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[08 Jul 2003|06:01pm]
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survey! [03 Jul 2003|10:28pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | Evanescence-:-Missing ]

~*~* NAMES *~*~
1.What is your name? Amanda
2.What other names were your parents thinking about for you? Trista
3.If you had been born of the opposite gender, what was your name going to be (according to your parents)? Justin
4. What does your name mean (if you know)? Sweet, honest, truth
5. Do you like your name? Not particularly
6. Do you know anyone else with your name? Unfortunately, and I can't say I like having the same name as them.
7. If you could change your name, what would it be to? Taylon
8. What is coolest name of someone you know? Mallory
9. The weirdest? Sevan
10. The plainest/ugliest? Sara

11. What is your favorite weapon? Knives!
12. What is your favorite genre of book? Hmm, I like different types of books depending on my mood.
13. What is your favorite planet? Mars. Although I do have some sympathy for Pluto.. I heard that it's planetary status was taken away... and once something was given planetary status it's kinde man to take it away
14. Your favorite type of sandwich? Hmm...lettuce, tomato, onions, olives, and pickles...
15. How about your favorite role playing game (if you play them)?
16. Your favorite play? (No, not movie or TV show, PLAY) Les Mis
17. Favorite joke? I don't have one...
18. Favorite color of clothing on you? Black and pink!
19. Favorite fruit juice flavor? Apple
20. What's your favorite thing to look up online? Porn of course!

21. Do you know anyone who is a cheerleader? Nope
22. Smokes (if yes, how many)? Too many
23. Has an imaginary friend? umm I have one!
24. Lies about everything? No comment
25. Worships the devil? HAHA
26. Has had their life threatened? Yup!
27. Do you know anyone who hates slurpees? Who could ever hate slurpees..
28. Give a rough estimate of how many people you know. Too many
29. Now how many of them are your friends? Very few
30. Where are the majority of your friends from (i.e. sports, school)? anywhere

31. Eat bugs purposely? chance
32. Commit a crime? If it was for a good cause.. maybe.
33. Change your religion?
34. Lie to your parents? It depends..
35. Jump over a waterfall? Well..
36. Change clothes in front of an open window? Yep!
37. Dress up as the opposite sex for an important event? No
38. Go out at night dressed in something like a black trenchoat and sunglasses? What the hell kind of question is that? Why wouldn't I?
39. Sing a harmonized duet in front of 500 strangers? No...
40. Tell someone that you liked them if they were much older than you? Yes, I have.

41. Lied to your parents about something really important? Yeah, but it was the right decision
42. Have your life threatened? Yeah
43. Stumbled across FBI secrets online? I don't believe so
44. Stayed up until the morning light talking online? Yup
45. Made people give you really wierd glances? Suure
46. Read a Shakespeare play? I like Shakespeare
47. Talked in your sleep? Yes. What did you say? I don't remember...
48. Sung at a kareoke bar? Nope
49. Looked something up online your parents specifically told you not to look up? I don't think so
50. Been run over... with a bike? Umm.. not that I can recall

51. Number one on your hit list? If I told you, I'd have to kill you.
52. On your aol instant messaging list (Give screen names and real names, if possible)? uh uh
53. The person you talk to most online? I don't know...
54. The person you talk to least online? Once again, I don't know.
55. The person who calls you every other day? People rarely call me.
56. Is there anyone that dumped you when you most needed them? YES
57. The last person you talked to on the phone with? My mom
58. The person/people you're with the most? Probably Meg..
59. Never home? Umm.. never?
60. Always home? lol

~*~*THIS OR THAT*~*~
61. Mulan or Moulin Rouge? ...What?
62. 7 Up or Dr. Pepper? Pepsi Yo!
63. Hamsters or Gerbils? I hate animals
64. Rats or Mice? Once again, I hate animals
65. The Swings or the Slide? Tire swings!
66. Rollercoaster or Merry-Go-Round? Rollercoaster
67. Sneakers, Sandals, or No Shoes? Chuck Taylors!
68. Italian or Mexican food? Neither.. blah!
69. Fast Food or Sit Down Restaurant? I'd rather eat at home
70. The Sun or the Moon? Stars!

