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[28 Jun 2004|09:37pm]

go there.

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bLiNk182/nO dOuBt cOnCeRt [23 Jun 2004|07:12pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Go-bLiNk182 ]

what up. ok well last night i went to the blink 182 and no doubt concert. it was soo good! no doubt was good...omg it was soo funny! there were these older chicks in front of us and they had a little to much to drink lol and they were hecka like freaking eachother in their seats and me and brianna were like wtf lol. yah during intermission i got a blink shirt and poster. the posters cool. but yah then we went back to our seats and waited for blink and they came out singing 'feeling this' and i hecka got pumped up and was like I LOVE TOM lol hes hott. yeah and so we were rockin out to that. it was soo fun. there were some funny things tom said like...
-tom was saying how sacramento was better then the show they played in frisco and he was like yeah frisco's a bunch of pussy pussies lol
-and then he was said something like he wanted to compliment us but wasnt gonna say i love you so he was like..sacramento looks f*cking sexy in the shower!! lol yah
-then there was this dude with a pole acting like he was tom singing...and tom was like...who do you think you are?? ME?! why dont you go buy some nachos, get naked, and put them on you...then meet me backstage. lol yah it was funny.
after the concert my voice was hecka going out...then we stopped at in and out burger (idk what city) but daaaang there were hecka fine guys there. seriously. i guess you can fine hott guys at any in and out burger lol.
but yah thats about it for now....g2g get those concert pics developed! PEACE.

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the look in your eyes makes me crazy [22 Jun 2004|02:29pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

woo. just updating to say that 3 hours...i am leaving to go see bLiNk182 & nO dOuBt in concert. yupyup. this will be my second time seeing blink and i already know they are good in concert so this will be awesome.. anyway.................gotta go get ready. PEACE.

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im dying inside and nobody knows it but me [16 Jun 2004|10:01pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | lets get down - tony toni tone ]

what up. yeah so summer school. real fun. actually my 1st per teacher is pretty cool. but my 2nd per...omg lol. its soo funny cause she has this weird accent and no one can understand her cause she talks too fast..she skips some words and jumbles them up in her sentence..its funny. she gets pissed off hecka easy too. its gonna be funny when she just like goes off on someone..but we cant laugh if that happens cause 'we cannot laugh. if we laugh we get consequence like student she argues with.'
anywaaay...i cant wait till friday. no school.
next monday i am seeing blink 182 and no doubt in concert. yeahh.

alright enough...late.

you smiled and made my day [6.14]

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soaking in sympathy from friends who never loved you...nearly half as much as me [14 Jun 2004|04:50pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]
[ music | taking back sunday ]

leaving for idaho at the end of the month. good stuff.
blink and no doubt concert coming up soon. more good stuff
summer school starts tomorrow. not good stuff. maybe it wont be so bad. idk.
anyway. last night ticia and bri came over. we went to the grocery store with my mom and we were in line and ticia was like kidding around and said to my mom 'so when are they letting you off probation?' and this old dude in front of us was like..'oh its okay. this is a time during your life thats hard but you will get through it.' and blah blah it was so funny. i think he was on something. but then we went to ticias house..bri stayed at my house cause she is a loser and doesnt want to go anywhere. jk. and my mom was outta town till hecka late so yah.
in the morning nathan showed up and hung out for a little. and he got off the phone with lindsey and he was like 'lindseys being mean to me' and i was like 'i wonder why....' lol and he was like what...and was asking if he was mean and blah blah and brianna said something and he left and wouldnt talk to her lol idk. its all so confusing. he went from me to lindsey to brianna. i wonder whos next........

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leave love bleedin in my hands... [03 Jun 2004|06:39pm]
tomorrow is the last day of schoooool. im glad but sad. yeahh im rythming too. if thats how u spell it. anyway....i have summer school since i didnt go last year, i have to make it up this year. oh well it will give me something to do for half the summer :\
but ya today was alriiiight. english actually passed by faster then i thought. but sculpture was soo slow. yah anyway im writing this and talking on the phone and typing to other people so im gonna go cause this is confusing. later
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broken inside [02 Jun 2004|04:08pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | broken inside ]

