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(2804) (12:40am)
fuck this

pray for courage

(13104) (4:51pm)
mood : cynical
music : Everafter - Chapter Three

wow. i havent written in here in a long time. ive been in Live Journal world:

is it supersad that i know what HTTP stands for? Hyper Text Transfer Protocol
and FTP. File Transfer Protocol
what else is there? JPEG: Joint Photographic Experts Group. i dont really get that one
i cant think of any right now. but if you wanna throw one at me, knock yourself out

wow im such a dork. i am doing nothing at all today but sitting at hizome.

i bought my Nikon 4300 yesterday. wee. that was cool. Also a shirt at H&M for $5! whooaa! what a steal
ok so i have nothing else to say but that im hungry

ok byeeeeee

pray for courage

trapeze!! (12904) (1:06am)
i wanna take flying trapeze lessons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ahh, i must
pray for courage

its the little things that kill (12804) (1:27am)
err. my back hurts. i feel like an asshole. i dont know what a "quaids" is. and yea.. i dunno.. a lot of other things
pray for courage

i rule everything in this world (12704) (11:14am)
music : AFI - Girl's Not Grey

Which Angie are you?

quiz by acidflowers
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(12604) (3:03pm)
music : Little Mermaid - Poor Unfortunate Souls

i hate processing film. i hate waiting for it. im so excited that i want it nooowww. i cant wait that long and i dont like paying that much for one hour photo when CVS is a piece of shit and doesnt know how to develop film. they should just fucking rot for that.

and i dont like that i cant drive. it makes me every upset. especially when its this cold out.


pray for courage

(12604) (12:46pm)
music : Yellowcard - Star Struck

ok heres the plan. im gonna dye my hair that dark tulip again. but THEN im gonna dye it purple underneat... whoooaaa

pray for courage

...the things they say (12604) (1:28am)
music : Incubus [1] - Are You In?

Ive been thinking about this for a very long time (like a year and half) and I've been getting sucked in and out of that whole over and over again. Its just impossible to avoid.

Im really hating all this "he said she said" bullshit. (er.. limp?) I really am though. Over the past few years I couldnt explain all the drama Ive delt with that involved "so and so said jfadhjkfhdjskhad" and after you hear that you think "oh.. well.. i thought kdhafkdhf" and then because of what you heard your perspective changes on your relationship with that person and somehow its never a good change. It always makes you feel like a piece of shit, funny how that works out right? I can understand why people dont want to tell you things like that themselves.. they're afraid to hurt your feelings, be mean, or they'd just rather keep this fake relationship. But id really like out society to change in that way. It really bugs me that people just cant be straight forward, i know itd be hard at first, but wouldnt it be so much better if everything was just out in the open and people could just express whats on their mind. itd make my life just a tad easier. For instance.. my sister finds it neccessary to lie about every little thing. Its like shes still 5 years old and lying about who spilt the milk. say one of her friends calls her from like.. suffolkish "hey nore. where are you? you said youd be here at 530" ::its 615 we're in the car on hempstead tpke:: "oh im sorry girl, theres a lot of traffic, im almost there though im at exit 40 [?]" now tell me... why cant she just say "im sorry, im an asshole. i have no concept of time and i took too long to get ready and i didnt get my shit done in time, i didnt even have time to call you and tell you id be late" instead of making the poor girl sit there for an hour waiting around. its stupid white lies, misconceptions, and unstraightforwardness[?] that make life complicated

err.. i dont even know what im saying anymore. im so out of it and i have regents tomorrow. weee. maybe ill pick up tomorrow.

pray for courage

(12404) (3:05pm)
last night went to kristines at 6. hung out with daniela, alexia, and andrea. we just hung around basically. that was pretty cool. i fell asleep waiting for my sister which was just dandy. i ended up home at like 4. what is up with that y0!?
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(12004) (3:51pm)
wow. dont i feel i like an asshole
pray for courage

i tried posting this last night but my computer was being a homosexual (11704) (2:28pm)
music : Dynamite Hack - Junior High Mix

yea. i couldve but i didnt wanna have to go in to make up my math midterm. so yea, i went. it wasnt so bad. anywho, so around 4 i went to kristines and hung out with her, andrea, and kristines sister. we slept on the floor.. .kind of. it was pretty darn cool. and her mom wouldnt let me walk home so her dad drove me 3 blocks to my house. and here i am. i feel like sleeping as if it were summer.. which means undies and wifebeater and/or tank top. weeeee. im tired. goodnight.

pray for courage

kelly and the kids (11504) (10:47pm)
so i was at kellys tonight. shes 17.. whoooaaa. thats weird. anyway, we had pizza, watched south park and family guy, had some cake. it was good times ya know. saw lauren smith for the first time in like forever and a day. and today was a snow day, so i missed my math midterm. yessssssss.

i rule everything in this world
pray for courage

(11104) (4:23pm)
music : The Faint - Sealed Human(the remix kills mix)

i fucking love the faint

pray for courage

out like whoa (11104) (2:45am)
soo. at 11 my sister and i decided we wanted to see a movie so we went to see cheaper by the dozen and i brought greg collins along. it was a good movie. i had nachos. i also spent $50 in 2 days. sucks for meeeeee. anyway. we all had a swell evening

the end :)
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richards (11004) (2:48pm)
100 Things about me:
1. Copy this whole list into your journal.
2. Bold the things that are true about you.
3. Whatever you don't bold are false

