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Stupid people [28 May 2003|03:12pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

[[i'm going on me ... if i do get added to this_pop_life i will obviously have to & want to be in the know about Eliza's situation and all that ... but this entry is used for the sole purpose of an audition]]

Li's been out and about lately "publicity whore" and all that. I've been pretty much chillin around the house taking her phone calls and reading scripts. I'm set up for "Reverie" lets hope they don't change their minds. I get a lot of that shit.

"Oh you get the job" a month later "sorry we found someone with more credentials"

I'm not trying to ride on Li's fame here, I'm trying to make a name for myself. Trust me if one more person walks up to me asking either a) if I'm her boyfriend cause they are just ignorant or b) if she's really as cool as everyone says (which of course yeah but the question gets annoying) I'm going to fucking scream!

I love Li, she's my lil' sis - but come on people, i'm more than just her brother ... I have a name, a face, a soul inside here too.

11 didn't trust me // antitrust

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