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Oh you [29 Jan 2004|05:09pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Fuel - Falls on me ]

History exams today. passed. Latin exams FAILED. Considering I've cheated my way through that class all semester. Oh well. Rode home with John, his sister, Josh, and John's friend. Fun. Other than that. Nothing happend.

I'm supposed to be doing something spontanious this weekend. Maybe this is what I need. I'm only hoping for the best. You've got me <33


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short and sweet [28 Jan 2004|09:43pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Maroon5 - This Love ]

Let's clear some shit up.

[1] The locker room bullshit. DID NOT happen.
let me repeat that: IT DID NOT HAPPEN
[2] This shit about ATL and the hotel.
[3] If you're going to talk shit
do it to my face. PLEASE.

I don't know what it is with some people. If you're going to make shit up you obviously have NO life what so ever. Half the crap I hear is amazing. I wonder who sits around and thinks up these bizarre random stories. It's not my fault you have low self-esteem. Think about your choices. Thanks.


the backend of forever

This can't be home..anymore [27 Jan 2004|07:56pm]
[ mood | blah ]
[ music | Usher - Yeah ]

Finally...semester's are changing. That's EXACTLY what I needed. Exams are Thursday and Friday and that's it for this semester. It's over. No more latin. THANK GOD. I'm stoked about next semester. I finally get to see old friends that I couldn't see alot this semester. I got Matt ((aka Milk)) in Trig and Spanish 4 w/ me. Along with Vee and Jill. PE with a shitload of cool kids. HAHA I <33 it. This semester my grades were pretty good. I only had one "C". My first "C" on a report card. Maybe I'll get straight A's this time. HAHA it's kind of slack but oh well.

School was blahh today. We did nothing because of the delay and plus exams. Watched music videos in first bell. It was priceless <3. Sat around and helped out during bell 2. 3rd bell watched a movie and slept. Latin..what a joke. I cheat so easliy in there. No wonder I have an A. LMAO. Had to wait on my sister to get to her car today. I was freezing. On the way home the breaks kept catching or w.e and it felt like we were getting hit. I was scared. Came home and slept. WOO HOO.

I always say guys are worthless, but then they go and do something that makes you adore them. I'm caught up in the mix of two guys. Who to go for? I have no clue. They both make me melt and go crazy. I can be mad at them one second and they say something so sweet. I loose myself in them at times <33 So hard to choose which one though. BLAH.

Stepdad is leaving on Friday. WOW. So this is it. Maybe this will be the relief I need?? Maybe all the stress will be gone?? Let's pray. I can only hope my mom deals with this well. I'm going to be there for her as much as I can. Even though we don't get along too well. I still love her NMW. Thanks to all those who have been there to talk to. You all make things 10x easier <33 Mass love.

Peace Boos<33

God holds my life in his hands..
and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Make me feel again..slide across my skin again <33
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pull the trigger and the nightmare stops [26 Jan 2004|09:54pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Coheed & Cambria - Three Evils ]

So I had like 456478different layouts today. HAHA Plenty of summer ones but I decided to do Coheed cause I fucking heart them. Today we made our music video. One word

Hockman has the cutest butt and Jrich ((Betsy)) looks nice with boobs. HAHA and Tripp can rock some spandex. HAHAHAHAHA It was fun. They wore lil tutu's and dance outfits. Not only that but they danced for us <33 We played in the snow. No they didn't wear jackets. Jordan hit me in the face with an ice block. OUCH I left there around 6:30 once we were done. Then came home and now awaiting the news about school. Let's pray for NO school.

I miss some people dearly<33
I need the summer time and beaches

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I've tried so hard.. [25 Jan 2004|08:20pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | Evanescence - My Immortal ]

2nd entry for today. No updating. Just feelings.