01. When I was younger I made some bad decisions
02. I don't watch much TV these days
03. I love psychadelic mushrooms
04. I love sleeping
05. I have loads of books
06. I once slept in a toilet
07. I love playing video games
08. I like marijuana
09. I watch porn movies
10. I watch them with my father
11. I like sharks
12. I love spiders, I think they're adorable, especially the ones with bright colours on their backs
13. I was born without hair and I still have no hair
14. I like G. Bush
15. People are cool.
16. I have changed a lot mentally over the last year
17. I have a lot to learn

19. I carry my knife everywhere with myself
20. I'm really really smart
21. I've never broken someone's bones
22. I have a secret
23. I hate snow
24. I drink only milk
25. I drink too much water
26. I hate microsoft
27. I love Chinese food
28. I would hate to be famous
29. I am not a morning person
30. I wear glasses
31. I don't need glasses, except sunglasses
32. I have potential
33. I'm pure Japanese
34. My legs are two different sizes
35. I have a twin
36. I'm wearing a padded bra
37. I can ramble on about absolutely nothing
38. I'm left-handed
39. I hate llamas, but I'm one of them
40. I don't like horror movies
41. I suck at climbing, but I love it anyway
42. People hate me usually. eh, probly
43. I love pop music
44. I hardly ever go to bed before midnight
45. I hate parking fines
46. I know national anthem of my country by heart
47. I know more than two languages not good at them but
48. I spend too much time on the computer
49. I often want to throw out the computer in a window
50. I live on a ground floor ... sort of...
51. I don't like chocolate
52. I'd like to be more original
53. I've lied
54. Cocks are my favorite birds
55. I want to conquer the world
56. I wonder what happens when you die
57. I've read all books about Harry Potter
58. Eat your dog!
59. I love to exercise. only if I get time
60. I hate chemistry with a passion
61. I love to write
62. I like changes
63. I hate going to class

64. I am afraid to die
65. I hate dish washing
66. My hair is long, brown, and incredibly curly
67. My nails are nine inch long
68. My favorite color is black
69. I like to sleep on the floor

70. I am hopeless at cooking
71. I sucked my thumb when I was little.
72. I should be doing somehting else rather than writing this

73. I am online a lot, but not in MSN
74. I hate government
75. I don't have a girlfriend/boyfriend
76. I'm too nice for my own good.
77. I love to read, I read as much as I can.
78. I don't trust newspapers
79. I like debating
80. I live in a wagon
81. I clean my room once a month
82. I'm scared of american fast food
83. I have a third eye
84. I love Mozambique
85. I don't trust any religion.
86. I used to play with barbies because all the other girls were doing it
87. I wanted to be a super hero when I was little.
88. I like listening to wind chimes sometimes... others I want to kill them
89. I'm very disorganized
90. My hair is long and straight
91. I earn a lot
92. I don't like spicy food
93. I keep a diary
94. I can't do cartwheels
95. I am very lazy sometimes.....
96. I'm sarcastic

97. I think my hair is annoying
98. I'm very sensitive
99. I love being "ab-normal"
100. My left eye is violet and my right eye is a light blue
pray for courage

hmm (1904) (11:53pm)
mood : chipper
music : SGT - Whats in sight

so today was the caravan. wooo. that was fun, i got paint all over me and on the carpet.. that wasnt my fault though. but ms. russo was like #$*(&@#(*$&(*!!!!!!!!! anyway, after school there were over 50 people in detention cuz of the sweep the day before sooo, i was really craving my camera. wouldve been nice to have a shot of the worlds largest detention. according to vavavirgil its -10 degrees with the windchill. thats fucking horrible. i hope it warms up a little soon. so i dropped stuff at my house and went to jessicas to get gens cake and as i arrived at gens andrea informed me she left her stuff in my driveway, and then i come home to realize i dont have my key and im locked out of the house. so i ended up going to kristines till the dinner thing and that was pretty neat. so yes, we ate dinner at the diner and i saw jamie for the 1st time since the talent show which was nice. and then i had to go home.. even though there was no one home. but yea, i just had to for reason i will not mention. anyway, kristine and andrea came with me and we had a swell evening.

the end

1 pressed down [x] pray for courage

...and everythings ok (1804) (11:42pm)
music : Toadies - Tyler

hm, well i lied.

so heres what been on my mind all fucking day.. or at least when i got home:

as i was walking down plainfield and getting onto my block, my house started to come into view and i noticed there werent any cars in the driveway and right away i thought "did something happen to my mom?" and just then i realized i always seem to think that whenever i see no cars in the driveway, somehow i automatically assume something wrong and i dont really know why i do that. its become like a reflex.. no cars = trouble. things have been weird lately and ive also realized that ive grown up a lot just in this past month or two. i started taking up a lot more responsibility around the house. usually id just straighten up my room, do my laundry, and clean the bathroom after my mom yells at me for an hour. but just yesterday i cleaned the kitchen, the kitty area (food and litter), did the dishes, cleaned the bathroom, swept and wet jetted the floor. look at me, i was on a roll. no longer is 100% of my life on this thing, its like... 60? im getting there. i try though, first off it kills my eyes.. they're horrible. and 2nd i need to start having a real life... cuz im a loser and i suck and i dont really ever do real work.

the end

pray for courage

(1804) (11:08pm)
music : Linkin Park - Papercut

oh yea. whos smart and cuts gym then realizes 2 periods later that thats their homeroom? hahaha what an asshole... oh shit........ that was me

pray for courage

(1804) (3:39pm)
music : Dashboard Confessional - Drowning


pray for courage

stress (1704) (10:23pm)
stressed out... always happens with little things.
ive decided i dont wanna play gym anymore till we have vollyball
i also realized that i always end up being somewhat sad when im stressed out
im hungry
what do i wear tomorrow?
wheres my everafter sweatshirt?
i miss conversation
i forget a lot of what i had to say
pray for courage

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