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the story ends so fast you burn your fingertips...q [12 Jun 2004|10:01pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | funeral for a friend- red is the new black ]

last night and this morning i didnt feel very well. i woke up at about 7 this morning and john cheered me up and made me feel better :) i hung around my house until 11. then went to jess' house. then i came home and did absolutely nothing. nothing eventful has happened lately. i dont know why i update. no one ever even comments except jess and i love her for that.

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she said "im so happy it's depressing" and all i said was "someone get this girl a mood ring" [10 Jun 2004|08:31pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | none watching Titanic. ]

I LOST 3 POUNDS! :-D today me and jess hung out here. um, not much else happened. im watching titanic. boy, do i love this movie. you know at the end when jack died and he sinks to the bottom of the ocean? well me and jenn were talking about it and-- human bodies dont sink! they float. hahahha i thought that was so funny. ok, thats it. comment.

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the first time i saw a body bend that way, i realized you were more beautiful dead than alive. [09 Jun 2004|06:39pm]
[ mood | jealous ]
[ music | beastie boys! :) ]

i made up with kyky and we're friends again. that made me happy. well yesterday i went to jess'. we hung out and took nice pictures:) hehe. and we watched thirteen<3 today i went to the mall with nikki and megan and i had a good time. i weigh 134 pounds. EW! ok, i really need to get serious about my diet. um well, i dont know what else to talk about. happy birthday karen! i love youu!

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i want a lover i dont have to love, i want a boy thats so drunk he doesnt talk. [06 Jun 2004|09:29pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]
[ music | none ]

drinking 1 ice-cold glass of water burns 15-20 calories to warm your body back up. so if you drink like 10 glasses of ice-cold water a day then you can burn up to 200 calories!!

yea ok so i did absolutely nothing interesting this weekend. i was supposed to go out with kylie. i called her a number of times. she never called me back. whatever. the rest of the weekend i layed around on the couch. all my friends are either grounded or assholes. oh well. 8th grade moving up dance is soon. i really got to lose weight so i can wear something nice. and i want to look good for summer too. i wish i wasnt so fat :(

i miss rosie. i wish i saw her more often. and jess and jackie are grounded :( and i've been very lonely lately. and i have to find a way to go to that boys night out show.

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you broke my heart into a thousand pieces and say it's because i deserve better? [02 Jun 2004|07:27pm]
[ mood | lazy ]
[ music | from autumn to ashes- take her to the music store ]

wow, i havent updated in a while. i've been really lazy. friday jess came over. we were supposed to go to the movies with kylie but kylie would rather ditch us. well i went to friendly's with jess, karen, phil, timmy, cathrine, adian and colunm. i had a good time. saturday i went to the mall with jess. that was fun too. i bought nikki's bday present and myself a wristband (which im going to wear on my WRIST) i hate how everyone wears them on theyre upper arm. well sunday jackie slept over :) we had fun, watched the south park movie and the next day we walked to the park in the rain. we had a nice time. school's been boring. ok, leave some comments this time.

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no title. [24 May 2004|08:29pm]
[ mood | bored ]
[ music | coheed and cambria- everything evil ]

well i havent updated in a while. um, not much has happened lately. friday jess slept over and we watched thirteen and gothika. saturday we went to the mall. sunday i went to the movies with people then hung out with rosie and jess. then jess left and it was just me and rosie for a while. today nothing exciting happened. kyky was supposed to come over tomorrow because we're starting our diet but she suddenly wasnt allowed. whatever. i have nothing to say. this is a lame entry. leave some comments.

