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It's about time for a new beggining [31 Dec 2003|03:13pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | 3 Days Grace - I hate everything about you ]

This entry might not be long because I've got to go get ready to go out again. So last night Me, Tori, and Katie went out. Around 9 we headed down to NC. Stopped to switch trucks and to get gas. Then we went to pick up this kid Nate. Of course we were once again squished in the back so I had to sit on his lap. Poor kid. We ended up at this Tony kids house. Uhm yeh. Not such a nice guy. We drank and sat around and looked at shit online. Tried to call Robbie but he was "sleeping" so w.e I hung up with him. So automatically I was in a pissed off mood and I walk into the room and Tony called me a dyke for some wierd reason. I was so pissed and like ready to hit him and ppl were trying to hold me back so of course that makes it worse. So I sat down on the couch and start crying ((WTF?!?! DRAMA QUEEN)) tried to calm me down but I just couldn't stop crying. So I went outside to talk. A lot of the shit he said made so much sense. He kept telling me that the more I think about things the worse it gets. Telling me stuff that made me cry somewhat but made me stop crying. Thanks for the talk. So I calm down we go inside and blahhh Tori started having problems. So she's like on the verge of kicking this girls ass and wanting to bust her windows out and shit. MORE DRAMA. Around 2 or so we all agreed to come home. Went back to Katie's and we just sat around and talked then went to bed. This morning when we woke up things seemed a little better except for my half. Robbie was still "sleeping" when I called so fuck it. I'm going out tonight. I'm not waiting around to hear "Oh I'm sorry I can't do anything." w.e. We watched Leagally Blonde 2 and then I left there around 2 and now I'm here getting ready to go out to with Andy for the night. Should be a good night because it's New Years Eve. Only the best party time <33 But that's it for now. Time to go get ready. Peace Boos <33


The turning point in the process of growing up, is when you discover the core strength within you that survives all hurt <33

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Something gets to me - it's that nothing is wrong [29 Dec 2003|10:14pm]
[ mood | groggy ]
[ music | Saosin - Seven Years ]

So today has been very uneventful. I've just been extremely tired because of last night so I only accepted phone calls from Tori. HAHA I layed around and recovered. It was actually nice. Tomorrow will makeup for today.

I've been reading journals and post and there's been a few things that have caught my mind that are bothering me right now. So I'm going to vent and I'm not directing this towards any specific person. Yes I will admit, when it comes to being a good girl, I'm not one. I try my hardest but I just don't make the cut. I'm not afraid to admit that I drink, I've smoked, and yes I've had sex. If you think any different of me because of that. I'm sorry but that's you're problem. There's no way to judge a person because of how they act. They could be the sweetest person in the world, heading down the right path, but just like to have fun..maybe a little too much. And there are a few girls out there claiming to be good who aren't that great. Sure they may not of had sex, but yes I know for a fact that they have drank and smoked. One or the other. So please, before you claim to be such a 'good girl' think about some of your actions and reconsider that. None the less to call yourself a 'good girl' and then to talk about how you're heading down the right path, and you don't want to get mixed up in the 'wrong crowd' is just being closed minded. Sure you could be heading down the right path, but without a few mistakes here and there or a few 'rebelious' friends you wouldn't know which way was right and you wouldn't know how to correct certain things in your life. There's alot you can learn from taking a stroll down the wrong path. Everyone heads down the wrong path in life at least once. Regardless. You head down that path to correct yourself and continue on the right way. I do have morals in life too. Sure I've made mistakes in the choices I've made, but who hasn't? It's all a part of life. I've only screwed over one of my morals. I do regret that majorly but I will not dwell on that for the rest of my life. It's a mistake I made that I have to learn to live with and move on with my life. I really hate how girls can call someone a slut. You may not know the whole story about someone. Like I used to call this girl 'slutty' because she slept with a lot of people but come to find out she had no mom growing up and her dad told her that if she 'loved' someone she could have sex. So of course a guy is going to say that just to get some. I feel awful for ever calling her that not knowing the whole story. So before you call someone a name..think about it. Yes I do call people names but it's nothing I wouldn't say to their face.

I've come to realize that I'm not grown up yet. I have a lot of learning to do. I'm very optomistic and ambitious when it comes to things in life. I accept every challenge handed to me holding my head high. I will over come every obstacle placed in front of me with determination. What does not kill us, only makes us stronger. Life is a journey. A journey full of mistakes, obstacles, and challenges. Take it on with your head held high and your spirits high.

Peace Boos <33

edit 12-30 1:12pm Just read this in an email and thought it kind of added to this entry so I wanted to add it in.

Phillip 4:13

I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. The road to
success is not straight.
There is a curve called Failure, a loop called Confusion, speed bumps called Friends, red lights called Enemies, caution lights called Family. You will have flats called Jobs. But, if you have a spare called Determination, an engine called Perseverance, insurance called Faith, a driver called Jesus, you will make it to a place called Success.

