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    Wednesday, May 30th, 2012
    9:41 am
    The illusion karen millen dresses of re-industrialization
    Who would have thought?karen millen outletSign of the great geopolitical confusion in which globalization has plunged us, the most ardent advocate of the campaign "Buy European" is Indian. Not just any Indian, it is true: Lakshmi Mittal, the steel magnate, one of the richest men in the world. At the head of ArcelorMittal, which owns 41%, Mr Mittal has a definite interest that European industry does not collapse in favor of imports from the emerging world.karen millen saleIt therefore launched a few weeks ago, a call to European leaders to take protective measures to encourage the purchase of goods manufactured in Europe.

    For Lakshmi Mittal,http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comthe world citizen of the species the most perfect, the ultimate triumph of globalization, this is what we call a win-win: it might even have the luxury of two parallel campaigns, " Buy European "and" buy Asian ". But some political leaders called developed world, or the advanced economies, the win-win seems a distant memory.karen millen dressesWhen we moved in unemployment rates approaching 10%, which is the case in France (9.8%) and USA (8.1% in April), it is tempting to that, in this game, it was rather zero-sum game.

    Hence the success of the concept of rebalancing, often accompanied by the re-industrialization. Shaken, tilted, inverted, the global economy aspires to something more than symmetry, or at least a semblance of order. The new storm in the euro area has transformed this desire in an emergency.

    Rebalancing (or rebalancing, in English) is the word of the moment. We must rebalance the springs of the world economy, between growth in emerging markets and recession in developed countries. Rebalance the euro area. Rebalance the Chinese economy, karen millen dresses so that the engine of growth is more investment but domestic consumption. Rebalance the global division of labor, division of labor resulting from globalization: emerging economies the production of manufactured goods, to developed economies the services sector.

    It is this latter aspect of rebalancing that rely the most prospects in Europe and the United States, where there is a few months shy of moving relocation - reshoring in English. We want to believe even more that 2012 was a year rich in elections, both sides of the Atlantic, and that offshoring is considered responsible for unemployment, since they caused an exodus of manufacturing jobs in the rich world to the emerging world. The numbers are there to attest: between 1998 and 2010, the United States, the number of jobs in manufacturing fell by 35%. That's the bad news.

    The good news is that since 2010 the number of jobs in this sector went up by 4.3%. The Wall Street Journal writes a column for the return of plants in the United States under the logo "Remade in America", illustrated with a touching little stars and stripes. The boss of General Electric, Jeff Immelt, was the herald the rebirth of American manufacturing industry and wants to bring in Louisville, Kentucky, hundreds of jobs at its plants in Mexico and China.

    This is a study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), "Made in America, Again - Why the Manufacturing will return to the U.S.," which ignited the powder in August 2011. We had so much want to believe that seven months after the BCG produced a second study identifies seven industrial sectors for which increases production costs in China make it profitable relocations. With this prediction: by 2020, in these areas, karen millen sale from 10% to 30% of goods that the U.S. currently imports from China could be further manufactured in the United States.

    According to this theory, higher wages in China - 15% per year - and the stagnation of American wages have reduced the differential in labor costs. If we add the increase in oil prices, which makes the transport of finished products more expensive, and the advantage for the producer to be closer to the destination market, allowing it to adapt more quickly its products on demand, we can only get excited about the idea of ​​a mass return of all these jobs to the western shores they never had to leave.

    Except that the jobs do not return to a trickle. Why? Because, in the meantime, the industry continued its transformation. Some even speak of the third industrial revolution: after the mechanization of textiles in the eighteenth century and the production line in the twentieth, the third revolution is that the digitization of the industry. Robots and the endless possibilities of the Internet radically revise downward the amount of labor required. In other words, the industry consumes very labor leaves in part of China, but for poor countries where the cost of labor is even cheaper. And industrial activities which will return the developed world will not hire as few workers. The few jobs they will create highly skilled jobs.

    Chinese economists, themselves, consider the idea of ​​re-industrialization of the West to the same as a chimera. "Do not believe everything is back to the way forward," enjoys one of them. Especially since they do not look idly advance of the West in technology sectors and services: home at home, karen millen outlet the ambition is to "move up the value-added" is ie to build in areas that produce the most wealth.

    This does not prevent them from being clear about the urgency of rebalancing their own economy. The optimists say it is already underway, reflecting the global slowdown, and even beneficial, "after thirty years of rapid growth": "The point of equilibrium growth rate is around 6% 7%, and we hope to keep for the next ten years. " They are much less talkative, unfortunately, on how they intend to proceed to switch to a more sustainable growth model, based on domestic demand.
    9:40 am
    Lettre open Bernard-Henri Lévy to karen millen outlet Francis Holland on Syria
    The French writer Bernard-Henri Levy karen millen salecalls Francois Hollande on the need for France to "take the initiative in Syria", in an open letter to be published in several European media Wednesday, May 30

    "France will she, for Hula and Homs,http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comwhat she did to Benghazi and Misrata [in Libya]?" Asked the writer, just days after a hundred people, including fifty children,karen millen outletwere massacred in Hula, in central Syria.

    "You will wear out your personal credit considerable, and that of our country, to return to our former allies, and with them, with Great Britain,karen millen dressesthe United States, the Arab League, Turkey, decide a strategy that goes beyond a strong support for Annan's mission? " request BHL, who helped convince Nicolas Sarkozy to engage diplomatically and militarily in the conflict in Libya.


    The letter must be published in several European media,karen millen outlet including The Point, Il Corriere della Sera, El Pais, Die Welt, Espressen, and The Huffington Post. "I know, Mr. President, you have other emergencies (...). But what was most urgent: prepare to go to Afghanistan early withdrawal of our troops or take the initiative in Syria ? BHL writes. Save the euro, karen millen dresses it is mandatory obligations - but save a people? And what prevents the Greek drama there to pick up the phone, as did your predecessor, convince your colleagues that Russian and Chinese their blind support of the Syrian state terrorism and undermines the disgrace? "

    Francois Hollande said Tuesday that Syria's ambassador to France would be karen millen sale deported on Tuesday or Wednesday. He also said that the group of "friends of Syria" would be held "early July" in Paris.
    9:39 am
    La real strength karen millen dresses of the "German model"
    http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comThe French admiration for the "German model" has gradually supplanted references to the American dream or the Japanese miracle.

    But behind that name,karen millen salethe systemic nature of this "model", we serve as an ideal or a foil, is regularly forgotten. Instead of connecting things that go together, we celebrate our neighbors to the strength of their industrial tradition, or their ability to project itself internationally; invoking their commitment to non-price competitiveness,karen millen outletor their ability to deploy specialized niches with high technological content.

    Such approaches,karen millen dressesbut based inherently fragmentary, have a low explanatory power and are therefore not conducive to the implementation of remedial policies or imitation.

    It is the very pervasiveness of midcap companies (ETI) in the productive German, suggests an article by historian Christina Lubinski ("Path Dependency and Governance in German Family Firms", Business History Review, Winter 2011 , vol. 85/4).

    By focusing on dynastic family firms, which make up most of the country ETI, the author shows that their effectiveness is, since the nineteenth century, their ability to maintain a fine balance between seeking independence and opening markets.


    The persistence of this choice of governance is explained by the interaction of several institutional systems. Starting with a valuation of the small family business as an institution (Mittelstand), karen millen dresses the intermediate real guarantor of social order (Ordnung soziale), when the French mentality was a world of small retrograde promised to disappear.

    Specific rules of company law show that the Germans have built a barrier preserving family control and governance concentrates. Hence the predominance among them of partnerships (83% according OSEO, the group specializes in public finance for SMEs) at the expense of corporations and limited liability, including when firms develop.

    This choice of governance is associated with a high and sustainable flow of business nearly two times higher than their French counterparts, which avoids the dilution of capital as and growth (10% of capital in Germany against dispersed 60% in the UK, for example).

