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What's the price to pay for glory?.. [03 Jun 2003|12:51am]
[ mood | miserable ]
[ music | `* What It Is To Burn//Finch ]

-Sitting by herself in the library, headphones blaring. She taps her fingers lightly at her side, obviously frustrated with her situation. She fumbles with her CD player, but to her dismay it won't go any louder. She poutily tosses it back in her bookbag, then gets up and has a seat at a computer. Opening her journal, the words fly from her fingertips.-

Well, let's get one thing straight. I don't want to be here. Agh, nothing personal but..I just don't. My Dad & I just moved here, he got a job transfer. My Mom..well, she's another story. Don't really feel like talking about it.

Hm, what an introduction. I'm Naomi Lee Gomez. You can me Naomi. No "N", or "Omi", or any retarded shit like that. ..I sound so hostile right now. I'm just not in the best of moods tonight.

I'm a junior. Turning 17 in 6 days - the 9th. I was never all that popular at my old school. I don't see why I would be at Richmond, either. Then again I haven't really met anyone yet, so what can I say. I'm not book-smart, I'm not a genius. I don't study and I just scrape by with C's and D's. I'm quite the pessimist, my attitude always got me into things I couldn't get myself out of. That's when I discovered the art of charm. I tend to be a manipulator. Just..don't get on my bad side. -Laughs to herself.- I'm a loner, I'm..okay. Enough negativity.

Um, some people say I have a musical talent. Some people say I have an artistic talent. I can play the guitar. Been playing since I was 10. I can sing..or so people say. Ha, let's get random for a second, shall we? I have one brother. I can put both my feet behind my head. I'm into pretty much any music, and I'm a complete retard sometimes.

I think that's about all you can get to know about me right now, considering that's all I feel like divulging.

Still miserable though. Maybe I'll warm up to this place. Heh, who knows..

-Hastily clicks update, and leans back with her arms folded, chewing her lip, obviously in thought of what she just wrote about. Shaking her head lightly, she sits back down at her table in the corner with her headphones on, laying her jacket down for use as a pillow, and attempts to sleep.-

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