I love that verse <33

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Too young too proud to understand [29 Dec 2003|10:14am]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Story Of The Year - Razorblades and Cupcakes ]

Wow..last night was fucking awesome. But first I think I'll add a lil more about the mall trip. So we got there and ran into Andy and one of his friends, talked to them for a few. Then went down into Pac-Sun and ran into Matt and Piggy. So they came and walked around with us. At first they left and we ran into like 4more times and just the way Matt said "Are you guys stalking us?" was just too priceless. I laughed hysterically. Anywho, they came and helped me shop and pick out my shirt haha it was loads of fun watching Matt walk around Debb and all the girly stores. We left the mall around 4 and I came home to get ready. Tori called me up around 5:30 and informed me that Katie Paige would be joining us on our trip out. Always fun having extra people come along:) I got picked up first around 7 and we went to Wendys and Wal-mart. Ran into Dave and his girlfriend Alicia Yantz at wal-mart. Cute couple. Picked up Tori and Katie around 8 and headed out. Some drama happened on the way there but baby girl handled herself real well. I was proud:) We ended up back at Dustin's again. This time a Matt guy was there. He was cool. We just smoked and drank. Then we took Mrs.Katie Paige over to Thomas' for the night. We missed her being there with us :( Anywho, we went back out and just sat around debating on which party to go to and all this other shit. Ended up not going to any party, we just sat around Dustin's. Oh yeh, Me and Tori went downstairs to go get a drink..but she slipped on the stairs hahahahahahaha I was so weak. We didn't go then cause she woke up the whole damn neighboorhood hahahahahaha Love you Tor:) So I was standing in the bathroom and I hear a fucking rooster. WTF? WHERE THE HELL DO YOU FIND PEOPLE THAT KEEP ROOSTERS AND GOATS???? hahaha shit was hilarious. Got home around late and that brings me to here. Where I feel the major need to take a shower. Ew I hate that feeling. So I think I'm going to go take one. Peace Boos<33


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Baddabingbaddaboom [28 Dec 2003|04:59pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | none ]

Ok so I'm editing this shit like 5days later..why because some people are dramatic and freak out over stupid shit. HAH no big deal. Ain't no thang. So let's just say last night ((12-27)) I went out and had a good time. Saw ppl I haven't seen in forever.

This morning me and Tori got up and went shopping. I got this cute pink & black hat that says "I'm rad. You're Rad. Let's hug." haha I love it, some pink & black sweater & earings, & these cute white boots. All that and I only spent like 75$ ha woooooooo go me. But that's it for now. Waiting on the guys and then I'm out for the night.

<33 Peace Love

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I have a secretttttt ;) [27 Dec 2003|01:49pm]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | Evanescence - My Immortal ]

Yesterday was a very eventful day. And it was a fun one. I woke up, took my shower then went shopping with my mom and went to get my hair cut. I got it cut to my shoulders and layered:) I like it alot. After that I just came home and layed around, watch some tv, and took a nap. Vee called me around 4 or so to see if I wanted to go to Oscar Smith and watch the basketball game. Can't pass up a time to get out of the house. So of course I went. Not alot of people were up there. I called Andy and he wasn't doing anything either so he came up to the game with us. After the game Me, Vee, and Andy just went back to Vee's house for a little bit. We decided to go see a movie with Justin but Andy decided not to go because we went out to McArthur to see it. So I called up Robbie to see if he wanted to go but he was with 'the boys' so he was like "No I'm with the guys blahblah" more bullshit I didn't need to hear. So we went to the mall a lil before our movie just walked around and went to the shoe stores. I love shoes :) HAHA. We saw Cheaper By The Dozen. It was a cute movie. You should def. go see it. Ashton wasn't in the movie all that much but just seeing his hottness is worth it haha. Movie made me cry almost because the poor little kid that ran away:( After the movie Justin took us back to Vee's and we were like "Oh no we didn't call Katie back!!!" So we called up Katie Paige and at 1AM she came over to spend the night. HAHA it was alot of fun. We colored, painted nails, had girl talks, told stories, and watched movies. It was like a 'girl's night' in a way kind of. Most fun I've had in a few nights:) I love you ladies!!!! I was the last one to fall asleep and I didn't fall asleep until like 6:30 which was when Katie Paige got up to get ready. She had to leave early for some family things. Me and Vee slept in today until like 12:30 it was a lot of sleep I needed. HAHA Momma Dukes picked me up and now that brings me toooo here. Not too sure what's going on tonight. Supposed to go out to Norfolk to see Robbie. That's word. haha. But yeah other than that..that's it.


Hurry up and come home bay!!! I miss you bunches!! I need more talks!!! lol love youu!!! Oh yeah and Katie Paige leave a comment hahahaha love you girl!!!