    Similarly, karen millen sale taxation is less favorable to shareholder capitalism, where the French system of corporate tax "to encourage rather than self-financing debt and capital accumulation" ("companies intermediate size in the heart of a new growth momentum, "Bruno Retailleau report, February 2010).

    More than anything, the preservation of a family governance is based on autonomous and estate tax rules that favor household transmission of business ownership, which is not the case in France ("The leaders of family businesses France, 1970-2010 ", J.-C. Daumas, Twentieth Century 114, 2, 2012).

    Although growth of ETI spends more and more by the dissociation between ownership and managerial function, whether by external recruitment or by professionalization of family heirs.

    But the balance between autonomy and openness, although weakened, karen millen outlet has been fairly resilient to the increasing pressure of shareholder governance regime, a phenomenon illustrated by the capital ratio of ETI still very high in Germany (almost 18% in the industry, according OSEO).

    Therefore, considerations of the "critical mass" to achieve in SMEs stem from a particularly reductive view, because it is a whole set of institutions that should be scanned.
    Tuesday, May 29th, 2012
    9:37 am
    Deux young Tibetan monks set themselves karen millen sale on fire in Lhasa
    Two young Tibetan monks immolated themselves by fire Sunday, May 27 in Lhasa,karen millen outletJokhang Temple - an ancient pilgrimage site, the center of the old city of the Tibetan capital -, the organization reported Radio Free Asia (RFA) by calling witnesses. According to the official New China,http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comone was killed and another was seriously injured.

    The two monks, after having just turned into human torches, were quickly evacuated by security forces, according to radio installed in the United States.karen millen dressesThe police managed to extinguish the flames "within minutes" and one of two Tibetans, named Dargye, survived his injuries, the agency said China's official.

    Dargye originated in Aba,karen millen salea Tibetan area of ​​Sichuan province, which has hosted several immolation of Tibetans since last year. The second monk is called Tobgye Tseten and came from Gansu Province, north-east of the Tibet Autonomous Region.

    These are the "first immolation in the capital of Tibet Autonomous Region, Lhasa, karen millen sale to protest against the authority of China," said RFA on its website. Local authorities, contacted by AFP, have declined to comment.


    A senior Communist Region, Hao Peng, condemned these facts, believing they were a "continuation of immolation occurred in Tibetan areas and other acts intended to separate Tibet from China."

    In Lhasa, the city "is now crisscrossed by the police and paramilitary forces, and the situation is very tense," described an RFA Tibetan in exile with correspondents on the spot. A woman reached by telephone at a hotel in Lhasa also did not want to comment on the facts. "Something actually happened here, but I can not say more," she said.

    A hotel manager told AFP that the cell phone communications were garbled in the neighborhood of the Buddhist Monastery Jokhang, karen millen outlet true spiritual heart of Lhasa and the high place of pilgrimage for centuries. "There are many more police than before and they reinforce the identity checks," she recounted.

    Internet searches containing the word "Dazhaosi", the Chinese name of the temple, were also blocked Monday by the censorship system controlled by the Chinese authorities.


    Lhasa was the scene of deadly violence in 2008 anti-Chinese. These events had begun on March 10, the anniversary of the uprising against the authority of Beijing in March 1959, before spreading to other parts of China inhabited by Tibetan minorities.

    Over thirty Tibetans, mostly Buddhist monks immolated themselves by fire or tried to do since early March 2011 in Tibetan areas of China. The most senior Chinese Communist Party in Lhasa ordered the beginning of a strengthening of police surveillance of monasteries after protests by Tibetans violently suppressed in adjacent areas.

    Zhala Qi, head of the Communist Party of the capital of the autonomous region, also requested increased repression against the "separatist" activities, karen millen dresses according to him fomented by the "clique" of the Dalai Lama, exiled spiritual leader of Tibetans, who was reviled by Beijing .

    China claims to have "peacefully liberated" Tibet and improved the lot of its people by supporting the economic development of this poor and isolated region. But many Tibetans no longer tolerate what they see as a growing dominance of the Han ethnic majority in China strongly, and the repression of their religion and their culture.
    9:37 am
    On the Saclay plateau, karen millen outlet the last peasants of Paris
    http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comThe wind blows on the Saclay plateau and designs that spin waves in the fields of barley. Naughty Nadine ahead of the farm road lined with poppies, showing what remains of its operations soon: on 40 acres, one parcel of 13 acres of buildings should be spared. Just off the N118 passes - road that bisects the shelf and moved to Paris to fifteen kilometers. Behind the buildings Supélec and other major schools have already pushed the edge of fields,karen millen dressesthe first fruits of the proposed cluster science and technology to be installed on the lands of the plateau Ile, in the Greater Paris.

    It's not for her Naughty Nadine is concerned, but for her daughter, Elodie. And by her husband, who operated leased land Plateau,karen millen outletbegins his tale: "He died in 1999 of cancer of the heart. My two daughters are minor, a guardianship judge advised me Do not drop operation, if one of them would like to resume activity. " This was the case: after his tray and a few shifts, the youngest feels a vocation as a farmer,karen millen salespecialty organic market gardening and horseback riding. "With my husband's cancer, at age 45, it was asked ... She will not touch the chemicals," said her mother.

    A final qualification to win and will be ready Elodie Vilain to implement, this summer, on the paternal farm, with a draft educational farm and direct sales of organic fruits and vegetables under the arm. She has already bought the hangar containing plow, harrow, seeder and other expensive hardware. But now, "it happens on the Greater Paris project," Nadine cowardly villain. And possible amputation of more than two thirds of the farm land. "It calls into question my installation completely," worries Elodie.


    A dozen farmers cultivate the land on the Saclay plateau. Ugly as Elodie, a total of five farms must êtretouchées by the cluster project, karen millen outlet according to the association and Earth City. Two, according to the Public Establishment Paris-Saclay (EPPS) driving this massive project - which is to see out of the ground a university campus, schools and companies in the sector of science and technology, thousands of homes and a subway.

    There Laureau Emmanuel and his firm of Abrams, built in the nineteenth century and operated by his family for several generations, which could lose almost a third of its 220 acres - would be endangered, according to the farmer, the viability and future of its operations. There Emmanuel Vandamme, a field which must be crossed by the future light rail and part of whose land is threatened by the transfer of a golf course. According to Dorian Spaak, association and Earth City, there are also family Trubuil, and lands experimental INRA (National Institute of Agronomic Research).

    For Antoine's Souich, sustainable development director at the EPPS, everything is back to normal, including redistributing land to farmers who are retiring without a successor. "The lights are green," says he. In the case of Elodie Vilain, on failure of an amicable agreement, "the EPPS could acquire this land by expropriation," the official announcement. While committed to finding a solution to allow its installation, and more generally, "to encourage exchanges between city and agriculture."

    But what weighs most on farmers Ile, the lack of visibility, karen millen dresses and hence confidence concerning the future of their lands, constantly threatened by the advance of urbanization. "Three years ago, I bought a combine. Then I lost 30 hectares. It will therefore take longer to return the machine ... How to invest properly if you do not have a clear vision, Long term, our business? " asks Emmanuel Vandamme. "If they want to take these fields, they take them, but not by inches like that!" he protested.


    "Among the farmers of the plateau, the idea that the total disappearance flat land is already programmed," Saugier says Bernard, former president of the Academy of Agriculture and a member of Earth City. According to a report by the EPPS (PDF), 977 hectares of farmland, a quarter of the cultivated area of ​​the plateau, have been lost since 1982. Urbanization in urban sprawl, with no overall vision, piecemeal.

