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    Friday, December 3rd, 2004
    4:25 pm
    havent updated in a while so i guess i shall now. not much has changed. yeah, not much changes around here. just the same old shit every day. but w/e...im lovin it here. tryin to make the most of it while im here ya know...since im transfering next year and what not. im gonna work my ass off and try and pull off this 4.0 gpa thing. i think i can do it. i dont see why i wouldnt be able to. german will probly be the hardest. but we'll see. shouldnt be that difficult. and i thank god that i finally found you, all my life i prayed for someone like you, yes i pray that you do love me too. haha that was a good song. i like it. i also like the letters to cleo song. :-D i love my music it makes me smile. didnt i didnt i didnt i see ya cryin? lol. god im so bored outa my mind. i should get my homework done so that i dont have to worry about it later. lol. i wanna go christmas shoppin again. argh. lol. i shouldnt spend my money but it is for a good cause is it not? lol. im out.

    Current Mood: cold
    Current Music: letters to cleo - i want you to want me
    Friday, November 12th, 2004
    10:52 pm
    so im gonna update this one today. im currently listening to a really good song by red hot chili peppers...called under the bridge. i like it, i like it alot. well at least i feel better than i was feeling earlier. maybe i just needed some "alone time" as well. if he avoids me tomorrow as well then im gonna be like wtf is going on. cuz yeah. thats just not very cool now is it. no, no its not. haha yeah. so w/e. i watched queen of the damned by myself today. and sat here by myself. and did nothing by myself. so yeah just had a "by myself day" and it sucked. it sucked alot. but i got over it. i looked at my skateboarder magazine and yeah it made my day. i love skaters. they rock my socks. lol. sooo yeah i forgot what i was gonna write about so yeah im done.

    Current Mood: contemplative
    Current Music: yellowcard
    Monday, November 1st, 2004
    7:55 pm
    am i wasting it? idk. you tell me. i think i am but i think im not. idk idk IDK. idk wut to do ne more. am i wasting money on college wen im obviously sucking horribly. am i wasting my time with steve? i like to tell myself that im not but who knows. not me. idk. my gums are killing me i should probly see a dentist but i deffinitly cannot afford it. this blows. not having a good nite. just got a wee bit worse. but w/e. he can do what he wants im not his mother. argh this all blows ass. im hungry but i dont feel like eating. i got a 38 on my survey midterm. i have one more...i really need to do well on it. im gonna fail ne ways but id rather have like a 60 than like a 30. i'll have to see i guess. im out...too many ppl in here

    am i wasting time? you tell me. please before i end up getting myself hurt...badly...worse than ever before...i fall more and more everyday.......:(

    Current Mood: contemplative
    Current Music: nadie
    Friday, October 22nd, 2004
    1:40 am
    so im tired its 1:40 am and i should sleep. but i wont. cuz im talking to corey. havent talked to him in a long time so i decided to im him. hes a cool guy. i miss chattin with him so yeah. hes cool to talk to, even more so wen i dont like him ne more. still think hes gorgeous but i have steve so...hehehe. dont like ne one else ne more. lol. i saw ross yesterday at gracies. that was awkward. hes still by far the most attractive punk boy i HAVE ever seen. but i dont like him like that ne more. idk wut to think of me and steve. its confusing. idk wut he wants. welll....ok so maybe i do. lol. but like relationship wise. idk wuts goin on. he doesnt really tell me so yeah. kinda sux cuz id like to know where we stand. man o man im starving. im gonna finish talking to corey then go to bed. steve sux:( lol. ok maybe he doesnt BUT STILL. guys suck. thats better:-D

    Current Mood: exhausted
    Current Music: incubus
    Monday, October 4th, 2004
    12:55 pm
    long time no type
    my feet hurt from these damned shoes. i hope i get used to them soon:( frat parties blow ass. buncha whores and pot heads. theres a show on wedneday and the read death is playing but i dont think im going. no money...no ride...o/w. idc. boys are idiots. i dont like anyone ne more cuz its all a waste of time. rite, rite. i dont wanna go to 2d. i dont have a good picture damn it. :( i hope i did good on my photo assignment. man o man i cant write ne thing interesting today, perhaps because i have nothing interesting to say

