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Monday, August 11th, 2003

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    ya i finally decided to do one of these...but i'm a loser so i probably wont keep up with it.

    Today i went to Palm Springs with Carol, stood in 115 degree heat cuz' the car stalled, stopped and saw my mom at work, came home, talked to him, went running, talked to him again, took a shower, cleaned my room...mmhmm.

    I talked to him...he likes me. I like him. Thing is, his best friend is my ex and still has feelings for me, my best friend is infatuated with him...whats a girl to do?

    (the ex), way nice guy... we broke up. We both still had feelings for each other. He got real mad one day, and said he found someone else and stopped talking to me, i was upset, put 'The Greatest Fall Of All Time', and 'Promise' on repeat. I realized that he was being retarded and called him, he talked, i talked, he got angry, i cried, we apologized, now were okay...i still have leftover feelings, but i dont know, im a confusing yourself gangsta.

    Carol, my best friend...came to visit me at the hospital in Palm Desert almost everyday...and then drove all the way to Loma Linda University Hospital when i got transferred...helped me with my IV always there for me. i think she knows Ronnie has feelings for me, and different, feelings than he has for her...

    'he', has piercings (ears, lip, that part between your eyes, used to have a star pierced into his forearm...) and tattoos..the way i like em'. Despite his rough exterior, he is one of the sweetest guys ever...true story. ::sigh:: too much to say... he's the carbon copy of me, but a guy...honestly, we have so much in common...i love it...

    i guess thats all for now...i hope no one i know reads this...

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