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Nobody said it was easy [25 Dec 2003|10:29pm]
[ mood | impressed ]
[ music | Limp Bizkit - Behind Blue Eyes ] my brother got his scooter. Tight as shit. HAHA it's got headlights, turning signals, and a horn. P to the I M P. I got more bath stuff and took a shower with it. It smells so good:) Anyway, it's kind of sad that other people treat me better and pay more attention to me the CERTAIN PEOPLE. But whatever I unnn cuurrr..:) Nig please. That's it. Survey time <333

Four vacations you have taken...
1. Atlantic City, NJ
2. Myrtle Beach, SC
3. Nags Head, NC
4. Tampa Bay, FL

Four songs you get stuck in your head...
1. 4seasons of loneliness
2. and SOTY song <33333
3. light my fire
4. riders on the storm

Four things you'd like to learn...
1. how to skateboard again
2. better latin
3. to be a lawyer
4. to put together a computer

Four beverages you drink frequently...
1. Sprite
2. Beer
3. Water
4. Capn Morgz

Four tv shows on when you were a kid...
1. powe rangers
2. barney
3. seasame street
4. chip 'n' dale

Four places to go in your area...
1. mall
2. movies
3. beach
4. skate park

Four things to do when you're bored...
1. write in blurty
2. tv
3. listen to music
4. bubble baths:) haha

Four things that never fail to cheer you up
1. My girls
2. my homie g:-D
3. music by SOTY <33333
4. shopping

About 20 years ago...
1. my parents lived in KY
2. My parents were married
3. the 80's were in..?
4. michael jackson and maddona were bigass idols.

About 10 years ago...
1. kindergarten
2. moved here from Maine
3. got a puppy <3
4. kicked a boy in his nuts haha

About 5 years ago...
1. was in 5th grade.
2. Mrs. Ford
3. GBI
4. my brother was 3

About 2 years ago...
1. 8th grade
2. got boobs ha
3. highly in love with zech <33
4. had a good year

About 1 year ago...
1. freshman
2. best year
3. beach week
4. partyyyysss

1. christmas yay!!!
2. talked to my homie g:)
3. made plans for new years eve
4. made plans for tomorrow

Kory..I'm glad you're showing progress. I knew you could do this. I pray for you everynight. I love you kid. Keep it coming. <33333

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Merry Christmas [25 Dec 2003|12:24pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Rise Against - Everchanging <3333 ]

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

So it's finally Christmas. Only the best day of the year. Woke up this morning around 8 because I have a little brother who likes to get up early. Opened up gifts and things. Got clothes, perfume, money, shit along that line. Cute beanies and scarfs :) YAY I love beanies and scarfs haha. My little brother got a lot of toys so we sat here and put them together and played with them. HAHA yes I played with toys and it was lots of fun :) He doesn't know yet but my grandma got him this sweet ass scooter thing. Kinda like a goped I guess. She's supposed to be bringing it by soon. Anyway, today should be a good day because everyone has to be nice or else. I'm expecting a big dinner..which I won't eat all of it because I'm trying to stay one size and not gain weight haha. Oh yeh my little brother got me this cute Cat In The Hat doll :) ahh I love cat in the hat. I only talked to Robbie for a matter of uhh like 2minutes this morning. Kind of sucks. Oh well. Zech is in town this week to visit his mom. Probably going to see him for a little while.

Last night I looked at the stars and asked myself. Why do people change? Why do friends loose touch? I guess without change we wouldn't learn to expect new and better things. Time brings change. Time can be good in someways but bad in other ways. Time can heal a broken heart or a tattered friendship, it can build new friendships and new relationships. Without change..there is no constant. Friends loose touch only to grow up, learn about themselves, and then to become friends once again. Friends are something everyone needs in their lives. The people who can put up with you throughout your bitching, yelling, crying, and complaining are the best friends you could ask for. It takes a friend to listen to your problems but it takes a true friend to understand and feel the problems and pain you're going through.

There's times at night when I sit and just wonder where I would be without such great people in my life. If it wasn't for my 3 most important girls, I wouldn't know how to forgive and move on. If it wasn't for Zech, I wouldn't know how to love someone. If it wasn't for my mom, I wouldn't know how to care and cherish the people I love. I thank god everyday for the people he has brought into my life. I would be lost without them.

Life is crazy when you think about it. It doesn't do what you ask it to. It hands you challenges and hardships that it expects you to get over. It goes on no matter how much you want to give up and quit. It won't let you. It teaches you to fix your mistakes and to learn not to repeat them. It does give you one choice..and that is which path in life you choose. For better or for worse. Once you get past's all up to fate.