Her feelings she hides.
Her dreams she can't find.
She's losing her mind.
She's fallen behind.
She can't find her place.
She's losing her faith.
She's fallen from grace.
She's all over the place.
She wants to go home, but nobody's home.
It's where she lies, broken inside.
With no place to go, no place to go to dry her eyes.
Broken inside.
------------hecka like that song

but yah anyway i havent written in here for a while...i think about writing but then i get too lazy and forget.
yah so 2 more days of school. thats soo doesnt even feel like the years over. the days went by hecka slow but the year went by so fast...weird huh.
but cousins aunt, uncle and gma came down from texas for her graduation so i went to that on saturday and went back to her house for her grad party. then on sunday me, my mom, amanda, my aunt, uncle, 2 cousins, brother, sis in law, nephew, uncles 2 brothers (david and robert) and sister alllll went to san fransisco. hecka people. it was fun tho..we just walked around that day basically. and david got us a deal to go on this boat ride that goes by the golden gate and alcatraz. so ya that was hecka fun..we went right under the golden gate bridge and the dude on the speaker was like okay make a wish. so yah it was fun.
oh yah i got a james dean poster for 5 bucks! hecka cool.
omg then we were waiting for the bus to take us back to the bart station and this guy came on right and he started talking to himself about some girl cheating on his and his name was chuck lee and something about buddhists christians catholics and allll this kinda creepy stuff...then when the bus stopped to get more ppl we all moved to the back and he started to get up and walk to the back and he was saying like how he had a 9mm and some other kinda gun and he was gonna kill someone and i was getting hecka freaked out. then david started to get up cause he wanted to like sock this guy a couple times but everyone was like noo david sit down sit down. and finally the driver kicked him off. but ya it was soo scary. had to be there. i cant remember all that he was yelling.....anywayssss
ya i didnt get home until like 1 in the morning. then the next day they wanted to go back to go shopping this time so we did that. i got stuff from pacsun and old navy. good stuff good stuff. yah so thats all that i remember. i got to wake up late today cause i dont have a 6th...tomorrow i have to present my james dean scrapbook for 5th and clean the sculpture room for 4th...cant wait.

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$%^& [23 Apr 2004|03:07pm]
[ mood | angry ]
[ music | overnight celebrity-tWiStA ]


i just wrote an entry and it got deleted...dont feel like typing it again so lata.

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weekend. [28 Mar 2004|05:51pm]
[ mood | amused ]

yup so..on friday after school, ticias mom picked me up to go to her house and we hung out there and waited for lindsey but she couldnt come till like 8 so ticia invited others over...[nathan, brett, alana, mateo, alex, nick brandon] yah lol. so they came over and we all just hung out for the night and nate, brett, alana, alex, lindsey, me and brandon ended up spending the night there...and yah. it was so funny cuz when we were about to crash, me and nate were on the bottom bunk and lindsey was laying on the top bunk and brandon walks in...hops on the top with lindsey and starts taking off his pants! lol lindsey was like no way...and she kept saying i dont feel safe with him here. and so cece made him sleep in the living room with alex brett and alana lol.
but yah...and like idk how this happened..but me and nate just started kissing...and yeah. idk.
anyyyways. ohhh yah! it was sooo funny cause me lindsey and nathan were all talking and me and nate decided to sleep but i was awake and like..i hear lindsey whispering..and at first i thought she was on the phone but she just kept going and going and laughing to herself. it was hecka funny...i couldnt hear what she was saying tho.
we all woke up at like 6 something in the morning. crazy. i got like 2 hours of sleep.
yah anyway..that was fun..then saturday i went to my dads house and spent the night there and today is sunday and here i am. alrighty well.....later.

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sWiTcHfOoT/CoPeLaNd/tHe JeAlOuS sOuNd [23 Mar 2004|06:08pm]
[ mood | dorky ]
[ music | california - copeland <3 ]

aiight so on friday i spent the night at my cousin amandas house...then we woke up early to drive to santa cruz with her mom, dad and 2 little bro's. we drove there and got to capitola and went to the beach there and it was hecka fun.
then we drove into santa cruz and founf our hotel...dennys was right across so we walked there and got dinner...then me, amanda and my aunt went back to the hotel to get ready for the concert!!! uncle dropped us off at the club that it was at and we waited outside in the line from like 5:30 to 7:00 cause we wanted to get up in the front and we did. we were hecka close (got hecka good pictures) was a Switchfoot concert but omg.....Copeland was the first opening band and wow. i fell in love with the lead singer. he was up there and like doin his little moves while singing and like playing with his hair..well..had to b there to understand this but yah. he kept looking at me too for like the longest aunt told me..she was like..'he keeps looking at u!' lol but omg hes so hott...yah they are an awesome band. then The Jealous Sound came on..they were aiight. Switchfoot was soooo awesome! the lead singer and bass were hecka cute. i like switchfoot..................................but yah the concert was sooo much fun. i forgot my cell phone so we had to walk like a mile back to our hotel at like 12:00 at night haha.