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if i kiss your neck would you slit my throat? [14 May 2004|08:50pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | further seems forever- the sound ]

today was a very good day. :) i went to nikki's house and michelle was there. we hung out there for about an hour, then we walked to amanda's house and got her. then we walked to the high school to pick up brian and some other people. then we just walked around with them for a while. then me nikki amanda and michelle all went back to nikki's. amanda died her hair brown and it looks so good. nikki died it back to black and accidently died the hair on her neck black. it was very funny. well we hung out there for a while and i tried on nikki's clothes and we all sang along to the spice girls <3. im supposed to go to the movies tonight but jess is sleeping cuz shes a dykeeeee. leave some motherfucking comments, bitchhhh. ;)

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and im still waiting around for you... [12 May 2004|05:55pm]
[ mood | hot ]
[ music | death cab for cutie- champagne from a papercut ]

yea today was boring. really hot out. went to the library and me and jess read shakespeare's a midsummer's night dream<3333. its really good. we only got to act 2. its so hard to read. well thats all that happened today. here's a survey i filled out.

name- jess
current location- islip
sex- female
status- single
age- 13
grade- 8th
height- 5' 3
hair color- blonde
eye color- green
righty or lefty- righty
zodiac sign- virgo

you talked to- kyky
you hugged- john
you touched- myself. heh.
you got an IM from- nessa
you kissed- james
who slept in your bed- me
who saw you cry- jess
who spent the night at your house- jackie
who you shared alcohol with- jess
who went to the movies with- karen, jess, greg and curt
who you went to the mall with- jackie
who sent you an email-
who you said i love you to- kyky

cried?- yea
bought something?- yea
what?- gum
gotten sick?- no
had alcohol?- yes
sang?- yess in the shower this morning
said I Love You?- yeap
kisses someone- nope
brushed your teeth?- yes

color- periwinkle
food- mashed potatoes + KFC chicken
junk food- chex mix
ice cream- mint chocolate chip
candy- lollipops
gum- orbit or winterfresh
soda- cherry coke
fruit- strawberries
vegitable- potatoes
season- autumn
place to be- in bed
song- reflections- form autumn to ashes
movie- girl interrupted, moulin rouge, lady and the tramp, mean girls
actress- ANGELINA JOLIE! <3333
actor- ewan mcgregor
tv shows- the simple life, one tree hill, charmed, the oc

most popular- probably nikki
loudest- jess
funniest- jackie
prettiest- nikki and kyky
smartest- kyky or jackie

abortion- bad
spice girls- amazing.
teenage drinking- <3
dreams- wonderful.

what cd is in your player right now?: from autumn to ashes.
whats the next cd you are gonna get? probably coheed and cambria
who do you consider good friends? jess jackie kyky kt rosie nikki and john. theyre my bestest friends and i love them to death

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they dont love you like i love you... [11 May 2004|10:20pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | yeah yeah yeahs- maps ]

its been really gross and hot out today. i have all my windows open and a fan on and im still hot. and my moms a fucking dyke and wont turn on the ac. blahhh. and im soo hungry cuz im on a diet. school was boring. i took the proficincy exam. failed it. took a science quiz. failed it. im going in early for science tomorrow if i can get my ass up in the morning.
today i went to the library again with jess. it was boring. but better than doing nothing. me and jess have been hanging out quite alot lately which makes me happy cuz i love my jess :).
yeah. i feel like shit and i think im going to throw up.
im listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. pretty cool band.
im probably dying my hair on friday at nikki's. :) it'll be brown. i hope it comes out good.
leave some comments and i'll love you forever and ever.

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cross my heart and hope to die, these dreams of you are gonna fly... [10 May 2004|07:52pm]
[ mood | stressed ]
[ music | something corperate-bad day ]

new blurty! my old one got boring so i made a new one today. isnt it just fabulous? thanks to the oh so wonderful kyky for showing me how to customize it. <3

well the past week nothing great has happened. friday i had therapey. that sucked. then i went to the movie with jess karen curt and greg. we saw mean girls again. god, i love that movie. im hoping to see it at least one more time before it comes out of theatres and im really starting to like lindsay lohan. well friday night i slept over jess' and we watched the parent trap. then we we had a few drinks and i dont really remember whatever else happened that night. saturday me and jess hung out for a while. then i went home and had to stay home sunday cuz it was mothers day. today me jess and karen walked to the library and me and jess got pizza and frappichinos <3 yummy. very yummy.

lately i've been feeling like shit. all depressed and stressed out. blah. i need a hug. no, i need some mind-blowing sex.

this journal will eventually become friends only. so comment and i'll gladly add you to my friends list.

please comment on my new blurty

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