Blah..I don't feel like writing anymore. I just wanted to give people something to think about for themselves. Hope everyone has a merry christmas. Peace Boos <33're in my prayers..pull through this one. You're going to make it. God Bless You <3333

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Shake Ya Groove Thang 8-) [24 Dec 2003|01:22pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Tim McGraw - Cowboy In Me ]

Finally..IM NOT SICK ANYMORE!!! WOO FUCKIN HOO!!! :-D ::big cheesy smile:: Ok say last night I finally got to go out with the girls..and we decided to hit up teen night to see what it would be like. So it was cold when we first got in there but into the night it got mass hott. We ran into a few people we knew throughout the Tyler Winningham whom I haven't seen in forever, Kyle Bolum ((first time meeting)), Jenn, Cheryl, Gus, Ambra. Chase, Pj, and a few others. Finally a good song came on and people started dancing so we went out on the floor..danced for a while and got hot. It honestly took like 10mins just to get off that damn floor. Crazzzzyyyy. Me and Vee got ambitious and decided we wanted to dance on stage so we waited on got up there. Oh yeah..we worked it out. Couldn't describe it any other way. Once again..we got hot so we got down and just walked around. Ran into a few people Vee knew from governors school so we stopped to talk and dance with them. They were really sweet girls. At one point on the dance floor some random ass dude grabbed me and danced with me. Ew he was fat and sweaty hahaha. Anywho..we wanted to dance on stage again so we got up there and Shaggy ((so hott)) was there to like 1foot away dancing. niiiice. Well me and Vee were like ahh new move because everyone started doing our roll thingy. So I picked up one of her legs and she jumped on me and wrapped her legs around me and then we did this body roll. HAHAHAHA and apparently Shaggy pointed and said "girls of the night" so and Vee work our asses off and get rewarded :) Pj walked by and gave me like 3$ as a joke lol and we continued to dance. It was a fun night. After that we went back to Katie Whitt's and Me, her, Vee, Tori, and Thomas all slept over. We got reallllly hungry so around 1 we called up John and he came and picked us up. Drove all over damn GB looking for food and ended up in fucking greenbrier at 7-11 haha. Went back to John's for a lil while to see Dami. I missed her alot!!! Left there around 2:30 and got back to Katie's. TRIEDDDDD to get sleep but Katie Paige loves to talk so hahaha she was telling all these damn stories. Finally around 4 we got to sleep. Then I woke up and came home.

Chirstmas eve YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tomorrow is Christmas. I'm excited. I just wish I could see Robbie. I haven't seen him in so long and I miss him :( ::tear:: but maybe soon. That's it for now. I'm in need of a shower. Peace Boos

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Can you still feel them butterflies? [22 Dec 2003|09:46pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Jimmy Eat World - For me this is heaven ]

So I haven't done anything this break so far because I've been extremely sick. This morning I woke up with a sinus infection..something I've never had before. It was horrible and I felt like shit. Hopefully tomorrw I'll feel alot better so that I can go shake my groove thang with Vee :) hah. Other than sleeping and taking more bubble baths than a person could take in one day..that's about it.

Christmas is only 3days away. I haven't gone shopping for anyone yet. I don't even know what anybody wants. I'll probably just go shopping after christmas since I'll be feeling better. Yeh

But that's it for now and I'm gonna go to bed haha :) <33 Peace Boos

The first star I see may not be a star.
We can't do a thing but wait.
So let's wait for one more.
The time such clumsy time
In deciding if it's time.
I'm careful but not sure how it goes.
You can loose yourself in your courage.
The mindless comfort grows
When I'm alone with my 'g r e a t' plans.
This is what she says gets her through it:
"If I don't let myself by happy now then when?"
If not now when?
When the time we have now ends.
When the big hand goes round again.
Can you still feel the butterflies?
Can you still hear the last goodnight?
Close my eyes and believe..
wherever you are, an angel for me....<33

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this is real [20 Dec 2003|04:12pm]
[ mood | sick ]
[ music | Jimmy Eat World - Believe in What You Want ]

So it's finally break. I have managed to be the only one in my house who isn't sick, but now I am. Thanks to my smartness of not wearing a bigger jacket last night. Well I went down to the beach to help Andy babysit his nephew's and niece. The only jacket I wore was my pink valour jacket..and those aren't made for cold ass weather at all. At first the kids we all calm and watching TV, but then they started getting loud and beating the shit out of each other. Me and Andy wrestled but I only knocked him down once. The other three times I fell and hit my head on something haha. This one kid there ((Logan)) was following me around and sitting on my lap and trying to hold my hand. HAHA and he's like 6 years old. He kept telling me I was beautiful and writing me letters and drawing pictures LOL. Andy and the damn kids wouldn't let me watch Finding Nemo and I was highly pissed. Instead we watched Boyz N The Hood and some cartoons. Well around 10:30 I had to make Andy go to 7-11 to buy me tampons..haha yes I said TAMPONS so get over it. At first he wouldn't go but I had to beg him haha. THANKS ANDY!!!! I fell asleep watching South Park and apparently I was snoring quietly? Nope I don't think I was. Anywho..I didn't get home till like 1 because we didn't get done babysitting till like 12:30. I talked to Robbie..but only for like 3mins cause he was in bed already. I felt like complete shit when I woke up this morning. Finally sick because of last night..the small jacket + getting locked outside + having ice thrown at you = sickness. I tried to take a bath to feel better..nope didn't work. Tried to sleep..kinda worked but nope not completely. Hopefully I'll be better before Tuesday or else girl's night isn't going to be as fun!!! HAHA Well..I guess that's it for now. If I go out I'll add more later. Peace Boos<33