yah then on sunday we went to the santa cruz beach boardwalk....that was hecka fun..we didnt have alot of time so we just went on like 3 rides but it was soo much fun...after that me and amanda walked down the street to this surf shop and looked around there.
then after that we drove home........hecka good weekend. cant wait to get the pictures back...
ok well enough writing. g2g. later...

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take my breath away* [15 Mar 2004|05:51pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | take my breath away - jessica simpson ]

today was...................alright?

okay so... you know when you like someone but you barely know them and everytime they walk by you get all nervous... or like your heart skips a beat...well maybe you dont know, but it was kinda like that..except for the fact that ive already went through a lot with him i guess..but, well ...i saw him twice today and-i dont know why-but when i saw him, it was like...i couldnt breathe for that second. its kinda wierd that i still get butterflies in my stomach when i see him... i dont know but....i really miss him...

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..i tried to give you up but im addicted.. [11 Mar 2004|04:03pm]
[ mood | blank ]
[ music | time is running out - Muse ]

hecka bored so i decided to actually write in here. anyway..idk whats happened since the last time i wrote...

bio: just did a lab + stuff. lindsey thinks my lab partner is cute huh lol..which he is..

history: borrring. watched 2 movies and did a map thing

[P]imp3: yah we had a sub and ya me and lindsey mostly oh, she was starting to tell me a story and i interrupted her with something about the lion king and we talked about that and then she was like okay now back to what i was saying before i was rudely interrupted or somethin and so she just sat there and was like....what WAS i talking about?? so we tried hecka hard to figure out what she was saying...i was like, ok rewind...and we remembered what we were talking about before and what we were talking about after but not her was hecka funny..had to b there..but ya we finally figured it out.

aerobics: classroom day..took hecka notes on archery which were gonna b doing next. yah we have to take a test on it before we can shoot the arrows and if we miss just one then we have to take it over again.

sculpture: yah boring as always. i hate that class cause you can never wear dark colors without getting clay all over u.

lunch: hecka hot day. me and lindsey hung out by the huddle for like the whole day. we usually dont cause people are gay. but yah just hung out with ticia, lindz, rex, alana, bri...blah blah. uhhhhhh yah.

english: nothing. lol

yah so today was aiight. i wanna go out tomorrow niiiight. oh yah theres a surprise bday party for milaine [frenchie] and someone else but he doesnt know it..he thinks its just for milaine lol. anyway more update lata.

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and if i ever fall in love again... [07 Feb 2004|01:50pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | if i ever fall in love - shai ]

whoawhoa..havent written in here in a looong time. yah i am hecka bored so i thought i would write..

anyway....last night lindsey came over and we did some last minute things to get ready..and then nate showed up. soo lindsey drove us to naughty nicks cause nate knew some people there i guess and we stayed there for a while. [there was a cute guy in a beanie but i dont think nate knew him] soo yah then like we just drove around and

hmmm.........dang..drama follows certain people like where ever they names. but yah tryin to stay outta that.

soo yah..idk if i am doing anything tonight but my mom is gonna be outta town till like tomorrow i guess so nate is staying at my house till she comes back... i might just have someone else over or somethin too......[party] lol jk but yeah i might do something with lindsey and nate? on sunday but idk what is goin on yet.

well i dont have anything else to write about thats on my mind so i might update lata or like a lot later idk.

