If only moments werent a measurement of time...   
08:08pm 06/10/2003
mood: indescribable
music: I'm Not Down-The Clash/Rock&Roll-The velvet underground
yesterday was AFI and it kicked AMAZING ass.

We got to the aragon at about 4:00 and people from our school had been waiting there since 11:30. they just started talking to us and nobody threatened to kick our asses so we just stayed there at the front of the line. we were about 7 feet away from the stage when we got in. it was so cool. bill decided he didnt really want to be in the front so he went up into the balcony with jordan and andrew. it kinda felt like he was ditching me but i wasnt too choked up about it.

The best part of the night happened before the concert, surprisingly enough. allison turned to me and she was all like, 'I'm getting a wierd urge' so i asked her what it was. She told me that she really wanted to apologize to sarah and be her friend out of NOWHERE. So she told sarah and i almost started crying. of course, it cant be the same again cuz Al cant really hang out with sarah because of her mom. Still, it was so great. It seems so unreal because i had this vision of them never being friends again. Shelly, Al, Sar, and I had this huge group hug and we all said i love you guys. it was the perfect beginning of the perfect night.

After that we waited for the opening bands to come on. The wait was made more bearable by this really hot guy that flirted with us. well, not really "us," persay. more like shelly and sarah. It was so funny when sarah said "god im so hot now" in regards to the temperature and he was like, "you're tellin me!" Sarah completely didnt get it and told him that if he was warm he should take off his sweatshirt.

The first opening band was pretty good. they were called Bleeding Through and they were comparable to a mix of AFI and a much less hardcore/not so good guitarists Slayer. Most people got into it and the hot kid next to us was going crazy. The best part about the band was that the two (really hot) guitarists were doing flips and somersaults in the background while the lead singer jumped into the crowd.

The next opening band was worse. They were called Hot Water Music. I wouldnt say they were too bad, but they seemed just slightly emo. The problem was that they had a huge fanbase there. That was when people started squishing me trying to get towards the stage. Yeah, i know, im not really a badass concert-goer, but this one huge guy had his elbow in my back and whenever the crowd surged forward, it was like being beaten with a crowbar. People started squishing me from all sides. thats when i looked around, and there was bill.

He yelled "ANN!" and i said "WHAT?" and then he motioned to me to try and get towards him. By that time i was pretty much separated from shelly, sar, al, john, kate, and emmet. It took me about 5 minutes to get through the 5 foot people-filled gap between us. we made our way to the side because we decided wed go back when AFI got on. He told me that it had took him the entire two opening bands to get all the way to the front trying to find me. awww...i love that boy so much it hurts.

when AFI finally came on everyone went WILD. Bill and i decided to mosh and crowd surf a little. I never got dropped on my head while crowd surfing, but i was just inches from it. my feet were completely in the air above me then people were yelling "GET HER UP GET HER UP!" and i got thrown around like a mofo. i felt bad about kicking a few people in the head, but i got kicked in the head a good amount too so it seemed fair. After crowd surfing 3 times these people in orange pulled me out (it was supposed to be a no mosh no crowdsurf show) and told me dont do it again. so me, being the pussy that i am, didnt.

When i went to the side to get some water, sarah was puking by the stairs. She ate those Lays shoestrings things and they were like...whole in her barf. she must have swallowed them without chewing or something. We were all a little sick from getting squashed between huge sweaty guys. it was really hard to breathe. Then, when she finished barfing she said "lets go back to the front!" like she wasnt sick or anything. i love sarah. so allison, sarah, and i all held hands and made our way to the front. we tried really hard not to get separated and whenever somebody pulled us apart wed all squash our way towards eachother. my friends are the best fucking friends ever. Im glad i got to spend some quality time with allison because anneliese is always attached to her when shes around. allison, sarah, and shell are the rockinest chicks i know. anneliese is up there, but she hasnt really been such a great friend to me in a while. john and bill got up there with us after a while and it was like a big happy family.

AFI played almost all the best songs. They played Days of the Pheonix, Girls not Grey, The Leaving song Pt II, Dancing through Sunday, This time Imperfect, and other good songs. They played my favorite song at the very end. God Called in sick today. Davey is an insanely talented singer. He went into the audience and i came within a foot of touching him. Now that i think of it, its kinda a good thing that i didnt touch him because i probably wouldnt have ever bathed again. Then i would be really smelly.