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: none
    Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
    9:58 pm
    i cant win can i
    wtf. i hate this. its so awful. i wanna cry so bad. i would if i was alone but im not. im having an awful nite. wtf is so horrible about me. im glad no one reads THIS journal. i hate him. i hate them all. I DONT FUCKING CARE. this is so awful. i saw the boy today but he was with that girl. yeah. i give up. i seriously cannot win. im doomed. i obsess to much. i dont wanna be here anymore. i hate this feeling i hate it so much. i give up on everything. i like no one. wtf is the use in liking someone who wont like me back. haha see i say this so much yet i never really abide by it. its no good if i dont. i just seriously dont understand. i wish someone would tell me what im doing wrong. from now on im writing nothing about either corey or the punk boy or ne one else in ne of my journals. seriously. wuts the point. corey already knows everything and i feel like the biggest ass. i have an 8am class i should sleep shouldnt i. fuck it. i'll stay up til then and then go to class and sleep in the darkroom. i hate school. i hate guys. i hate this. i fucking hate it. i never say fucking. wtf. im not in the mood for ne thing tonite. this is so bad.

    Current Mood: depressed
    Current Music: blue and yellow...the used
    Monday, September 27th, 2004
    11:39 pm
    sooo yeah
    im so glad no one really reads this one cuz apparently they read the other one.....hmm.....yeah. kinda embarassing. i should sleep soon but im too wired. so i've been talking to corey again rite...yes he broke up with the whore that WHORE. lol. so i decided to chat with him again. i never thought ne one would read my journals. haha. i was sooo wrong. so i wrote about how much i despise the whore and how i think i like corey again and what not....yeah.....quite extensive shit...specially bout the hott punk boy. lol. but ne way. corey reads it apparently. so im just like no. thats so embarassing. hey, maybe he likes me though. doubt it but hey i can dream rite. lol. at least this one isnt in my info....hahaha. but hey i read his so i guess he can read mine rite. sure why not. lol. ne who thats all for this update. oh yeah i think jade is gay and hes 31:(

    Current Mood: embarrassed
    Current Music: err nothing
    Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
    11:49 pm
    oh no:(
    im glad this isnt in my info cuz i dont want people to read it. lol. sooo....oh no. thats my subject today. oh no....i have my photo crit at 9am and i have one shitty print. its really shitty. OH NO. im supposed to have 2 but it took me for freaking ever just to get one:( oh no i hope hes not mad!!! idt he will be if i explain. oh no im really tired. oh no i hope i see the punk boy tomorrow!!!!!! oh no...if i do then i gotta talk to him. oh no, if i do talk to him and he rejects me like every other guy i've ever thought was attractive. oh no...idk. lol. oh no i think im gonna end up liking him again if i talk to him again. oh no:( that was a horrible time...horrible. felt like shit for a few weeks cuz yeah that was the worst rejection ever. lol. oh no....im such a loser. oh no i think i get fatter everyday. oh no. oh no. ono. ono ono. haha thats easier to write. lol. ne way. so halley and i and a bunch of guys from my floor walked down every hall in this building, from floor 8 to floor 2...floor 1 isnt dorms...i didnt enjoy photo house. i dont like lynn shes a freaking bitch. argh. but yeah. floor 2 is kinda cool...all guys. haha. but none are really attractive. haha theres this one who leaves stuff by my door. his name is chris and idk he seems kinda gay to me. well, he is on an all guys floor after all. lol. i taped his milk cartons on his door last nite and then he left a freaking shopping cart with garbage cans in it by my door. what a loser. haha. but its all good...makin new friends and what not. i love this song by afi.....the leaving song. i love jade too. omg. hes so hott. i wanna see them in concert so bad that would be so awesome. ono im tired. ono i think im done for tonite. goin home tomorrow for the weekend so i'll be sure to update all 3 journals before i leave:)