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so sick of being tired and oh so tired of being sick [30 Dec 2003|07:29pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | taking back sunday ]

soo the past days i havent really been doing anything cause i got sick :( yeah i went to the doctor yesterday and she said i have bronchitis (spell check) but ya it sucks cause i have been up for the past couple nights hecka coughing and not getting any sleep.

oh yah i did go to tracy..i forget when but i went to the vans outlet and got these kool pair of vans for only 10 dollars! hecka good. then i went to the mall but i got there like 10 minutes before it closed so i just went to pacsun to exchange sweaters..

yesterday lindsey came over and we just hung out..she made me give her a piggy back ride like all around the house lol. and we watched final destination 2..that movie still freaks me out hah.

yaaah. so. ive pretty much got my whole room together..i got a new radio for christmas and it goes hecka loud. and i got all new dressers soo is coming together.

o yah my uncle got me 2 lift tickets to sugarbowl. hecka kool.

anyways im gonna b goin now..lata

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up the stairs: the station where the act becomes the art of growing up [23 Dec 2003|09:08pm]
[ music | taking back sunday ]

yah so kinda have a lot to write about but ill sum it up.

well december 11th was the twisted christmas concert! it was sooooooooo much fun, you dont even know. me and lindsey tried hecka ways to get on the floor and into the one time we got with this group of FINE guys and they were like okay we're just gonna walk straight down with the crowd. but yah didnt work out so good lol. so me and lindsey were gonna get a purple napkin from some ppl (cuz the wristbands to get on the floor were purple) but we didnt wanna ask. so lindsey got behind this counter lol and got these food labels? so yah we put those under our checkered wristbands..i went first to get down there and the lady was like 'yeah nice try go back up' lol so this time i went behind the counter to get another purple food label (cuz they twisted ur wrist to c if it went all the way around) then this time lindsey went first to get down there and the dude checked hers and was like 'okay go' so i was like alright kool ill get down there too...but noooo. he checked mine and was like hella twisting my wrist! i said 'ok my arm doesnt bend that way' and he told me to go back up and lindsey was waiting there for me to get in and i was like 'no no i cant i have to get my friend' and this huge dude was holding me back and then all of a sudden this BIG crowd of people rush down the aisle to get on the floor and the dude let go of me so i hecka just ran onto the floor, grabbed lindsey and was like LETS GO! lol but omg it was so worth all the trouble cuz it was SO much fun on the floor. we were on there for all of The Used and Blink 182. people are soo crazy like u hecka get pushed around and u smell so much weed and its so much fun lol. thats like..a night to never forget. and ToM dElOnGe is soo cute! and even cuter up close!! :)
after..we couldnt find where we were parked lol..and a cute guy asked to use one of our phones. yah but we found the car and me and lindsey were like....frickin high! no joke. it was crazy.

yah so i could go into more detail about the concert but i think ill stop right there.
now im on my christmas break and its goin good so far. i practically know what all my presents are cuz i picked em out. but yah good stuff. 2 more days till christmas! hecka crazy it doesnt even feel like it. im spending the night at my cuzzins house tonight..oh yah that reminds me. i got 5 new cds that r hecka good: Brand New, Taking Back Sunday, Three Days Grace, Something Corporate and Hoobastank.
anyways g2g write more later mayb.

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gOoD dAy! [09 Dec 2003|09:58pm]
yah so today was actually a good day.

0- was kinda boring but saulo stole a fish from the tank, put it in a plastic bag and put it in his back pack lol.
1- ugh hecka boring class. no need to go into details..there are none! but i got my imp hw done in that class so yeahhh.
2-yah kinda boring in this class too....but we didnt really have to do any work so yah.
3- hecka lucky! me, meg, valerie and nina all got dressed early so we could practice our routine lol so yah we were all ready..then we had to pick a number to see who goes when 1-9 and meg got 9 haha. hecka lucky. she said she was about to pick the one melissa got and that was number 1. lol good thing she didnt.
4-yeah just finished painting my coil thing. it looks pretty kool.
lunch- hung out with umez and bri in the beginning..we got hot chocolate..mmm...then ticia came over yeahyeah we are hecka stoked :) yupyup cant wait!!
5-yah just did some peer editing. nothin special

idk why but today was just a good day altogether....mhm well lindsey read my last entry..and she was like 'you know you like that' lol ...

yah. i kinda do.
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i want a lover i dont have to love. i want a boy whos so drunk he doesnt talk. [08 Dec 2003|09:12pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | bright eyes- lover i dont have to love ]

he still thinks about me??