There's alot in life I don't understand. How can someone tell you one thing and their friends another? How can one person damage someone's life in the blink of an eye? How come friends don't stay friends forever? There are so many challenges that God hands you. He doesn't expect you to overcome every single one but to put forth the effort. I want to live my life without regrets. I want to keep that special friend forever. I want someone to call mine. I want to get along with my mom. I want to understand lots of things. Sure some of these I can have. But I have to work for them. I've learned that true friendships survive the worst times. I've learned how to love. ((Yes I said love)) I've learned how to show sympathy and not be such a hardass. I've once again come to a point in my life with things are the best. I've become a stronger person throughout all of this. I now know how to listen to others and accept advice. If it wasn't for the hard times in life. We would get nowhere. I know there is nothing I can do to stop the hardships of life but when I'm dealt a rough hand I know I can change whatever I want to. I'm not looking for sympathy or trying to sound like a sour-puss. I'm just telling it like how I think it is. I'm growing and learing from my mistakes all at one time. I'm ready to take on life. I'm ready to accept the road God has chosen for me. I'm ready to allow myself to fall head over heels. I'm ready for anything.

xox <33 Lexie

Click )

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Toris here :) YAY [25 Jan 2004|10:33am]
[ mood | Hung over ]
[ music | Ludacris - Make love to me ]

Friday night I did nothing. I was gonna go over to Tori's but her and Derek went out to dinner and I just said we would hang out Saturday night. Cause it was gonna be the shit. I went to bed pretty early then I went to practice for Dallas from 12:30-4:30. It wasn't too bad. We got ALOT done. After practice I came straight home, called Tori and got ready. We met up at my house and headed out to Norfolk around 6 or so. Met up with Robbie at the mall then went to some store. Then Cebb ((:-D!)) Conrad, Sylvia, Alex, Alex, Lindsay, Mitch, and John all met us there. We went down to the beach to party at Conrad's beach house. It was cool. First party I went to where I knew like 5 people there. Met some new people like Amy and Elizabeth. They were really nice. Drank there and made a few random phone calls to people. I learned how to play circle of death. HAH It was pretty neat. Got to talk to the boys for a lil. Don't remember all I said really. HAHA Mass people were freaking out cause I took Cebb to 7-11. NO WORRIES. More people were there when we got back. Had interesting talks with John and Cebb ahahahaha. Then we cleaned up and left around 12 or so. We got home and I was completely wasted off my ass. HAHA I was stumbling around and running into things and all my mom did was laugh. She knew we were out drinking. Finally we passed out around 1 and I was fucking out. Didn't wake up once in the night. We got up kinda early and just watched TV and ate breakfast. Now we're here and I have practice soon. So that's it for now.

Peace boos
<33 xoxLexie

Party Hard 8-)

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Fulfilling our every sensation slow Jammin having deep sex ;) [22 Jan 2004|04:07pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Twista - Slow Jamz <33333 ]

I <33 this song. Reminds me of ATL. Good times

Anyways..past few days haven't been anything exciting. My english teacher told me I don't apply myself and I could have A's in that class. But english is boring. Bottom Line Had practice last night. Dallas team. one word to describe it = AWFUL Everyone was complaining. Including me. It was pointless to be there. We have 3 weeks till we leave and we haven't finish the routine. BLAH. I have massive rug burn from Matt because he threw me on the floor:( I got to see some people. YAY. Yes I had nightmares last night due to what someone told me. HAHAHA. Today was alright. Nothing too exciting. No practice so that's good. Friday night I'm supposed to hang out with Tori and Derek..maybe Kyle and Terrell.

Party hard.

I'll add more later. Peace boos <33

I found a reason for me <33
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Watch out for tha big girllsss [19 Jan 2004|10:06pm]
[ mood | tired ]
[ music | Hoobastank - The Reason ]