After the concert, sar, al, shelly, and john went to buy memorabilia while bill and i went outside. When the rest of us came out we all went to the side where AFI was coming out. Jade came out to talk to his fans through the fence. The lead singer from Bleeding through came out too. Hes really cool lookin with this bitchin short blond mohawk. he had like a burberry coat so i was like (in my gay glory) "HA HA hes wearing burberry!" then he turned around, made eye contact, and said in a very sexy voice, "no, its a mock. im not like british or anything." Oh be still my raging hormones.

The one bad part was allisons mom getting mad at her. I guess Al was late and "irresponsible" or something. Also her mom was probably pissed about her hanging with sarah. also, bill (not my bill) "motherfuckin-asshole" pankou called her a bitch earlier when we were in line, and even tho hes a shithead, she took it badly. so allison cried a lot when she got home, to the point where she was about to throw up. she was going to stay home but came to school around 3rd period.

So after that we went home (i was feeling a little sick) and got home at about 11:45. I didnt get to sleep until about 2:00 tho cuz the concert was so cool and i was so sick.

If only all days could be like that.
insomnia, noses, and my so called friends   
07:14am 04/10/2003
mood: crappy
music: garageland-the clash/waitin for a superman-the flaming lips
i couldnt sleep. i woke up 3 times during the night and then couldnt get back to sleep at about 4:30. i was really sick yesterday. my english teacher said go to the nurse so i did. then the nurse said go home you have 101.2 fever so i did. so at home basically all i did was just sit around and watch bad talk shows and feel sorry for myself. i kinda wish i stayed at school, though. i had 2 quizzes in spanish and i hate missing chemistry cuz i cant understand it. also, since i was sick i didnt get to go out last night.

also, karen was all like, you disgust me. your faking it. im more sick than you. i was sick for a week and i didnt go home. i cant stand her. i cant even look at her without thinking about how she makes me feel like shit. maybe one day she'll realize what a bitch she is and finally see the light. but i doubt it.

anyway, today i have soccer at 1:00 in peterson park. i dont really want to go cuz i still dont feel all that great, but i think if i want to do anything today with my friends, then i have to act all cheerful and cured. im sposed to spend the day with bill. i really want to. i havent had good alone quality time with him in a while. maybe later tonight john and allison and anneliese can hang out with us.

john and allison are so adorable. john will say out of nowhere, allisons so awesome. i like allison. i love allison. i want to give them both a big group hug.i think allison feels the same way about john but i cant be sure. shes not the kind of person that shares her feelings openly. well, at least to me. she shares them with anneliese. anneliese and allison are such good friends with eachother that it seems like im just there to occasionally interact with them. anneliese will agree with anything allison says, even if she denies it. allison used to follow anneliese, as anneliese says, but now i think anneliese follows allison. they dont care about me as much as they care about eachother, and it kind of hurts a little. more than a little. but theyre still better friends than some people i guess. sarah is basically the only one who qualifies as my best friend, though. she doesnt treat me like im just somebody she has to deal with. i guess anneliese and allison dont do it intentionally, and allison doesnt do it too much. maybe im just paranoid.

tomorrow is AFI!!! i hope im not all stuffy coughy barfy. actually im probably not all that sick in the first place. i usually dont get sick though, so when i do i make a big deal out of it i guess. i think davey havok will generally find me more attractive if i throw up repeatedly.
Orgies and hiccups   
07:54pm 01/10/2003
mood: blah
music: Love rollercoaster--red hot chili peppers
well, i havent updated in a few days. Nothing really exciting has happened, which is not altogether too surprising since my life is a monotonous pile of shit.

One good thing that happened was my friend jeremy got back from the hospital. hes like the coolest kid ever. The only problem is that hes a little unstable. we get in fights about the stupidest things. i can never say something offensive to him, because the littlest things make him want to kill himself. i admit i kinda used to crush on him, but i dont think a relationship would ever work out cuz if i ever did anything to hurt him (not that i would) he might go all jeremy on my ass. i love that guy to death tho hes the cutest, funniest guy. i wish i could help him with some of his problems, or hang out with him more. Hes a really good friend.

