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[28 Oct 2004|08:08pm]
"trust me i wont hurt you like the last dude did .. i like you.."

im so stupid .. falling for those lines, dated a dude for 4 months. 3 and a half month i was watching myself .. makin sure i wouldnt fall for him. then i let it all out and tell him everything and i feel .. happy.
two weeks later he decides he wants to get back with his ex. i knew he kinda still liked/loved her so i tried my best not to fall too deep. he kept on saying "im not gonna leave you for her.." and then finally i decided to trust him. only to get hurt again. i dont believe in love .. its stupid. but somehow when you spend allot of time with a special someone you start to care so much about that someone that when they let you down you just feel like crawling in to a corner and die slowly and painfully .. all alone.
cause thats how im going to spend the rest of my life. all alone.
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