This weekend was long, tiring, but fun as hell. Thursday we left here and got to ATL around 7:30AM, went somewhere to sleep, then to the hotel at 12. Took a shower and slept all day. Hung out with some Sr.Coed ppl that night. Saturday I competed and found myself with a bag of ice on my back after getting off the floor. Exciting. NOT. Andre and Cory put toothpaste on my face when I fell asleep on Saturday night. HAHA They took pics. Kinda funny. Sunday got up early and was mad fucking tired cause I went to bed so late Saturday. Sunday.. Competed, then ended up in first-aid and shit not breathing and with a pinched nerve. Calmed down then found Dobbie, Kyle, Karl, and Malina. So we went back to the hotel. Took showers and ish. Hung out all night. Party down in P3 haha with the damn couches and shit. Went back to the room around 3:30..some ppl came down to hang out and we all finally fell asleep around 5. A shitload of kids were snoring and someone took my pillow/blanket so I woke up at 6. Finally got back to bed around 6:30 and woke up at 7 to leave. Couldn't sleep on the way home. I got sick. :( Sucked. Got back here around 6..came home and slept. Now I'm here tired as hell..about to go to bed. Some ppl this weekend on ACE turned out to be some kickass kids that I would never of expected them to be. Most DEF I found a new person to relate to with family shit<33 Awesome considering noone knows what it's like to go through shit like this. It's hard as hell. I'll probably add more to this later or something. Goodnight kids.

<33 xoxLexie

I <33 sr.silver!!!

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..but the memories never die [14 Jan 2004|03:53pm]
[ mood | amused ]
[ music | Story of the year - Page Avenue ]

Last night was awesome.
I couldn't of had a better time.

So after school I came home and got ready for the concert. Had a major outfit crisis but thanks to Forrest I figured out what to wear. HAHA Thanks :) Around 6 I headed over to Tori's to help her pick out her outfit and to wait for Derek. We decided to leave around 7 so that we wouldn't have to wait outside and even though the show started at 7:30 we got there in time. As soon as we got there we immediatley ran into tons of people. Freddy, Justin, Krista, Danielle, Pat, and Kyle, and a few others from hickory <33. Then when the first band came on I saw Danny and his friend and Alana. During the first set I didn't really stand in the crowd just kinda in the back. Moved up between sets and then Letter Kills came on. Everyone started moshing and I got seperated from Tori and Derek. Not fun. Next thing I know Pj and Dave ((crazy bitches <33 haha)) were standing beside me. Alana came and got me and for the first time I decided to actually mosh. HAHA I fell and got kicked in the head but PJ picked me up. I basically got my ass kicked. Poor Freddy got his lip busted open. In between sets we went outside to wait on SOTY to come on. I was about to pee my pants waiting to see them. I don't know why but I love them so much. I guess because I relate to some of their songs in certain ways. <33 They sound better live. At least to me. They screamed alot more than I thought they would. I wasn't planning on going in the mosh pit until some cool fat ass black dude pushed me in. I definatley got my ass kicked then because everyone was like 3times my size. My arms look awful. Freaking huge ass bruises. And a nice size lump on my leg from where I got kicked. When they played
Until The Day I Die

I couldn't find Tori and that's our song:( Even though I didn't see her alot during the show and I went with her, I wouldn't have gone with anyone else. Seriously it's awesome as shit hanging out with her and Derek. After the show we went to Wendys..yummm. Then I just came home around 10:45.

I'm really glad me and Tori are back on good terms how we used to be. There's probably not one thing that we don't have in common. Except our butt sizes hahaha ;) I love our lil talks and when she calls me in the morning all excited and I'm just like blahhh. I'm mad I let little things get between us and our few months when we didn't talk alot. I really cherish our friendship. She freaking rocks. I love you Tori!!!!! UNTIL THE DAY I DIE..I'LL SPILL MY MOTHERFUCKING HEART <33 FOR YOU!!
Farm-Fresh - Butterball

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The stars will cry... [12 Jan 2004|05:47pm]
[ mood | excited ]
[ music | Story Of The Year- Anthem of our dying day <333 ]

Mondays are always boring and my catch-up-on-work days. I managed to make it through the day without any complications or anything to argue about :-D Sat in first lunch with Tori for a little while to talk. Classes went as usual. The guys in third bell loved having the left over snow/ice to throw at people. I managed to not get hit. Until Jeremy came out of no where are nailed me as hard as he could with a piece of ice. It broke as soon as it hit me and got my shirt soaking wet. HAHA and left a red mark on my side. Not cool. After school Tori called about the ticket situation. I was going to go with her to get the tickets but she decided to be nice and get them for us :) Then come by to retrieve her money. While I waited for her I couldn't resist but to tackle my brothers snow man out front haha. He was melting anyway so it didn't matter. I just got red marks on me from where I come in contact with the ice. I'm a wierd one I swear. Tomorrow should be the sweetest freaking night ever. I absolutely love Story of the year and going with my best friend is a major plus. And the fact that lots of people will be there that I <33. But as for now, that 70's show is on and dinner is waiting.