On a bright note, AFI on sunday! since my mom is being retarded, i cant go early at 11:00. "you arent sitting around for 8 hours with a bunch of kids i dont know!" well momma, what do you think we will do? maybe to pass the time we will just sample different kinds of drugs, mix them with alcohol, and have a huge orgy. Anyway, i guess i wont be close enough to touch davey's butt (omg i want to have his baby) but ill still be with my friends, even if we're in balcony.

john and allison had an ordeal yesterday...im not sure what exactly it was cuz i wasnt there but i know it ended with one of them suicidal and the other one near tears. I think its all ok now but i can never be sure.

i have the worst hiccups. you know, the ones that bubble in your lungs and hurt when they come out? i tried scaring myself, but it didnt really work. and when i said "boo!" i hiccuped in the middle of it and it came out as "booHICoo." it always works in cartoons, but i still have the hiccups.
Bill being a stupid frijole   
01:36pm 27/09/2003
  Caspr711: why do you always only wanna do stuff with sara
ghettomonkeygal: i dont
Caspr711: you seem like you do
ghettomonkeygal: how
Caspr711: like the past 4 times you could hang out it always HAD to be with sara
ghettomonkeygal: well i feel really bad for her not having many other friends and having people ditch her all the time
ghettomonkeygal: and i told you before today that i was doing stuff with her
ghettomonkeygal: if it really bothers you that much then ill spend all of next saturday with you
Caspr711: i was really looking forward to hanging out with you ann cuz we cant hang out at all this weekend and you cant like not be around sara for an hour and a half
ghettomonkeygal: am i not allowed to have a best friend?

Caspr711: shes bullied allison and everyone else
ghettomonkeygal: oh come on
ghettomonkeygal: no she didnt
ghettomonkeygal: im gonna go
Caspr711: well you know what, in the car mrs. marker said that sara has bullied you and allison when she first met you in girl scouts and has been doing it ever since
Caspr711: and allison agreed
ghettomonkeygal: oh well since girl scouts has so much to do with this, thats very relevant
"what's the worst day of the week that gets us all depressed? M-O-N-D-A-Y S-U-C-K-S!"   
03:50pm 22/09/2003
mood: stressed
music: Fake Plastic Trees-Radiohead
Today was like...the quintessential crappy monday.

First i had to go to school, which was shitty enough. In the future nobody will have to go to school and they will have little microchips in their brains that make them all smart. Then theyll never have to go to school. The only problem with that is that everybody would think the same and it would be really hard to be any different than anybody else and...nevermind. The whole point is that school sucks.

So first i have chefs corner and we have to watch this really wierd etiquette movie where this ugly australian lady with a mullet tells us where to put our silverware. Not exactly stimulating.

Then it turns out i did the wrong day's homework in math, which isnt that bad but its something to complain about regardless.

Then in the commons after lunch john jumped and put all his weight on my backpack, making me fall on my ass. Everybody laughed and my left buttcheek is really really sore.

After that some stupid freshman clocks me with a binder to the boob after seventh period. It was hella fun.

Finally i had to take a chemistry test. I studied like a mofo for that test, yet when i get the test, it seems to be written in like...a different language. I couldnt answer half the questions, and id like to think im not a dumbass. My only hope is that since a bunch of people said it was really hard for them, that he'll curve it. However, i doubt that's going to happen. I'm shooting for a 4.3 GPA this year and something tells me chemistry isn't gonna help that happen.

well, i think thats enough venting for today. I think i'll go kill myself now.
She, she screams in silence...   
06:07pm 21/09/2003
mood: exhausted
music: days of the pheonix-AFI
yesterday was uneventful for a saturday.

First i had a soccer game, which was ok. We lost. We always lose.

Anneliese, allison, and i went to the mall for homecoming shopping. I still havent found a dress cuz i'm really picky. It was fun to have a girls day out. John and Bill met us later to go see a movie. The wierdest thing happened at the movie theater, though. We were halfway through the movie (right at the really exciting part where the werewolves were coming to kick all the vampires' asses) when the power suddenly goes out. It was crazy. all the movies in the theater went off and the only thing that was on was the emergency lights. It was actually kinda creepy. We got our tickets refunded, though, which was pretty cool.

On the way home anneliese suddenly started crying. for no reason. i never know what to do when people cry. It was out of nowhere. I dont even know what was wrong with her.

Maybe its just because she really doesnt want to be around us.
She'd rather be with kevin, anyway.

