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Friday the 13th [13 Jun 2003|09:06pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

So anyways, I have had a wild week. Wednesday I went to Youth, it was awesome, I need to bring my bathing suit next week cuz we are going swimming!! Then Thursday I went to the movies with Mel and Kels and saw the Lizzie McGuire movie, man it was awesome! Then we went back to Kels' went swimming, ate some really awesome chicken tortellini and then went and put make up on, took some pics, ate smores, ran in the sprinklers. Man running in the sprinklers on the golf course is awesome!! Ok, the golf course at the country club we live near closes and then they turn on the sprinklers and stuff, so we trespassed, yes church girls broke the law *gasp*!! and we ran thru the sprinklers and everytime a car drove by we'd duck down. Anyways, then we came back and went swimming again and then we went to sleep. And then Friday we went out to Red Robin, best place ever, and then went to Walgreen's to complete our present for Crystal's party. Then we went to her party, it was ok. Nothing spectacular, but it was real fun. She liked our present, that was good! So anyways, that was my week. Yippee...I have a really lame pick-up line, it is:

My pickup line is:
What's your sign?
what's your pickup line?
| mewing.net. hey, baby.

Sad, ain't it? Well, I'm out, latas


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