71. What's your favorite quote about love? I'm Helpless As You Move Away
I Am Empty, Aimless
I Have No Illusions Anymore
They Just Ran Right Out Of Me
And Every Day I'll Fight Not To Miss You
Every Day I'll Lose

72. Favorite quote about friends? Ill get back to this
73. How about about life? Ill get back to this
74. What's your favorite humorous quote? Ill get back to this
75. How about the quote that makes you go, "Hmm..."?
76. The quote that makes you go, "To true, to true." I'm too tired to think of quotes right now.
77. What's your favorite word? FUCK is says so many things with so few letters
78. What's your favorite number? 19
79. What's your favorite thing to do on a cold day? *smirks* I could think of a couple
80. How about your favorite thing to do on a hot day? *smirks* I could think of a couple

81. Are there any shoes in the room? Yup
82. Underwear? On me
83. Dishes, glasses, forks, spoons etc? A bottle of pepsi! go me!
84. Something unidentifiable that is very nasty looking? HAHAHH
85. Money? Yeah
86. A TV? No
87. Is there a fan in the room with you?Yes
89. How about a blanket? On me
90. What colors are the walls and the floor? Walls white, beige

91. In how many languages can you say "Goodbye?" 4
92. And how many of those can you actually spell? 3
93. What's your favorite way of ending a letter? (ie Sincerely, love from)......
94. Who's the last person you said goodbye to you, and where were they going? Meg, to work
95. Is there any weird way you say goodbye (ie Night, Smooches) hah 'Parting is such sweet sorrow'
96. How do you end internet conversations? 'later'
97. Do you realize I'm just stalling to get to 99? yay?
98. Have you ever seen any of these questions on any other survey before? Yeah
99. On a scale from 1-10, 1 being the worst, what would you rate this? i dont know

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Your dreams are my worse nightmares... [21 Jun 2003|01:17pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Blindside-Painting ]

So.. last night was horrible I got no sleep... so I was drawing all night.. what I was drawing was very triggering.. so after that I tried to keep myself occupied.. I thought maybe if I went to bed I would forget about it.. but while in bed I kept scratching at my arm.. and then I started to feel warm crimson blood trickle down my arm into the palm of my hand.. I was so dissapointed with myself.. I just dont understand why some people can live a normal life with no SI and I have to hurt myself just to get through the day... :(

So today will hopefully be better.. Im going out later with my sister... it should be fun.

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Sorry... [20 Jun 2003|11:11am]
[ mood | disappointed ]
[ music | Double Drive-Imprint ]

So, last night I cut again.. I'm so sick of doing it. Anyway, I went to school yesterday for my last day... I took my history final, and passed the class.. which is awesome I was so worried about that. After the final my history teacher was saying some really nice things about me, it felt good I thought he hated me. I walked outside to wait for my ride, and came back in.. and Bill said 'I was sad, I thought you were going to leave without saying bye' and I was like 'no way'. I went to my math class to check out my grade in there which was an 81.. yay! And then came back and my ride was outside.. and Bill wasnt around.. so I just left.. I felt bad though.. I mean Bill is fuckin awesome, so is Jess.. we'er the trio :) Anyway, Im having a pretty shitty day.. of course.. sometimes I wish I could just sleep the day away to forget about all this shit.. well Im out. Later.

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Suckers! [19 Jun 2003|09:22pm]
So, I just finished getting my journal all set up.. I have another one on a different site.. that all my friends know but I wanted to make this one.. because sometimes I like to talk about stuff that they don't need to know about.. so anyway.. yeah.. this right is my new journal.. SUCKERS!
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