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    Saturday, July 5th, 2003
    5:09 am
    dear journal,
    hey,it's me Lila.anywayz,the subject of today is chatrooms.the reason why i will be discussing chatrooms is becuz i found out about from AOL profiles,which are located in chatrooms,if the user is in there.anywayz,everyone had blurty journals,and i wanted one,so now i have one.isn't it great?i think it is.well anywayz,chatrooms have been changing alot.reason i mention this is becuz the people in the chatroom really change the chatroom.the people are the chatroom really.well these dayz in every chatroom i go in,and i mean every chatroom on AOL.the chatrooms created by AOL members.everyone is being so mean to eachother,it's horrible,everyone has nasty behavior,and are being peoples in chats have been beinhg damn filthy tricks,but i hold my head even higher.forget them,they all stupid anyway.well that's the conclusion of my very first blurty journal entree.luv you.bye!
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