busy busy busy.   
11:33am 09/06/2003
mood: groggy
music: Cold, "Stupid Girl".
Ok, last week: Friday nite, made out with a girl ( terri ) I hated the day before, then managed to ask her out....Bobby's fine with this.
she seemed cool, I mean, why not? and yes, I was on corricidin..

got drunk sunday nite, passed out on some chicks bathroom floor...threw up all over myself....that was a bitch. Being I was drinking vodka and cool aid, it was all pink and stuff.....::shudders::

I'm blonde now...about to dye it red though I don't think I can stand being this blonde for too long. its annoying. I'm gonna have to go to the doctor this week.....for migraines and possible appendix problems...yay.

My 7 month old KITTEN is pregnant....poor Foot Foot.
Plus I think Bobbys gonna break up with me or something....paranoia probably, but its fucking scary none the less....he is just acting weird.....I dont know....somethings off....

Anyhoo....I'm sleep deprived.....just figured I would get this thing started.