Peace boos<33

Story of the year
Tomorrow night
Hooty hoo!!!!
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theangelfrommynightmare [11 Jan 2004|07:23pm]
[ mood | sore ]
[ music | Blink 182 - I miss you <33 this song reminds me of ppl haha ]

Last night I went to Tori's around 6 and we headed to the mall. I got to witness her backing up skills. HAHA She can't drive SUVs :-x. Anyway, we went to the mall to just walk around and find something to do. We ran into Miguel and his friend tyler. We had to pee really bad so we went to the bathrooms and this big, fat, scary guy was standing there. Well as we got closer to him he started to say something. He was like "I'm sorry. But I can't help but notice how beautiful you two are." hahaha omg he had a lisp and I thought he was going to rape us. After that we went to get lighterfluid from quickaid, and then went to coastal edge. HAHA This Chinese guy was singing when he passed us and we saw him like 30more times in the mall. Well everytime we saw them she would start making this weird "singing/alien" noise haha it was hilarious. We were waiting to leave and we saw Andy and Timmy. So I stopped to talk and Tori sits down to have a conversation with this random ass Japenese old man. HAHA Joey and his girlfriend walked in so I said hey to them. Then the scary guy from the bathroom came back and the japenese guy left. So she came to talk to Andy and Timmy and all of a sudden here comes the singing chinese guy. He liked wiggled his eyebrows at Tori and she started making her noises and one of his friends turned around and goes ::chinese accent:: "Excuse me but do you need someting?" haha and was waving his finger around. So Andy told him to go back to Japan where he came from. BLAH BLAH. Lindsey walked by with I think Kristi and someone else. It was nice to see her. She was jealous of Tori's HUGE boyfriend hahaha and she knows it ;) <33 We left the mall when it closed and went to get food from 7-11. Got back to her house and watched the best movie ever Swimfan Swimming pool <33 haha We went to bed early cause we were both mass tired.

Oh yeah I'm on cheering still :) Super good news that I'm happy about. Bad news --> I had to be up at 7 this morning to cheer at 8 at ECS. Where I got my thumb nail pulled half way off :( ::ick::, hit in the head, tripped off the spring floor, got laughed at because of my hearing problem, and just a bunch of other things. HAHA it was fun though working with the kids and helping them learn stuff. :) Got back to ACE around 1230-1 and mom brought me food. Silver practice started at 2. Boy was that hell. I have new bruises to add to the collection. And new rug burn. Sucks but oh well. These extra long practices are kicking my ass. Seriously I've never felt so out of shape hahaha. And my tumbling is becoming horrible. But I'll bring it back up after Georgia which is in 5days 8-) HOOOOOOOOTTTYYY HOOOOO!!!!!

Peace boos<33

the backend of forever

i dare you to lift yourself up off the floor [10 Jan 2004|02:08pm]
[ mood | crushed ]
[ music | Switchfoot - I Dare You To Move <33 ]

This morning I had a four hour prctice. Which kicked my ass. And it was completely pointless for me to go. Because as of Monday..I may not cheer anymore. I'm completely heartbroken. That is like the only thing I can do that gets my mind off things. Yes at times I hate it, but it's my one and only escape. I just feel like the weight of the world is on my shoulders right now. I have nothing to look forward to in my life. This is so depressing and I feel like a complete whimp whinning over this shit. But it's the only way I can cope right now. Nothin makes me happy anymore. I do laugh and I do smile..but down inside I feel like complete shit. Like I have nothing to rely on. Shit here at home keeps getting worse and worse and I'm becoming the main topic of arguments, I have noone to call mine, and now I got pulled out of cheering. So much bad shit can happen on such a beautiful day. I don't know what to do anymore. I just want to give up. But there's something that keeps me going. I keep my head high and only let things bother me when I'm alone. Maybe I just need to talk to someone about everything? Maybe Tori? She always listens <33 and I can tell her almost anything. But as for now I'm going to go think about things. I'm going to try to be positive. Peace Boos <33

xox Lexie

Just wish that I didn't feel
Like there was something that I missed
Take back all the things I said
To make you feel like that

