand the anticipation anymore." - The Flick Filosopher on Pirates of the Caribbean.

E. "The only real mistake that the filmmakers make relationship-wise is that they fail to recognize that the story’s real romance is between Sparrow and the son of a pirate hero, Will Turner (Orlando Bloom). While Will and Jack sizzle like a pound of back bacon, Will’s tepid romance with the delicious Elizabeth (Keira Knightley) is a bowl of cold porridge." Apollo Guide on Pirates of the Caribbean

F. They agree with me, they really agree with me! [see D&E] So it's not only my own twisted mind thinking these thoughts. Ha!

G. I've been getting deeper into obsession recently. Following very closely what movies Johnny Depp might be in. "Once Upon A Time in Mexico" [the trailer is intriguing enough] is on my list of movies to see just because of his presence. I haven't seen either prequel to it, maybe I should. And speaking of movies, there are way too many of them that I want to see coming out in December. (The Last Samurai [maybe], Cold Mountain, Peter Pan, and of course LotR: Return of the King).

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Date:2003-08-08 12:52
Subject:Writing Update...of sorts
Mood: accomplished
Music:Pirates of the Caribbean Soundtrack

Surprise of surprises, I've finished the 1st chapter of my "Bootstrap" story, now called "Of Compulsion and Infamy". I have my doubts about it and I'm still awaiting the final word from my beta as well as from a PotC group that I'm part of. This I'll be posting either when I have a few more chapters written or after I've finished the whole story. But worry not, I'll try to throw out a few more plotless Jack/Will ones, still have two bunnies that just won't go away. Went to the library again and picked up a book on the English East India Company for my research for the story. Ay, I'm hopelessly lost in it. *sigh* Ooh, and I played Frisbee in the rain, it was fun.

Wrote a few more paragraphs of the HP story "Fall Apart". Anyone getting tired of the slow pace? I am! I have most of the chapter figured out in my head it's the fact that I'm too lazy to just sit down and type it all out. Oh, how I wish I could finish it already. All that courtroom drama.

Anyone notice my new icon? Isn't it purty? Ah, the joys of animated pictures. That grin is just feral; if I was Will I'd be afraid, very afraid.

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