    Current Mood: tired
    Current Music: jade is wonderful
    12:08 pm
    so i havent updated for a while
    so wut sue me. i bet i spelled that wrong but idc. im goin to lunch as soon as halley gets her ass over here. i hope i see the boy today. it would make me happy although i look like shiza. ive got this one wonderful curl that hangs down on my forehead. beautiful. lol. hes so gorgeous. lol. theres this one boy who has a black hat and a black shoulder bookbag thingie and so does the gorgeous punk boy and it throws me off everytime i see the other boy cuz i think its the punk boy. but see the punk boy has a certain walk that i can tell whether or not its him and im gonna shut up now before i go any further with my messed up-ness. haha. damn it i wanna go eat but halleys probly takin her sweet old time bastards all of them. haha i dont know who all of them are but its all good. some guys are sooo unattractive how the hell do they get girlfriends. kinda like the nasty ass fat disgusting girls who get the absolutely GORGEOUS guys. i dont understand is there something about me that turns them off or somethin idk im just a dork. i just want that boy real bad cuz hes real hott. lol. so im gonna go now...lol...

    Current Mood: anxious
    Current Music: nadie
    Saturday, September 18th, 2004
    10:56 pm
    im so tired
    but i cant sleep....yeah thats part of a song by sarah mcgauphlin or h/e u spell her name. and i am very extremely tired. ppl annoy me. they really really annoy me. argh. idk. ok since this is gonna be a private entry so only i can read it then i can bash out. lol. halleys drivin me nuts. shes so dramatic about everything. she hates it here, she hates the people, and on and on. all she does is sit in her room and work on that dumbass art assignment. yeah, i know that work comes before play but its not healthy to just sit there. in the beginning wen we got here she was alot more "social" i guess you could say, than i was and that wasnt rite. but now its just like wtf. shes always complaining about her floor now. they guys got drunk last nite and woke her up. so what. get over it. this isnt sweet home alabama jeez. idk... some days shes fine but then others its like SHUT UP ALREADY. this sounds horrible but i kinda do hope she leaves after this year. she cant ever have any fun. if people talk to her that she doesnt know she gets all pissed and what not. and when i try explaining something to her, such as the sleep cycle thing, shes just like oh thats the stupidest thing i've ever heard. wtf. she doesnt even know wtf im talking about. its so annoying. and when she said that the exorcist offends her because she doesnt like how the girl acts....hmm...about that. she obviously doesnt know what the freaking movie is about. argh. ok so i dont feel bad sayin all this. i shouldnt, i need to vent out my frustrations. maybe i'll write in my boys are smelly book before i go to bed. man i hate girls. and shes so worried about everything. o im sick o this o that. get over it. o i dont like all these people i wanna go home. welcome to the real world! you cant just keep on running home to mommy and daddy whenever things get a little tough. i could picture her as the one who lives at home with her parents and her cats wen shes like 40. and im worried about being alone. everything offends her. little miss perfect. god. like the whole guys thing. o he cant swear and he cant smoke and he cant drink and he has to be a freaking bible thumper. i cant handle it ne more, its eventually gonna bring me down too. and i dont wanna do that. im lovin it up here. o i wanna go home i hate it here. she should have realized that there was going to be a massive amount of people here. honestly, we're in the third largest city in the state. did she expect something like corning? she should have went there. alas, but i wouldnt have ne one to hang out with. but omg for petes sake get over urself. life isnt pretty and it certainly doesnt smell like freaking roses. i need a boyfriend to keep me occupied. alas i dont have ne time for nething cept freaking photo. idk what i wanna do ne more. i dont know if im gonna like photo. i cant keep up. its too much damn work. i should really go to the lab on monday. possibly after my survey class. i could just go rite over to the lab and stay til like 11. then maybe id get some work done. probably not much but i can try getting some done. like my first print. damn it all i need 10 prints for the 1st assignment and i dont even have one done yet. argh. and then i have 2 more projects on top of that. im not enjoying this. i dont even use my damn camera. i dont wanna waste pictures and i feel like that is what im doing when i just take pictures of brick buildings. so im goin out with dannie and cait and jaynee tomorrow afternoon and im gonna take alot of pictures. i just dont know wat time we're goin. i gotta go to the lab and type up some stuff. and damn it all i still have to read one more chapter of that damn book. and then write that damn paper. ok enough complaining for the nite im gonna go to bed...