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Make me feel again [09 Jan 2004|08:40pm]
[ mood | giggly ]
[ music | Hoobastank - To Be With You ]

Last night I ended up staying at Tori's. I left here around 10 and we just went home, watched some TV, and talked. We went to bed early. I got up this morning at like 6 and Tori got up at 6:15. We both got completely ready and checked her voice mail on her phone. Apparently her mom had called to tell us that we didn't have school because of the snow. Yay a day off. We couldn't get back to sleep immediatley so we went downstairs to eat and watch TV. Around 8 or so we went back to sleep and slept till like 11. Got up, did a few touch ups, then went to Forrest's house. Derek was there. On our way there these little kids attacked us with snowballs. Not cool. I got hit like 21687651times and Tori got hit twice. HAHA They ended up following us to Forrest's house. Yeah gay. We got there played 007, watched TV, and like an hour later we left. Got attacked by the same kids on the way home. HAHA Tori was like "I'm going to call the cops on you, you little shit!!" it was too funny <33 We made lunch then went to Blockbuster. Rented Swimfan <33, and Uptown Girls. Cute movies. We love the swimming pool scene hahahahaha. After the movies I came home and decided not to go out. The roads are getting pretty bad. Plus I have an early ass practice tomorrow at 8:30AM. But then I get to hang out with Tori <33 YAY!! Peace boos <33

xox Lexie

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shake it like a dollar, 5, or 10 [08 Jan 2004|04:56pm]
[ mood | cold ]
[ music | Ying Yang Twins - Shake it like a saltshaker ]

Last night I had cheering for the first time in 2weeks. It was awful. I managed to get a semi blackeye, hurt my wrist, and my shoulder. I only cried though when I got hit in the eye/nose haha..what a whimp. Came home, watched The OC, ate salad, and went to bed. School was alright today. I had to be in a brace for my wrist though. I could hardly write it sucked. Saw Tori in lunch and she called me during 3rd block. Haha mass love for that girl <33 Staying over at her house tonight due to some family problems. Parents are finally getting that divorce :-\ Thanks to everyone whos been there and is making me happy and taking things off my mind. Mass love <33.'s homework time and then time for Tori's. So that's it for now. Peace boos<33


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yourenotmakingthiseasy [07 Jan 2004|04:18pm]
[ mood | confused ]
[ music | Kenny Chesney - There goes my life ]

Today sucked. Bottom line. Tori came to see me in lunch. Stayed the whole time. Nothing else happened today. It was just horrible.

A - Avant
B - Brand New
C - Coheed and Cambria <333
D - dashboard
E - Eminem ((haha))
F - Finch
G - Green day
I - Incubus <333
J - Jimmy Buffet
K - Kenny Chesney
L - Linkin Park ((haha))
M - Maroon 5
N - Nick Cannon
O - Outkast
P - Pepper
Q - Queens of the stoneage
R - Rooney
S - Senses Fail, Story of the year <333
T - Three Days Grace, Tim McGraw
U - Unwritten law
V - idk ne vee bands..oops
W - Weezer
X - Xzbit ?? haha
Y - Yellowcard
Z - uhmm ZZ top bahahaha

not in a good mood. Peace boos <33

thanks to amyincali2 for the icon!!

