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[22 Apr 2005|08:17pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

im not sure how long this will be.... i have a head ache.... anywho... my day started off pretty bad.... lucas and i got into a fight and he was pretty upset w/ me, and i don't blame him.... i told him to shut up b/c i was upset and balh blah blah.... but after 3rd hour we both kissed n' made up and now everything is perfect! :-) but the rest of my day was pretty boring.... after school i had to go to work, which was pretty boring... and when i came home i realized that i could smell myself and my feet hurt, so i went a laid in the bathtub for awhile... this girl taht has a crush on lucas added me to her myspace deal, and has started talking to me. i do give her props b/c she's the first out of his "fan club" to auctually say anything to me. she wants to be my friend, which i don't have much of a problem doing, but i just hope it doesn't backfire and blow up in my face.... it will be a bit awkard trying to be friends with someone who has a big crush on ur b/f and tells him that she loves him.... that will be the hard part.... anywho i would say im about to go watch tv but wait a second.... can i do that???? no i cant! why not you may ask? well sometime my sister must have played a video game and its fucked over EVERY channel i watch... like im lucky to even see a pic on the screen but i can hardly comprehend what they're saying... plus the vcr is fucked up and i dunno how to work the dvd player, so in a nutshell.... im fucked until my parents go to bed..... nice huh? i hope my sister comes home soon and can like, fix it or something.... ugh, sometimes, technology blows.....

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[22 Apr 2005|10:27pm]
[ mood | confused ]

well i must say that i feel real unsure at the moment.... that chick i was talking about in my last entry... yea we've been talking for a bit and she said something about her n' lucas talking baout hanging out... im really not cool with that at all... lucas hasn't said one word to me about it... thats sorta what bugs me about it.... that and its just the fact that i keep thinking if they hang out someting bad will come out of it.... ugh im so confused...

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