You can't do a thing but wait

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Life is just. [18 Dec 2003|04:55pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]
[ music | Finch - Stay With Me ]

The last few days have just been so overwhelming. I've missed a lot of days in school and I dropped my English grade. I've never had lower than a "B" on a report card. I'm one of those people who have to have good grades or I get upset. People find it wierd for me to be so smart, but honestly, I really am. There's so much make-up work and test on things that I missed and don't understand. It never stops. I just want school to be over for this year. I'll admit, my grades are good, but as far as wanting to go to school..I don't. Last year I had something to look forward to. This year, I have nothing. There's just that one part of me that seems empty. I have no idea why.

Cheering is slowly becoming the only thing I do. Practices almost everynight of the week and competitions on weekends. It's fun at times and other times I just want to stay home and do nothing.

Things at home aren't too wonderful either. I'm slowly becoming more distant from my mother. The little things piss me off. Like just 5minutes ago she asked for help with the cable and I just screamed at her. I used to be at the point where I could tell my mom everything. Now when she asks how my life is or anything along that line, I only say "fine". My stepdad has plans of moving out. It's hard to go through these things twice. He's an asshole but it's a lot to go through. I feel like I've hit rock bottom. It feels like there's no one who understands me right now. There just seems to be no one to talk to.

There's also little things I'm starting to realize now. I realize that all the true friends I once had and held so close, I let them go. Because of gossip and other things, I pulled myself away from them. I'm just now becoming close with all of them again. The friendships I have with these girls I cherish so much. There's nothing in this world I would trade it for. I lost some of these girls over guys, but we've come to the point where we realize friendships will always be there. I just want all these girls to know that they have made such an impact on my life and how much I love them.

Another thing on my mind is that fact that I haven't seen Robbie in a week. Yeah he lives far away and works, but still. I guess that's one thing I'm going to have to deal with. We might hang out on Saturday so I guess that's good.

So this has been a long sap story and sorry for those of you who read it and didn't want to hear all this crap.

<33 Lexie

::::thanks to amyincali2 for the icon::::

"You know what they say about new years eve don't you? How you spend how you'll spend the rest of the year.."

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too damn early [16 Dec 2003|08:23am] last night I ended up going where exciting though. Andy picked me up around 8 and we went to Wally World to walk around and shit. HAHA He's seriously too embarassing to go anywhere with. Loud, obnoxious, and rude. He was cussing like it wasn't a big deal, throwing shit around, screaming, and making it seem like I stole things. HAHA but it was kinda fun. We stopped at Chick-Fila on the way home. Came back here and just hung out for like 20mins. I stayed up till 12..why? I have no idea. I'm going in to school a lil late today so that's why I'm on here. But I'll add more after school. Peace Boos<33


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Damn it feels soooooooo good!! [15 Dec 2003|05:45pm]
[ mood | energetic ]
[ music | 3Doors Down - Here Without You ] I haven't updated in like a week probably. So lemme start off with Wednesday since that's the only days I remember. We had practice that night and it went OK. Our last practice before Atlantic City. We were missing a few people but other than that it was alright. Thursday I had to pack as soon as I got home from school then Robbie picked me up at like 7 and we went back to his house and watched Bruce Almighty. I had to be home at 11 because I have a fucking gay ass stepdad but anyways. Friday we left here around 1 and that damn bus took forever to get to Atlantic City. We stopped like eight times >:O!!! But anyways we got to NJ around 8 and our hotel was fucking ew. It was being redone and it smelt and omg it was just PATHETIC!!! HORRIBLE!! Friday night we didn't go anywhere but Kathleen and Terrari came into our room and just hung out. Saturday we competed. Scoop it was awesome..nothing fell and every did tumbling :) HAHA poor leen had a big light between her legs during the heelstretch bahahaha. Saturday night..Jamie, me, Megan, Stephanie, Katie, Joey, Jessica, Courtney, and Mrs. Howell went out to dinner..we went to some nice deli place in the Taj Mahal. It was pretty cool..I swear the piece of cake I ate was like 2 pounds hahaha. Anyways we took pictures while we were there ((with our 8 cameras)) and we were taking one in the Casino and the guy was like "You can't take pictures in here and blahblah.." then Steph goes "It's ok we already took seven" haha and we just laughed and ran off. Then we stopped at Caesar's Palace. It was so nice inside the cieling by far kicked the most ass haha. After that we went back to our hotel and had a team meeting. Phil let us know that with day one scores we were in 1st place. Talked to Robbie on the phone then went to bed. Sunday sucked. I had no voice what-so-ever. Our youth took home national champs..Jr Coed came in 2nd place..and then the senior teams and open teams competed. We did awesome..we are by far THE SHIT!! Sr. Coed definatley kicked ass but they only got 2nd..the got screwed over. We came in team came in first..Sr. Red in 4th..our Pee-Wees in 2nd and that was all that competed. Finally we left Atlantic City on the bus at like 9. I tried to sleep on the way home but only could for like an hour or so. I finally got home at like 2:30 and then just slept until now. I still have no voice haha I will never go to a competition and scream like that ever again!! But that's it for now. Peace Boos!!! <33