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baby just come down here let the gravity pull you near [06 Jan 2004|08:28pm]
[ mood | flirty ]
[ music | Avant - Read Your Mind ]

Tuesdays are always the best. I had a good day at school suprisingly. Skipped the first part of 3rd bell to go see Tori during lunch. HAHA Potter was scoping me out because he had walked with me from my class, unlocked the lunchroom bathrooms, and then saw me in lunch. Oh well he doesn't care too much. Finally went back to class after 25mins of talking. LOL the rest of the day dragged on. Then I sat around until 5:30 when Tori picked me up. We went back to her house to go running..again. No rain this time it was just cold as hell. But we pay the price to stay in shape haha. We took a minor detour to Forrest's house to see him and Derek. They weren't there but as we were leaving they pulled up. We stayed for like 20mins maybe and talked to them. OUTSIDE IN THE COLD. I have Forrest's beanie and he's not getting in back anytime soon <33 ha :-D After Forrest went to dinner and Derek drove away..we ran again. Our legs were so cold and I could feel the muscles working. EW. We managed to run all the way home and get inside. HAHA our faces were super red. I ate dinner there with some of her neighbors too. Yum. Then I just came home. My legs are killing me and I need a massage:( Peace Boos<33


im searching for the words to make you realize<33

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theangelfrommynightmare [05 Jan 2004|08:19pm]
[ mood | creative ]
[ music | Foo Fighters - Darling Nikki ]

Today we went back to school. Kind of exciting but boring. Bottom line. After school..came home and yes made plans to go running. Went to Tori's and prepared to run. We kind of walked until we were far from her house. And boom..bring on the rain. We weren't going to run at first but we decided to be adventurous and run in the rain. So we get half way around the neighboorhood and see a bunch of cars full of guys. HAHA here it is raining, our makeup running, and hair up, but oh well we don't care. So blah yes we ran from 5:30 till 7 o'clock. Nice run:) I felt good afterwards. OH wait, from the run..jokes-->"Farmer blow" - "My boobs are bouncing".."Yeah well my ass is" - "Danielllllllllllllll".."He's coming run!!!!" - "Let's just run to the court..look at the cars..and leave" 20mins later..."OMG IT'S DEREK!!!!!!"..."HAHAHAHAH RUNNNNNNN" <-- haha Tori that was fun :-D On our run we saw Daniel in his room, screamed his name, and he started to come outside haha so we like booked it around the corner to hide. Then like throughout the whole run we were talking about what if we ran into Derek..and on our way back to her house..we hear exhaust and Tori goes "I think it's Derek" so we turn around..and sure enough it was Derek hahaha so once again..we booked it around to corner to her house. We got inside..changed out of our soaking wet clothes and layed around and talked. Tyler brought me home around 7:45 and I ate a I'm here.

I love the talks me and Tori have. Serious talks. About life and relationships and friendships. It's amazing how much we think. Like tonight..we were laying there talking about her and Derek, how our friendship is changing, and little things like that. It's nice. We decided that we're going to find me someone like Derek. So I can have a relationship like their's. HAHA we wondered what it would be like..if there was a boyfriend store and they had like 3year contracts and warrantys. Priceless:-D

That's it for right now. Peace boos <33



^--dang I love this girl :) she rocks

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Megalomaniac [04 Jan 2004|12:10pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]
[ music | Incubus - Megalomaniac <33 ]

I haven't updated in a while. So let's recap. Thursday..I did nothing. Sat around and slept most of the day. Friday Me, Vee, and Katie Paige all got together to do our project. It was pretty easy once we got started. I was supposed to go see Jet Noise <33 but because we didn't finish in time..I couldn't go. So instead I went with Vee and Katie to go see Mona Lisa Smile. It was a cute movie. I cried. After the movie we picked up Tori, headed back to Katie's, took pics, and layed around. I finally got to see Finding Nemo <33 at like 2am. Robbie and me broke up that night. It was mutual. Very easy and we decided to still be friends. Didn't fall asleep untill 4am. Woke up late. End of story. The next day Thomas came home early to see Katie. It was cute. I went with Tori to get her haircut. She only got it trimmed. We both had no make up on. Blah oh well. Afterwards we just went back to Tori's to hang around. We watched TV, made milkshakes, had a few drinks. It was a very chill night. Derek came home today so I left early so he could come over without me there. lol. Now I'm here. Tomorrow starts school again. Which means The OC <33 comes back on and cheering starts back up. What fun. Me and Tori have officially gone on a diet. For certain reasons we shall not mention haha. But other than that..there's nothing new. Peace Boos<33


Feb. 3rd--> a crow left of the murder..the new incubus CD< better go get it!!!

thanks to amyincali2 for the icon!!