    However, the land of Saclay are considered the most fertile and France among the most fertile in Europe. Average wheat yields range between 85 and 90 quintals per hectare on set for 74 quintals / ha in France and 56 quintals / ha in Europe. "We grow winter barley, wheat, corn and sometimes rape ... All this without irrigation," says Nadine Vilain. "These are silty fields, with a thick underground clay layer that holds water, says Dorian Spaak. Historically, the plateau was a swamp before being drained by Louis XIV to feed the garden of Versailles . Thanks to these natural conditions and human intervention that it has become a very fertile agricultural land. " Even today, ditches and ponds form the vascular system tray.

    Most of those lands are, however sacrosanct by the Law on the Greater Paris in June 2010: 2,300 acres are enrolled in a protection zone "untouchable" for 340 acres to be developed. "These were years of mobilization to reach this card," says Jean-Francis Rimbert, local elected Greens Europe-Ecology (EELV) and vice-president of the urban community of Saclay (CAPS). Beyond this compromise, the sticking points are now focusing on the precise layout of the area - to be determined by decree, after a public inquiry, by next fall, according to EPPS.

    "Rurban" AND peri-urban agriculture

    Behind the question of the number of hectares to maintain, there is also the type of agriculture best suited to this suburban, rapidly Paris region. For now, the coexistence between farmers and urban residents is not always easy: trampled fields, took to land a quad or a landfill, roads unsuitable for agricultural machinery and, next to people, nuisance, when to harvest at night by instance. "People want the campaign, but not its disadvantages," smiles Emmanuel Laureau.

    The idea of ​​bringing together, therefore, peri-urban farmers and city dwellers seeking rural life is on everyone's mind. Far from relying on the market Ile, saclaysienne agriculture is still dominated by large grain farms whose production is partly for export. But things are moving. "We all made efforts to reposition itself in relation to demand," said Nadine Vilain. While her husband was selling fruit and vegetables out of the station of the RER B Lozere, his daughter also plans to engage in market gardening and direct sales.

    A pioneer in the field, karen millen sale the Farm offers to come pick Viltain directly fruit, vegetables and flowers in her garden. Charles Monville raises chickens bio. An AMAP (Association for the maintenance of family farming), the Gardens of Ceres, was installed. And the Jardins de Cocagne, a combination that makes the social and professional reintegration for market gardening, settled on a farm that was formerly held by the nuns of the Abbey of Vauhallan.

    As for Emmanuel Vandamme, it converted its 230 acres to organic agriculture, manufactures and sells bread. "I do not fight against the bulldozers, because we will lose. I prefer to learn to adapt, Ile said the farmer, tired of war. On set, there should be more involved to make themselves useful to the citizens that we surround. could flood the local market, he aspires. When there will be more oil, they will be glad to eat vegetables rather than those of Saclay imported from Spain or Chile. "
    9:37 am
    Quoi New in parallel karen millen dresses worlds?
    That was the year of the reset counters for parallel sections,karen millen salewhere two newcomers took the reins of artistic director. Installing Edward Waintrop the Fortnight, Charles Tesson at the Critics' Week. Two former film critics who have proved their competence (the first liberation, for Cahiers du Cinema for the second). Mission accomplished,karen millen outletfor one as for the other.

    Next fortnight, Edward Waintrop concocted a joyous and festive programming, dominated by comedies nice outfit. Of the six that were programmed (or nearly one third of the total), five are real success stories, starting with Goodbye Bertha,http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comBruno Podalydès, doubles and Camille, Noemie Lvovsky. Both films very personal, as he explains, had attracted a very early stage. The idea to give such visibility to such despised breeders festivals came in second, to mark the occasion. "I wanted to show the comedy in all these states.karen millen dressesBut it was not an a priori idea. Films I have imposed."

    Among them, The We and the I, Michel Gondry, is an attempt to reconcile an almost documentary approach with strictly codified as part of teen movie, Ernest and Celestine is a delightful animated film Belgian signed Benjamin Renner, Vincent Patar and Stephane sapwood, karen millen dresses and 3, a comedy sometimes serious, sometimes musical, always strange, conducted by the Uruguayan Pablo Stoll Ward.

    But there was not as comedy to the Fortnight. No, Pablo Larrain, was the film's most stunning selection, a great political movie, crazy on the destination through the ballot box of General Pinochet. Another great surprise, put up revealed a new author and free-spirited, Djaïdani Rashid, who was going back to Cannes with the price of FIPRESCI.

    We should also mention a respectable family, Massoud Bakhshi, exciting thriller politics in Iran today. A handful of films stood a line more discreet, less spectacular, but they have given to beautiful moments in cinema: Fogo, of Yulene Olaizola, The Sirga, William Vega, Room 237, Rodney Ascher, the beautiful dream and silence, Jaime Rosales, and La Noche de enfrente, fragile latest film by Raoul Ruiz, who died in 2011, whose strangeness you win smooth.

    Let's not forget Gangs of Wasseypur, Anurag Kashyap, karen millen sale a sort of Indian Scarface broke, not without ambition or self-deprecating, which is available for five hours and twenty minutes over a short period of independence of the India today. There were many failures, but they were lost in a good scheduling. The art is the artistic director there in the way of creating expectations and respond in the same movement. The success of the Fortnight 2012 is measured against this yardstick.

    Side of the Week, too long confused with the sleeping beauty of the Festival, Charles Tesson was trying not to disappoint the spectacular flight of the 2011 edition. Selection (seven feature films in competition, six special sessions) emerged with the honors, dominated the head and shoulders by two Hispanic films: Aqui y alla, the Spaniard Antonio Mendez Esparza, fiction documented tour Mexico, and Los Selvagens, the Argentine Alejandro Fadel, Western contemplative and wild pampas.

    It has also revealed two young writers from rare cinema, the Indian Vasan Bala and his urban thriller Peddlers and the Bulgarian Ilian Metev, karen millen outlet and his amazing documentary on the (dis) functioning medical emergency in his country, Sofia's Last Ambulance.

    We can not conclude this overview of parallel sections without mentioning the ACID, its rules Cannes postage (no requirement of exclusivity or premiere in choosing films) does not play his card in support for films not yet distributed. Works as fragile and seductive than Sharqiya by Israeli Ami Livne, Ini Avan, Sri Lanka Asoka Handagama, or The Virgin Copts and I, Namir Abdel Messeeh, are worth it.
    Monday, May 28th, 2012
    9:32 am
    A Bahrain, karen millen sale a letter against silence
    The thermometer touches already forty degrees in the small kingdom of Bahrain.karen millen saleAir conditioners are humming. The light is dazzling. Despite the stifling air, protests continue against the regime, the power of the royal family Al-Khalifa.

    Zainab Al-Khawaja,http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comimprisoned since April 21, will it, from his cell, the clamor of the opponents? The young activist familiar with the resolution of his peers who are calling for a political system - and economic - more egalitarian. In silence, on a sheet of paper, she just blend his voice to theirs, in a letter written from his vibrant place of detention: "What I expect, this is not my release.karen millen outlet(.. .) What I want and what I dream is freedom, not my release. I will sit in my cell, I hear its walls who recite the poems of another political prisoner (... ), remembering that our struggle for freedom must continue (...). I admire my brother and sister imprisoned.karen millen dressesTheir determination and patience, give me hope. "

    Zeinab was not 30 years but has already had multiple arrests and jail time since the beginning of the revolt in Bahrain in February 2011. Participation in illegal demonstrations (power only allows a trickle public gatherings). Incitement to hatred against the regime. Assault on a police officer. Obstruction to traffic. Of all these charges, it claimed innocent. In his recent letter, she warns: "I will not attend any of my trial." Justice, Thursday, May 24, was convicted of taking part in illegal gatherings and sentenced to one month in prison. She also ordered a few days earlier, karen millen sale to a fine of 200 Bahraini dinars (about 420 euros) for insulting a policeman.

