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Monday, March 3rd, 2003
11:15 pm

current music: soul scream - kuroi tsuki no yoru

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1:48 am - Livejournal....
HAHA Livejournal has been DDoS'd AGAIN. Yeah I know it's not funny, but good god it's a daily freakin occurance! I think I'm gonna quit posting stuff there.. well cept for stuff that Akedren reads

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12:59 am - Hrm...

What Planet Are You From?

this quiz was made by The Autist Formerly Known As Tim

current mood: cold
current music: Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody

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12:49 am
AQUARIUS (Jan 20–Feb 18): You Aquarians make a life practice out of being different and getting away with it. Maybe you’ve become more confident about those things that make you weird, but whatever the motivation, you are entering a phase when the unusual become even more normal for you. Others may think you’ve slid off over the edge of acceptability, but that probably won’t stop you from being as eclectic as you feel.

current music: Cher - If I Could Turn Back Time

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Sunday, March 2nd, 2003
7:12 pm
Whee! I made my journal all pretty :) Friends page too. Haven't done calender yet tho. I'll get around to it sometime soon.

I'm trying to actually -do- something other than mud all day and read all night :P

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Saturday, March 1st, 2003
11:20 pm
"There is nothing like waking up the morning after a good beating. It's like a hangover that covers your entire body."

Don't I know it... all too well

current music: Metallica - Through the never

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1:56 am - Mmmm.. Good fiction
Something else pattered around the edge of the steps; in the torchlight I thought it was a dog. It wasn't. A rat the size of a German shepherd sat up on its sleek black haunches. It stared at me, huge paws tucked close to its furry chest. It cocked one large, black button eye at me. Lips drew back from yellowed teeth. The incisors were five inches long, blunt-edged daggers.

I yelled, "Jean-Claude!"

The air filled with high-pitched squeals, echoing, as if they were running up a tunnel. I stepped to the far edge of the stairs. And I saw it. A tunnel cut into the wall, almost man-high. Rats poured out of the tunnel in a thick, furry wave, squealing and biting. They flowed out and began to cover the floor.

"Jean-Claude!" I beat on the door, jerked at the bars, everything I had done before. It was useless. I wasn't getting out. I kicked the door and screamed, "Dammit!" The sound echoed against the stone walls and almost drowned out the sound of thousands of scrambling claws.

"They will not come for you until we are finished."

I froze, hands still on the door. I turned, slowly. The voice had come from inside the cell. The floor writhed and twisted with furry little bodies. High-pitched squeals, the thick brush of fur, the clatter of thousands of tiny claws filled the room. Thousands of them, thousands.

Four giant rats sat like mountains in the writhing furry tide. One of them stared at me with black button eyes. There was nothing ratlike in the stare. I had never seen wererats before, but I was betting that I was seeing them now.

One figure stood, legs half-bent. It was man-size, with a narrow, ratlike face. A huge naked tail curved around its bent legs like thick fleshy rope. It - no, he, definitely he - extended a clawed hand. "Come down and join us, human." The voice sounded thick, almost furry, with an edge of whine to it. Each word precise and a little wrong. Rats' lips are not made for talking.

I was not coming down the steps. No way. I could taste my heart in my throat. I knew a man who survived a werewolf attack, nearly died, and didn't become a werewolf. I know another man who was barely scratched and became a weretiger. Odds were, if I was so much as scratched, in a month's time I would be playing fur-face, complete with black button eyes and yellowish fangs. Dear God.

No, I'm not smoking crack, it's a snippet out of a really excellent book. I'll post more later on, when I'm done reading.

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current music: Our Lady Peace - 4am

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