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I wanna be pushed aside [01 Jan 2004|09:08pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]
[ music | Linkin Park - Lying From You ] has been probably the slackest day ever. I have done absolutley nothing. It seems like everyone is recovering from last night. So I've sat around..slept..watched TV..things along that line. So I've also been sitting around and thinking. Thinking about friends and things along that line. I've realized that I have alot of sheisty friends. I can be going to a party and I figure to be nice and invite them or bring them along. Then they turn around and never offer me anything. No I'm not trying to get pitty out of this or anything. I just don't understand it. I don't get how people can be upset because they don't get included in plans, then get included, then ruin the plans, and then not return the favor or anything? But w.e it's completely pointless to argue with anyone over this or to even worry about it. It just something I was thinking about. Another thing..guys. WOW Isn't that a subject we all wish we understood the the fullest extent?? Unfortunnatly we never will. Guys are the most complicated things on this earth. I will never understand them. They say one thing..mean another; they send out mixed signals; and no matter how hard you try..more than likely you won't find a guy who doesn't cheat. There seriously seems to be 2 in a million guys who will never cheat. I could be wrong. But who knows? Most guys seem to be all for a piece of ass. I can't even get ahold of my damn boyfriend. >:o Maybe one day I'll find a guy whos right for me. I've got time <33 That's all I can think of right now. I'm probably going to bed soon. Yeah lazy. Whatever. Tomorrow we are actually going to try to do our project. Hopefully this time it won't get blown off. Peace Boos<33


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It's a new year [01 Jan 2004|12:58pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]
[ music | Coheed and Cambria - A Favor House Atlantic <33 ]

So yeah my new years wasn't to eventful but I still had fun. Katie Hamilton came and picked me up around like 7 or so and we went back to her house. Called up ppl just to talk then went over to Earnst's house unfortunatly didn't stay long. There was Donny, Kyle, and Ryan ((baby!! haha)) over there. Uhm came home and some people called and we talked to them. Someone was gonna come by but ended up not coming by. Then I got to talk to Willy D <33 ((the famous quick makeout kiss on Halloween haha)) yeh and then we hung up. Called Brando and Josh to wish them happy new years when the ball dropped. Wished Andy one but only on his voice mail. Got my midnight kiss from Katie Hammy hahaha ;) We started the movie Someone Like You but didn't finish it because we got tired. So we went to bed around like 1:30. Such party poopers on New Years Eve haha. Left her house around 12:30 I guess and just came home. Supposed to be doing a project with Katie and Katie today because it's a big project and due soon. Blah blah blah. Who cares? I still have an "A" haha. But yeh that's it.

My New Years Resolutions
1. Loose 10 more pounds
2. Cry a lil less
3. Laugh a lil more
4. Hold on to the friends I still have
5. Let guys be less of a priority
6. Keep my grades up
8. Fix the old friendships I had
9. Find a real love <33
10. Fix things btween my mom and I

Ok so my list isn't that big of a deal. But to me it is. I lost friends that I want back and I found friends that I want to keep. I don't talk to my mom anymore and I kind of want to. There's a lot of drama in GB but I want to make less in my life. I've already lost 10 pounds but I want to loose more. My grades are good and finally straight "A"s and I want to stay that way. I feel like I cry to much and I need to laugh a little more. But most of all I want to find someone to really love and to really hold onto. Someone who reminds me so much of Zech <33. Hopefully there's a guy out there. Leave something if you wanna be my man ;) haha J/K. But yes this year is a new year..a time to start off clean. You can't just leave the past behind but you can learn from it. Maybe there's a few people out there who want less drama and who want to laugh and love a little more <33. But that's about it for now. Shower time.


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