    For months, Zeinab Al-Khawaja is fighting for the release of her father, Abdel Hadi, militant history of human rights and pro-opposition radical Bahrain. Sentenced to life imprisonment in June 2011, in hunger strike since Feb. 8, he moved in a wheelchair during his court appearance, May 22

    For months, the young activist fights for the revolt in the small archipelago, largely neglected by Western media - and Arab. The winds of dissent focused primarily by Shiite Bahrainis to - like Zeinab - a majority in the kingdom. His tweets devoted to the uprising and denunciation of the repression under the nickname of Arabia Angry, followed by more than 42,000 subscribers.

    Zainab Al-Khawaja is far from untouchable, despite the reputation enjoyed by his family in the circles of activists of human rights. Several of his relatives, including her husband, karen millen outlet are thrown in jail since the beginning of the insurgency.

    But the young woman knows that their fate will be relayed abroad under this notoriety. Like that of Nabil Rajab, another famous Bahraini opponent held since May 5 Much more easily than will be known the fate of Jaafar Hassan, or Ali, killed in the crackdown.

    Jaafar Hassan Ali: the names of anonymous Zeinab that she has met or supported by his activism. Jaafar, "an innocent man, referred in the face by firing buckshot, Jaafar who lost both eyes. Jaafar was convicted during a trial that lasted less than fifteen minutes, in the absence of a lawyer. (...) The judge watched the blind man and wounded, and he shouted: "Do not bother to sit down, you are condemned to two years in prison! '" she says in his letter. Hassan, he was "arrested more than five times" and "subject to the same nightmare" of torture repeatedly. As for Ali's family who "witnessed his murder", they are now behind bars.

    "I'm not just Zeinab Hassan Jaafar and I (...). My question is that of hundreds of innocent political prisoners in Bahrain. My release, without them, I do not care. (...) Yes I dream of my daughter (2 years), when I sleep and when I'm awake, but I know when I'm with her, at home, my mind will not be at peace, "the young woman continued.

    Who will hear? Critics, no doubt. Organizations of human rights, already occurred in the past, such as Amnesty International, asking for his release. But not Western diplomats, aphasia or a fit of shyness address human rights violations (torture, unfair trials, arbitrary arrests) in the kingdom. Not, either, these loyalists who support the Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al-Khalifa and his family, and accuse opponents of being pawns of Teheran, karen millen dresses in a "conspiracy Shiite" - most of the loyalists, as Al-Khalifa, are Sunni.

    The interference of Iran, to challenge the recent proposed union between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, also does not lack of being denounced by the loyalists. The project under consideration, should be the first step in a rapprochement between the various members of the monarchies of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC). The faithful of the royal family approve, but the opposition rejects it, on behalf of a Bahraini nationalism. Zainab Al-Khawaja said nothing of this project in his letter. But, obviously, if it was free, the militant reportedly joined the protests against the partnership with a country that sent troops to quell the revolt of Manama, in March 2011.
    9:32 am
    Nicolas Sarkozy has lost karen millen outlet the gay vote
    http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comOne of the great mistakes made by Nicolas Sarkozy, and that certainly contributed to his fall, is to have underestimated the importance of voting gay. We represent, according to best estimates, from 5% to 10% of the population. But what have we heard in the speech of Marseille on Sunday 19 February, about marriage for gay couples? "When you love France,karen millen saleit does not weaken the institutions that form the fabric of our social life. The family, marriage are part of these institutions. (...) We do not want that we sacrifice our identity fashion of the moment! "

    First mistake:karen millen outletthe claim of marriage for all is not a fad of the moment, but an old and deep aspiration, as were in their time on divorce, contraception or abortion. Second blunder, far worse for the candidate: gays have seen designated as not loving France,karen millen dressesso as bad Fran?. None of us has supported this rejection hateful and stupid, racist whose accent has a deleterious odor.

    The desire to marry gays is based on the desire to abolish the past karen millen outlet discrimination. Why two people of the same sex would they not have the same rights as different sex? The only criteria should be love, the decision to engage. This is the same for same-sex parents. The paternal or maternal instinct is absolutely distinct from sexual desire. A man and a woman who clap and clap above their child would have every right to be parents, while two men who love each other or two women who love and affection would surround their adopted child would be prohibited from kinship? The absurdity is obvious.

    That those opposed to marriage for all and adoption homoparental think of the dozens of orphaned and abandoned babies in so many countries and karen millen dresses sentenced to hospice: do not they want to give them a chance to be collected by a family ? They are also thinking that hypercatholiques countries like Spain, Portugal and Argentina have allowed marriage for all long before he was declared "fair" by U.S. President Barack Obama.

    They mainly reflect this, because they come mostly from the conservative right. Marriage, commitment in marriage is a mark of loyalty, therefore a means to strengthen social cohesion, a remedy for the excesses that could shock them in the Gay Pride.

    Marriage gives a sitting at home, the couple. The couple is worth a lot more s? Re in a society that two people each delivered to their whim of the moment. Even British Prime Minister David Cameron understood that, karen millen dresses by supporting marriage for all while being a member of the Conservative Party.

    But Nicolas Sarkozy, for lack of political intelligence or lack of heart, did not understand. And that is why nearly three million votes have escaped him.
    9:31 am
    In the neighborhoods of Henin-Beaumont, karen millen sale the doors open for Le Pen
    Marine Le Pen plays home to Henin-Beaumont (Pas-de-Calais).karen millen outletKnow and love. Friday, May 25, the president of the National Front has chained visits "field" in the 11th constituency of Pas de Calais,karen millen dresseswhere she ran for election.

    City Foch, 14 hours. It's a neat area, housing is mine, pretty small houses, where one competes well-trimmed hedges and gardens adorned with decorations such as http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comsmall windmills and garden gnomes.

    This is Marine Le Pen and his deputy Steve Briois, a native of the city and linchpin of the implementation of Le Pen on the land left.karen millen saleShe just go door to door. The cameras were kept away. To avoid the presence of television journalists, the appointment was disclosed at the last moment by SMS. Only a few representatives of the press are present.

    At the door of every house, Ms. Le Pen rings. If there is one, it slides a pamphlet in the mailbox. Otherwise, she talks with people reserving it, karen millen sale the overwhelming majority, a good home. Like this woman, who asks him to sign his driver's license and invited him to visit her, she and her husband, an hour later, at the other end of town. Marine Le Pen accepts.


    Sometimes the reactions are more nuanced. So this man his size hedge and said his "disappointment". The FN vote is "finished" for him. "I voted for you, but you gave power to the left!" Joked the fifties. Piqued, Ms. Le Pen turns back and commits an exchange "muscular" with him. "I wish that we discuss this. This result [the victory of the left], it is theirs [that of the UMP]", the candidate responds.

    "You could get all of Sarkozy!" Replies the man. "Yes, but I am not like others, I'm not trying to be a minister, I fight for my ideas, I am neither UMP nor PS", she quips before walking away. The man finally said, "Come on, it's okay, I'll vote for you anyway!" She reacts, pleased: "From time to time, we must shake people, it can work."

    An hour later, karen millen outlet at the other end of town, in another neighborhood. This time it is a communist militant who replied. He takes his tract and warned: "I am for Mélenchon." "The communist version of Marchais, they are not for Mélenchon. They have changed, the Communists," said Ms Le Pen. "Unfortunately," he said. And adds: "But one never sees you to the demonstration outside the factories!" "Wrong!" Answer as one Marine Le Pen and Steeve Briois. Despite their arguments against Mélenchon, their partner did not seem convinced.


    The Pen-Mélenchon. The third round (or round) of a match that lasted for the presidential election. And this time it is in Henin-Beaumont that this is happening. For the former Left Front candidate in the presidential election comes in the same constituency that Ms. LePen.

    Thus, throughout the morning of Friday was facing a possible meeting between the two figures on the market of the city - which was ultimately not taken place, Mr Mélenchon having arrived a few minutes after the departure of her rival. "What are you waiting for this meeting? Let me jump in the throat? May I bite the calf?", Launched in the morning, Ms. Le Pen told reporters. It intends to minimize this "game in the match." For her, her opponent, it's not him, but Philip Kemel, the Socialist.