Today sucked. I got up early, which i hate. Then i went to church, which i hate. After that i did homework, which i hate. Then came soccer, where we lost pathetically. Needless to say i hate that too. Now i'm doing more homework. i'm studying for chemistry, which is actually right now a lot like math. i really hate math. Actually i hate school. As a matter of fact, i hate everything!

life in a glass house..   
08:24am 20/09/2003
mood: awake
music: Supersonic-Bad Religion
Wow, its 8:00 and i've gotten up already. I mean, its saturday. Another reason why i am sort of a loser. Cool people probably do not get up until noon at the earliest, but i wouldnt know since i'm not a cool person.

I wish sarah was here. Shes in Tennesfuckingsee.

Right after school yesterday bill came over. We were supposed to go to johns but his parents werent home and my mom wont let me go to somebody's house when the parents arent home. Bill and i baked cookies but they didnt taste so good since im not exactly Martha Stewart (I burn microwave popcorn and screw up making kraft mac n cheese). Then we played super smash brothers and went to see my kitties. After that, john and al went with us to Bill's house.
SIDENOTE: John and allison are so cute now. they always hold hands and stuff. theyre really fun to hang out with too. Theyre like an endless bag of cheetos.
Anyway, we went to the Visitation Carnival thing. It was pretty fun but i kinda wanted to puke after eating all those cookies. We went on the fun slide, the fireball, and the spider. We also listened to these old guys's band. They all had long hair and probably thought they were pretty badass. the lead singer had a shirt that said "Not Guilty" on it. it was like, what are you not guilty of? All in all though, they werent that bad. Bill wanted to ask them if he could play the guitar, but it probably would have been rude.
SIDENOTE: Bill kicks ASS at the guitar. i mean he is GOD. He can even play with his teeth. He probably would have made those guys look bad.
After the carnival we walked back to Bills and watched Yellow Submarine. That movie is soooo wierd. I doubt anybody pays any attention to the plot. I went home at 10:30 and read a book for a while then fell asleep.

And now today is a girls day out. YAY i fucking need one, dude. i mean, bill and john are great, but i love al and anneliese and sar. The craptastic thing is that sarah cant come. Not only is she in Tenessee for soccer (shes an amazing goalie if i do say so myself) but allison wouldnt go to the mall if she did and she wouldnt go if allison did. Its so retarded. I hope that all this crap ends pretty soon, even though it probably isn't going to.'

But i really really need a homecoming dress. all the ones i want are about 100$ and all i get from my mom is 50. I hope she shells out just a little more for prom. i think homecoming's gonna be fun actually, even if its a super cliche kinda highschool thing. it will probably be me and bill, anneliese and kevin, and allison and john. Then afterward we go back to somebody's house and have a sleepover and chinese food.

I wish sarah had a date. Ive been trying to think of one for her, but if somebody she doesnt really know goes with her, then it will be kind of pointless cuz theyll just ditch eachother anyway. And i cant really ask somebody she knows well because that might be embarassing for her. And the guy she likes has a new girlfriend, Caitlin Whore. Actually her name's Caitlin Harr but Whore kinda rolls off the tongue, ya know? I dont like her, and i dont know what mike sees in her, but i have a tendency for not liking people for little or no reason.

Reasons that i am sort of a loser:
-I woke up at 8:00 on a saturday
-I got home at 10:30 last night then read a book and went to sleep
-I am addicted to John Mellencamp songs
-I baked cookies with my boyfriend last night
-I have only about 7 friends, tops
-I dont drink, smoke, or have sex
-i am wearing christmas spongebob boxers, a system of a down swatshirt, and no underwear.
Gum, testicles, and peanut butter cookies   
06:52pm 17/09/2003
mood: aggravated
music: 96 Bitter Beings-CKY
My day in a nutshell: i wear these white pants to school and everything imaginable gravitates to my ass of course. A few things that ended up on my buttocks was a grass stain, acrylic paint, and pen. The real cool one was some huge wad of fucking gum some bastard decided to leave on my chair in lunch. Very clever, funny joke. Im sure it took the genious who did it an hour to think it up. It was probably one of my sisters dumbass preppy freshman friends. They probably thought it was very badass. I was sticking to various chairs all day.

On a bright note, i went over to Sar's after school and made peanut butter cookies and played with the puppy next door. The puppy's name is Gavin, but i thought it was Lucky because sarah said 'Lucky lost his charms.' Now i figure out its just a saying about chopping off balls. I'm really dense. On the subject of balls, john took a picture of a goat's balls (omfg they're huge!) and he carries it around in his backpack. He shows it to everyone. I think its just a basically johnish thing to do. John and Bill came over to Sar's.

