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    Sunday, August 24th, 2003
    2:51 pm
    ..AwWwE Sad Dai..
    Hey 2day was a sad day :( my cuzinz left :'( I'm really gonna miss them we had a really fun week.....4 sho even tho sum of my cousins are annoyin Ima still miss then it's gonna b like another 2 years before I see them again :(.......Amanda and Josh got in a accident yesterday :( I cried cuz I dunno wha I wuld do without them I love them so much......I'm bored right now.....I'm talkin to Nick(my boo).......I really dunno wha to put in herre cuz da day aint ova yet so I might right more lataz.....I gotta go to school 2morrow :( o wellz atleast I get to see all my friends 4sho.....I missed da 2st 3 days of school cuz my cuzinz were herre o well I jus b a lil lost but I'm slow neways.....well ima bounce ~1~

    Current Mood: sad
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