    About Mr. Mélenchon, said the president of FN, however, share some analysis of the PS: "The Socialists complain, saying that the arrival of Mélenchon radical positions and may strengthen us in bringing him to vote against people who might be refrained. " Potential score of the left, however, concerned the FN, especially because of redistricting in 2010, which added two cities left anchored to the district, and Carvin Libercourt.

    Thus, if the candidate of the far-right party is very strong in Henin-Beaumont, city layout, thanks to his exposure of "cases" involving the former mayor (PS) Gerard Dalongeville, it could be disadvantaged in other municipalities in favor of the SP and the Left Front. "This redistribution could help but win," admits Ms. Le Pen.


    In any case, karen millen dresses the market, the welcome is very friendly to the President of the FN. Number of residents call him by his first name: "Hello Marine!"; "It's going to Navy?". Sometimes he kissed on the cheek, told that she "is beautiful", it "looks like a young woman."

    Working on these lands, it is not so much anti-immigrant message - even if that argument plays - which convinces, that the speech on the economy. "This is the only one that is sincere when you listen. She's right on the euro. After all the bills, I have 400 euros to live," said a woman in her forties who wants to stay anonymous. "When I look at the government and their benefits, it's absurd. One of Sarkozy, he was a royalist government: everything for them, nothing for us," she adds.
    Saturday, May 26th, 2012
    9:34 am
    Au government, karen millen sale learning patience
    It's always a treat to observe the first steps of a government,karen millen saleto see how the ministers settled, take their brand, trying to prove to their fellow citizens that they will succeed where their predecessors failed.

    For years,http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comgovernments are struggling against this pernicious sentiment that policies have no control over anything. They try to fight the disease of political impotence that undermines the democratic foundations.

    They thought at a time to cheat death by speeding up the tempo,karen millen dressesby acting quickly, exposing themselves to the fullest. The introduction of five-year term in 2000 was a form of response to depression which had settled in the seven-Chirac.

    The "hundred days" of Dominique de Villepin in 2005 karen millen outletwere a response to the triumph of no in the referendum on the European Constitutional Treaty: a flurry of decisions marked with the seal of "economic patriotism" to show that France was still moving.

    The hyperprésidence Sarkozy pushed the logic to the extreme: one man in action, exposed to every wind, karen millen sale without an umbrella, taking a decision a day, moving around. Up to lead leached at the end of the quinquennium and no conclusive result.

    He had to break with this headlong, regain control of the time, play the retention and long term and build on them with even more conviction than in the immediate future there is no good to promise since the funds are empty.

    The long-time based action Francois Hollande, but we do not change habits at once: just named, Vincent Peillon, karen millen dresses the Minister of Education, announced the end of the four-day week.

    Manuel Valls, the interior minister, has stepped up field visits exactly as did Nicolas Sarkozy in 2002 when he occupied the same function. And Arnaud Montebourg called social partners at home to the Department of productive recovery without waiting for the Prime Minister gives the "the".

    All three were politely crop: it will play as a team, respect the time of consultation, expect the trade-offs. In short, be patient. Any rehabilitation to do.

    In the immediate future, the country is benefiting. It revives the healing after years of tension. Soon, however, karen millen outlet will ask downtime and thus boredom and therefore impotence.

    The premium to consultation can only succeed if the intermediary bodies are gaining legitimacy and agree to participate in redefining the social contract. This is the challenge of Francois Hollande but that does not depend on him.
    9:34 am
    Crise in Europe, karen millen outlet the credibility crisis of European
    It is striking to note the impact of the karen millen dressescrisis of sovereign debt of European countries on the credibility of the European Union (EU) on the world stage.

    Although some experts are saying, it is essential to remember that this crisis is affecting all European countries.karen millen outletDifferences in interest rates on government bonds to 10 years between France / Italy / Spain / Portugal / Greece on the one hand and Germany / the Netherlands on the other seem to say that there are good and bad students ... Wrong! There are good students in the public deficit (Germany, Netherlands), but certainly not the debt: that of Germany,karen millen saleamounting to 82.3% of GDP, is above the European average in 2010 (80 %) and 22.3 points beyond the 60% limit set by the Pact of Stability and Growth that France and Germany were the first to flout in 2003.

    The crisis we are talking about those same key so that sometimes we build models quickly in the national debate.karen millen outletHere is one of the many facets of a phenomenon we should be aware: the way we look at the crisis is too purely French.
    Abroad, what happens is a small revolution in the geopolitical balance. This is raising the matter with diplomats of the G20 countries that break appears the most.

    During the seminar "ModelG20" devoted to the transition between the French Presidency and the Mexican presidency of the G20 held in Paris in late January, karen millen outlet the No. 2 Mexican Embassy in Paris do not hesitate to declare to the Chief Multilateral Affairs Treasury before an audience of students, "you remember, Mexico has some experience in managing economic and financial crisis ... seen your situation if you, Europeans, need advice, feel free to ask us, we will gladly assist you. With the IMF. " Reinjecting into the debate the fear of being put under a control program that the IMF was already in vogue in the discourse of sovereignty Margaret Thatcher, it really hit Mexican diplomat, negotiator interloquant the French by his condescension.

    resent at the Convention of Europe in early March, karen millen sale the former Foreign Trade Minister of Canada Pierre Pettigrew does not hesitate to throw a cat among the pigeons: "You have created the Maastricht rules. It was a model of international economic governance and Canada was inspired to manage its federal budget. It was a real economic success for us, we owe you a debt of gratitude, but you'd better have you apply your own rules. "

    Attack properly, it is a page of European history who is horny. His remarks echo the response made by Dr. Alok Sheel, economic and financial adviser to the Prime Minister of India, Indian Union negotiator at the G20, which it was requested in late March if the assumption of EU presidency taking rotating G20 was credible. "Why not", he said calmly. Adding that the future of the European Union, it was "up or die" ... fiscal federalism or death. Top official of the world's largest democracy, he recalled with pride that construction could take place without European citizens. Recalling the passage and the requirement of more democratic bodies, where the EU manages crises of the European Council of a sudden that does that too indirectly accountable for its decisions.

    Internationally, the whole of Europe, without distinction of good and bad students,karen millen dresses is now facing its contradictions and is in dire straits. To maintain leadership that still miraculously allowed to elect a French head of IMF and regain our credibility, we must humbly out of the rut, and correct a major weakness of our ancestry that could be summarized by the maxim: Do what I say but not what I do.
    9:33 am
    Berlusconi favorable to karen millen sale institutional change in Italy
    http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comThe former head of Italian government Silvio Berlusconi on Friday proposed a new institutional model for Italy. "There was a vote in France and Athens. Do we want to be like Greece, where he will return to the polls and there is a situation of ungovernability, or is it better to look toward Paris?karen millen sale "Berlusconi launched during a press conference in the Senate.

    Asked about his possible candidacy in 2013 as president, Berlusconi replied: "I will do what the [People of Freedom (PDL)] ask me."karen millen outletHowever, he suggested that if the reform passed, it would be possible: "It's not my ambition but there are responsibilities that you can not escape."

    Berlusconi has estimated that "better [opt for] the French system,"karen millen dressessaying will provide "an opportunity for citizens to directly elect the president."

    Italy is a parliamentary republic where the head of state has little power, karen millen sale being the guarantor of the Constitution. The head of government also has limited powers because it is constantly forced to deal with the various members of the coalition that supports it. Parliament is sovereign of last resort, the government presenting bills "that look like fiery thoroughbred horses (...) when it comes out after four hundred or six hundred days is more like a hippopotamus, "karen millen dresses said Berlusconi.