    Current Mood: annoyed
    Current Music: none
    Friday, September 17th, 2004
    6:13 pm
    hehe I GOT IT
    so i went to wal-mart today to buy cd-rs and febreeze....and i was about to check out when i saw the zip uppy as i shall call it lol....i was about to get the white one and then i realized that i would never be able to keep it clean so i got the last black one instead. it could be a little bigger but i love it so i dont even care. i blew 15$ on it:( thats the only sad part. idc. i deserve to buy something i want. and the next thing i buy that is going to be outrageously expensive is the black hoody from cc that i want SO EFIN BAD. its $44.....argh. but heck. i can save up a dollar here a dollar there and before i know it i should have enough money!!!! i hope. lol. if i just save up all my dollar bills....haha like i get ne cuz i usually use my flex to pay for things....but i can save up my dollar bills til i have enough. man o man i really like my zip uppy. its so nice. hehe. 15$ isnt that bad either. YYYYAAAAYYYY. but that coulda bought me a few rolls of film.......argh. im not gonna stress out about it though...even though i have alot of projects to do. with alot of film. argh. i have 2 prints in the making. i think dannie and cait and jayn and i are gonna get together sunday. that would be fun and it would also give me the chance to get out and take some pictures. fun fun. i gotta do the rocs thing tomorrow......at 8 am....argh....but it'll be a fun experience...if i even go cuz i dont know whats goin on i suppose i should go talk to kate so i think i shall rite now......

    Current Mood: hungry
    Current Music: the used........quinn allman is beautiful...
    Saturday, September 11th, 2004
    9:48 pm
    haha or not
    soooo the other riannon...haha so wierd....wants me to go hang out with them.....she said i should cuz she hardly ever sees me out of my room.....thats cuz ive been workin on hwk for the majority of the day and im at classes or at halleys so yeah.....haha....idw hang out with them. it sounds awful but i dont want to. they arent "my type" i guess you would say.....lol. so yeah...shes gonna come aske me again and im gonna be like ummm not tonite cuz i gotta get up at 7:30 so i can go to the gym....lol....yeahhhhhh......

    Current Mood: chipper
    Current Music: ian watkins
    Friday, September 10th, 2004
    3:31 pm
    hooray HOORAY
    hehe i bought my camera today. it makes me smile alot:) its so pretty and it wasnt too expensive!!!! hehe. i love it. i miss my puppies:( i have pictures of them all over. my little pagan poopie!!!! shes so cute...hehehe...well i thought id have alot more to write but i guess not!!! lol......

    Current Mood: excited
    Current Music: A7X
    Monday, September 6th, 2004
    10:36 pm
    sooo tired
    i have a 10am class tomorrow. hooray hooray. from 10-11:50, then 2-2:50, then 4-5:50. photo.....ono. kinda scared still but im getting over it. classes werent too bad today but im sure that they'll get worse....i wanna see if they have field hockey as a club sport. that would be neato:) hehe. cuz yeah...rugby isnt appealing to me all that much anymore. ah well. im a big old wussy ne way so i probably wouldnt have lasted. hahaha. i gotta buy an umbrella tomorrow cuz its gonna rain soon. damn it all. they still havent transfered my damn money over to my damn bank account. its gonna piss me off if they dont. then i'll have to get a damn refund check cuz im not putting it on my flex account cuz if i dont use it all then i dont get it back. bastards, all of them. see i knew id be able to keep up with my 3 online journals. i think i may im him before i shut down and be like hey its rhiannon halleys friend who has invaded your floor. haha. he has a g/f rhiannon.....hes not datable. lol. damn it, damn it all. autumn seems to think that i am obsessing but i dont think so. or am i? cuz ya know...im pretty damn good at it. lol. i dont think i am. i just think that hes really cute:) ok...so i just imed him. hes away...thank god cuz i kinda feel like a dumbass cuz i know hes got a g/f and idk if he thinks im obnoxious or not. i hope he doesnt come back before i sign off....that'd be kinda awkward and what not.....he did. noooo. i feel like total ass. lol. hes soooooooooooooo SSOOOOOOOOO cute. lol. ok im done for now cuz im gonna talk to him;).....

