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Sunday, May 9th, 2004

Time:8:55 pm.
Mood: lonely.
y am i 2nd guessing myself. i dont do anything wrong, so why am i doing it, actually i do do things wrong i just think they are right, which should make me not second guess myself right? some1 examine my mind or something please...
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Time:1:38 pm.
shit happens, i want what ik i shouldnt want cuz ik ill loose it no matter what i do, i cant hold on to anything, it wont work out, so imma leave this place to be happy, green is what i need and i dont have no green nymore
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Subject:long time?
Time:1:32 pm.
im miss the stuff i dont get tho i shouldnt cuz ik id loose it anyways, nothings changed but the mind, a hahaha we gonna go where am i? who am i? do u know who i am? goo by
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Sunday, April 18th, 2004

Time:10:55 pm.
suprised they havent shut this shit down...
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Wednesday, March 3rd, 2004

Time:8:00 pm.
Music:nas track 7, i am....
my hate brings pain, and the pain brings strength, i dont kill but i hurt, and with love i feel a hate for no reason and then i have pain, and then im back, die die die... haha breaking out into songs, good good, dead prez is amazing no thats not from dead prez but know1 knows i listen to other rappers, i mean i primarily listen to nas, but there is amazing shit out there that u probably havent heard......
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Monday, February 23rd, 2004

Time:9:58 pm.
Mood:high....on live!!.
Music:last real n***** alive-nas.
cant wait to go back to taekwando, its coming, wrestling is over, so im going back and imma like it cuz when i like something and stop i go, how could i ever live with out it?? and i just cant wait, imma go to my friends black belt cerimony, itll be pimp, his form and stuff, i just cant wait, and imma have so much fun!!! "but im a street dude with morals...." -nas

god im so happy, "lord have mercy, jesus christ, hes just nice slice like a genju..."-nas i wanna get the dead prez cd's from ej, its gonna be amazing....holy shit i cant fuckin wait u have no idea whats goin through my head, its so amazing i love live i hate family, cant get enough of nas uk haha, anselm and i are cool, we funna go bikin sometime, hopefully this or next weekend, but im not goin to state cuz i wanna see al's black belt cerimony, wow i wanna go but i dont haha scary??
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Thursday, February 19th, 2004

Time:4:10 pm.
Mood: sick.
Music:one mic-nas.
does ny one both to look at the old stuff ive written? man that shit is amazing, just go back and look at it when ur bored some day....
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Sunday, February 15th, 2004

Subject:i didnt know i wrote this...
Time:4:46 pm.
sitting here, on a day that is cloudy and gloomy, i hold a knife. i cut a strand of hair. another memory is gone from this once brilliant mind. but now its less brilliant, and filled with love. Love over powers hate in my mind currently. though nothing in commen with you, i still love u, its a bizzare attraction only one person will ever fill my mind with such glorious thoughts, and thats you...
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Time:4:16 pm.
i think about u more and more everyday
then when i see u its like woa
when u say u gotta leave
i dont want u to,
the next day, i only want u back...
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Time:12:16 am.
Music:one mic-nas, i found a not fucked up copy!.
i had ppl over tonight and i was like i hope my parents dont flip out and shit and it went pretty good actually. yea so we watched monty python and the holy grail, and listened to music, and the ppl watched me play pool all alone, they turned it into something sexual, haha whats new? but yea, i hate vday, this is probably the best vday ive ever had...
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Friday, February 13th, 2004

Time:11:54 pm.
Mood: good.
Music:nastradamas track 4.
i finally got my nastradamas cd back from my friend, my heart is killing me for some reason, i cant go past a certian point or it hurts, i i havent slept in like 1 week and 1/2 but what ever im happy for sure, i went to a friends house, and im friends with his brother and i havent talked to him in a while, but we were lighting ppl up on xbox live, killa 10 forever baby. i showed em my paintball gun which is amazingly amazing. cant type it hurts to much to try to type and breath at the same time...
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Friday, February 6th, 2004