I <33 Sr. Silver

Baby I'm a starrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

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..and I dream about you all the time [08 Dec 2003|10:09pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | Tim McGraw- My Bestfriend ]

So Saturday was uneventful for the night. I played video games with my little brother all night. I had a ridiculously long practice on Sunday from 230-6. Even though some people weren't there for half of the practice. But I'm finally doing standing tumbling again. HAHA even though I spazed out the first time and like landed on my back and rolled five times. Got home around 6:30..talked to Robbie and then got ready. We went to see Honey at 9:40..I loved the movie..but he hated it because it's kind of a chick flick. Anyways..I didn't get home till like 12 so I was mass tired and just went straight to bed. I got up at like 5 this idea why. Monday's always went by fast though..and I slept during 4th bell..haha John fell asleep and was snoring it was so funny. But anywho..came home and found out Robbie got pulled over again last night for speeding >:O and he possibly could get his car taken away. WTF?! If that happens I'll never see him. Anyways..I went to my little brother's christmas thing tonight. It was absolutley cute..they sang all these christmas songs and stuff. They sang The 12 days of Christmas and it was the cutest version. After each day they would make a favorite one was ...3 french hens..ohhh lala and 8maids a milking..MOOOOOOO it was absolutley cute. Then I got to come home and type up an 11page paper for english..not fun at all!! But other than that...nothing else happened.

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"In comes the winter breeze
That chills the air and drifts the snow
and I imagine kissing you
under the mistletoe.."

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Save the drama for your momma!! [06 Dec 2003|10:42am]
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[ music | Boys 2 men - 4Seasons of Loneliness ]

Yesterday: School sucked as usual. I have a "D" in English and of course my fucking OCD came out!! I seriously like got so pissed off and upset and I was calling my self stupid. HAHA DRAMA QUEEN!! After school I got ready to go out with Rachel and Robbie. He picked us up at like 6 then we went back out to Norfolk. We had no idea what we were going to do but Cebb and Timmy called so we went to pick up Cebb and went over to Timmy's. Cebb is awesome haha he's just so damn funny and you can never stay mad at him. Anywho..after drinks at Timmy's we went to the maury basketball game..dull..My hat had the confederate flag on it and these 4girls were like "Excuse me what does your hat mean?!" and I was too drunk to notice the flag till Rachel said something. HAHAHAHA WHHOOOPPPS!!! Left the game after like 5mins and just went riding around. Timmy asked me to call Katie so I did..but she couldn't leave where she was or whatever. Sooo we went by Blake's and she was there with Claire..drama that I could have went without happened. My OCD came out once again and I cried...((WOW I'm such a drama queen!!)) We had to leave Blake's because he wouldn't let anyone in. Went to Robbie's house..and let me tell you..I was still crying. But when I got upstairs Robbie was like "Baby stop..calm down" and all this cute shit so I quit crying:) We were watching tv and whatnot when we got a really sad call from Timmy:( Poor guy. We stayed at Robbie's till like 11 then left to go get food and his brother. Cebb had me call Greg to see if Timmy was with him and when I did Greg like bitched me out. That was the fourth person to take out their shit on me!! WTF?!?! I'm not some kind of rag doll that you can just yell at when you're having a bad day. I mean seriously I have emotions need to be an asshole/bitch to me if you're having a bad day. We had to wait in this massive ass line at the drive thru for our damn food..and Cebb's yelling at me so I was like ahhhh and just started fliping out and he just said something too funny and I couldn't stay mad at him haha bastard!! Anyways..we got our food..left Cebb with Greg at wendys..went to get Robbie's brother and it was already past my cerfew. So I called my mom to tell her I'm on my way home and once again..I get bitched at..but I didn't cry or go OCD haha I was strrrrrroooonnnggg!!! Anyways..I managed to get home by like 1..stayed up and watched some of the movie Bubble Boy with mom then just went to bed.

Today: Going to cash my check and then go shopping with momma:-D! I have no idea what to get Robbie for christmas..I'm going to save some of my money so I can get his. HAHA. No clue what's up for tonight. If anything happens..I'll add more later.

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Just breathe [04 Dec 2003|04:33pm]
[ music | GC - Hold On ]

Today was better than yesterday def. But it's sooooo cold outside. :-x!!! I actually like the coldness though..that means snow!!! :-D YAY!!! Anyways..I had to give my speech in english today and I did horrible. I read it so damn fast haha but oh well I still got an 83 cause of the extra credit I did. Me knee is killing me today!! IDK what I did to it but it was swollen and purple this morning but went down and lost color during the day..hmm wierd? Oh well..but I don't have much more to say. I'm going to make hott chocolate and lay cuddled on my bed. :) :-D.

