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[15 Nov 2004|04:39pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | straylight run.."existentialism on prom night" ] sucked..for the most part..but hey.nothing i can do now..

woke up didnt feel good, but i thot i was just something small got so school it hurt to hurt to concentrate at in homeroom went to the nurse she told me i didnt have a fever..and i wasnt' supposed to be down there..unless i was dying..and well to me it was dying..

so went the rest of the day..slept in every single class...thank god i didnt get in trouble..

went to mass media found out i got a good grade.hehe..and i thot we bombed it..

went to lunch...always eventful..cuz of the freakin goobers i sit with..

finally in 10th per. went back down to the nurse..took my temp again..and it was 101. something...jeeze...ha..see i knew i was sick...the lady got mad cuz i got mouthy with her..cuz she told me i couldn't lay down cuz again i wasnt supposed to be down there.. she finally apologized wen she saw my temp..stupid oh well so laid down then came home..and did it some stephs gone with her dad..and im here all alone..kinda weird..but oh well.. and bri are back together!!!!..happened last nite.. :D

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