Subject:liquid swords
Time:8:43 pm.
Mood: blank.
Music:liquid swords.
When I was little... my father was famous.
He was the greatest sam-urai in the empire;
and he was the Shogun's decapitator.
He cut off the heads of a hundred and thirty-one lords.
It was a bad time for the empire.
The Shogun just stayed inside his castle -- and he never came out.
People said his brain was infected by DEVILS.
My father would come home -- he would forget about the killings.
He wasn't scared of the Shogun, but the Shogun was scared of him.
Maybe that was the problem.
Then, one night... the Shogun sent his ninja spies to our house.
They were supposed to kill my father... but they didn't.
*woman screams*
That was the night everything changed *voice fades*
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Thursday, February 5th, 2004

Time:6:57 pm.
Music:liquid swords.
"man if my 'partner' was cheating on my, id be like whatever idc, u dont love my body; ik im ugly..." do u know how many people's mouths dropped when i said that?? it was a great day, fuckin hillarious...
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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004

Subject:my heaven
Time:8:06 pm.
Mood:like a tiger.
when i die
ur name will be uttered
as the last breath escapes my lungs.
no matter wear i die, in the streets, on the battlefeild, or in the hospital
ill be happy, and id want u to be happy too
cuz ill be in a better place, a place of dreams
dreams where im with u all day
no arguments, no nothing, just me and u
for the rest of my days, tho ill already be dead
thats my heaven, being with u all day long....
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Sunday, February 1st, 2004

Subject:i took
Time:9:31 pm.
Mood:like a tiger.
i took a thing and made it into everything from nothing... my bday is in 8 days, im o so excited... haha yea right sure...
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Friday, January 30th, 2004

Subject:call it what u wanna call it...
Time:7:04 pm.
Mood: calm.
" it what u wanna call it, im a fucking alcholic. bring it if u really want it, dont gotta put no extras on it..." -xzibit. amazing song, tho it is funny, the beat is cool. "...lifes a bitch and then u die, thats why we get high. cuz lifes a bitch and then u die, thats why we puff lye..." -lifes a bitch, nas and az. 2 amazing lyrisists, thats all i gotta say. "...all i need is one mic, one beat, one n**** front my face on the front page..."-nas one mic. amazing song, even better video nas is the best next to a couple ppl. "...bombs over baghdad..."-bombs over baghdad, outkast, thats all i can remeber from the song, sry folks. "...Yo I'm livin' in this time behind enemy lines
so I got mine, I hope you ("got yourself a gun")..." -got urself a gun nas, the begining to an amazing song by yes of course an amazing lyrisist. "...Yo, in a mahogany, black scenery That was lightin and rain drops I'm tied up in the basement cocaine spot, like Bangkok..."-az and nas, for get the song title sry kids. i like how im calling u kids. "...You a killer or a hustler, dealer or customer Gangsta or buster, youngster or old nigga A weed head, a coke sniffer..."-life is what u make it, nas feat dmx. thats only the begining. "...Some of us have angels -- the kingdom, the power Some of us have angels -- the power, the glory Some of us have demons -- greed, and lust Some of us have demons -- lust, temptation..."-some of us have angles, nas of course. good song interesting cuz it makes u think more than u prolly should. and i want that cd back but what ever. all those songs are good, every one has a different style, no there arnt ny tupac or biggy songs here, not like they rnt still amazing rappers, but im doing the guys who r livin'....
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Thursday, January 29th, 2004

Subject:stuff said many times in my mind
Time:11:25 pm.
Mood: chipper.
Music:idk what that word means, it sounds funny, outkast songs.
imma man of few words
but listen when i speak
look for the hidden meanings
some things ill say up front
ill critisize u til u cry
but u gotta know i only do it
to make u better
if i didnt care, well fuck that
i wouldnt be writing this...

every word i speak has more than one meaning. if u can understand them all, ur pretty damn amazing, if u cant well whatever its not expected but listen, when i actually speak, i talk and i speak. its 2 different things.

