05:18pm 03/03/2003
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07:52pm 27/02/2003
mood: drained
i got my head but my head is unravelling
cant keep control can't keep track of where it's travelling
i got my heart but my heart's no good
you're the only one that's understood

i come along but i dont know where you're taking me
i shouldn't go but you're wrenching dragging shaking me
turn off the sun pull the stars from the sky
the more i give to you the more i die

and i want you

you are the perfect drug
the perfect drug
the perfect drug
the perfect drug

you make me hard when i'm all soft inside
i see the truth when i'm all stupid-eyed
the arrow goes straight through my heart
without you everything just falls apart

my blood just wants to say hello to you
my fears want to get inside of you
my soul is so afraid to realize
how very little good is left of me

and i want you

you are the perfect drug
the perfect drug
the perfect drug
the perfect drug

take me with you

without you everything just falls apart

it's not as much fun to pick up the pieces
11:51am 27/02/2003
  Stab me in the face,
I will bleed for two days and then fall asleep in your arms.
Two Guys walk into a Bar....   
09:56am 27/02/2003
mood: anxious
music: The Sound of One hand clapping.
School is bad.. I cant wait to get out of this hole. ^_^ My computer teacher, really knows very little about what she is supposed to be teaching.. She is MORON. There is only one class i am really looking foward to today and is 7th period. I get to sit next to Carla in that class and she is so cute and funny. *huggles her Carla plushie*
I like my new haircut it feels nice.^_^ I have a headache again though so i dont feel to peachy.
Anyway, yes.. I miss/am worried about my taco pimp.

i want a pocket full of flutterbies.


Take a picture of me,
while i sleep.
I will be dead for awhile, but this smile wont leave my face.

If shut tightly, pull my eyes open.
I'll give you a lifeless stare, but you know i'm still full of wonder.

Take a picture of me,
while I sleep.
Bind my limbs with rope, and pull my strings.
Marionette that I am, I will be dead for awhile,
but this smile wont leave my face.
10:26pm 25/02/2003
  Dejitaru Wasabi: skirts are fuun
MajorArcanna: *nods!* I go swing dancing Saturday nights, infanitly more fun to dance in.
benu302000: certainly are
benu302000: heh
benu302000: heheh
benu302000: Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
MajorArcanna: *eyes Skryker and backs away slowly*
Dejitaru Wasabi: your so evil stryker.
benu302000: ... what?
Dejitaru Wasabi: and its great.
Runefire32: *chuckles*
benu302000: I'm picturing a monkey in a skirt
benu302000: what are YOU thinking of?
benu302000: I tell you... women these days
Dejitaru Wasabi: heh...heh...heh
Zig Zig Zig   
07:16pm 25/02/2003
mood: frustrated
music: "Boomerang"- Blumchen
Mind side blinding
Look away and up
And throug occular windows
Shattered glass songs
Stabbing at your eardrums
Cancel that Beat.
Please stab me directly in the face.   
06:49pm 25/02/2003
mood: frustrated
music: "Golden Brown"- The Stranglers
Today was um.. ehh
zig zig zig zig

Cookies are Yum.
Chocolate Stryker Face.

I miss my taco pimp, I want to see him soon.


bad stuff written by Nail-

I can dig in you
My shovel eyes
So fond of your dirt caked skin.

I can dig in you
A deep dark hole
Somewhere to let my secrets rot.

I can dig in you
A deep dark hole
A place where my demons cant find me.

Lower me down, my grave is marked-
"The death of a blank heart,
Goodbye in a whisper,
a curious glance,
and an unsure smile."

Dead to the world.
A short Review.   
11:24am 24/02/2003
mood: awake
This weekend i had the pleasure of viewing one of the most sick and twisted movies ever created. It was great.
Battle Royale is a live action film, in Japanese ninth graders slaughter each other, in order to survive the game. All of this is overseen by their former seventh grade teacher, Kitano-sensei, who at one point stabs a female student in the head for whispering while he is speaking. Two Wild Cards are thrown into the mix as well, one who has survived a previos game of BT, and the other who has just signed up for fun.
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A weekend at UMBC   
10:35am 24/02/2003
mood: content
music: "Scifi Wasabi"- Cibo Matto
This past weekend was great, i got to meet some new people and they totally rocked.
I went to UMBC and got experience what college life was like first hand, and now i feel like i just have to get it all down. So here is a short list of what learned from the college experience.

