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Im going to die. [07 Sep 2003|01:41am]
werid subject heh? anyways i dont lke this whole blurty shizznet anymore so i have gave this name to punkiish_ness. i will delete you all from my friends list, and im sorry if this gets you pissed but i dont want blurty anymore its to annoying for me when people complain about how i dont update. I could care less if i never commented it sucks to be dont it. Jesus. whatever, bye.
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[11 Aug 2003|11:48pm]
Can you say that the 1st day of highschool was the scarest shit i have even been though?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT FUCK MAN!
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FRiENDS CUT!@#$% [06 Aug 2003|01:43am]
Mmmmmmk, it was time to do a friends cut, so these people were cut:


Everyone else was kept. If you wanna be re-added comment and ill re-add you
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[16 Jul 2003|12:02am]
A new journal just made by Punkiish_ness. Im helping her out though because im special lol. We really doint have any members right now, just me and her and were spreding as much of the word as we can so if you could, pretty pweeze go there and join and request to get the community going!

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[23 Jun 2003|10:45am]
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Access DENiED! @#$*&^

punkiish_ness the one and only made my friends only sign, icon, and layout... Isn't she just the absolote best?! omg i love her to death!!!

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