    Current Mood: ecstatic
    Current Music: none....too happy:)
    Sunday, September 5th, 2004
    4:42 pm
    so this is an apology....
    to any one who deserves it. sorry i took pictures of ya. lol. sorry i scared ya and made you believe that i was stalking you. sorry i made an ass out of myself with what i wrote. damn, i wish i could take it all bak. lol. ne way. thats the only apology i had. hahaha. i didnt realize what an idiot i was being at the time but i guess i got older and realized how immature it all really was. now im in college and im lovin it. im bored out of my mind because i have nothing to do. i kind of got distracted for a few minutes....im playin avatar high again. fun fun. i wanna go see candid daydream. but i dont know if its going on rite now or if its later tonite. id rather go later tonite. idk. i'll have to see i guess. im gonna go down and see if amy wants to go get some food with me, dinners only bein served till six. damn them. lol. bye!!!!

    Current Mood: hungry
    Current Music: theory of a deadman
    Friday, September 3rd, 2004
    3:59 pm
    hehe. went to the gym again today. great fun great fun. i ran an entire mile...how crazy insane is that. i never run a mile!!! well, it wasnt all at one, it was like run one lap walk one run one walk one and so on and so forth. classes start in 2 days. i am so incredibly nervous. i hope im not the only one in my class who has no clue wut ne of it is about. maybe i got in because they felt sorry for me cuz i didnt make it into film. :( that would sadden me. but i think my SAT scores helped cuz i got an 1110 and the avg for photo is 1080...so yeah. lol. i have a bit of a headache because i ran a whole mile. welp, gotta go pee so maybe i'll write more tonite:)

    Current Mood: anxious
    Current Music: maroon 5-thanks maggie:)
    Thursday, September 2nd, 2004
    4:43 pm
    hahaha. jordan, ah yes the infamous jordan butler who thought that i was once stalking him, got online and i read the info. said something bout living in rochester and drinkin beers. hahaha. im in rochester too. maybe hes stalking me. lol. nah. drinkin beers????!!!! nooooooo. lol. im such a fricken dork. but ashley told me that he wasnt into any of that. :( it saddens me. lol. hes so hott. lol. im such a loser. nah. lol. ok now im out..........

    Current Mood: sad
    Current Music: the used rox
    4:30 pm
    and so it continues....
    the long never ending week of orientation. now its just getting old. i used to like my oa group because of the really cute boy in it. but then i realized that hes really not that attractive. hes got gorgeous eyes and perty teeth....but yeah. lol. not really "my type". halley said that i shouldnt judge him because of that but w/e. idc. my freeking scalp is sunburned once again. i'll end up getting skin cancer or something cuz of it. damn it all. ne way. so i hung out with halley and a bunch of people from her floor last nite cuz my floor isnt too friendly. well, i guess they're friendly, just not with me. lol. idc. most of them are obnoxious ne way.lol. i dont know them so w/e. neway. so we hung out and went to ben & jerrys and halley and i got smoothies:) hehehe. the one boy was kinda cute. he talked to me and he was more "my style". but hes got a g/f back home so yeah. but halley said that he asked about me:) hehehe. thats cool. and i'll probly hang out with him and the rest of the people more cuz i like halleys floor. its a rather cool floor. cept it doesnt have air so thats no good, no good at all. but idc. id rather hang out there. im supposed to go to dinner with the oa group tonite but idk. it doesnt sound too thrilling. id rather go to dinner w/halley and her pals. lol. man, maybe i should have roomed with her. but then i probably would have been stuck with no air and no elevator so....yeah. but then i could have been on the same floor as the kool kids. lol. alritey, im out.........

