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[07 May 2012|06:28pm]
write it, don't eat it
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[22 Apr 2012|03:02pm]
fuck it. I really am going to leave in 8 weeks.
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you come in at five. [19 Apr 2012|04:35pm]
I can't tell if I'm more afraid of what this might change or what this might not change.
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[18 Apr 2012|10:34pm]
this is what I've been waiting for. A break in the family.

Now is the time.
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[17 Apr 2012|11:48pm]
it doesn't matter where I go because I'll always have my music

and how could I be alone with all of this
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[12 Apr 2012|11:39pm]
"I can see your tattoos"
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[08 Apr 2012|11:12pm]
I deleted you at 11:11. I never delete anyone from my phone.
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[23 Feb 2012|04:51pm]
"Do you want to, honey?"
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[15 Feb 2012|11:29pm]
I don't know if it makes me a better or a worse person that I know everything you think I don't

and yet I still do this.
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[13 Feb 2012|11:01pm]
remember whose tattoo you bear
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[31 Jan 2012|11:28pm]
and how many times have I mourned you?

I should be so fucking used to this by now.
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[06 Jan 2012|01:00pm]
I wake up beautiful and pure.

Lucky you.
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[05 Jan 2012|10:14pm]
you jump so much in your sleep. I wonder if you're falling or skateboarding or if they're nightmares.
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[05 Jan 2012|12:53pm]
I would rather you use me for someone to sleep next to rather than use me for sex.

But above that, I would rather you stop using me.
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[27 Nov 2011|12:29pm]
"I like the way you fuck back, that's why I keep coming back"
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[20 Nov 2011|11:17am]
So instead I'm gonna finish my drink and have another
While you think about how you used to be my lover
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[10 Nov 2011|12:26pm]
"You're so sexy."

this means nothing from you anymore.
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[09 Nov 2011|12:14am]
I swear I wished it was you the entire time
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[20 Oct 2011|01:59pm]
I need to see you/talk to you tonight before I say anything to anyone
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[20 Oct 2011|12:28am]
. . .the way I got really upset when I knew she wanted you a few years ago even though I had no idea why it made me jealous.
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