The cool thing about Sar's is that she has all this crazy vegan food in her house. Vegetable cheese. wierd. I'm not a vegan, just a not-so-hard core vegetarian. She has vanilla soy milk and veggie butter. It's really trippy.

John was talking about getting drunk and it was really funny because this one time he was on the phone with sarah and he was completely smashed. he was so out of it that he sat on his kitchen counter naked and when his friends walked in he was like hey guys, im naked! Anyway, he asked sarah when he was drunk if she wanted to bang him jokingly and she said no. So today this was our conversation:
John: I'm really glad you said no.
Sarah: Yeah me too john (laughing)
John: I mean, you would have to be like, i just had sex with a drunk guy.
Ann: Or even worse, i just had sex with john!

My friends are good fun. sometimes i like hanging out with Sar and the guys better than hanging with anneliese and allison because allison or anneliese are always kinda bitchy some days and sarah and bill and john are so funny together. However, allison has been a good friend to me lately. Anneliese, not as much, but im sure ive been a bad friend sometimes too.

Bill is such a cool guy. im so glad hes my boyfriend. I sometimes wonder if hes more my really good friend than my honey bunch of oats. We're going on 9 months soon :).

i hate school, but it hasnt been really bad yet.

Days to look forward to:
*October 5th--AFI concert
*October 11th--Homecoming
*October 31st--MY BIRTHDAY
A poem my mom does not like   
05:38pm 16/09/2003
mood: okay
music: Soup is good food-Dead Kennedys
She used to smell like summer
She was summer on that stage
But you can’t strap ballet shoes on summer
And lock it in a cage

I didn’t know what was transpiring
For she had the simplicity of a child
And even though there were tears behind it
She lit up my life with her smile

She was a flower, a faultless blossom
In a sea of dirt and weeds
But even so, smoldering inside of her
A lonely place began to bleed

And with every pirouette
And every time it wasn’t fair
She began to wish for something different
hope drowned her in a pool of prayer

Everyday, with a discarded heart
She searched for the means to stop the pain
And in the end she had her final graceful transition
With a bullet to the brain

Oh she used to smell so much like summer
But backstage she smelled like other things
Like gun smoke when I found her
And a butterfly dream that lost its wings
This is the last straw my perfectly unperfect friend...   
05:01pm 16/09/2003
mood: contemplative
music: Helter Skelter-Beatles
Today was basically sadly uneventful.

My kitties are so cute. I foster care for kittens through the dupage animal hospital. I hate giving them back but its so fun to care for them. The two ones i have now are called samson and delilah. Delilah is fluffy and fat while samson is really tiny. The only bad thing is they live in my bathroom and when i go to take a shower they try to claw their ways up my naked legs.

We have a bird too. His name is Hugo. My mom found him in our back yard. He's a green parakeet that hates people and starts screaming whenever i put on music. I think he escaped from somebody else's house but we havent bothered to put up signs cuz i figure nobody will want him back.

There is this really really creepy girl in my world history class. I think her name is Jennifer but she's like...Stephen King's Carrie. She's really pale and skinny with buggy eyes and greasy blond hair. She stares right through me. God its freaky. I try to smile at her but whenever i turn around shes looking at me. She wears nice, expensive clothes that i think her mom buys her so that it makes up for her being so wierd.

FYI here are my 5 best friends:
Sarah: Best friends since third grade! we've been thru everything. I think i've barfed on her at least twice. Shes crazy but i like her that way
Allison: Been good friends with her for a while. When she likes you she really loves you and when she doesnt like you she really hates you. Allison is really her own person and is one of the most genuine and unique people i know. However, she now hates sarah because of a few things that i dont think are good reasons to stop talking to sarah.
Anneliese: She once told me that our group kinda has to be friends. I dont see anneliese as a really really good friend because she obviously cares more about other stuff than me. Like allison. She'll always take allisons side no matter what. Also, she is really bitchy now because shed rather hang out with her new boyfriend than hang out with us. Sometimes tho she can really relate to me, and can be a great friend. She's kind of confusing.
John: I've known him for almost 3 years and hes my best guy friend. He introduced me to bill. John is really funny and can actually talk about relevant stuff. Hes sorta in a relationship with allison and i think theyre going to homecoming but i cant be sure.
Michelle: We dont see eachother enough anymore, but michelle has always been a pretty good friend. The only problem with her is shes always talking about her problems. She does have more problems than me tho, so i cant complain.
--Of course there's bill but i cant really include him cuz he's not just my friend. I do tell him about everything though, and hes so great to talk to. Hes the funniest guy i know and probably the sweetest. i think hes jealous of john and me having classes together, and theyre both kinda mad at eachother right now. Its not really mad though, just regular guy-mad. Hard to explain.