    Asked about the recommended model, Mr. Berlusconi has specifically stated that he supported the French system of voting in two rounds, the first absolute majority.
    Angelino Alfano, the LDP secretary general, said the powers of this "new president" would be enhanced over those currently available to the Head of State. But he did not enter into detail, ensuring want to leave the field open to a karen millen outlet discussion with other parties. "Our proposal is not to take or leave, we are open to debate," he said.
    Friday, May 25th, 2012
    9:37 am
    Faut really bleed a state karen millen sale that never existed?
    The Greek crisis will soon come back,karen millen dressesthreatening the very beginnings of the new French presidency. So we must also return to the elementary education, the repetition, we know, is the first principle. If you want to see the disaster in Greece currently offers the simple translation of government negligence and carelessness social amenable to treatment doses of austerity horse, it will kill the patient, but also on n 'will not understand the historical processes of mutation,http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comwhere the concomitants outweigh the direct causalities. In this respect, the Greek saga is demonstrative. It appears at the crossroads of three logical self: a social crisis, a crisis of the state, a crisis of Europe.

    For a little less than two centuries of its contemporary history,karen millen outletGreece has built its economic development on a societal fashion. With very few exceptions - the period of Eleftherios Venizelos, in the inter-war period, after the defeat against Turkey - is the society initiatives, groups and individuals united by strong family solidarity, that 'expired primary responsibility of building the material and spiritual foundations of the nation: the small farming, cottage industry, then industry and tourism, housing,karen millen saleand above all that of millions of rural people who arrived in large cities in the second half of the twentieth century, the education of children through a dense network of private institutions and popular. For a long time, this "autoportage" of social thrived happily, bringing out the Greece of poverty, albeit with international aid - U.S. before being European - but especially through the work and ingenuity of its citizens . Lying and laziness is accused today of the Greek people are fables.

    But this system is out of breath. Greece has suddenly discovered that at a certain level of growth, we could not build cities without any spaces or public transport, karen millen sale an unregulated economy, social solidarity without organization or health emergency preparedness, training without a competitive frame collective education. Curiously, the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004, less indebted nation that delayed the realization of this radical transformation. After all, through a little stingy governance means and legality, it was, with the metro, the new airport in the capital, and urban highways, was the success of all: to win the European football championships, inauguration of one of the most spectacular marine bridges in the world on the Gulf of Corinth, a successful sporting event universal.

    Three years later, tragedy dozens of deaths in fires in the Peloponnese, in the disruption of administrative services, signed a nightmarish awakening. Greek society is ready for it provided an overhaul, to accept the creation of a "public affairs", and to pay for it? Unfortunately, the evolution of the state does not promote this awareness. Low, permissive for businesses of its citizens failing to invest himself, his servants for patronage, he was from the outset. What has changed, karen millen dresses from the 1980s and the coming to power of PASOK (Socialist Party) of Andreas Papandreou, is that of localist, the system has spread across the entire country, multiplying emoluments and sinecures.

    For thirty years, all governments, right and left, that have succeeded have amplified this behavior with magnified by means of EU subsidies, which did not serve, it is true, as investments productive. The company has benefited, but is mired in the political class into disrepute. The lamentable spectacle of disunity gives it after the elections on May 6 is the absolute demonstration. The contradiction is that it is not ripping off a state that never existed we give respectability and impartiality.

    And Europe, itself, has changed the playing community, is not free of responsibility. It was built on solidarity with "South" (southern Italy, Greece, Portugal, Spain), considering that the correction of economic inequality and the consolidation of democracy combined the best of its history and interest of all. The crisis that afflicts too, she discovers that it is fiscal discipline and control of public debt that are the norm. It is his right. But it can make all the consequences to his debtors, nor do they have the primary responsibility for the lack of financial and social policies common. At its most wealthy and influential, Germany and France in the lead, karen millen outlet to show that growth and progress are values ​​worthy of excitement.

    In total, the Greek crisis is exemplary, as it binds to causes beyond its effects. But it is not insoluble. Greek society, which in its vast majority, wants less austerity immediate and does not leave the euro, is not so contradictory. It would not be impervious to the sacrifices entailed a real state, provided that it is in fairness and responsibility of its rulers. This is the weak link of the reasoning. But we must also support a European idea that is not only financial and competitive, but social and democratic. This is an immediate challenge for Greece. This is a structural challenge for France. It is vital for the construction of Europe.
    9:36 am
    The Greek elections: karen millen outlet what Europe do we speak?
    May 6, 2012 Greek parliamentary election,karen millen dressesa majority of voters were against the austerity policies dictated by the European partners. To some observers, Greece would today divided between a pro-European vision assumes that the agreements on debt and an anti-protectionist European vision that karen millen salethreatens his place in the euro and the European Union.

    A closer reading of the election result and that negotiations are under way, leads us to reconsider the ideological battle is engaged. The Greek debt crisis shook the traditional dividing lines left - right in the country.http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comThe new ideological divide rather oppose the parties accept as legitimate basis of the European project European liberal reformism, in the German version of ordo-liberalism, and political parties that advocate of statist and pro-active European social. Paradoxically,karen millen outletthe party carrying the idea of ​​a European socio-economic solidarity that are perceived to be anti-European.

    The Greek socialist party PASOK, once the crisis is installed, has gradually assumed all the requirements that resulted from the austerity demanded by the EU and the IMF. PASOK has initiated policies wage and tax socially painful. He made efforts, which have partly failed despite the support of the European technocracy, to implement economic reforms of liberal orthodoxy deemed necessary (reducing the size of the Greek state, privatization of public enterprises , wage flexibility by reforming the labor market, fiscal and administrative facilitation of foreign investment flows etc..). This party, historically rooted in the social democratic tradition, has ruled the country from 2009 to 2011 by conveying a vision of the problem Economist Greek debt. In a similar way, karen millen outlet the conservative New Democracy abandoned at the end of 2011 their position right populist anti-austerity and co-governed the country with PASOK until May 2012 under the auspices of L. Papademos.

    These two political, emblematic of the Greek two-party since the beginning of the Metapoliteusis in 1974, are now ex-major parties. It is precisely their long implementation and taking of interest in the institutions and services of the Greek state has become the main obstacle to any attempt at administrative streamlining. In response, the European Commission created a task force Greece to provide technical assistance in this matter.

    Without doubt, the election result brings these parties to qualify their speech accepting the one hand, a renegotiation of the second marginal austerity plan and, on the other, karen millen sale the reinforcement of a policy of further growth. This does not change their commitment to the current approach to crisis management. The notion that Greece can only follow the roadmap of neoliberal reformism is also shared by the extra-parliamentary parties liberals "Drasi" and "Democratic Coalition", which again more in the Anglo-Saxon tradition. The "Democratic Coalition" is currently negotiating with the New Democracy to form a single platform.

    This blend of ideologically heterogeneous parties is in a minority position in the face of anti-liberal and leftist parties, however, pro-European. There are the left-wing radical who saw Suriza quadruple strength of new parties and dissident moderate left, as the Democratic Left and the extra-parliamentary party center-left Social Pact. In the same vein anti-austerity, there is also the dissenting party right Independent People Greeks. If the first mark their opposition to austerity policies focusing on the issue of tax and social justice, the latter gives the scoop on issues of security and national integrity.

    Political landscape in this highly fragmented, new power relations develop. The electoral earthquake in Greece draws lines of fracture which remain emblematic of the Europeanization of ideological conflicts. The growth of the forces of pro-European left anti-austerity in Greece is participating in a larger movement that should not be regarded as "heretical". It ultimately strengthens the bargaining power of political movements and parties in the partner countries who wish to further integration.