<33 Peace Boos

Oh yeh..thanks to blurtymakeovers for doing this layout!!

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AWW SKEET SKEET [03 Dec 2003|04:51pm]
[ mood | content ]
[ music | Coheed and Cambria - A Favor House Atlantic ]

So the past few days I've been sick. Saturday is what made me sick. Sitting outside for a damn hour or so. But who said I was too smart right?! HAHA It's been kinda nice being sick. Mom's been spoiling me and all that good stuff. Monday night I went to Robbie's house to watch movies. We watched Wrong Turn and some parts of The Italian Job.. ((Mark Whalberg ::orgasm::)) haha. Finally went back to school today..only to have a shitty day. >:O Oh well. Cheerin tonight 6-9. What's new? That's all I ever fucking do. Oh yeh..Rachel's coming partying with me on Friday WHOOPWHOOP. And Mike thinks I'm a STONER hahahaha nope..not really.

*Five details about your appearance right now.
[x] Dobbie's blue shirt on
[x] Heart pj pants
[x] blue gstring
[x] Hair half up and down
[x] cheering shoes

*Five things you did today.
[x] ate
[x] went to school
[x] broke a nail >:O
[x] watched TV
[x] spilt stuff on my Latin book

*Five groups/artists you listened to yesterday.
[x] Senses Fail
[x] Marques Houston
[x] BSpears ((HAHA))
[x] Coheed and Cambria
[x] Linkin Park :: gasp ::

*Five things that make you happy.
[x] Food
[x] Friends
[x] Boyfriends
[x] music
[x] kisses and hugs :)

*Five things you'll do when you complete this.
[x] go to cheering
[x] eat dinner
[x] watch TV
[x] fight with mom
[x] talk on the phone

*[ favorites ]
[x]number: 10
[x]color: pink
[x]day: friday
[x]month: April
[x]song: a lot
[x]movie: Zoolander - Bruce Almighty - many more
[x]food: Lumpia's or w.e they are..I just know they're the shit :-D
[x]band: #1 Coheed but I have a lot
[x]season: summer
[x]class: math
[x]teacher: Lessick haha
[x]drink: water ((no more caffiene for me :( ::tear:: ))
[x]alcoholic: Capn Morgz
[x]tv show: def. The OC
[x]radio station: 96x
[x]store: a lot
[x]word: Shit..WTF..uhm duh..pothead..asshole..BIIIITCH
[x]animal: Butterflys - Ladybugs - Dolphins
[x]flower: Roses and Lilys
[x]state: VA!

*[ the past ]
[x]what is the one thing you would change about your past: I've got a lot of shit to regret
[x]last thing you heard: the TV
[x]last thing you saw: a piece of paper
[x]last thing you said: pothead
[x]last person you saw: Stephanie Daw
[x]who is the last person you kissed: Robbie
[x]who is the last person you hugged: Robbie
[x]who is the last person you fought with: Mom
[x]who is the last person you were on the phone with: Katie
[x]what is the last TV show you saw: Simple Life
[x]what is the last song you heard: Clubbin'
[x]Last movie you saw at a theatre: Gothika
[x]What book are you reading now: I don't read haha
[x]Favourite Board Game? Hungy Hungry Hippos hahaha
[x]Favourite Magazine? Cosmo
[x]Favourite smells? Boys - gio armani and cool water...Girls - FCUK HER and Miracle
[x]Comfort Food: Smore's
[x]Favourite Sound: Beach noises
[x]Worst feeling in the world: Not knowing where or what you're doing
[x]What is the 1st thing you think of when you wake up: I need more sleep
[x]Favourite Fast Food Place: Wendy's baby!!!
[x]Future child's name ? Boys = Phillip Andrew or Gabe Lee..Girls = Athena Nicole or Sarah Michele
[x]Finish this statement: If I had a gun- I would freak.
[x]Do you drive fast:not all the time
[x]Do you sleep with a stuffed animal: nope
[x]Storms--- Cool or Scary: don't like em
[x]What was your 1st car: no idea yet
[x]Finish this statement - I wouldnt change: my eyes
[x]Do you eat the stems of Broccoli: yes
[x]If you could dye your hair, what colour would you choose: no idea
[x]How many different cities/towns have you lived in: too was in navy
[x]Glass half empty or full: half full
[x]Favourite Sport to watch: Football
[x]Say one nice thing about the person who sent this: I love her cause her name is Lexy too :-D
[x]Whats under your bed: nothing
[x]Do you wish to be loved: duh who doesn't?

wow..that was long hahaha

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Where did I go right... [30 Nov 2003|11:09am]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | Da Band - Bad Boy This Bad Boy That ]

