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[11 Apr 2005|05:44pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

i really hate mondays..... theres just something about them that upsets me... but yea i guess my day was ok... school was pretty boring and i fell asleep in health again.... i just cant help it b/c my teacher is so monotoned and he always has the lights out, so how can you not??? after school i went and applied at pac sun and the shoe dept (a shoe store)... i hope i get the job at pac sun.... oh well if i dont... then i went to barnes and noble n' got some books, then i went home and here i now am! im pretty bored right now.... im talking to jeremy right now. he wants to be a body builder and he has what you would call a "developmental sponsorship" from some company right now.... i may call lucas later, but i dunno.... i dont wanna like disturb him or anything b/c hes not feeling well... i guess im going to go take a shower....

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