    Current Mood: amused
    Current Music: i love ian watkins.........lostprophets
    Wednesday, September 1st, 2004
    6:51 pm
    the computer got fixed today:) i wasnt able to get on the internet so i went down to resnet and asked wut was goin on and they said to try again and if it didnt work that i would have to bring my tower down to them so that they could fix it. well, i ended up having to lug the damn tower down the elevator and to the resnet office and what not. originally they had told me that i mite not get it back for probably 2 days. well it didnt end up being that long, only about a few hours. HOORAY. lol. it makes me smile alot. holy crap. the "labbie" as he is called, that works at the computer lab downstairs is GORGEOUS. with his little tie and his converse shoes. gorgeous. even more gorgeous than tom. lol. tom has gorgeous eyes though. lol. there are actually alot of skater-type guys here. tom isnt one but hes still cute. but i was sittin in gracies with autumn and her roomie and i was just watching people, like who was there and what not. i was amazed by how many hott skater guys there are. HOORAH. i do i do I DO love my skater boys:) well, they arent really "my" skater boys, but they are so so SO hott. hehehe. im so glad to have my computer back. you really come to appreciat things once they go away. but now its back so its all good. im going to the acoustic show tonite at java wallys with halley. maybe he'll be there, kate asked if anyone wanted to go cuz all the oa's have to be there so shes going and she didnt wanna be there by herself. austin will be there.....hes really cute too. with his orange dreds. hes really cute:) THEY ARE EVERYWHERE. lol. i love it. damn frat boys. they are so efin annoying. bastards all of them. one of them said fuck you to me today. wtf. dumbass. argh. lol. okay, enough complaining......:)

    Current Mood: ecstatic
    Current Music: lostprophets...ian watkins is SOOOOOOO hott!!!!!
    Wednesday, August 25th, 2004
    10:20 pm
    well well well
    only 4 days to go. oh dear oh dear. finally finished the college shopping today. woohoo!!!!!! hehehe. i am currently in the process of downloading the used again. great fun great fun. alota people have already started college....i dont start till the 6th....hehehe. oh how glorious. leave on sunday. i have certainly got alota shit that im takin with me. 9 boxes, 2 bags of clothes, the comforter, 2 pillows. jeez louise. but theyre rather small boxes. i finally will have all of the money that i will be needing as of friday. those damn art kits consume all of my damn money. what if i dont even like photography. that would efin suck. i really want the event manager job. i think it would be the coolest job ever. plus id be getting paid 6.75/hr. thats great. better than that 5.15 shit. now i presently have 3 songs downloaded. im workin on it, it should be alot easier once i get connected in the dorm cuz we get ethernet. i hope all of my stuff fits. it should. theres really not that much....lol. im so going to the show tomorrow. i decided that i dont give a fuck whos gonna be there or what they think of me, fuck em all. damn them. dannies gonna go and halley mite. dannies the greatest. im almost done packing. all i really have left to pack is stuff i use everyday and the rest of the clothes. gotta wash them on saturday though so cant pack them till then. i hope my roomie likes me:) we chat alot so it wont be wierd at all. hopefully:) hehe. im so tired. i gotta start gettin up earlier so that i can get used to the 8am class and the 9am class. thank god theres only one of each:) no one gets online ne more. or maybe they just all blocked me. wouldnt doubt it, the efin asswipes that they all are. argh. hahaha....i saw amanda galvin today at wal-mart. my oh my i do not like that girl. never did. never will most likely. hehe. idc ne more. know what, i think im kinda gonna miss high school. lol-never thought i would but i think i will. i'll have to go visit mr carr some times. well well i am done for now. maybe i'll write tomorrow, depends on how i feel:).........

    Current Mood: blank
    Current Music: the used
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