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..And I'd take you back if you'd have me.. [30 Nov 2003|12:41pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]
[ music | always - bLiNk182 ]

yeah..soo my 5 day weekend is almost gone...
on thanksgiving i went to my grandmas house with my dad for a g-ma gave me 20$ woohoo for no reason...but hey im not complaining. i think im going to use some of it to buy blink182's new cd. yah so when i left there i went home for a little then i went to my other grandmas house with my mom..actually my brother took me but yeah. that was alright since amanda was there and like i see that side of the family more so it wasnt all boring. after that i spent the night at amanda's house and on friday we went to see the sneak preview of Cheaper By The was funny.
on saturday i was home almost all day but then i got bored so i texted alana and we decided to go out to eat. we went to applebee's and we were like 'i hope we get a cute waiter' lol we had a lady for a little while so we were like bummed but then she brought a guy over and was like 'my shift is over so he will be taking over for me' lol we got lucky..he was cute! [david] lol yah so we ate and when we were done we were like trying to figure out who pays for what and how much we would owe eachother and all that..and then we were like..why dont we just pay for this seperatly?! heeeecka dumb. lol we went to the bathroom b4 we left and when we were walking out these guys [that we thought were gay] kept staring and one like whipped his head around and was like 'she has a nice @$$' ! i was like wth....pervs. so we walked to smart foods lol and while we were walking these guys in their early 20's were like staring and slowed down in their truck and one was like 'you guys come here often?' and was hecka smiling and we didnt answer so they drove off and waved lol hecka losers. then we paid for stuff we bought and the plastic boy was like 'see ya laterr' like hes really going to see us later. dont think so. lol

soooooo yeah. that was interesting. and home alone cause my mom drove herself to the doctor. hmm... ill problie do hw if i have any. yeah....

ohhh. last night. i had a dream. lol it was wierd. it was about *someone.
we were talking and he said he wanted me back and asked me out and i said yeah...and told him i loved him and then he kissed me and i woke up.
thats not really random since ive been thinking alot about what happened and stuff. err...if i could like...nm...

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..i miss you.. [26 Nov 2003|09:58pm]
[ mood | awake ]
[ music | i miss you - bLiNk182 ]

yeah i just wrote an entry and my cp decided to shut down.
anyways yesterday ticia came over after school and we made a new game involving spoons, ice cream and cabinets. crazy. then lindsey came over and we taught it to her lol. they both spent the night. i think we went to bed hecka early? idk but we should do that more often.
in the morning i cooked breakfast and it was pretty good lol. lindsey added a few things for seasoning hah. yeah so they left around..idk what time but they left and i was bored till about 5. alana told me that her and brianna were going to see cat in the hat so i went with them. it was an alright movie. not my fav. but anyways then i got dropped off and no one was home and still isnt. its about 10:00. sooo yeah. i decided to write in here...

dont waste your time on me
youre already the voice inside my head
[ i m i s s y o u ]

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hEcKa StOkEd [24 Nov 2003|01:52pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | asthenia - b L i N k 182 ]

t W i S t E d C h R i S t M a S is coming up woohoo. [dEc. 11] hecka stoked for that.

but was a good day i suppose..

0: took notes. worked on hw that was due 5th per.
1: got in groups. worked on hw that was due 5th per.
2: me and lindsey talked while tyler and jake did the work lol.
3: walked around the stadium w/ meghan, valerie and some other chick. these 2 girls in our class are like hecka their conversations are lol so when we hear them talking its like wth?? lol
4: worked on my hw that was due 5th per. lol
lunch: ticias mom took me, lindsey and ticia off campus. hecka ghetto-ticia was scared that the lady wasnt going to let us go off [idk why?] but yeah she made me and lindsey get in the way back and her mom put this cover thing over us lol..yeah we went to jamba juice then came back to school cause ticia had to buy hers and mateos bids for formal. so we were all just standing there talking cause nick, brett, and alex were all in line too so yeah. then i called umez and told her to come over to where i was so yeah. then she called me back and was like 'mike savage is getting into a fight with some black dude' so im like oh snap. and i tell lindsey and so we go over there and its already over. but i see mike hiding in the corner with all his friends covering him and his nose is hecka bloody. but yeah hiding didnt work cause the people took him to the office. then me and lindsey and umez wanna know what happened so lint was saying stuff but i was only there for the last half and umez didnt get it lol so lindsey called rex over and him and bryan explained it to us. yeah hecka stupid. lol then we were like 'yeah hecka sad' and lindsey goes 'aww' lol and i said ok all together now on the count of three..1,2,3 and we all said aww lol yeah we're retarded. anyways i found out more about the fight in..........
5: in 5th period. don asked if anyone saw the fight and anthony told him sorta what happened to mike and whatever. but yeah......anyways

i think thats about all i had to say. yep k well lata.....

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