    The European project has built on the social liberalism of Jean Monnet and Robert Schuman. To what extent this ideological framework can ensure the viability of the project now? After the cohesion policy of the 1980s Jacques Delors, President Holland arrives to offer an updated version of the European Social Liberal reformism: create a policy of growth based on productive investment. This option requires especially strengthening the role of European economic institutions (European Central Bank, European Investment Bank, European Financial Stability Font) and the European Commission, but also the creation of other, karen millen dresses as a European Treasury. This agenda proposed by the ruling elites will, in the best case, caused the development of a well-defined sectoral federalism. It is beyond any European policies of social redistribution. Federalism, indeed executive, may be summarized in three points: the enhanced role of the European technocracy, the use of the intergovernmental policy and economic development of a formal European parliamentarism.

    Given this limited reformism, European citizens may be involved in opening a new account. A growing number of voters becomes aware of the institutional and political failure of the EU. On the European political area, the movement that project a vision of solidarity in Europe are on the rise. The emergence of a mature citizen request claiming federalism social, fiscal and democratic European may be far less than we think.
    9:36 am
    Rachida Dati "annoyed" by Fillon karen millen outlet that "creates division"
    http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comIf Rachida Dati has given up as a candidate in parliamentary elections dissenting against Francois Fillon, it does not mean an end to its attacks against the former prime minister, in rivalry with Jean-Francois Cope,karen millen dressesthat it supports.

    The mayor of the 7th arrondissement of Paris is said Wednesday, May 23 "annoyed" by Francois Fillon who "creates division" within the UMP, after former Prime Minister felt that the old majority n ' had "no natural leader,"karen millen outleta pike against the current Secretary General of the UMP.

    "What bothers me is that always, no less, [Francois Fillon] creates division:karen millen sale'I created the division and then I called the rally", launched on BFMTV Dati. "It's not very fair, and I have suffered some effects. You can not create division and after do not like to touch it," she insisted.

    "THE CHIEF IS UMP Jean-Francois Cope"

    "The head of the UMP to date is Jean-Francois Cope ... Like it or you do not like it, karen millen outlet and beyond the long friendship that we both, we still can not deny that it has mobilized activists, sympathizers, he brought together politicians from all political, "ruled the MEP.

    "Is what we are today in the Congress of the UMP? No," said Ms Dati. "We are in the legislative campaign, Jean-Francois Cope is every day in the field with our candidates."

    Recalling his long-term conflict with former Prime Minister on the karen millen sale nomination of the UMP for the parliamentary elections in the 2nd district of Paris, she was running for a nomination but ultimately acquired by Mr. Fillon, Dati said: "This is a little annoying after a while."


    Jean-Francois Cope, she said, "it is with the candidates to win the elections, karen millen dresses with activists who do not understand that those who were lucky enough to exercise eminent responsibilities thanks to Nicolas Sarkozy-because he [Francois Fillon] was appointed by Nicolas Sarkozy-, create division. "

    "The militants do not support these arguments-there now," she insisted. Francois Fillon on Wednesday launched the war heads the UMP by saying that there was "more natural leader" in the former majority party, ending the semblance of unity that Jean-Francois Cope and tenors wanted to display to the right of legislation. Mr. Cope responded by asking him "to mobilize as the legislative."
    Thursday, May 24th, 2012
    9:34 am
    Des forges karen millen outlet Florange
    http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comIt rewinds. A few weeks ago, workers of ArcelorMittal déboulaient regularly in newspapers in 20 hours and in the presidential campaign to challenge the candidates after stopping Florange site in Moselle. And this Tuesday, May 22, is a century of history of the steel which runs on Arte, the time it took to get to this:karen millen saleif you want to see a blast furnace heated French, backfiring, spitting fire and sparks, leaving only the archival footage.

    "Men of Iron", two-part documentary Anais Olivier and Spiro, opens to the early twentieth century:karen millen outletthe steel triumph, the ironmasters set up their power. The steel which made locomotives, bridges, the Eiffel tower and cannons ensures the fortunes of industrial dynasties in Germany and France - Krupp in the Ruhr,karen millen dressesLorraine Wendel, Schneider Creusot ...

    Demonstrate their heirs, karen millen outlet propped up in the sofa. The retired workers tell, leaning on a kitchen table. The former CEO remembers, sitting in an office. All lived in a world where housing estates were spread around plants erect like cathedrals. The first describes a paternalistic system: the daughter of Charles Schneider remembers seeing some of the inhabitants of Le Creusot kneel on the path of the hearse of his father's grandchildren Krupp ensure that "everything was done for the welfare the company, the family was after. " The second talk of working conditions - "We had no gloves," "He was busted at the neck with a pincer bar of molten steel, we burned our fingers". The third more or less coldly analyze the changes in the industry: "You had to work with fewer and fewer hands, that out of this steel saga, karen millen sale it was still not a drama, and they persuade those who remained still had a future, "said Francis Mer, former CEO of Usinor. "The redeployment is extremely poignant and extremely challenging," said Jean Gandois, former head of Sacilor and Sollac.

    Because, imperceptibly, the black and white images of smoking factories and houses neat succeeding ones, in color, protests against the social, in the 1970s and 1980s. Faced with new competition, the European steel industry began a race for productivity lost in advance. A former worker Schneider summarizes: "The boss set a goal were reached: hey, that's it, we won 50 rounds per tonne. No pot during that time, competition has reached a point below ... "

    The factories are rusting in the landscape, karen millen dresses the story seems complete. Appears the last frame of the documentary, which looks suspiciously like those of the early shows and ill-equipped men sweating in a furnace. But it is in color because it was shot in twenty-first century in India. It rewinds.
    9:33 am
    Des forges karen millen outlet Florange
    Des forges karen millen outlet Florange
    9:32 am
    Multicandidat, karen millen sale Francois Fillon started his campaign
    Francois Fillon leaves his car with a bang,karen millen salegreeted by a swarm of photographers and cameras. Tuesday May 22, he opened his first field day since he left the Hotel Matignon, after five years to run the government. He came to support Benjamin Lancar, UMP candidate in the parliamentary elections in the 3rd and 10th districts of Paris,karen millen outletwhich provided 65% of the vote to the left in the second round of presidential elections.

    The win in this part of central and eastern Paris, the mission of all the impossible, but the former Prime Minister shows his faith: "We can win,http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comI déploierai everywhere in Paris and the provinces for defend our values. " Everything has changed for Mr. Fillon, again became simple legislative candidate. Although it claims to have "always been an activist like the others",karen millen dresseshe seems to labor to find its feet without his bodyguards and his Areopagus advisers.

    Its not fast, it goes in and out of shops of merchants of the Rue de Turenne, distributing a few handshakes, without exchanging more than two sentences with the Parisians he wants to conquer yet. It crosses from view, and takes his course, as if afraid to interfere. In seventeen minutes, he completed his turn.


    Later, karen millen dresses in a restaurant in Canal Saint-Martin, he found his breath to denounce before the militants, Francois Hollande, "the man who pourfendait finance and that looks comfortable today with Barack Obama and Angela Merkel. " "We must stop the action" of the socialist government, he ton, before giving his troops a half-hour lunch to his health.

    In the afternoon, come to support Valerie PAPAREMBORDE in the 17th and 18th districts, another unwinnable riding to the right, he continued his remarks: "If the French decide to send a majority of the right and center to the Assembly there will be coexistence. There is no emotional to have. must be gathered, fight again, have ambitious goals. " Hers are clear, even if it is all not to reveal them. He does not intend to be limited to the gold district that has been reserved (5th, 6th and 7th arrondissements of Paris), and it is guaranteed to win since the withdrawal of Rachida Dati.

    Coming to support other Parisians elected, he wants to impose in-chief of the local right, karen millen outlet to the Municipal 2014. "It will naturally be the candidate for 2014, it is best, I'll be behind him," promised Bernard Debré, UMP deputy for Paris. "To conquer Paris, we need a statesman like him," said Mr. Lancar. Fillon boot button: "My ambitions for Paris? Ensure that a maximum of UMP deputies are elected." Even dodges when asked about his supposed ambition to delight the UMP to Jean-Francois Cope.