Wow..this break was awesome. I finally got to see Katie B after like 2months..oh I missed her. Friday night me and Katie went to Ben's house..hung out with him and Blake for a little bit. Called Baham to see what he was doing..ended up hanging out with him and Kebb. Hung out at Baham's for a little bit..I broke my shoe by falling in a hole. >:O!! We went over to this kid Ashcon's and he had this flying squirrel thing haha ewww it was wierd. It jumped on me and I was freaking was actually cute. Played some tony hawk with Liz. Then we left and went somewhere and met up with some people..left Kebb with them then I think we went to McDonald's. I stayed at Katie's for the night so we hung out again on Saturday. Around 2:30 we went to MacArthur to get her dress for Friday nights ball or w.e. We walked around so much my feet were killing me. We sat in these massage chairs in the middle of the mall haha for like 5mins and got a felt so good. Anywho..we met up with Blake and Ben at like 4 hung out with them till 6 I guess. I don't really remember anything except I felt like I couldn't breathe and Baham picking us up at like 6:30. Then we went to this Taylor girls house..and I sat outside for like an hour until I started to feel better. HA I went inside and took a nap till like 8 or so. I finally felt a lot better..but to be safe I didn't drink. Baham apparently had went to some wedding thing and came back. I didn't even know this. He came and woke me up and everyone decided to get in the hott tubb. Fun. Greg and Baham went and jumped in the river ((not too smart)) then got back in the hott tubb. It was mass cold so everyone took showers and just hung out. Then Baham and Timmy took us back to Katie's house..and we both just passed out. I felt so much better after all that. Oh yeah..can't and Baham are dating now. :) how cute right? yes very. haha

Got Dallas practice today from 4-8. Cheering is once again taking over my life. It sucks. But if anything else happens I'll update.

<33 Peace Boos

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You're Toxic ;) [28 Nov 2003|10:26am]
[ mood | hyper ]
[ music | Britney Spears - Toxic ((haha what is with me?!)) ]

Umk..I think I ate too much yesterday but my mom made so much food and my lil brother ((who's 8)) made this kickass banana pudding. I couldn't resist haha. Yesterday was the first thanksgiving that I didn't stay home at night..I ended up going out with Katie V, Jason, and Peyton. We went to the mall to see Gothika. Def. a scary movie. We had to wait on the guys to get in because Peyton's truck wouldn't fit because it's so damn tall haha..well we were sitting in the food court and the security guard was like "blah blah you can't sit here" and all this we moved and all these nasty ugly marine guys were staring at us ((eww gag)). That movie seriously scared me to death..every second I was jumping out of my seat..and Katie would like reach over and tap me just to scare me haha. But it was good all in all. Afterwards we went over to this Jenny girls house w/ the guys to hang out with some people. Unfortunatly I didn't know anyone there except Upton. I talked to Baham for a lil while then went inside. We watched some wierd ass movie called was disgusting. She like killed people for random parts to make herself a friend. At one point she froze her cat she had killed and she like sprayed Lysol on it and just straight sprayed it for 5mins hahaha. After she made her friend it couldn't see she like stabbed her own eye out..ewwwwww it was nasty. Wendys was closed so we couldn't I just came home and watched Viva La Bam while I talked to Baham on the phone. I went to bed early as shit..don't know why..and like got up at 8?! WTF?! After tonight I'll add more later.

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I'm a slaaaaaaaave for you [27 Nov 2003|10:45am]
[ mood | thankful ]
[ music | Britney Spears - Slave For You ]


So last night was freaking awesome. I didn't think I was going to do anything but Katie B called and asked if I wanted to come out to Norfolk with her and hang out. I couldn't pass up going out :-P. I left here around 7 and completely forgot to tell my mom where I was going..I just said I'll be home at 12. We went to her boyfriend's ((Timmy)) house to hang out. I met a lot of new people. HAHA some were really nice like Baham, Kebb, John, and Mitch. Only a couple of girls were there and Liz was really nice. Anyways..we went to 7-11 to pick something up for Katie and boy that was hilarious behind it hahahaha. When we got back mass people were there and more kept showing up. Me and Katie were sitting outside and decided to throw the was cool until Mitch and Baham like punched me in the nose :( haha on accident though. It was cold as shit outside so we went back in when everyone was leaving..and me and Baham listened to some Britney Spears and Will Smith ahahaha. Claire and Blake came over a lil later. Claire is def. super sweet and I already knew Blake. We found some wierd balance thing in this kids room so we were playing with that haha. Everyone only stayed for a little bit longer then Claire went back to her house and we went over there. We talked about the guys and everything..haha it was funny. Claire had this big dog..and I'm deathly afraid of big dogs haha and it like sniffed me and I was about to freak out. :-x haha. We left there around 11:30 or so and stopped at Wendys to get food. Didn't get back home till like 12:15 or so because we were so damn far away. HA anyways..I watched some TV, talked to Kendall on the phone, watched some cirque de olies shit, and then Baham called me. I talked to him for a little while then went to bed cause I was tired.

It's finally turkey day:-D And I get to eat allllllllllllllll the food I want. But then I'm going to have to go running cause I think I'm a heffer and everyone says I'm not but still. I'm out..that banana pudding is calling my name:-p

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