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New Discovery [15 Sep 2003|09:03pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

I just found something new to entertain myself with. Hentai. A great community to go is livejournal. They have a Hentai community and icon community of hentai. I suggest going there! Well this is all for now!

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Confession [14 Sep 2003|11:52am]
[ mood | embarrassed ]

I've been masturbating alot lately. I just find everything arousing. Hmm....I think I'm ganna go masturbate soon!

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[06 Sep 2003|11:49am]
[ mood | horny ]

I'm masterbating. my fingers are in me. i'm rocking my hips. i'm so wet. i want a sexy bitch to be licking my pussy- or maybe...fucking my ass with a vibrator. Yes, while I move my fingers in and out of my wet pussy, a vibraor could be going in and out of my ass. I'm about to cum...

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Hornyness [04 Sep 2003|09:39pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I want some hot wet pussy that I can lick and make you orgasm. UGH

MMMMM...*licks lips*

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Horny [03 Sep 2003|07:35pm]
[ mood | horny ]

I feel so horny. I'm touching my tits right now. I just took my bra off and am squeezing my nipples. Now, I'm going to finger my pussy. Its so wet. I wish someone was here to play with me. Leave me some dirty comments so I can cum.

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Tiffany and Stephanie: Part 1 [01 Sep 2003|02:27am]
[ mood | horny ]