    Yet it is in opposition leader he intends to lead this campaign. Wednesday 23 May, he was in Brussels to support his former minister Marie-Anne Montchamp, candidate of French nationals abroad. On Friday he will travel in the Herault, next week, he will tour the Saone-et-Loire and the Val de Marne. On 4 June, he traveled the streets of Boulogne with Claude Gueant.

    In his speech to activists, it also behaves like a leader. "We narrowly lost the presidential election, he believes, we lost by a hair. If half the white votes had voted for Nicolas Sarkozy, he would have won. The left is a minority in the country. Program Francis Holland is as dangerous now than before. Francois Hollande and the left would be wrong to think that they have received their membership program, which will not solve the country's problems, but to increase our disabilities. "


    He who wants a strong advocate Public Accounts insists that "we are threatened with decline, karen millen sale the risk of being downgraded. With Francois Hollande, public spending will increase and we will see higher taxes."

    Change of tone in the evening in a Paris restaurant in the 6th arrondissement, in the heart of the constituency he intends to conquer. Fillon takes his suit local elected official. "I came to introduce myself to you, I come here with great humility," said he to the representatives of neighborhood associations came to meet him.

    And former Prime Minister of gin his resume as a freshman: "I was mayor for a long time, I was elected seven times to the legislative in my department," the Sarthe. "I lived here for ten years, he continued, I became a Parisian." For once in the day, it lingers, and listen to each other before pecking in cold cuts. "I found a normal life," coward he slowly leaving.
    9:31 am
    Seul a Paris-Rome karen millen outlet can move Merkel
    Francis Holland will play a key role in avoiding a collapse of the euro area.karen millen saleTo achieve a successful outcome of the crisis, Francois Hollande needs three things: give up its desire to renegotiate the pact European tax (TSCG),http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comforge a political alliance with Mario Monti, initiate proposals for growth and social equity more ambitious.

    The European situation is dramatic. Nothing seems to stop the debt crisis, public and private, between the political upheaval in Greece and the discovery of the extent of banking sector problems. European banks troubled countries have used the liquidity of the ECB to buy sovereign debt.karen millen dressesIf it has temporarily relieved the market of government securities, the collateral effect was to tie the fate of more states than their banks. The Spanish banking sector, which gave a vengeance, financing a speculative bubble in real estate, shows € 184 billion of bad loans in real estate sector alone. Gorging these banks for government securities while the Spanish state itself is very delicate amounts to make it even more suspicious investors of all that is Spanish.karen millen outletMeanwhile across Europe are trying to correct deficits, certainly aggravated by the economic downturn, but created by years of mismanagement. Austerity and created widespread unemployment, causes of bankruptcies. Waves of suicides are reported in Southern Europe, while anxiety invades millions of people, unable to survive with dignity, losing confidence in their abilities. Yet it is not denying the TSCG that the eurozone will survive. On the one hand this is unacceptable for Germany, the first donor. Moreover, it is ineffective, most rules of the Treaty is already in effect since December 2011 and the vote of the European regulations "six-pack".

    However, blindly pursue the austerity, karen millen outlet or continue to inject public money into banks, would be socially and politically suicidal. The banking issue of 2007, and nothing has changed. Inject capital directly into the banking sector as proposed by some would stop the suspect, to restart the credit on a sound basis and therefore the economy. But this path would be politically suicidal for the EU. We should explain to taxpayers and why we continue to pay hundreds of billions to rescue banks while billions that could avoid extreme poverty to millions of people are never found in the folds of public spending.

    President Francois Hollande is betting on an economic recovery through investments. But the four points of the memorandum does not create enough nor fast enough growth. On the other hand the conception of "growth" is not the same in Paris, or Rome, Berlin, London, where it does mean liberalization of the labor market and the services sector.

    This is why we must act differently. Angela Merkel and karen millen sale Mario Monti negotiate simultaneous ratification of TSCG. This may partly isolate Francois Hollande on the European stage while France and Italy share the same interest at the moment (as in Spain for that matter). Francois Hollande should support the proposal by Mario Monti, which is that of calculating deficits differently. The TSCG talks about structural deficit that must be limited to 0.5% of GDP. But future investments generating growth can not be regarded as tax breaks under the structural deficit. If such a proposal was needed, we would gain a considerable leeway.

    Moreover, Germany is now benefiting from interest rates below inflation and near zero through the crisis, after being the first recipient of the common market. This distortion must be corrected by the pooling of a portion of the debt of member states, transferring at European level. It would be much more acceptable to Berlin for an inflationary policy the ECB, real taboo psychological Berlin. Also create inflation, affect less affluent populations. Once settled the issue of public debt should clean the balance sheets of the banking sector. The European Solidarity Mechanism (SPM) may well have to be used to recapitalize banks.

    But instead of lending to banks, karen millen dresses the EU should impose the abandonment of interest on bad loans of small businesses or citizens who have lost a job or being on the brink of bankruptcy. MES could guarantee the capital, and reschedule payments of citizens in difficulty. This cleanse bank balance sheets, and give a breath of fresh air to the poor. For once, give the image of an EU that helps people rather than banks. Symbols count in politics, Francois Hollande knows.
    Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012
    9:34 am
    For good use of the karen millen outlet referendum
    During the presidential campaign,karen millen dressesthe main candidates spoke through referendum. This is good news as long as democratic or plebiscitary avoided the usual trend in France. Classically, the plebiscite means consent to an exceptional power given to an individual. One of the rare qualities of this use is that dictatorial confusion with the referendum is unlikely.http://www.karenmillendressesmartuk.comHowever, practiced a little more democratically, the plebiscite takes on a referendum when it becomes a consent to a law increased by a vote of confidence or presidential government. It was thus that wore De Gaulle.

    So the challenge, not without panache,karen millen outletassumed to retire if they fail because they have earned the confidence required. This will play everything on a gamble election is no longer practiced since 1969. Under the Fifth Republic Referendum become "normal" now means that the person who asked the question remains in place regardless of the popular response.karen millen saleThis continued up occurred during the non-2005. The President was. It has also not taken over in its policy the votes of electors that he had consulted. Jacques Chirac has been idle, nor does trying to regain the popular vote or to change course. Double resignation that was certainly the worst solution.

    Such use of plebiscitary referendum deceptively large. There is more about trust but still no substantial consultation. Indeed, karen millen dresses the nature of the matter voted upon was partly overshadowed by the possibility to manifest through the referendum approval or disapproval of the government team in place. More importantly, these laws packaged, take it or leave it, leave little room for decision for citizens. Yes that's it or not. This packaging was in fact fatal to the last referendum of general in 1969, requiring trust and yes to several different proposals inseparable.

    To avoid this pitfall plebiscitary binary and this reduction, the solution is simple: just ask several questions on the same day. This formula plays down part of the confrontation between government and opposition. Such a device treats people as adults capable of making choices nuanced. Suppose five questions and five independent laws: it is not certain that all are approved or rejected. At least, it goes without saying, karen millen outlet and certainly not imposed by the procedure.

    This leaves open many possibilities: for example, to approve or disapprove any bills that will be resubmitted to the legislature. Failure is then equivalent to a temporary withdrawal of a question of the political agenda. The so triggers a legislative debate can take place with a clear mandate.

    The other option is to submit the laws already enacted. Yes ratifies the legislative process, not reject the law as proposed.

    The process is certainly more consistent if the projects are on the same domain (the organization of public authorities, for example). But nothing obliges. If the topics are varied, the goal of a non-partisan consulting is again achieved.

    The only direct democracy worthy of the name is to create a true capacity of decision and arbitration and not only cause the consent or refusal. Serenity in the government, karen millen sale the politicization of the legislative work of the people and accountability are the main advantages of this referendum to the multiple issues that, without exception, should be the norm for any use of direct democracy not plebiscite.
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