haha we kicked the shit outta cederburg, 47 to 27. haha some friends came, didnt expect to see them but what ever, haha flora u looked real beautiful tonight...
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Tuesday, January 27th, 2004

Time:7:50 pm.
Mood:sick, but feeling litle better.
Music:i feel for u-az.
ok so these r my thoughts, u gonna listen?
we shall see in the end
but right now imma talk
tell a story, of many men
it starts out with a happy kid
gonin through life like every one else
then something happens, realizes
there is an end to life
goes to a dark place, full of greed and hunger
meets more people like him
the become united under one banner
and then something else happens
an unexpected thing
and he leaves those people for good
he lives in fear, not willing to love, not willing to hate
til he is forced out into a world he isnt ready to face
and he hates it, whats he gotta do to be alone
he turns to something/someone
in search of something he can connect with
but here is where it get wierd
most find both, the thing or that one, but dont realize one or the other
but still people like both
some love both, others only like one and a few rare people like niether...

would u like to hear a story? of love, hate, and most emotions. i shall not go into depth, itd take too long, and i dont have that kind of time, not any more. it starts in a land, of all things, humans and animals. there is a long division in the world, it is the place of undicided people and animals are, one half is good and peace the other is evil and war. there is a large population of evil in this world, a medium size of good, a small population of undecided. for the undecideds its hard to live, food is scarce and there is nothing to keep order. the goods, food is easy to find, they are ruled strictly by several men and women, evil is like our world now, full of turmoil in some governments, choose one of those governments and that is it. well there is a boy, in the undicideds who wants to be pure, but has no family so he steals; he has to, to stay alive. and he walks from one end of his taritory to the other, watching the rest of these people, some happy, some sad, and he decideds that the only way for him to leave is to be evil, but one day, he notices some girl out of the corner of his eye who is looking at him. he doesnt understand, keeps walking away, this girl talks to him, and they become friends. they do a lot together, but he doesnt love her as she does him. this causes problems, and sense he has grown up without talking to people, he watched his whole family change and leave him behind, he doesnt know how to solve problems, he thinks about death more and more as days go by, this girl causes more and more pain, he finds other friends, guys, who think and act like he does. and yet, after a couple years of hating everything, his friends change thier attitude, and he is alone again, he has to change himself again. as he does he makes other friends and then one year they all get real messed up and fucking annoying, leaves them, tho some of the guys he keeps as close friends. goes on for a while without many friends, lives with it, doesnt think about death any more, and then he meets people, cool people and is friends with them, to this day, who knows what will happen with these people? who knows cuz they are much better than the last group of friends, or so the story goes...

haha u want an explanation, talk to me, cuz i aint sayin it in here....
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Sunday, January 25th, 2004

Time:5:27 pm.
Music:some nas song.
imma die from pain
after those last words
nothins been the same
imma shoot myself
cept i dont wanna
imma just fall off the end of the world
for good this time...
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Wednesday, January 21st, 2004

Subject:err yea
Time:9:48 pm.
Music:Undying Love-nas.
insparation is gotten from every where. at one time it is mostly gotten from one place, but then sometimes its not. all the time i have insparation, it comes from u. the one thing i care about more than anything in this world is me. but u, u r almost as important as i am, to me. i cant say it to u, i wont let myself say it to u cuz thats how i am, it makes no sense. so answer me this, why cant i tell u everything i want to?

its shiny but not to bright, kinda like ur eyes.
it beautiful but not as beautiful as u r.
its sharpe, like u, who picks up on many things, without admitting
nothing can take ur place, but what i speak of looks nothing like u
its nothing compared to ur beauty, the knife i hold in my hand
isnt close to u, tho its features r like urs, u r better than it.
the only way i can compare the 2 of u is through metaphors
but even then, i cant cuz i cant say how beautiful u actually are,
u r nothin like anything iknow...
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Blurty for el diablo.

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