I need to find Sar a date for homecoming because it is very very important that she goes with me because i will miss her if she doesnt. However, she and allison might be at it all night and it would be all awkward. poo.
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my dream   
04:33pm 16/09/2003
mood: confused
music: Sorrow-Bad Religion
So i'm walking down this trippy road when suddenly this leptin-deficient mouse from last year's biology book comes up to me and asks me what time it is. I look down, and my watch says 3:45 so i tell the mouse, about 1:00. I don't know why i did this cuz the mouse might have had something important to do and could have been late. it was really bitchy now that i think about it. That mouse already had a leptin deficiency so it was humongously obese. After then i go to school and take a field trip to ancient mayan ruins. Anneliese is there, and shes meditating on a log in a stream. But the log in the stream is really a big alligator that wants to eat her so i save her and everything. But then she yells at me for interrupting her meditation. wtf? and then i find allisons diary in the alligator (i think i got this from watching peter pan) and she wrote in it that she died. Then i get really depressed and start crying. Upon thinking about this afterward i wonder how she could write that she died if she was dead already.
09:05pm 15/09/2003
mood: blah
music: Last Caress-The Misfits
why in the hell is there school? cant we just live off the land and hunt buffalo and do cool little rain dances and never tweeze our eyebrows?

On a side note, i love bill.
On another side note, i had a wierd dream last night. will tell tomorrow cuz i gotta get off.
dizzy wars and lovey dovey   
09:56am 14/09/2003
mood: apathetic
music: With a little Help from my friends-The Beatles
went to alysin's family reunion yesterday. It was cool cuz we got free food and got cool tee-shirts that said "han-mac invitational" on them. i think han-mac invitational means their family golf outing, but im not sure. i think ill wear mine to school on monday. itll be really badass. we also went to see matchstick men. it was cool cuz nicholas cage had spasms and nervous ticks. then we went to the park to just sit around and spin on those spinny things and have dizzy wars. in case you dont know, dizzy wars are when you have two people spin around on the spinny things in the park, and then after a minute have them fight eachother. usually they just stumble around and fall over. its good fun.

bill got mad at me though. he said that i wasn't paying enough attention to him and told me to go away. so i did. and ended up crying. i cry too much. i should take pills for it.

this is how it turned out:
Bill: Come over here (putting arms around me)
Ann: (shaking bills arms off) no! you dont want to be around me!
Bill: Oh ann i love you love you love you
Bill: I'm just scared to lose you. i love you so much annabelle.
Ann: i love you too

im really an oversensitive bitch. i should take pills for that too.

and then we went back uptown and a band was playing covers of old songs. We saw some old people dancing and bill started dancing with me. it was nice.
Things I Hate   
02:38pm 13/09/2003
mood: nerdy
music: Vaseline-The Flaming Lips
*people that honk at you from cars
*holly vargo
*ashley cochrane
*how you have to brush your teeth when you have a stuffy nose because you end up breathing through your mouth and getting toothpaste all over your face
*when cereal boxes say they have a cool prize inside like a color changing spoon but then they dont
*my mom on occasion
*my sister all the time
*school in general
*justinne nickevich
*dan palmer
*steve shuets
*how sometimes people at subway put mayonnaise on even though i said no mayonnaise please
*annie werly
*pat vandenburg
*getting hit by lightning (ive never gotten hit by lighting but it probably doesnt feel good)
*when vending machines wont give you your candy, and you have to kick them and scream really loud and then you get yelled at by a teacher for 'violating school property'
*conspiracies...like how everybody is against me
*fake people! like my sister!
*the fact that my mom will not let me dye my hair pink
*those genital herpes treatment commercials where there's a bunch of attractive people running around on beaches
*mary kate and ashley
*nick at night
*how my mom spies on me
*people who hate you but you cant help but like
*fat guys that like you but you cant say no i dont like you cuz theyll go, is it because im fat?