-You will wear the same outfit for days at a time, and no one will care because they havent changed in a week either.

-You share a bathroom with the room next door, remember to lock both doors.

-There is a shower in the bathroom, but is it really worth the effort of dragging yourself away from the computer.

-Brunch and Dinner those are the two major meals, the rest of your diet consists of floor candy in your room and stuff thats been sitting in your fridge for a while.


-The computer in your is used for the following purposes-
>Downloading Porn
> Downloading Anime
>Watching both
>You are a Hardcore Gamer. You are 1337.
>IMing to your roomate who is sitting at the computer right next to you. Using your voice is so overrated.

-Smash Brothers and Animal Crossing. They own you.


-Sleepy takes place anywhere between 2am-12pm sometimes..I dont know it varies from person to person.

-You must always show respect to your elders, Red and Purple Tallest.

-Hallway Fencing is the late night sport of champions.

It was fun, I hope go visit again sometime soon, and also to attend UMBC sometime in the future. Stryker is awesome.
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12:09am 21/02/2003
  we live on a mountain
right at the top
there's a beautiful view
from the top of the mountain
every morning I walk towards the edge
and throw little things off
car-parts, bottles and cutlery
or whatever I find lying around

it's become a habit
a way
to start the day

I go through all this
before you wake up
so I can feel happier
to be safe up here with you

it's real early morning
no-one is awake
I'm back at my cliff
still throwing things off
I listen to the sounds they make
on their way down
I follow with my eyes 'til they crash
imagine what my body would sound like
slamming against those rocks

when it lands
will my eyes
be closed or open?

I go through all this
before you wake up
so I can feel happier
to be safe up here with you
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Projectile Spoon Death   
11:43pm 20/02/2003
mood: hopeful
music: Bjork- "Hyperballad"
I just wanna, kinda drift around and away.
Too much is going on around me but at the same time its like i'm standing

I want to vanish awhile, be forgotten about for abit. But i dont think i could forget about those i left behind.On
second thought maybe vanishing is not the answer. But i think in some way i have to look from the outside in.
The inside scares me. But i think i gotta be upfront about it. Observation is key.

Fuck this Mainstream voodoo bullshit, i want my mtv!.....to be stabbed in the face repeatedly, simmer over open flame for about 30 mins, then repeat process. Thems Eats.

Ugh. Another long boring night, to sit and stare blankly at the computer screen.^_^ YAY!

I love someone..*glows*

Ashiteru Myka-san, Ashiteru.
SourPunchFizzle Yum   
04:28pm 20/02/2003
mood: bouncy
music: m1dy - Tokyo Style Speedcore
The Bird of Hermes is my name,
Eating my wings to make me tame.

I'm feeling not so, not so crazy anymore. But all the Same. In and Out. OoOOoo's and Aaaaaahs.
And other noises that make you sweat. Cause when i think about you..Yes when i think about you. I want to shoot myself.

_-_A conversation_-_

Kath- "POTATOE!"
Kath- "That was fun."
Twitch-" Yeah..Lets do it again sometime."
Kath- "You said YUM! What it the yum?"
Twitch-"Very much so Roboto."
Kath- "But your a rabbit.. Aren't rabbits supposed to eat carrots n' stuff?


*5 Minutes later*

Kath-" POTATOE!"

argh..Oni is bothering moi.
Like Red Hot.   
12:44pm 20/02/2003
mood: numb
music: Electric Soft Parade- "Empty at the End"
Erm..My brain hurties and feels like squish. To many things going on at once.><; Hate the snow, and i hope it dies a horrible death..!

Trying To plan for future cons and such..Figuring how much its gonna cost and all that bs...Hrm maybe thats why my head hurts. I hate people, people are evil.

PoTAToE- "Hey there, GEORGE W.!! DO YOU like CHeeeeEESE?"
PoTAToE-"Yes, YOUR suchA Cute BIG dUmB animal, Aren't you GeorGe?"*pets*
George-"i Liiiiiiiiike CHEEEeeeeeEEEse!"
Mrs.BUSH-"Jesus Jumping on a pogo stick! GEORGE , Stop playing with your FOOD!"

umm. yeah I don't know.. e_e;

Katsucon rocked, pictures will be up on the website soon..or whenever i get around to scanning them.

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