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    Sunday, August 31st, 2003
    12:31 am
    You are a crazed obsessed fan! You think Johnny is
    the #1 thing in your life. You think he's
    perfect and you want marry him. But you have to
    understand that he is a CELEBRITY. He has a
    FAMILY. Give him his space. You don't have to
    let him rule your life.

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    ook u kno wut this girl is gay .. bcuz he wont have a family ill kill vanessa n her parents will take the kids :) thanks
    Saturday, August 30th, 2003
    11:18 pm
    pow wow
    hiiiii.. well ok today i woke up n i had work .. omg it seems like 8 yrs ago but no it was this morning ... i got home early though like at eleven n then i called amanda .. she was with britt n she wasnt coming too the powow .. im like ok thanks for MY life .. n thennn she calls mee n asks mee if i have a picture of some hindu guy n like she REELY thinks i took itt lmao .. im like i dontt .. so then shes like arite well im coming too the powow .. so now she was coming so ok its like 2 n we pick her up n we go too my mom friends donna house .. omg n theyre like gettting all this stuff so we took donnas van but mee jaclyn chris jeff n amanda had too sit in the back n its like this little bed n it was so annoying.. so we get too the powow n it was like kinda raining .. so we go in n we see all these little shops n we were walking around forever .. but it sucked cuz all the shops had the same shit n no one had a rabbits foot !! n i wanted one cuz theyre so cute n theyre good luck n cuz im indian rite? no im not but johnnys grandma was .. yea i love how that relates too mee :) so ne way amanda got this cute dream catcher and its black n pink n she goes itll match with my room lmaoooooo her room its like light green.. i jus cant deal.. n then it was time .. yes it was time too dance with the indians .. wait oh shit no .. ok i cant deal.. i wanted this little clip thing n it was 10 dollars n i was like ok i wana get itt so amanda goes .. can we get a discount .. so hes was like this young indian n im like she;ll give u sexual favors .. n he didnt hear mee so he comes back with like the change n he goes u want a discount spend the nite with mee.. lmao were like oh jesus christ.. n were like cracking up n then all of a sudden theyre asking for volunteers too dance on stage.. so we run up there n then we get parted.. n im standing there with jeff n were like holding hands cuz we had too make a circle n some guy with like long curly brown hair walks over n stands nexts too mee n he holds hands weird n omg i think it was jesus.. like he was all into itt n he wasnt wearing shoes .. oh man i was dying cuz its like raining out n hes not wearing shoes n then u see amanda omg shes talking too some mexican guy n hes like ya i cant dance like this u kno .. only in clubs .. shes like um yea i kno n she leaves n starts cracking up n stands next too mee n sees mee with jesus n im jus like yea i cant deal.. so were dancing n then my moms friend donna is soooo drunk n i didnt even kno that she was like drinking n shes hitting on the indians so im asking this indian if hes looking for love n shes like jus standing there smiling n i love her husband cuz hes jus standing there like wutever n i have my rabbits foot n i hook it on like my belt n she goes take it off it looks like u have a dick .. lolol i love her so much .. oh i jus cant deal.. god mee n amanda are so cool n i even thinking were hanging tomorrow
    Thursday, August 28th, 2003
    7:25 pm
    i jus cant deal
    heyy .. i reely dont wana use blurty but theres cute johnny stuff for itt so... yea. . today i didnt do anything.. last nite i tryed too put up my computer desk for my room .. its so annoying but i dont even kno .. ugh i have too go too the mall tomorrow n then saturday mee n amanda are suppose too go too the powow but i think its guna rain.. ill bee so mad cuz all i wanted too do was see the indians.. n i think dave was coming.. i havent talked too amanda n shes been at field hockey for like 8 years now :( .. i miss that girl.. ugh i found out mee n dawn have parenting together.. shes sucha ass she sed she had is semester 2 but she was wrong :) .. yay ! .. i still dont have ne one in my classes though.. seriously schools guna start reely soon and i think im getting my hair done this weekend .. well at least im supposed too .. i cant deallllllll .. <33 ..

    Current Mood: busy
    Current Music: hilary duff - why not .. ha!
    Friday, August 22nd, 2003
    7:35 pm
    ook so i changed from diaryland too here.. i couldnt find ne cute layouts on diaryland n it was jus annoying.. even though i dont like the font on here but theres such cuter johnny type icons for blurty so.. i dont even kno..

    Current Mood: confused