Tiffany walked into Tina’s room. Tiff was a medium sized blonde with a big ass and huge tits. She had asked Tina if she could borrow her room for a while. Tina’s room was no different then any other room. It had a bed, dresser, bed stands, and a lamp. On one of the dressers, was a T.V. with a VCR. Tiffany took out a tape out of her bag, it was a lesbian porno tape. She put the tape in the VCR. Tiff removed her shirt, exposing her see-through white bra. Her nipples were light brown and erect. She rubbed her tits in a circular motion while the two women on the tape got dirty with each other. She then removed her pants, she was wearing a lacy black thong. She sat on Tina’s bed and spread her legs. While watching one of the girls eat the other girl’s pussy out, Tiff began to rub the outside of her pussy. It felt so good since she hadn’t masturbated all day. While the girl on girl action became more intense, she pushed aside her thong and inserted one finger into her eager pussy. She was extremely wet from watching the porno. She began to rub harder while inserting a second finger. Using her free hand, she rubbed her tits. The moaning of the girls on T.V. was getting her super wet and she entered a third finger. Her fingers weren’t enough though, she wanted to be eaten out. She removed her bra, and took of her thong as well. She put her fingers back in and continued to move her fingers in and out of her pussy.
“Could you help me please?”
Tina walked into the room and completely froze. Her eyes looked up and down. She couldn’t believe what she saw! Tiffany began to moan loudly while her fingers went in and out of her shaved pussy.
“Tina, oh Tina! You’re the reason I’m masturbating!”
Tina began to walk closer. Her eyes fixed on Tiff’s big round tits. She got close to her and placed her mouth on one of her tits, sucking on it. Tiff began to rub herself harder.
“Oh yes, Tina…my pussy is so wet! Mmmm, that feels so good!! Keep going. Oh please, eat me out, lick my pussy. Do it, lick my juices. Hurry, my poor pussy can’t take it any longer!”
Tina went over to the edge of the bed and got close to Tiff’s pussy, she could smell her juices. She smelt so good! First Tina kissed the outside of her lips, then she inserted the tip of her tongue in her slit, then she fully inserted her tongue in Tiff’s wet sweet pussy. Her tongue flicked up and down, and in and out. Tiff began to move with her lapping.
“Oh…it feels so good!”
Tina pushed her head further into her pussy. She could tell Tiff was going to cum soon
“No…no wait!”
Tina stopped.
“Take your clothes off.”
She did as she was told. She removed her shirt first. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her brown nipples were hard from her arousal of watching Tiffany masturbate on her bed. She then took her pants off. Tiffany couldn’t wait to like Tina’s shaved wet pussy. Tina smiled.
“Come here, I wanna suck you tits”
Tina turned the T.V. off and went over to the edge of the bed. She slightly spread her legs open. Her pussy was already dripping with her own juices. Tina inserted not one, but two fingers into her awaiting pussy. She moved them in and out while moaning loudly.
“Come here Tiffany. I want you to lick my pussy.”
Tiff did as she was told. Tina sat on the bed and Tiff eagerly stuck her tongue into Tina’s pussy. It felt so good that Tina squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples.
“Harder…ooooh…faster! FASTER!”
Tiffany stopped licking her and inserted 2 fingers into her pussy.
“Ooooh, oh…mmm…yes, that feels so good! Lets 69!”
Tiffany was on top. She continued to lick away at Tina’s pussy while Tina stuck two fingers in Tiff’s pussy. She gave her two pleasurable strokes in and out of her. She then stuck her tongue in Tiff’s pussy and used her fingers that were covered in Tiff’s juiced to insert them in Tiff’s asshole. Tiff hadn’t expected that and squirmed a little. Tina moved her fingers slowly and continued to lick Tiff’s sweet pussy. Tiffany was enjoying it because she stopped licking Tina’s pussy.
“Oh God, ooh, that feels so good.”
Tiff’s hips began to move to Tina’s motion. Tiff finally climaxed, and Tina’s tongue welcomed her cum. Tiffany rolled of Tina and regained her strenght.
“Let me return the favor.”
“Get an ice cube.”
Tiff got off the bed and went for an ice cube. Tina watched as Tiff’s ass bounced up and down. Tina liked it so much she touched her cum filled pussy. She continued to finger herself until Tiff came back. She stood in front of her holding a cup of ice.
“Touch yourself for me.”
Tiff put the cup on the bed and started to rub her tits watching Tina finger her pussy the whole time.
“You’re making me wet Tina.”
Tiff’s hands moved down her stomach and she spread her legs a bit so she could touch herself.
“Don’t touch your pussy.”
Tiff turned around, moving her ass from side to side and bent over. She turned back around and moved towards Tina.
“let me help you with that.”
She got Tina’s hand and licked her fingers dry. She then stuck two fingers in her. She was soaked in her own juices.
“You’re so wet.”
“I can’t help myself, you’re the reason I’m so wet. She said while moving her hips to Tiff’s fingers.
“Its just that your tits are so gorgeous and your pussy is so appetizing.” Her hip movement got quicker.
“I’m about to cum.”
“Well, let me taste it.”
She stuck her tongue in Tina’s pussy and got a hold of her clit and sucked on it, licked around it, and continued to lick around her pussy.
“Oh, oh God, it feels so good. Don’t stop baby don’t stop. I’m almost there…just a little longer.”
Her hips rocked to Tiff’s every lick. She got Tiff by the back of the head and pushed her deeper into her while her hips bucked back and forth.
“Oh, oh…uh…uh.” Tina moaned loudly. “I’m cuming…I’m cumming!!”
All her juiced oozed down into Tiff’s tongue and mouth. Tina lay resting, trying to catch her breath. Tiffany licked all of Tina’s cum, but a bit had gotten on her breasts.
“Come here.”
Tina layed Tiffany down and got on top of her.
“That was great, thank you.”
She kissed Tiff, tasting her own juice. Tiff grabbed handfulls of her ass as Tina went down and licked the cum on her tits. Her nipples got very hard and Tina continued to suck on them.
“Mmm. Don’t stop…keep sucking my tits you dirty whore!” Tiffany demanded.
Tina bit one of her nipples.
“That’s for calling me a dirty whore.”
That felt good, do it again.” Tiff said with a smile.
Tina kissed her and bit her other nipple.
“Your getting me wet again.” Tiff said while rubbing Tina’s ass. Tina just continued to suck Tiff’s nipple. She used her one of her hands to rub and squeeze Tiff’s other nipple.
“Make me cum again.” Tiff said in Tina’s ear.
“That’s what the ice is for.” Tina said in a sexy voice.

To be continued…
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Change of heart [01 Sep 2003|02:23am]
[ mood | calm ]

I changed my mind again. I just don't want any dumb fucks writing nasty comments on here like: you're disgusting or your a perve, etc. If you don't like it, don't read it!

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