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Sunday, November 6th, 2005

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    come one angel...lets talk this over
    ok...first thinger under this name..its just not the same :-(...o well...something new
    dane cook is the fucking man
    wow..he is sooo fucking funny it hurts ...he makes me laugh way to much..i threw up just from listening to it..

    i love everyone...i dont really have n e thing to write today...

    jeff is kewl..hes a kewl cat...

    im a bit bored...nothing to overly look forward to..i have a feeling somethings gonna go wrong tomorrow
    i dont know if im going..

    im in a lovey mood..i want someone here right now in this moment....i want someone strong...someone a little buff...a guy...someone i feel safe with...i feel know im only 14 ...but i dont like living by myself..i want to live with someone im allowed to sleep next to...i want someone to fall asleep on..:-) and not get bitched at for it...

    ive been thinkin about my doorbell, when ya gonna ring it? when ya gonna ring it?

    i dont like being single n e more...gets boring after a while...

    i love you!

    Current Mood: affectionate
    Current Music: white stripes ~my doorbell

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